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    I love sweet. comforting and slutty smells. Milks/creams, honey, vanilla, booze, musk, amber, pomegranate, caramel, apple, mint, spearmint, peppermint, pennyroyal. Those are just the notes i am sure of. I am still quite new to all of this so i am slowly figuring out all the things i like.

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    Hmm, my interests are tame to say the least. A normal day consists of mainly reading for me. I typically read horror, literature, philosophy, fantasy and some sci-fi here and there. I also enjoy reading books on psychology and intelligence. <br /><br />Inbetween reading i play my PS3, usually adventure, action and RPG's (role playing game) games but i also enjoy the occasional FPS (first person shooter). <br /><br />I also love the art of Bonsai tress and cooking is a big part of my life. I collect various things, but most notably horror movie figurines, scary dolls, skeletons and anything else weird. My house is full of collectable toys as well as strange home wares, my bathroom is pirate themed and i have knife holder that's a voodoo doll. <br /><br />I love all things dark and i love everything occult. The weirder the better. <br /><br />I have no kids but my boyfriend and cats keep me more than happy.
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    Pieces Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra rising.
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  1. Salendire

    Morning Sickness

    Ginger only works against nausea when it's ingested. You might find the smell helps a little but if you want the proper therapeutic effects you need to eat candied ginger, drink ginger tea or ginger beer. For ginger tea just peel a little fresh ginger and chop it up as coarsely or finely as you like, put about a table spoon of ginger in a mug along with one or two tea spoons of honey (Or to taste) top it with boiling water and stir to dissolve the honey and sip once it cools down. Make tea 2+ times a day and you can eat the ginger from the tea as well. But for smell, peppermint is best to ease the stomach.
  2. Salendire

    Lady MacBeth

    From the imp Lady MacBeth smelt sharp to me, i highly suspect this was the currant and the thyme. I was tempted not to test it at all but i did get a small hint of fruit somewhere under there. Once this hit my skin the sharpness stayed and i was starting to regret putting it on after all. I typically like thyme and current but something about the two was just not appealing to my nosey! As it dried that sharpness totally vanished and all i was left with was beautiful, juicy berries immersed in a rich wine. It morphed into the most beautiful, fruity scent but still very grown up. I didn't get a candy feel like some others have though. This beauty also had tonnes of throw with me and i loved getting hints of the berries every few minutes. This has gone onto my bottle want, grabby hands list!
  3. Salendire


    Gluttony is heavy and thick and so amazingly rich and sweet. Not to be confused with a sugar sweet, gluttony is the heavy sweet or caramel made with butter and brown sugar. To me this isn't an innocent little girl sweet, this is a grown up sweetness. It makes me think of very very expensive desserts in small quantities. For me gluttony smells the same in bottle, wet, dry and after 5 hours. It's lovely in that sense because sometimes i don't want a perfume that morphs on me. Gluttony is for cold weather, it's a snuggle comfort scent. I am a total slatherer, i rub oil on my wrists, neck, chest and up my forearms. The i apply oil on whatever shirt i am wearing for the day for good measure. My room always smells amazingly of gluttony after i wear it until the laundry hamper is taken down stairs. I don't wear gluttony all too often, but when i do i love it.
  4. Salendire

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    Ok, the bottle i got is aged so i am not sure how this smells fresh. In the bottle: Sweet, strong incense. Wet on skin: The incense is hardcore strong! It's lovely and sweet, i can make out something resinous and some spices peeking through. Once dry: It's much the same as above, just not quite as intense. This is one of those blends you don't really need to apply much of. A few hours later: This is much more subdued now, all of the above elements are still there although i suspect there may be something very slightly floral in there as well, only very slight. I'm a floral hater but this is slight enough to not bother me at all. The blend doesn't smell as overwhelming now, much more innocent although i do prefer the heady, strong stage this is also lovely. The review was from my second testing of this scent, because the first time i could not handle how strong it was, i think it may have been a bad time of the month. All and all i am glad i re-tested this, because it really is lovely!
  5. Salendire

