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  1. simplyfussfree

    Best Scents For Aging?

    I can't speak to Hunger, but I have a bottle of Smut from 2006 that is perfection.
  2. simplyfussfree

    Looking for White Musk~

    Seconding (thirding?) Embalming Fluid. Also, for those okay with florals, the white musk in Ode on Melancholy really sings on me.
  3. simplyfussfree

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    most of my favourite lush products have been covered by this thread, but does anybody have ideas for bpal that complements my two favourite lush smells - summer blues/dreaming of summer (rose, jasmine, orange blossom and loads of other gorgeous florals) and the sadly discontinued okra conditioner (did *anybody* else know and love my darling okra?) which was a sweet pungent herbal (mainly lavender and rosemary, i think, with balsamic vinegar and other salad dressing-y ingredients). anyone have any ideas?
  4. simplyfussfree

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    more great suggestions! thanks TygherRayn! regan and magdalene both sound lovely, although i'm afraid xiutecuhtli might be a bit too incense-y for mum (we might save that for next order) she'll probably end up with a rosey imp as well...maybe spellbound....which gets thumbs up from almost everyone *except* you
  5. simplyfussfree

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    old venice, ave maria gratia plena and zephyr are definitely going on the list, then. queen mab sounds like it would be fabulous. old morocco's on a different list, since i'm getting that for me. i'd love to try queen of spades, but for this order i have to stick to imps due to lack of funds. sigh. oh, and i'm not sure how i feel about my mother walking around wearing something called wanton.... thanks so much for your help, guys. we're going to sit down tomorrow and straighten out our order.
  6. simplyfussfree

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    thanks for the suggestions fairywingmaker and shadow, my expert enabling has actually convinced her to try a couple of scents. she's thinking about the ones you mentioned, and a couple of others i thought she might like based on the description (old venice?) she's particularly interested in old new orleans and queen mab (and luckily, so am i )
  7. simplyfussfree

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    hey kids, i will eventually be making my much-hyped (but tiny) first order, and i thought it would be nice to throw in a scent for my mum. i'll just shoot off her scent preferences and maybe someone with similar taste (or similar relatives) will have some suggestions... loves: perfumes- chanel no 5, chanel allure, boucheron, bulgari, giorgio aqua di gio, estee lauder pleasures, and in a pinch body shop's white musk bath stuff- lush hollywood, bathos and harvey, crabtree and evelyn's freesia hates: one-dimensional foody or fruity smells (you'd never catch her in a pure vanilla oil) so basically, i guess i'm looking for a fairly sophisticated but very feminine floral. any suggestions? thanks!