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  1. Kittenmorag

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Hey guys, Sorry if this has been covered before, but does someone have shots of both Orc labels? Thanks so much! =^..^=
  2. Kittenmorag

    The Rat King

    I play a rat-based PC in our Changeling game, so I figured The Rat King would be perfect In the bottle- Feral musk and fang. The Rat King is dangerous and sharp, hissing in the dark, waiting for humans to sleep so he can strike. On the wrist- Man, this lives up to its promise. The wood and the dust dance around the edge and tickle the nose, smoothing the overall experience just enough to make it bearable, but this scent is dominated by the Rat King in his lair. It is hissing, snarling, tooth-flashing animal malevolence- not a sweet musk, like most scents, but a beast musk, and whatever they used for the 'fang-sharp' has WORKED. One of my friends once wrote "The Leader of the Swarm that skulks in the night, in walls, over and under the City, Our Lady of Vermin with dominion over all that skitters and strikes from the shadows", and this scent encapsulates it perfectly. It's wonderful. Overall- This doesn't throw very far, but it doesn't need to. It's a scent made for close quarters. In terms of allergies, even with the dust note, it doesn't seem to trigger anything, which is nice. I REALLY made the right choice in this one for my character, i'm so glad I managed to find a bottle =^..^=
  3. Kittenmorag

    Fearful Pleasure

    I've been trying to get a nice apple cider scent for a while now, and when this year's Halloweenies came out, I was very excited- couldn't spit without hitting an apple note! In the bottle- A green, round note, probably the apples and cider. Very sharp but not unpleasant on the nose. On the wrist- The sharp settles out, becoming more red and slightly caramelised. The smokey notes start coming to the front more. After about fifteen minutes wear... you know how in those horse books you used to read as a kid, they'd describe giving their horse a mash feed? It smells like I imagine that- oats, carrots, apples and molasses (Carrots? WTF?!). I can see the oats being the sassafras beer and traces of the hawthorn, but the other notes really escape me as to what on earth they could be. I'd say it was just my overactive imagination, but my friends have smelled it on me and tell me that yes, I really smell like a scene out of Saddle Club. After about half an hour, the smoke is more sniffable, the apple shifts between red and green, and you can smell the orange peel, but I still smell like a horse treat. Not that this is a bad thing- it's nice to have a savoury food-ish smell. However, it really smells like the archetypal American/European country autumn, like sitting around a fire and roasting apples and swapping stories with popcorn and beer. The apple doesn't powder out on me, which makes a NICE change. Overall- The scent is subtle, but I can still smell horse mash hours later. It doesn't trigger any allergic snuffling in me, which is nice, and makes for a good everyday scent that's subtle enough for people to just ignore if they like, but still interesting enough that people will want to snuffle you. It's a very wholesome, country scent, and I'm glad I bought a bottle. EDIT- Two hours later: Oh wait, THERE'S the beer! And the oranges! Very nice. Compliments the oats nicely =^..^=
  4. Kittenmorag

    Love's Philosophy

    I love the '08 Lupercalia blends, so i've been trying to collect all of them. I finally managed to get a bottle of this. In the Bottle- Rich, creamy vanilla, almost overwhelmingly so. They weren't taking the mickey when they said that there was vanilla and cream in there, were they? It's a very childlike scent, remeniscent of a little girl in a white 'princess dress' at her first 'big kid's' birthday party. On the Wrist- The sweetie sweet scent matures a little, and the slightly herby, bitter-but-not note of the saffron comes to the fore, the whole of which makes the little girl of this scent into an elegant, beautiful, highly educated lady. Does that make any sense? I didn't think so. Generally on the wrist it goes from being a crazy confectionary to something that isn't going to make diabetics sick, which is nice. Overall- It throws far for the first few hours in that way that vanilla does, then settles in demurely behind the saffron for a little while after that. I must say I quite enjoy it for those occassions where I want to smell nice but don't want to offend the oversensitive olefactory palettes of my close friends and family, and for when I want to huff something that just smells vanilla-y and good. EDIT: Wow... they let me review this twice? >.> =^..^=
  5. Kittenmorag

