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    Strawberry Sufganiyot, Raspberry Sufganiyot, Crumpet Rebellion, Blackberry Jam and Scones, Defututa, Bah!, Gobo, Imp, Revenant Rhythm, Banshee Beat, Lydia, Blood & Judgment So Well Commeddled, Bow & Crown of Conquest, Captain Cully, Tombeur, Ian, As Above, Blood Rose, Dragon's Milk (and Dragon's Milk HG), Dragon's Blood, Dragon with a Jaunty Cap, Geek Goth, LoliGoth, Morocco, Snake Charmer (HG), Ask the Nearest Hippie, French Vanilla SN, Silky Bat, Snake Oil Jelly Donut, Dragon Smooched Snake Oil, Huit, Sept, Snooty Rose, Resin Cast Meat Skull, Obligatory Peach Perfume, Chad, Baby's First Con Panel, Theaomai Shall we play BPAL Hot or Not? Hot: Patchouli, hemp, cannabis, marshmallow, strawberry, apricot, currant, tonka, vanilla, (blood or sweet) orange, tangerine Not: Coconut, caramel, lavender, cinnamon, cassia, bourbon, rum, tobacco... most florals or aquatics do not work with my skin chemistry. Black/brown musk (the "fuzzy, furry" note) doesn't work well recently, either. Depends on the particular blend: rose, leather, tea, honey


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  1. ramblingrambler

    Dragon Doodle

    Whoa. I got a decant of this and did not like it the first two wears, but by the third (about two weeks after receiving) time testing it out, it became an AMAZING sunshine blend of pure happiness. THe first two wears it was all honey and a little tinge of strawberry. Now I get the strawberry in full force with the honey, and hot damn is it good. Pear sort of peeks out as it begins to wear off, but it isn’t “PEAR!”—just a whisper of another sweet fruit that rounds out the scent some. Really, really like this.
  2. ramblingrambler

    Senator Barrial

    I've worn this the last several days and each day I feel differently about it. This is a delicious gourmand, but sometimes it makes me hungry, and other times it makes me... nauseated. BPAL's caramel note usually gives me an immediate need to wretch, so I assume there must be some caramel somewhere in here. Outside of that, however, it's delightful and smells like a cake on days I don't get the caramel component.
  3. ramblingrambler

    Ass Yell Back

    This would be SO GOOD without the geranium. I mean, it’s still good, but the geranium is VERY prominent. Maybe a little aging will do the trick. The rest of the notes are standout exemplars of their own accords. If you’re into any of the listed notes, definitely try this out, as it may be amazing on you.
  4. ramblingrambler

    Absurd Origin Story

    I get no marshmallow in this, but it is exceptionally effervescent and fizzy. It is straight up sugary soda on me. And I’m not complaining.
  5. ramblingrambler

    Dignified. Elegant. Sophisticated.

    This is the gummy bears, bubble gum, and Snake Oil Motherhood fragrance sans gummy bears. It’s Lilith’s bubblegum, and Beth’s Snake Oil. Innocent and lovely dries to mysterious and enchanting. I definitely see the two of them here, and I can see Lilith becoming her own woman in the eyes of Beth here.
  6. ramblingrambler

    The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel

    My nose feels like it licked the outside of a pink peep and couldn’t catch a break on the lingering sugar-high. Damn, this is some sweet stuff. It’s not marshmallowy at all on me, but it’s like the pink sugar crust outside the peep piled on a table. I’m going to let this age some because I think it could be quite nice with a little time on its side, mellowing it out and giving it a sweet, cutesy pink vibe rather than a HO-MY-GAWD, SWEET bite.
  7. ramblingrambler

    Scorched Marshmallows

    Well, this stinks (literally, I guess, too). I was hoping for toasted marshmallow graham s’mores, but all I get seems to be... vetiver? I can tell there’s something else trying to poke out, but it’s sweet and amorphous at the moment. Maybe a little aging will do the trick, but if it IS vetiver giving off the smokiness, I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ll ever get. If you can’t do vetiver, I would try this only as a decant, and then maybe graduate to a bottle if you get the other notes.
  8. ramblingrambler


