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    Notes: buttercream, cream, blueberry, fig, cheesecake, almond, frosting, black cherry, saffron, pink pepper, strawberry, pumpkin, bourbon, vanilla, black vanilla, cotton candy/candy floss, ginger, chai, cardamom, coconut, pineapple, raspberry, nutmeg, allspice, anise, musk, amber, sandalwood, rum, orange, tangerine, cassia, tobacco, lemongrass, lemon, blood orange, lime, tea, white cake, yellow cake, blackberry, clove, honey etc Blends: Midway 2005, 2006, & Res. Beaver Moon 2005 Beaver'versary Boo 2010 Trick or Treat 2005 O Snake Oil Snake Charmer Clemence Inez Pickled Imp Pumpkin Queen Jack Cake Smash Cake Smash v6 Gothabilly Monster Bait: Closet Monster Bait: Underpants Velvet Unicorn Pink Phoenix Candy Phoenix 13 (Original White Labels) Milk Chocolate Buttercream Gluttony Freak Show Candy Butcher Bliss Three Witches Gingerbread Poppet (2005 especially) Sugar Cookie (not 2004...) Dorian Smut 2007/2008 Storyville Pumpkin Cheesecake Detestable Putrescence Jailbait Bon Vivant


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  1. 13Curses

    Bocal de Sang

    I get honeyed, sweet dried tobacco, & spice. Upon drydown, honeyed fruit - can't put my finger on the exact fruit - reminds me of Fruitcake with a melange of fruits in the mixture that all end up smelling and tasting the same. Bocal de Sang reminds me of a lighter/more mellow version of Sugar Skull - yep just more honeyed and no burnt sugar. Very strong in the initial wet phase after much wear I can barely detect it but can still make out the dried scent on my skin if sniffed. I like this a lot. It's not the kind of scent I typically go for or wear; however, it's a nice scent overall and I could see myself wearing this in late Autumn. If I happened upon another imp from Dark Delicacies (as say a book gift for a friend who's really into Vampires but not so much perfume...) or elsewhere, I wouldn't turn it down or complain but as is, the imp is enough.
  2. 13Curses


    Another decant frimped to me by the lovely Scrappy! Definitely reminds me of Milk Chocolate Buttercream which is my fave BPAL Chocolate scent ever (it's the buttercream) & of course in the same family as Candy Butcher. The butter note makes me want to lick my lips. It reminds me of dark chocolate cake mix after you've added the eggs & oil/milk/water. It smells exactly like the leftover batter in the mixing bowl tastes. I don't get any booze, just creamy, buttery cocoa. This stays the same wet & dry on my skin. Not a morpher, just yum. I don't need to try and hunt down a bottle because I have MCB which is good enough for me.
  3. 13Curses


    A testable decant of this was wonderfully frimped to me by the lovely Scrappy. :wub This is fail though. It's not fail for the reasons you might think though. It is fail because this is a DELICIOUS, creamy buttercream on my skin. It's that light and fluffy buttercream note I love so much in Milk Chocolate Buttercream. I want to eat my wrist, right now. It makes me think of Angel Food Cake. Pure spun sugar! Light & airy! Wundervoll. I can slightly see the comparison to original Midway though (I owned 320482058 bottles of it, 2006, & Resurrected) other than the foody connection, it's definitely not a Midway replacement - to me Midway was a bit more complex. Also, Midway had a tendency (as much as I adored it) to go a bit plastic/chemical on me (and for that reason I had a scent locket!) but never went play-doh. This doesn't either. I also don't get lemon. Wet & Dry it retains that wonderful vanilla buttercream fragrance that I adore. So, overall, it's light, stays close to the skin, but has a long wear length. Now if I could only score a bottle - if wishes were fishes...
  4. 13Curses

    Aqua Vitae v2

    My overall impression sniffing this is immediately reminding me of an old shack that this little old man my mother & father looked after lived in when I was just a little kid. It's the wood in the blend I bet. On my skin I get a dry lime flavored alcohol - I'm not prepared to say it reminds me of Gin but definitely not getting Tequilla either. Possibly champagne, in fact a really fizzy, dry semi-sweet champagne with a twist of lime? I'm not sure I'd like to smell like this but overall it's not a bad scent, particularly for people who enjoy that alcoholic smell. The wood note is amped on my skin and just makes this blend suffer.
  5. 13Curses

    Blood Countess

    I was frimped this by jessiesquash in a package recently and I'm glad I was. Oh my goodness. I do not get along well with florals; I am a foooody girl by nature. Let me just say that the first whiff from the imp immediately made me say, "Mmmmm!" Upon initial application it was a gorgeous berry yum scent. It's dried down to a beautiful berry floral perfume that even I can appreciate. This is something I can see me wearing in the fall and beginning of winter. Rose usually hates me but it works so well in this! If there are any other BPAL scents like this - then I can definitely appreciate them.
  6. 13Curses

    Milk Chocolate Buttercream

    This has been one of my most favorite Lupercalias ever! This is the best chocolate blend (and it works on me!). It's intoxicating. First sniff in the bottle makes me want to eat it. It smells of buttery yellow cake, sugar, & creamy soft chocolate frosting. On wet it's lickable, as it dries it becomes softly powdered cake mix and reminds me of my favorite Bavarian custard filled doughnuts with chocolate frosting. Yum!
  7. 13Curses

    Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat 2005 This was one of my holy grail BPAL scents - I wore it year round - honest. It smelled great on my skin & even better in a scent locket. Buttery, creamy, delicious homemade/gourmet candy corn. A perfect blend of fall spices, though cinnamon dolce comes through for me strongly in the bottle. Aged this is the good stuff and I'd nibble my wrists off wearing it. Trick or Treat 2009 Even cornier... I was so ecstatic when BPAL revived this one - Trick or Treat is love for me (as you can read above). I had high expectations for this! Indeed this blend in the bottle smells "cornier" & smells exactly like ToT 05 (except for that cornier bit...). However, on my skin I get more of a caramalized brown sugar effect. The note of death for me in most of blends that *should* work for me - it's why I can't wear Sugar Skull (any year...even aged 2004). This makes me sad. I wonder if this will age well enough to make that brown sugary note mellow but while it smells good enough in the bottle, I've no scent locket any longer and can't think of holding on to this just to "wait and see" because honestly I'm not that patient & right now money is too tight to think about it.
  8. 13Curses


    Boo dry immediately reminds me of Velvet Unicorn and slightly reminiscent of Love's Philosophy? I don't know - I know Sandalwood isn't listed as a note but that's what I'm getting. Maybe it's been forever since I've smelled it but that's what my nose says. I definitely smell the marshmallow and cream - and it's heavy on the sugar. I don't get any linen notes immediately though I could see this heading in that direction after a long wear. possibly. I love sweet foody scents but just like Velvet Unicorn, this might even be a hair too sweet for me. I could dig having a bottle or even half a bottle of this for those rare occasions I want a scent to really waft. I think anyone who really loves VU will truly appreciate this blend, too bad it's an LE.