    The Flower Song

    I love the smell of pomegranate, and when I found out about The Flower Song, I had to get some to try In the Bottle- My word, that pomegranate note is very candied. It's a very revitalising, sweet scent that isn't too girly. Let's hope it stays this nice on... On the Wrist- The sweetness of it is very quickly counterbalanced by something with a slight bitter tang (possibly the reeds), and rounded out by a slightly... golden, buttery scent- the same sort of note is in John Barleycorn, so it's probably the barley. Instead of just being a candy dish, it becomes tantalizing, yet still very simple. There isn't a boozy note anywhere in sight- as one of the earlier reviews said, this is a very pink scent, but not a baby pink, it's a mature, rich pink, getting close to red, and is very delectable. Overall- The throw on this one isn't overwhelming, but is persistant. When I put some on in the morning, I still catch traces of it over dinner. Everyone who's tried it has wanted a decant, so I now have three bottles invested against the day I run out. It's very uplifting, and definately one of my favourite scents. =^..^=
  6. Kittenmorag

    John Barleycorn

    In the bottle- A real malty, chumpy sort of smell. A little like Guiness, actually- a scent that eats like a meal. The grain of the barley and the hops of the beer are very subtle notes, and there is the slightest tang of blood. It's very complicated for a wet smell. On the wrist- What I can only assume is the barley comes straight to the front. There is a slight, high, tangy note- someone mentioned lemon, and while I wouldn't say exactly lemon, it does have a citrus shape to it. Sometimes i'll get sweet bits poking through, but mostly it's down-to-earth, with a bit of fine beer over the top. There is a deep, deep tang to it that's probably the blood, but not like the blood-note in the Inquisitor's Heretic Fork. This is a little wet and agressive, an offering to the season. After about ten minutes, the fire of the whiskey comes to the front, as well. Overview- I'm glad my skin didn't automatically reject this out of hand. It is a slightly more subtle scent than i'm used to, but that's OK, the song of John Barleycorn isn't about clogging people's noses. I'm not sure about this one. I think i'll have to try it a few more times to get the feel of it. But it certainly doesn't hate me straight off, which is nice =^..^=
  7. Kittenmorag


    In the bottle- The first time I sniffed this wet, I hated it with a deathly passion. There was a real bitter note, which may be the bottom, bitter note of the orange. After a bit more consideration, I can smell a sweetness beneath which makes me curious, and a trace of citrus freshness. Let's try some on, shall we? On the wrist- Burning rubber? What the hell? Wait, yes, that's burning rubber. There are little candy-esque notes peeking out from underneath, but this smells like how almonds get on me- horrible. Yeurgh. After a little while it softens out, but that dreadful note lingers- it's almost medicinal, a bit like cough syrup, which is ever so disappointing Overview- I get the feeling this one would last a while if I let it- not as long as, say, Priala does, but long enough to achieve the purpose. I really wish the apples had come to the front on this one. I'm beginning to think that Apple notes don't like me. Please say it isn't so. But Pruno and I don't get along, sadly. That's OK, though, I got my bottle for a bargain, and i'm sure one of my sniff circle ladies will appreciate it. =^..^=
  8. Kittenmorag

    Love's Philosophy

    In the bottle- Oh, DAMN, Vanilla. I'm a diabetic, and this oil in the bottle near killed me with it's sweetness. The vanilla is enriched by the cream, making it a full, rich scent. There is an edge to it, though, that I can see being a slight problem on the wear. This smells like the sort of thing that you'd want to keep to sniff only, not to wear all the time, otherwise it might make you ill. On the wrist- The slightly cloying sweetness is tempered out by a bitter note- the saffron comes out to play. The whole thing becomes mellow, full yet innocent- it reminds me of when mum makes cakes and fudge and stuff. I'm almost expecting a spearmint or peppermint note from the icing. The shape of the scent is very delicate, and doesn't have a lot of throw, but that's probably for the best- those who are close enough to catch it deserve to enjoy it Overview- Definately an indulgent scent, it lasts for hours, and will have people that catch a whiff of it following you around like a bakery cart. I sometimes get scent-triggered headaches, and this one looks to be so rich that it might trigger one on a bad day, but if I can get past the first five minutes without ripping my nose of, this will be one to keep me very happy the day through. I'm glad I took a chance =^..^=
  9. Kittenmorag

