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  1. tailoredshirt

    Mahogany, Wood Moss, & Smoke

    I mostly get the mahogany and moss, the later of which has a damp, alive forest quality to it. The smoke comes out more in the dry down and thankfully it doesn't go bonfire or charred wood on me. It's nice and dry. I get a slight impression of leather in there somewhere. The whole thing really captures the feeling of being in a quiet forest. I love it.
  2. tailoredshirt

    Haute Macabre

    I bought a bottle of this when it was first released, stuck it in a box, and only just found it again! It's embarrassing how often I do this. So this is 7 years old. When I ordered this, I was focused on the vanilla, leather, and wood, so I wasn't expecting the almond to be so prevalent. In the bottle and wet, it is a creamy almond-vanilla with leather. The leather is smooth, not much of the chemical bite that I expect from black leather, although that might be from aging. As it dries down, the vanilla overtakes the almond. I can finally get a hint of patchouli but it's subtle. I wasn't sure how I felt about this when I first applied it, but even then I couldn't stop smelling my arm. It's a great variation for my vanilla-leather collection. 😊
  3. tailoredshirt

    Pomegranate and Vetiver

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, it is a very sweet, juicy pomegranate, almost candy-like. It becomes less juicy as it settles, and there's a heady floral sweetness to it on the drydown. I think this is the vetiver coming through, although I wish it was stronger and earthier. Overall a little too sweet for me, but I think it will be fun to layer and play with.
  4. tailoredshirt

    The Seesaw

    My first sniff: Strawberry ice cream! Follow-up sniff: Strawberry ice cream with patchouli! Next sniff: Alcoholic strawberry ice cream with patchouli! On me, this is mostly about the strawberry and benzoin combination. It's a sweet, creamy scent, but the patchouli adds some fresh earthiness and keeps it from being straight-up dessert. The patchouli is not super gritty. I forgot there was pepper in it while I was testing, and I confess that I can't remember how present it was.
  5. tailoredshirt

    The Avenue

    This is a nice chocolate scent! I was afraid of the clove since it tends to amp on me and take over blends, but that didn't happen here. It starts out with not-too-sweet chocolate, clove, and pepper. The spices never took over the blend, and it stayed nice and balanced between the chocolate and the spices. Over time, the vanilla and amber came out more. It was sweet but not ever cloying.
  6. tailoredshirt


    This starts out very heavy on the juniper, with something lemon-y that I can't place - the roses or the woods, maybe? Within half an hour, it is straight up aquatic/forest laundry detergent on me. I think the flowers are turning into soap, and the juniper is making it sweet and fresh. I wish this had worked on me.
  7. tailoredshirt

    The Dream

    This is very pretty. It's a perfume-y lavender (I think because of the patchouli as a base note) supported by the wood. The saffron and wildflowers just kind of merge with the lavender without asserting themselves. It reads as almost lavender single note for a while, although a sweet, perfume-y lavender and not a medicinal lavender like sniffing a bottle of essential oil. It goes powdery on me within an hour, which I don't mind too much, but it doesn't seem to last very long. I put it on before bed, and when I woke up 7 hours later there was no trace of it.
  8. tailoredshirt

    Adante con Fantasia

    I love fougeres so I was curious about this one. In the imp, it was mostly honey but it had a nice freshness to it. But my skin tends to amp honey, and sure enough, once it dried down it was pretty much all honey all the time, with none of the fougere.
  9. tailoredshirt

    Volcano in Springtime

    I mostly get the vanilla cream here, with some soft sandalwood underneath. The lotus is not bubble-gummy as I feared it might be. There's a clean briskness to the cream not at first, but it fades to mostly vanilla over time. Pretty!
  10. tailoredshirt

    The Book

    Wet, this is sweet, dewy rose and vanilla, with only a hint of leather underneath. Within half an hour on me, the soft brown leather comes out a lot. The rose goes a bit sour on me throughout the day, but I that happens to me a lot. Still a beautiful perfume!
  11. tailoredshirt

    Yakumo No Chigiri Bath Oil

    In the bottle, I got apple, honey, and juniper, although apple was most prominent to my nose. But as soon as it started soaking into my skin (I used it as a body oil, not a bath oil), I mostly got the juniper with only hints of apple and honey, and even less of the green tea. It smells a lot like the juniper mint hair gloss, which is also prominently juniper to me. That, in turn, reminds me of Juniper Breeze from Bath and Body Works, although perhaps a slightly more sophisticated version. But I always liked that scent, so it's a good thing! It just doesn't smell like any of the juniper leaf/berry essential oils I have, so I wouldn't say it smells like real juniper. Anyway, it's a nice, fresh scent that I will enjoy using. Not much throw or longevity though, when applied directly to clean skin.
  12. tailoredshirt

    Enveloped in Silk Hair Gloss

    I have been avoiding strawberry scents for a while and I'm not even sure I've ever tried the lab/post's strawberry note? Strawberry's one of my favorite flavors, but I don't want to smell like a 6 year old's lip balm, you know? But for some reason this sounded so nice I couldn't resist, and I'm so glad! First applied, it is a really yummy strawberry cream. It doesn't smell like fresh strawberries to me, but it does smell like a strawberry dessert with real strawberries. After a while, the orris comes out more and adds some floral depth to the gourmand sweetness. I used it last night after showering, and this morning I could still smell it very well. The musk and orris had come out more, so all of the notes were present and well balanced. I'm really glad I got this! It's a sweet, fluffy, but clean scent that I think is perfect for a hair gloss, and I can see myself wearing this often.
  13. tailoredshirt


    In the bottle, this has a sparkling/fizzy quality to it. I couldn't remember the notes, and I wondered if it was champagne? But I realize now that it is the mandarin. On my skin, I get pretty much all of the notes: orange, amber, apricot, bread, and butter. There's something discordant about it though, like that sharp fizzy note doesn't go with the bakery sweetness. It's mostly when I sniff closely, not when I get whiffs from further away. The whiffs I get from further away are of an orange/apricot scone, which is really nice. After a couple hours, that sharp note goes away and the whole thing really does remind me of an apricot scone with orange marmalade! Pretty delicious.
  14. tailoredshirt

    To His Mistress Going to Bed

    On my skin, this is so similar to Mme. Moriarty! The red fruit + patchouli, backed up with vanilla. It's not exactly the same, of course (especially without the red musk) but similar enough that it's all I can think about. It lacks the depth and...deliciousness of MM though. As it dries, the benzoin and vanilla take over more. I wish it lasted longer and had a stronger throw.
  15. tailoredshirt

    Beanman and Beanwoman Climb Genital Mountains

    Wet, this is vetiver, smoke, whiskey, and dark musk. There's some sweetness from the hazelnut and caramel, but mostly it's dark and kind of sharp. For a while it's all dark musk, since my skin tends to amp musks and eat everything else. But after it dries, it settles down a bit and the other notes come back. I definitely get the musk, hazelnut smoke, and liquor. I wish I got the leather but if it's there it's subtle. This is a dark, smokey scent with just a touch of sweetness. Not too strong on my skin even though I used a generous amount. I'm afraid this is probably due to my skin eating everything, so this review might not be very useful...