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  1. sirensea

    Monster Bait: Closet

    Someone said that MB: Closet is a dark Beaver'versary, and I agree! Same sweet icing, same foodie goodness, but with a nice helping of booze to round it out.
  2. sirensea


    Soft, pretty, sweet. Very fruity with hints of lime and the same rose note I get from The Knave of Hearts. Yum!
  3. sirensea


    This one goes through an unfortunate 'urine' stage on my skin. Once that fades, though, I'm left with a pleasant floral that is surprisingly masculine.
  4. sirensea

    Formula 54

    Thanks so much, alyssinwonderland, for the chance to try this! My first impression was tobacco, tobacco, tobacco. After a few minutes of dry-down, this seems to be mostly black rose and hairspray. I agree with the other poster that said this has a 'lipstick' sort of smell to it... slightly chemical, but soft and feminine. Nice, but luckily, not for me.
  5. sirensea

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds is lush, creamy and soft, and it also has a great throw without being overpowering. This scent is so elegant and so beautiful that I will be investing in a bottle as soon as I have the funds for it. Perfect!
  6. sirensea

    Paduan Killer Swarm

    In the bottle, it reminds me of Smut. Actually, the wafts I get of the oil now that it's dry still reminds me of Smut, but when I get up close to smell my wrist... it smells like plasticky lime. I could detect the licorice for about two seconds before it disappeared. It's not a BAD scent, but the tonka seems to overtake the rest of the notes (that happens to me every time I wear anything with tonka, it seems ) and after twenty minutes or so, I get nothing but Play-Doh. Ick. Does not play well with my chemistry.
  7. sirensea


    Sweet cherry and vanilla combination that is reminiscent of Blood Kiss without the vetiver. Very yummy without being too much of a 'foodie' scent!
  8. sirensea


    asfkl Oh, this is so good. Slick black leather and metal and OMG I just want to BATHE in it. I can't even give a coherent review, it's that good!
  9. sirensea


    Oh, pretty! My skin amps the amber and incense notes most of all, with some nice deep, dark plum to give it a little sweetness.
  10. sirensea


    Sprite! Green fizzy Sprite with a dab of lemon. Seriously, y'all, this could be a Sprite SN. It's a fun scent and true to its namesake.
  11. sirensea

    Banshee Beat

    Sugary vanilla and lots of patchouli. Very much like Snake Oil, to me, with a slightly less spicy edge.
  12. sirensea

    Noisome Clockwork Tin Locomotive

    My first impression is... bubblegum! As it dries, the star anise comes out more, making this a very nice sweet and minty blend.
  13. sirensea


    I get straight-up hairspray when it's wet, and once it dries, there's a melon-spicy-foody thing going on. Like someone sprayed nutty, syrupy cake with fruit-scented hair products. Far out, man.
  14. sirensea

    Giant Squid

    Apple! It's apple! And aquatic! This is an apple swimming happily in the ocean, then coming up to shore and slathering itself in spices. Hmmmm. Not what I expected, but pleasant, and kinda whacky!
  15. On me, this is very masculine and very yummy. It starts off as a OMG IN YOUR FACE balsam and fades out to something cologne-y and mild. My skin devoured it pretty quickly. I guess it was just too yummy!