    Mmmmmmm. Two of my most favorite chocolate scents from the catalogue are present fully in this blend: Chad + Baby’s First Con Panel = this glorious perfume. WOW. This is chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, and hot cocoa on me. I’m glad I don’t get the soda (though I’m happy to smell like soda!) since I think it would throw it off some. To me, this is perfection in a bottle, all gooey-crunchy goodness.
  9. ramblingrambler

    Full Moon Flakes

    [Described in forum announcement as "a toasted oat and chocolate marshmallow cereal scent".] So I was a bad girl and applied directly from mail; I will go back and edit my comment accordingly once I’ve rested and retested. This is like opening a box of your favorite chocolate-with-marshmallows cereal. I haven’t eaten cereal since I was a teenager since I can’t have grains, but it’s every bit as good as I remember popping open the bag and having the scent explode everywhere before pouring. And it is realistic to boot. It’s not overpowering on the chocolate nor the grains (oats), and the marshmallow is more of a cream, but a skin-scent. This is quite light and almost delicate, airy. Things will likely change as it rests, but I couldn’t wait to try it. I totally forgot I had backed the Kickstarter until this box (discreet and mysteriously packaged with tiny labels and eight zillion stamps!) showed up at my door. Usually my anxiety would kick in to get a weirdly packaged box like this, but it came with another perfume order from another house, so I figured why not dig in and die happy if it came down to it.
  10. ramblingrambler

    Amber & Lace

    This is essentially L’Estate on me. The moment I first smelled it, I knew I had its cousin—a high-end scent—somewhere on my stash, a fragrance only pulled out for special occasions (since it cost a pretty penny on second market!). It is warm and glowing in the same way L’Estate reads on me; except for the minor changes in supporting notes, the overall profile remains the same, and it smells delightful. My only problem now is that I’ve begun to amp amber, so we’ll see whether this and L’Estate will remain wearable in the future.
  11. ramblingrambler

    Shadow Lace

    I was hoping the tobacco would not be front-and-center in this blend, but alas, on me, as any fragrance containing this note, it is all tobacco, all the time. The plum-oudh makes it bearable along with the usual Lace suspects (sans tobacco), but I simply cannot wear tobacco blends anymore it seems. For anyone who amps this note and/or is not a fan, stay far away. Otherwise, this will be absolutely beautiful on you, and I highly encourage you to get it.
  12. ramblingrambler


    Kabuki is good stuff. It’s a blast of red musk and cherry wet, but it dries into a lovely anise-cherry with the musk giving it an almost incense feel. I’ve unfortunately become recently allergic to the Lab’s red musk note and cannot stop sneezing, so this is no longer something I can wear. It’s too bad, too, because I loved it. I hope to pass this beauty on to someone who will also love it.
  13. ramblingrambler

    Resin Cast Meat Skull

    Snake Oil Jelly Donut, Strawberry Sufganiyot, and Beaver Moon walked into a bar... ...and had a ménage à trois. Folks, this ain’t no joke. I repeat: this is not a joke. You MUST get thee to a BPAL dispensary. (Trust me, if you’re into ANY of these fragrances, pick this up as soon as you see it come available from anyone’s destash.)
  14. ramblingrambler

    The Levee

    This would be the PERFECT scent if it did not include honey. Waaaaah. I stashed for a bit of aging, hoping the sweetness would recede, but it didn’t. Smells like a beautiful, deep smoked patchouli (with perhaps the faintest hint of vetiver), but the honey note throws it off on me. So, so sad.
  15. ramblingrambler

    Drop Dead Ghoulish

    Low throw, short wear, but one of the only apple scents I would contemplate keeping around, as the apple is not the main event. Booberry cereal is the showstopper. It’s like I’ve doused myself in it for about twenty minutes, and then it fades into a whisper of a creamy, berry scent. Wish it lasted longer, but it is *dreamy* for a hot minute.