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  1. Champagne

    Fruitbat Fruitbath Bath Oil

    I am a huge fan of fruit notes and there`s no note in Fruitbat that I don`t love dearly. Unsurprisingly this is a big hit on me, used as moisturizer it opens with a blast of juicy plums and then the mango appear followed by the yuzu and the other fruits. It`s tart, fresh and delicious from the start to the end. Big bottle please!
  2. Champagne

    Honey Hair Gloss

    I love honey notes but not so much the floral tones, but the ones in the gloss are so subtle and delicate to appeal anyone.This could be the best natural honey single note I ever smelled in years I agree with the previous reviews that it`s not overpowering, just a waft of heavenly honey once some wind or warm air hit your hair. On the plus note, mixed with Snake oil it smells exactly like Womb Furie, I`m in love!
  3. Champagne

    Banshee Beat

    I received a sniffie for the lovely Suusje and from the moment I tried it hastily in the cold street I was scared I could fall madly in love with it. It happened, it`s the most amazing black vanilla mixed in equal parts with green hemp and a natural patchouli. I don`t like pachouli at all but here it seems so natural and delicate. The blend just glows from the wrists of gold and dark green, I verily love it .
  4. Champagne

    Chocolate Espresso Gingerbread

    I`m quickly endind my imp and many others will follow! The gingerbread note is mellowing a little bit with time and it`s more evident in some days. Today it`s just rich cocoa with coffee and it`s the perfect comforting oil to a day of study at home. I truly love it.
  5. Champagne

    The Spanish Dance

    THE SPANISH DANCE Chocolate, orange blossom honey, and pomegranate. I let this little gem settle down a few days before writing a review. First of all as usual the cocoa globes are so thick that if you don`t mix well the oil you won`t get it in its own glory. After mixing: there is a blast of orange blossom at the start that made me nervous, but it fades fast in a lovely floral honey together with a dry pomegranate sweetened by cocoa. That`s it and it`s gorgeous!! It`s not foody but it will satisfy cocoa cravings and it`s a must for pomegranate lovers too.
  6. Champagne


    we have delicious cookies here, with clove, the anise is faint on me, with a lot of icing sugar that mellows the spices. Perfect!!
  7. Champagne

    Harlequin and Columbine

    the first blast is definitely the currants with pomegranate and the mandarin. it`s zingy and delicious and it morph into a very holy and churchish balsam in the drydown. No vanilla for me too but I`m confident it will go out with ageing. I like it vey much!
  8. Champagne


    I`m not a big fan of the florals here except for the carnation, but I took the risk cause I love the mandarin and I must say this blend really works on me. It`s a delicate and cozy mix with carnation as main note and a little hint of tea rose with some sweetness and it dries with time. It`s unique and it makes me feel warm and loved .
  9. Champagne

    Shortbread Snowflakes

    Oh, this is by far the most delicious butter cookie paired with a little Snowblind drop. It`s simple and heavenly, Sugar Cookie fans like me will fall in love immediately at first sniff. I want more
  10. Champagne

    Licorice Bats

    Black licorice with cacao nibs and anise. I was scared about the anise note, it doesn`t make good things on me normally, but it` s strong only in the wet stage, soon leaving place to haribo licorice and a touch of cocoa. Yummi!
  11. Champagne

    Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple

    I love apple notes and fear the sugary ones but Candy Apple is all delicious and tart green apple that fades in a delicate blend of fruit and sugar. It`s light and soft and I can`t get tired of it recommended to all the persons who fear a too sweet sugar note. I love it! Agape fans will rejoice too.
  12. Champagne

    Snake Oil Bath Oil

    I didn`t use it as bath oil yet, but it`s a fabulous moisturizer! The spices are gentler than the oil ones and my arms are smooth as silk for the whole day after using it. Be careful, it`s totally addicting and it`s impossible to stop slathering it all day! A must for any Snake oil fan.
  13. Champagne

    Womb Furie

    At the risk to repeat the other reviews, this is a sexy and comforting version of a rich and aged Snake oil enriched by a ton of honey similar to O, with the exception that in the drydown it`s a perfectly balanced blend and impossible to be recreated by layering the two oils. I treid and failed miserably. This is pure perfection and I`ve been slathering for days! It`s a whiffing joy festival.
  14. Champagne

    Sue's Great Old Puppet Show

    Who put coconuts marshmallows in my cup of cocoa? This is true to what it says, and with time the cocoa goes out stronger than the starting coconuts whiff. It`s delicious and I`m devouring my bottle!
  15. Champagne


    On the skin it`s dark, thick and rich chocolate, like the melted bar used to make cakes, that reveals some well behaved spices. Then it dries to pure and simply divine choco note. This is heaven for me :wub2: