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  1. Emu Nymph

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    The link to my spreadsheet is in my sig. I always put the most recent updates at the bottom of the list, so you can just copy the new lines you need and add them to your own, presumably color-coded and note-filled, version of the spreadsheet. You rock my world
  2. Emu Nymph

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I should really get a spread sheet so I don't keep trying the same ones over and over anyone willing to share?
  3. Emu Nymph

    Overprotective Possessed Talking Doll

    In the bottle this smells like powered strawberry candy. On my skin still smells of sweet candy. After a while the powered strawberry is still there but with something like rotten grapes Sad me.
  4. Emu Nymph

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    I can't tell the number because the silver is fading and smudged. But in the bottle APPLES!! Sexy apples, fresh crisp and tart. Wet it's still apples with an underline snakieness to it. While it's drying the throw is mostly apples but if I hole my write to my nose it's snake oil. After it's dried for a few hours it's rich dark Snake Oil with just a wisp of Apples. This really is the lovechild of Snake Oil and Snow Glass Apples If only there were more of this. It's furity it's snakie and's sexy!! must not waste this!
  5. Emu Nymph

    King of Spades

    I drug this out today and I have to say it's still amazing aged. It's soft yet kinda day. It's a beautiful dark musky berry. It makes me feel comfy.
  6. Emu Nymph

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    XXII This one is sweet like lemon cake. I dodn't get any of the Snake Oil in it This one is going up for trade.
  7. Emu Nymph


    I got my bottle yesterday and put some on the back of my hand to try. She is a soft vanillay thing. I didn't get much orange blossom. But she is still beautiful. I loved her so much I gave her to a friend of mine I;ll just get another bottle or two. I feel she will age nicely.
  8. Emu Nymph

    E Pluribus Unum

    I'm not normally a floral person but I bought this to give it a try and I have to say I really like it. It's sweet and soft. It's a nice light scent, it reminds my of a Spring day in a medow.
  9. I was able to smell an Arcana Oils that wasa light sweet Orange scent. i know I won't be able to get my hands on that. but are there any BPAL scents that are orange fruit not flower?
  10. Emu Nymph

    BPAL and tattoo designs?

    I have a trademarked peice on my left shoulder. But if you are really worried and want to know I'd contact Beth and Macha and ask them
  11. Emu Nymph

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    I got my other two bottles en today I (1) In the bottle it smells deeply floral and green. not something I'd normally wear. But a nice scent all the same. Wet it is stll very green smelling like lush dark leaves. After a while it smells like there is a bunch of roses in it. Normally that would be a huge turn off for me as rose normally ends up smelling like old lady on me. But there's something that I don't know what tht off sets the rose just enough that it just smells like a nice rich rose. It makes me think of a Victorian parlor. II (2) This one is sweet and fruity in the bottle I love it already! On me it smells like Christmas. There's no other way of saying it. It's frutiy like apples abd cranberies with a hint of spice. It's fruity and sweet without being foody. I totally love this one!!!
  12. Emu Nymph

    Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream

    In the bottle I get bright happy fruit with a little dab of vanilla. I do love the Lab fruit blends! Wet on my it slemms just like fresh blueberries enough to make me want to nibble on my arm. Or at least go in to the freezer and get the blueberries there. After a while it changes still light but the gigner comes out and makes me think of Pele. Like a nice tropical bech with a drink in my hand. That's all I can say
  13. Emu Nymph


    This is a dark smokey wood smell I love it. I can really get the red sandalwood. That's the strongest note to me. But it's not over powering just there and in charge of the others with teh vanilla as second. I really do love this scent!
  14. Emu Nymph

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    CCLXXVI (276) Wet in the bottle it smells like moist delicious cake with a topping of fruit. On me it turns into the same exact scent that Lady Una did on me. So I'm thinking it has honey musk in it. Sadly this it give me a raging head ache and smells less that pleasent. I still get the cake scent and a touch of fruit but on my skin it just doesn't work At least I have two more bottles coming soon!
  15. Emu Nymph

    L'Autunno Atmospheric Spray

    I sprayed this in my bedroom on a hot summer night. And was drifted to sleep witht he scent of warm fires. It's really dark and slightly damp. I normaly don't like patchouli riich scents but this one makes me feel like curling up with a critter under a blanket and readign a book. I love this.