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  1. Tesseljoan

    Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Clove, and Copal Atmosphere Spray

    Beautiful cinnamon, with clove and copal as the supporting cast. I'm going to mix this with a chocolate scent to see what happens.
  2. Tesseljoan

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Thanks to Laurel for posting a link to this thread! I wore the unity set (red rose and white rose) on my wedding day. The scent wasn't my husband's thing but he sprinkled a bit on a bit of cloth that he kept in his pocket for the day. The symbolism of combining the two perfumes into more awesomeness made it the perfect choice.
  3. Tesseljoan


    I haven't used Anthelion in a while, but when I did use it, the effect was pretty awesome. Last year I had a mild depression. Nothing appealed to me. Granted, I had a shitty job, but I started to hate my hobies as well. I lost my concentrationa and appetite and wanted to give up. I used Anthelion to anoint myself. I didn't use it in a ritual, I just took a quiet moment to still my mind, and apply it. The effects were not lightning speed, but within weeks things started looking up. My situation didn't change, but I was able to handle the shitty bits, and to find small joys again; incredibly precious when you haven't had those for a while. several weeks later I got counceling, and things have improved a lot since then, of course. But that first nudge was desperately needed, and I'm glad I had Anthelion handy for that.
  4. Tesseljoan

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Nope, but wouldn't a print of your paypal receipt do for the 'bill and payment confirmation' part? I'm at a loss for the latter part though. How hard is it to translate 'perfume oil' and couldn't they look it up in a dictionary themselves? Or do they go as far as wanting to know the ingredients or something?
  5. Tesseljoan


    Copaiba balsam, Tolu balsam, hay absolute, cardamom, and hiba wood. Cardemom and... amber. When this scent dries, it becomes a heady tunisian amber on my skin (I know, I know, it's not there). No wood notes for me, but a beautiful round and warm scent. Hoarding time.
  6. Tesseljoan


    This barely made it into my bottle order, because of the Lush comparisons... I would never have selected this based on the note listing. BOY am I glad that I did! Cytherea is a winner for me. There is indeed a fleeting similarity to the dearly departed Skinny Dip, but this scent is so beautiful and evocative in its own right. Just a shame I don't have the words to do it justice.
  7. Tesseljoan

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    Hellfire is weirdly sweet tobacco with leather. Not impable, but not exactly something you would expect from a perfume: Mad Sweeny. Smells like a single malt whiskey. I adore this one.
  8. Tesseljoan


    I wish my mistakes were this good. On my skin, dragon's blood mainly comes out, but it's tempered by a creamy clove. The clove is so gentle and foody that I almost thought it was carnation at some point, but now it's more clove-y.
  9. Tesseljoan


    This is a perfect scent. It is foody and gourmand, but very subtle as well. On th edrydown, I'm left with the scent of musk and vanilla, but nothing overpowering, honestly, it is a PERFECT mix of my all-time favourite BPAL scents. I would chase this down. O yes. Anyone want to rob a bank with me?
  10. Tesseljoan


    Wet, this smells more like an aquatic to me. I read the reviews first, and when I grabbed the decant I went "huh?" Now that it is dry, I can smell the jasmine. Usually jasmine makes me run and hide in a corner, but with those fresher notes, I find I can actually wear this (I can't and I won't, it has other European decantees to visit!)
  11. Tesseljoan

    Shanghai Tunnel

    Another from the International sniff circle by Ahania. This is a soft green to my nose, with dampness and earth thrown in. Unfortunately, my skin chemistry does weird things with it *shakes fist at skin* and it morphs into something generic and sharp. But that first wet phase is indeed lovely.
  12. Tesseljoan

    Voodoo Queen

    I wasn't too impressed with this when it was wet, but mmmmm, spicy and deep and lovely. Very mysterious scent.
  13. Tesseljoan

    The Crumpet Rebellion

    Another review from the awesome European sniffies circle (aka Ahania we love you!). This smells lovely and buttery when wet. I like foodie, so I had high hopes for this one. And I'm definitely not dissapointed. Other smells are peeking through, like currant, and... sugar perhaps? It makes the scent aas a whole less foody, but more interesting.
  14. Tesseljoan


    I'm also someone who chooses to avoid florals, but I couldn't resist getting decants of the entire Gaiman set. The flowers in Mam-Ji are of the headier, almost soporific kind. Combined with the incense and hint of spices, this actually *gasps* works on my skin!
  15. Tesseljoan

    Mr. Jacquel

    Beautiful blend. When I put it on, it's very spicy, but right now it has dries down to a fantastic velvety patchouli and spice blend. On my skin this works like a spicy cross between Umbra and Chimera.