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    Harigata II
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    Vanilla, Coconut, Musk.... Works sometimes: coffee, honeysuckle. I try to stay away from dragon's blood, pachouli,and heavy florals especially anything with Rose.

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    I love all perfumes and am just beginning my bpal obsession!! I also love to read and am currently reading the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. Some shows I like are True Blood and Supernatural.
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  1. Trainwreck112005

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    To me Violens smells alot like underpants. It's not as sweet, and it also has much better staying power.
  2. Trainwreck112005

    Blossoms in Springtime

    I normally don't review fragrances, but I love this so much I had to! Normally bpal honey goes horribly wrong on me, but in this it didn't. All of the notes blend together really well, and I get just a faint hint of floral. I am not a floral fan at all, so if you normally don't like florals, this still might work for you. To my nose, this is a rich, full vanilla with just a hint of honey at the end. I can not get over how good this smells! It reminds me of Haloes (which I love) without the apricot, or Glowing Vulva without the teak and oak. I actually like this a lot better than GV. The vanilla kind of reminds me of the one in Love's Philosophy, but it's richer and doesn't have the screechy saffron note. I am very impressed with this one and have a feeling that it will only get better with age. I'm definitely getting a back up bottle of this one!!
  3. Trainwreck112005

    My Bottles

    Agape Antique Lace (partial) Arcana Devilish Black Temple Burlesque Troop Black Opal Cake Smash Cake Smashv6 Chaste Moon 2010 Dorian Female CC Gothabilly The Girl Halloween: Las Vegas Joyful Moon Left His Nurse While in a Crowd L'Essence L'Engougement Love's Philosophy Midway Resurrected Monsterbait: Underpants Morocco Perilous Parlour Pink Moon 07 Violens Harigata II x2 Haloes x2
  4. Trainwreck112005

    Love/Hate Notes

    Notes I love: Vanilla Amber Musk Carnation Tea Coconut Hazelnut Tonka Tobacco Notes I hate: Patchouli Dragon's blood Rose Jasmine Any heavy floral Pomegranate Chocolate Boozy notes Moss Dirt and loam
  5. Trainwreck112005

    BPALs like Serge Lutens perfumes

    Thanks I am going to start looking for some of those scents... I have some snake oil on the way but it hasnt arrived yet... I'm a little worried that it will have patchouli in it... It's not listed as a note so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Patchouli goes horribly wrong on me... Do any of the other scents listed have pachouli in them that you know of??
  6. Trainwreck112005

    BPALs like Serge Lutens perfumes

    I would love to find a bpal scent that's similar to serge lutens... Un Bois Vanille... Anyone have any suggestions??? I love Un Bois but it's so pricey and just doesn't last very long on me. I have some snake oil on the way but I haven't actually gotten my hands on it yet! I just recently became acquainted with bpal and it would be awesome to find something along those lines that's bpal!! Any ideas???