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  1. pommelo

    A Winter’s Walk in the Cemetery

    a dewy, wet rose, green lilies, crushed wet green grass, and some pine. lilith’s lavender is a very herbaceous sharp type of lavender that is present here if i squint. it smells quite wet to me, but i can see why everyone else says dried flowers because it does have a potpurri kind of vibe. it’s absolutely gorgeous and a very unique blend that i think my nose needs more time to get used to. i got this decant months ago, and my impression hasn’t changed yet. maybe i just need to wear this more! i’m considering hunting a FB down!
  2. pommelo

    Faiza, The Lady of Serpents (2016)

    For me it's primarily like if you washed your bed sheets with green tea flavoured detergent and then laid them out in your flower garden to sun. It's quite a soft skin scent that would probably be perfect for bedtime. I'm mostly getting the ti leaf, something fruity like the blackberry, and a generic white floral - gardenia? It's a bit similar to Noiseless Patient Spider, probably due to the green green cardamom. It's not as complex as I was hoping for, but I'll store my imp away and hopefully the woods will come up more with time.
  3. pommelo


    I had a really old frimp i got off this forum, which i loved - it was warm and regal with the amber, and with a hint of heat from the almond, rounded out by the lotus. So i invested in a full bottle - and it's straight up pink bubblegum on me! i don't really recognize any almond, not like in Hecate or Uruk, on me it's all fluffy pink musk. I can imagine a girl wearing an expensive faux pink fur jacket wearing this. Very cute, very fluff. But for me.. nah I think I'm going to store it away for a year at least
  4. pommelo


    I had a really old frimp i got off this forum, which i loved - it was warm and regal with the amber, and with a hint of heat from the almond, rounded out by the lotus. So i invested in a full bottle - and it's straight up pink bubblegum on me! i don't really recognize any almond, not like in Hecate or Uruk, on me it's all pink musk. I can imagine a girl wearing an expensive fluffy faux pink fur jacket wearing this. But for me.. nah I think I'm going to store it away for a year at least
  5. pommelo

    The Lilac Wood 2021

    wow this is a straight up exact replica of Johnson & Johnson's original baby soap on me. it's a good childhood scent memory but still not one I would wear choose to wear day in day out, especially since the soap is still in the market and i can buy it anytime i want it dries down a pretty basic perfumey lilac. worn and tested several times over a month, with no change. i'm hoping desperately it can mature into something more but it's looking like a no for me. a really disappointing blind bottle. will edit if anything changes down the road
  6. pommelo

    Like the Very Gods

    Agree with all the above reviews - it blends really well into a golden warm mediterranean sunshiney flush. But for me it somehow evokes a scent memory of ..a shopping mall? Like one of those really bougie ones with classy room smells. ..maybe Zara? Just for that reason alone I cannot see myself wearing this
  7. pommelo

    Levitating Phallic God

    This is the smooothest vetiver on me, and so wonderfully complex! The licorice turns a little sweet on me, not a sharp sugary sweet but rather more of a warm creamy sweet that blends so well with the vetiver, and the black tea and lemon just adds a bit of astringency and brightens the dark murky vetiver. It smells like a black still lake with a reflection of the moon. I don't know what cashmere woods smell like, but I'm guessing that's what's making the vetiver so smooth. It's very unisex to my nose, just that vetiver is a traditionally masculine note, and vetiver is definitely the star of the show here. It's nothing like what I usually wear - florals, woods, but am definitely considering a bottle, just for the complexity of it!
  8. pommelo

    Death on a Pale Horse

    this was the first BPAL i ever bought, in 2015, and i made my imp last for years. I finally just upgraded to a full bottle and it's as amazing as ever. this is one of those perfumes for which i'm so, so glad i didn't read the reviews for. in the bottle and on my skin it's a glorious sheer pale purpley floral scent, so wonderfully complex and well blended I can't individually pick out any of the notes. maybe calla lily? although it smells nothing like BPAL's black lily, which is a lot meatier/muskier. this one here is just like a gleaming, iridescent, pale lily. so lovely!! note to those patchouli/vetiver haters though, even though i can't particularly pick them out, those are notes that tend to do well on my skin.
  9. pommelo

