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  1. topaz

    Come to Me

    Even though I have quit smoking, I still cannot pick out many individual notes in my BPALs. Come to Me starts out a little too herbal for my tastes but dries down to a green floral, not powder, but it reminds me of a lily-of-the-valley perfume my aunt wore when I was little. I'm a food/ incense type so I could take this or leave it. It is pretty and feminine. However, I put this on for the first time in hopes a specific someone would "Come to Me". Holy Manbait Batman- this stuff works. I've had more compliments in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 5 years from men and women. A few of them have even seemed surprised when they say something to me! I've heard about my hair, my eyes, my weight loss (not really enough to notice as far as I'm concerned), and even my nails for Pete's sake! I've been hugged, touched, patted and on occasion, subtly caressed. People have just been nicer to me. Yeah, I bought a bottle
  2. topaz


    Once again, I wonder if I got the same mix as the rest of the folks that reviewed Queen. This turns into a chocolate lavender scent on my skin, with a touch of smoke. It starts out strong and dries down to a smooth scent that reminds me of Wulric (from the Carnival Diabolique line). It is Wulric at a bonfire. I almost didn't buy this one but rawr! I will need a bottle of this one. I also layered it with Dragon's Milk today on accident- it only got delicious
  3. topaz

    Daphne Honey

    Beautiful, sweet, rich honey. I buy honey at a local market and they have clover honey sticks. This reminds me of the rich taste of those honey sticks. Love this one and had to buy a 5 mL (I'm always afraid my favorites will be discontinued before I get a bottle)
  4. topaz

    Fire of Love

    I was given a frimp of this pale pink fluid. I read through the reviews and expected something dark and heady. Nope. Not earthy, incensey or even animalistic. Wet and dry, I can make out dragon's blood and maybe a hint of musk. It has serious throw and I occasionally get a whiff of sugar cookies or a tart fruit. It seems to morph from minute to minute. I'm going to have to try this one at work to see how it goes over.
  5. topaz

    Metal Rabbit

    METAL RABBIT A new year's blessing! Peony, China's national flower, with bamboo for flexibility, plum blossom for perseverance, courage, and hope, tangerine for wealth, orange for happiness, lychee for household peace, pine resin for constancy, golden kumquat and quince for prosperity, narcissus and King mandarin for good fortune, cypress for longevity, and peach fruit and hemp to represent the fourth phase of Wu Xing, with a splash of blazing red of dragon's blood... to help you scare away the rampaging Nian. Yum! This starts out as very citrusy with some sweet floral undertones. Wasn't terribly long lasting on my winter dry skin but dried down to a powdery dragon's blood with maybe a hint of tangerine and pine. Stays close to the skin too. Love it!
  6. topaz

    Two, Five & Seven

    I love roses. I wish I didn't have a brown thumb specifically so I can grow those wonderful Old English roses with rose hips. I thought I would adore Two, Five and Seven. I've aged this bottle for over a year because it has turned into stale beer on me. I was just ready to give up and give the bottle away. Lo' and behold...roses. WTH? Guess if I want more, I better order well ahead of running out.
  7. topaz

    Grass and Hay scents

    Nothing Gold Can Stay is totally wet Autumn leaves. The Host of the Air is more grassy than leafy but still good.
  8. topaz

    The Infernal Lover

    A sweet red musk. My beloved Scherezade without the spiciness. Oh yes! Must have two bottles of this one- I bet it will only grow better with age!
  9. topaz

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    My daughter sums up Nothing Gold Can Stay very well- "That smells like a big leaf pile!" This is like the Fall version of Host of the Air- leafy and a dewy grass smell. Lovely with some decent throw and my skin doesn't suck it up like it does Host.
  10. Scherezade is not "animalistic" but the combo of saffron and red musk has earned tons of compliments from men and women alike.
  11. topaz


    I've read through the reviews and I guess what I'm smelling is unique to me. Yes, it is earthy but completely metallic. It smells like a bag of new pennies. This is so metallic, I can almost taste it when I sniff. Will save this one for ritual use.
  12. topaz

    Al Azif

    This one reminds me of Death Adder when I first dab it on. That sweet and spicy vetiver. Then it smells like the Adder took a dip in a vat of syrup. This one is so sweet for a sinister scent. I like it. A lot.
  13. topaz

    The Little Sparrow

    Initially I can make out a seed smell (like a wild birdseed mix). This one dries down to soap. A nice, feminine, creamy, floral soap. I don't care for the "fresh, clean" scents". If I want that type of scent, I just don't wear perfume that day. This would be a good one for the girl though. A better Love's Baby Soft type smell.
  14. topaz


    Why oh why did I wait so long to try this one? I fell asleep this afternoon (my night) with my wrist close to my nose just to keep huffing in my dreams. Pure sweet tea with cream. Every once in a while, I get a hint of lemon. This is delicious (and I don't even like tea all that much). Will be buying more of this one.
  15. topaz

    Port Royal

    Mmmmm, I'm wearing some from my imp and anxiously awaiting my 5mL. The notes seem to work in the reverse for me. I get a blast of the salty sea (similar to Jolly Roger which I love and my son has almost used up), and mulled rum. The salty sea is present in all stages but most prominent when wet. The delicious rum slowly fades and the wood comes out. The first several times I tried this, there was absolutely NO perfume. Today, when Aunt Flo made her visit, I guess the prostitute wanted to remind me I am female. It isn't overpowering and reminds me a bit of my mom's old Cinnabar perfume (which is jasmine, orange flower and clove) so it blends nicely with the other notes.