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Which sort of Gangrel? nWoD or oWoD? Not that it makes much difference I like anything with sharp musk for either sort of Gangrel- Fenris Wolf is very nice, IMO. Rat King if you can find it. Perhaps ponder cold, wintery scents to layer over the top, like Shattered or Archangel Winter. =^..^=
  10. Kittenmorag

    MVJBA: Spring Training 2008

    In the bottle- Wow, this is exactly as promised in the note description. I'm not sure how they've managed to make the salt of buttered popcorn work with peanut brittle, but it does and it smells glorious! On the wrist- On the drydown, the strength of the peanut mellows out into a soft caramel, exactly like a slab of peanut brittle. The butter-and-salt note is still there, but more subtle now, complimenting rather than headlining. It's very smooth on the nose. Overview- What a treasure for foodie fans. The throw is middling, and it seems to last quite a while, as well. I'm definately loving this, and will have to get another bottle, I think. This is a scent that anyone who loves peanuts or pocorn can get behind. =^..^=
  11. Kittenmorag

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    In the bottle- The slightest hint of apple, almost buried beneath a breathy ozone snow and glass mix. On the wrist- Wah. Where did the apples go? It's all snow (which, I will admit, is nice to have an ozone-y scent actually manifest on me) and smooth glass, with the slightest cream-to-white floral note. A highly 'reflective' scent, which fades to snow before vanishing completely. Overall- The throw on this one isn't great. It would be awesome if my skin actually liked ozone scents, or if the apple came through. I was REALLY excited about getting my bottle of this, now i'm just... sad, because it hasn't worked. Wah. =^..^=
  12. Kittenmorag

    Wulric, the Wolfman (2006)

    I got a decant of Wulric at first, but loved it so much I had to get a bottle- In the bottle- Wow, you can really smell the lavender and the cocoa in this. There's the ghost of the vanilla in the wet, and the slightest tang of vetiver. On the wrist- WHOA, this becomes almost foodie with the intensity of the cocoa absolute and the vanilla. The musk, which I can't smell in the bottle, comes straght to the front. The one thing that saves it from being a sweetie's paradise is the vetiver, which brings it back down to earth. Overall- The throw on this one lasts a while. When it fades, it only leaves the cocoa behind with a drop of the musk, which is very sweet and nom-able. When I first tried it on, it left me huffing my wrist for ages afterwards. I initially picked it up hoping for a Fenris Wolf-esque werewolf, but Wulric is much more charming and gentlemanly. He's a keeper. =^..^=
  13. Kittenmorag

    Priala, the Human Phoenix (2006)

    Three deep, dark myrrhs, smoke, and cinnamon bark. I picked Priala up to give to a friend to try... and ended up keeping her myself! In the bottle- I don't know how to describe it better, but there are DEFINATELY three different myrrh notes in there. There's the slightest fire of the cinnamon over the top, but this is most certainly a myrrh base On the wrist- Ah, THERE'S the cinnamon bark- not sweet, foodie cinnamon, but actual cinnamon. It comes floating out, with the smoke underneath. All of the notes in this become fully realised on the drydown. Overview- It's a glorious, sensual scent, that lasts a while. Most smells end up powdering out on me, but this maintains its strong, original notes. This is definately one of my favourites, and will certainly require another bottle! =^..^=
  14. Kittenmorag

    The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork

    In the Bottle- Wow, this scent is DARK, dark, dark. It reminds me a lot of the base from Herr Drosselmeyer, which is surprising, because that's mostly tobacco and leather. It's surprisingly smooth- I like vetiver from what i've experienced of it. I wonder where it is? On the wrist- Oh, THERE it is. The smoothness comes away to reveal the bitter tang of the vetiver and the smoke. Underneath is the slightly warm scent of the metal and drying blood, but mostly i'm getting the vetiver and the thing that smells like leather. It's very strange. Overall- This goes strong for hours. It's not a huffing scent, but one that delicately plays on the senses throughout it's duration. I will warn, however, that it does trigger some allergies- some days i'm sensitive to strong smells, and on those days it gives me one hell of a headache. Otherwise, i'm very excited by this scent- it's more masculine than most of the things I own, and will prove interesting to wear! =^..^=
  15. Kittenmorag

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    I notice that a large chunk of the Halloweenie update has apple notes in it. As they say, sweet =^..^=