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    Favorites: Snow White, Samhain, & The Black Swan Good: Chai, snow or rainy scents. Bad: Lemon, Ginger, Loam, Dirt, Cinnamon (bad!), berry/black current. Anti-Favorites: Blood Kiss, Snake Oil, Burial, Embalming Fluid, Crumpet Rebellion, Eat Me

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    sleeping, planting trees, having bubble tea (& hunting it in this country), hanging out with the kitty, and not studying (which is my life @ the mo). :P
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  1. poisondove

    Day-Old Ham

    Now its not a perfume to wear all over, but a bit on your hand and its a novelty for yourself and weird out friends. On the skin it smells like ham (surprise) but I also get a bit of a chocolate note. Not super sweet but perhaps its the fading glaze on these leftovers. In any case, I actually like this as a novelty scent and did actually go back and get a bottle for years of amusement.
  2. poisondove

    The Strange Old Woman

    This perfume is crazy and fun. In a way it reminds me of Drink Me, as it keeps changing its mind on what I am going to smell like. First hits the skin -- cherry almond (yum). Then a few minutes later its cinnamon (uh-oh, my death note but its soft). A few minutes later I am a praline, caramel nut. And that is where I stay, though perhaps getting more mapley over the hours. I even woke up mapely the next day, so long lasting foodie fest madness to be sure.
  3. poisondove

    Day-Old Ham

    Wow, its ham juice alright. Feels like a got a bit on my hand after tucking into Christmas dinner. Even a hint of clove and something almost like chocolate undertones. While its not usually a scent people want to smell like, I just love how true to life it is. Even if it makes me think I need to wash my hands because they are hammy.
  4. poisondove

    Strawberry Sufganiyot

    First, I totally love this...but I have 3 words to describe this one "strawberry zombie apocalypse" PS- When dried it has an element of Golletes too. Yum!
  5. poisondove

    The Fox Sisters

    I was quite keen to meet the Fox Sisters, but sadly the feelings were not quite mutual. At every point of our meeting, it was all tea rose, tea rose, tea rose. Which I love, but I had hoped to find that apple-ness as well. As it dries, the scent get woody and rich but that apple never arrived
  6. poisondove

    Self-Portrait With Puffy Stickers

    Straight out of the post --> Bottle: jammy Strawberry Moon 05 + hint of 09's grass Wet: Super uber ripe strawberry spilled into the grass. Dry : Quickly the grass envelops the scent and roses and floral notes abound. I do get the creaminess but the strawberry just starts to wane (sad ). Final: Light strawberry hint over rosiness/sunshine. Nice. I admit they are fresh out of the post and I am trying three different scents in one go. So warrants another try in a bit but probably the winner in the first round (esp. since Love is a la powder on my other hand)
  7. poisondove

    Comforting, milky, farmhouse kind of smells?

    I wouldn't have guessed Cockaigne because that is all cakey to me. The ones I will add to the hmm list as milky/spicy mystery perfumes would be Candles Moon --> Moonlight shining on the Quickening Tree, the heat and wax of sacred candles, the milk of ewes, Brigid's blackberry, the sting of keening wind, and the last flutter of the Cailleach's winter snow. Lamb's wool --> A popular holy day beverage in 18th century Ireland: roasted apples mashed into warmed milk and ale, with nutmeg, sugar, ginger, and clove. Milk Moon 2007 --> sweet milk, golden honey, fig fruit, pomegranate, dates, and white grape. Milk Moon 05 --> a scent that emulates the closeness of child and mother. In it, cream and warm honey soften our traditional blend of lunar oils. Good luck
  8. poisondove

    Lil' Menes' Feline Entertainments

    Sure, BPAL isn't for cats. And my cat Pudding reminds me when she squinches her face to whatever perfume I wear. But Jelly has different thoughts. She has a sniff of any perfume I may be wearing with curiousity. Therefore, when this one came out, I had to try it (for Jelly's sake). To me: Musky, slightly herby, kinda manly, not digging it really (but I am a candy sweet kinda person, so no surprise). To Jelly: She sniffed and went to bed. If there is catnip, then she isn't sold (and she is a nip-fiend). I suppose its a bit silly to be disappointed. And her lack of excitement meant I didn't become the one armed cat owner. Yet I think I may stick to perfumes of jam and tea from here on in.
  9. poisondove

    The Appalling Abattoir

    Let me start by saying, I had secretly wished this was going to be foodie and fun (like Zombie Apocalypse). Then the reports were coming in of licorice, spices, dragon's blood, musk -- and orgy of my death notes-- my heart sank. Then today the bottle turns up (sadly well past Halloween) and it doesn't smell like what I had been dreading, what I had come to expect. I get no licorice, spice, or musk. This is gentleman's cologne in the bottle and wet on the skin. As it dries, the sent becomes so familiar ....then I realize this is that rain/stone/dust atmospheric-ness that I get from Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune Alone on the Winter Solstice. They could be brothers! What a nice non-licorice suprise. As it dries down, I think I might be falling. The dust/stone gets closer and dragon blood comes slinking in like a red mist. Actually, surprisingly pleasant and amusing to tell people you are wearing some Abbatoir perfume
  10. poisondove


    Quick test of a testable sniffie. (before I had read the review) Wet on Skin: Watermelon, light and summery Dry: Subtle but gives that fuzzy peach sensation.
  11. poisondove

    Wine, Beer, Rum, Bourbon... the booze scents

    I found St. Foutin de Varailles to be a nice wine scent. Description: Beeswax, frankincense, dried rose petals, and a dribble of wine. It says there is only a dribble but its a very candle/red wine scent to me.
  12. poisondove

    Beaver Moon 2011

    Beaver Moon 2011 Every time a Beaver Moon comes out I am intrigued. I get a bottle, it doesn't work for me, and it sucks. This time around its lavendar...and I am so tempted. Dare I go for a fourth disappointment? Sniff: Its cake with a sharp edge Skin: Its lavendar, sweet and sugary and very much like my TKO v.3. I think this might make me fall asleep Drydown: The lavendar floats away and I am left with a creamy, slighly cheesey cake smell. Very soft, but very nice. Yay! This one likes me...now I have to pray the bottle en route isn't going to be a fail.
  13. poisondove

    Black Cherry Amaretto Christmas Puddin'

    After finding Suck It to be cherry cough medicine, I swore off cherry anything. Maybe I was too harsh, because I did dare to snag a partial decant "just to try." And it isn't cherry Nyquil at all. It starts out cherry almond, which is yum. I kind of wished it had stayed, but as it drys its fainter cherry almond, and very present christmas spice. I think it must be the pudding part to blame. In the end it fades to a gently spice cake with cherry almond undertones. Fades quickly, never bowls me over with intensity. Still its nicee. Worth a try if cherry has done you wrong in the past. ...and maybe after this I will end my cherry BPAL embargo.
  14. poisondove

    The Gorobble

    Not winning with the Weenies this year. Gorobble didn't list the cinnamon death note in its description. I knew I was sunk when people started mentioning a cinnamon kick. On my skin, I am a cinnamon red hot candy. No marshmallow. No bonfires. Damn you cinnamon
  15. poisondove

    The Atrocious Attic

    This wasn't a blend I would have picked myself, as I am a foodie rather then a floral buff. Florals always seem too 'real world' perfume to me. Then a decant landed in my mailbox, so I thought I'd try it. On my skin, its all lavendar. I suppose from my intimate relationship with TKO v.3 when I was having insomnia issues, this note is clear. And like TKO's proto the lavender is sugary sweet. It goes on very nice but dries as a white lily floral. Its quite nice and *yawn* making me a bit sleepy too