    Black Lace

    Ahh, i had dreamed of getting a bottle of black lace! Dream of it! When i saw a friend of mine was selling hers i snapped it up in about 3 seconds flat. I just got it in the mail today, i opened the bottle and i could smell a little vanilla, but mainly a clean cotton smell and some powder. Nice enough, just not what i was expecting. I figured that once placing on my skin hopefully some smokey vanilla, tobacco, musky goodness would come forth. Alas, all i get is clean cotton and powder. STRONG clean cotton and powder. I decided to let it settle a bit, maybe it will chill out and let the sweet vanilla goodness some through as it dries down. To my horror and disappointment i get nothing but cotton and powder for 10 minutes and then it vanishes all together. Why does my skin hate me so? WHY?!? I'm sure this is loveliness embodied on many many people, unfortunately i am just not one of them.
  6. Salendire

    The scents that get you the most compliments?

    Eat me - vanilla, current and spicy goodness. Temple Viper - I have no idea why so many people like this. When i have worn this people seem friendlier to me as well, want to stand closer to me. Incubus - A lot of people ask when incense i burn at home, because it makes me smell beautiful. I swear i'm not a hippy, it's my perfume! Cockainge - All the sweet lovers swoon over this one.
  7. Salendire

    Spice me, baby! The spiciest BPAL blends

    Hmm, i am after some spicy kinds of oils. I love morroco but it seems pretty light. I also love eat me which has a bit of a spice kick to me. I had a quick look but could not find another thread looking for spices. I should probably mention though that anything that is heavily clove is really iffy my skin amps it like all hell! Thanks for the help!
  8. Salendire

    The Knave of Hearts

    In the bottle: Ok, am i the ONLY person who only gets rose? I have no tart, no currant, no butter, no sweetness only rose. Wet: Yup, still rose. With some powder. Drying down: POWDER, very slightly rose scented baby powder. Dry: Powder with two or three crumbs of pastry. What the devil happened? I was SO expecting Tarts but got baby powder. Don't get me wrong, it's nice if you like powder but i wanted TARTS. Going to let this one sit and age for a bit to see if there is some improvement. This is the second scent in two days that has turned out nothing like the notes or reviews stated
  9. Salendire


    This smells really REALLY similar to lyonesse to me. Just replace the resin with a almost wheaty note and you have Cockaigne. Super throw on it. You really don't need much of this baby for the full effect. Just a really lovely milk, honey, vanilla and a hint of something spicy.
  10. Salendire


    Reading all these reviews i had great GREAT hopes for midway. I love foody smells, food sweet smells are my thing i thought that this would be a winner no matter what. Open the bottle: Coconut? I was so shocked i actually said to my cat "Coconut?" and then screwed up my face. Dabbing a little on: Coconut and some salt. Uh, this is not looking good. 10mins later: Nothing... there is so little scent left that when i huff REALLY deeply all i get is the tiniest murmur of salt with dirty dusty edge coconut can sometimes have. I didn't even get suntan oil coconut either. I think this sucker will be gotten rid of. SO glad i did not buy two bottles like i had originally planned.
  11. Salendire

    Green Tree Viper

    Green Tree viper (please be kind, this is my first review ever!) Bottle: Mint with vanilla and spice, well rounded. Wet: The mint is sharper now, with the vanilla and spice hanging around in the background. Dry down: Mint has calmed down a bit, it's becoming warmer and rounded again. Dry: Mint is gone But what's left is rather lovely, almost has a grown up candy feel to it. I'm having a hard time picking out single notes. But this is creamy and has a slight sweet edge, very very sniffable. Conclusion: Well, i think it's lovely, i like all of the stages for different reasons. I've never actually worn snake oil before, but i got two bottles in the order i got today (SQUEEE). I think it is a lovely rounded scent and it has potential wearablility in summer (for the cool mint) and winter (for the creamy goodness). I believe i shall be investing in more bottles. The throw doesn't seem huge at the moment, but i did not put much on. I will ETA a note on staying power later today. So far these baby gets a 4 out of 5 star approval! Not perfect but really really nice. Multiple bottle purchasing will ensue!