    The Dodo

    it's just straight up mango on me. only a sliiiiight hint of cassia if I snort really hard, and none of the other lovely woods or spices at all. and the cassia says bye in 5 minutes. not as tragic as some of the other reviews here, but still. pretty sad my skin just amps any and all fruits and I just end up smelling like a cheap bath soap sometimes
  10. pommelo

    Phallus Devotion

    this! is an exact replication of the smell of Lush's Coalface cleanser, down to the spicy herbiness - just checked the ingredients and yup, they both have rosewood. It's a very fresh kind of spicy woody smell - the wood is more of a fresh green wood type rather than a old wood. It all blends amazingly well with the spices saffron and nutmeg. This one leans slightly to the masculine, although I will definitely be keeping my imp. There's a review above saying it's a scent for the freshly washed Indiana Jones, and I couldn't agree more, there is that clean element of water - although I would add it's also for Tarzan's Jane - wild and running barefooted in the jungle; it's an adventurous smell, of forest and waterfall rapids and riding elephants.
  11. pommelo

    The Snow at Midnight

    this one is a huge morpher, over hours :> wet: the snow here is sharp and pungently clean, like a car perfume. the blackcurrent smells artificial, in that bath & bodyworks kind of way. this stage is quite masculine on me. dry after hours: the snow and blackcurrent have mostly vanished, thank god, and i'm left with this really soft, dark, sweet, purpley oudh & frankincense, which i absolutely looove. I'm quite certain it's the oudh, it's always a strangely extreme hit or miss on me, if it's a hit, it's a hugeee LOVE, and if it's a miss it's a scrub for me. this one lasts all day and all night. anyway, this is one bottle i'm keeping, maybe i'll learn to love the opening notes too..
  12. pommelo

    The King of Hearts

    this one is a huge morpher! wet: lavender & cherry. i like this stage, it's quite unisex, tipping towards masculine drydown: red musk & middle eastern manly rose - a very muslim aftershave scent. the lavender and cherry completely fade away, and i'm just left with this common aftershave, which I associate with muslim men where I live. it's not a bad scent at all, but just too common for me to really enjoy it
  13. pommelo

    The Two-Tailed Sogg

    This one turns rancid very quickly on me, I'm not sure if it's the grapefruit(? but it starts out so promising though, all fizzy and sweet) or something else entirely - swamp moss? green musk? cypress? These are notes I don't have much experience with, but going by what other reviews said, they are likely candidates. It's like a hidden layer underneath the pink fizz, but on the drydown, damn does it have some serious throw! My skin is amping this sour stench like mad, it's like this sour sweaty socks smell urggh, going to wash it off now. That said, I do have a bad track record with bpal's citruses - namely Schroedinger's cat.
  14. pommelo

    A Glimpse

    the closest thing to sweet toilet poop i've ever smelled, I don't understand how beth does it . i've definitely smelled this before, in mall toilets. it's warm poop with the astringency of pee, layered over with incredibly strong sweet toilet freshener. it does take 2 hours for the stink to pass, and then it dries down to a relatively soft and skin-close sweet brown leaf scent.
  15. pommelo

    Golden Priapus

    This one gave me an Aha! moment: Maybe it's because of where I live, on the tropical equator, but I noticed perfumes tend to immediately skip over certain notes, like the pine and juniper here, and head straight to warm territory, where vanilla and amber reign. And boy, do they reign. The vanilla is predominant on me, and the amber has a citrusy orange personality to it. In fact, before looking at the notes, I really thought there was orange in this, along with some cinnamony spices. This one is super gourmand on me Although I think I will be saving my imp for travelling to winter countries, just so I get to (maybe) smell the pine and juniper y'all are raving about!