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  1. Try Three Brides--rosey carnation loveliness!
  2. Does anyone have any smell-alikes to suggest for Ninon? (Other than SL Chergui, which is even more expensive and hard to obtain)
  3. orata

    G'milut Chasadim

    I was lucky enough to get to try this through Suedonym's Will-Call Sniffie Circle! Thanks again for sharing in this circle. Wet, this is equal dollops of tart, juicy red fruit (I would have said cranberry, but I'm sure it's pomegranate + plum) and waxy, powdery honey. The rose is a subtle presence that grows more obvious as the oil dries. Dry, the fruits have faded a lot and my general impression is of powdery honey lightly perfumed with myrrh and roses. I can smell a little bit of fruit in the back still, but just barely. The roses and myrrh make it smell pretty and non-edible once it dries down. I don't think I detect the osmanthus. Although the outset is quite different--bright and clean fruit and honey--once it dries, it has a fluffy, creamy, powdery, pink and white quality to it that reminds me a bit of The Atrocious Attic, but it's not nearly as floral as that scent.
  4. orata

    Forever is Mercy Built

    I was also lucky enough to get to try this through Suedonym's Will-Call sniffie circle! First impressions: a burst of bright, tangy tamarind and fresh, green, delicious fig overlaid with a perfumey, slightly powdery haze of amber and tonka. As it dries, the patchouli gets stronger, but it's a soft patchouli that just dirties up the fruits a bit. Something starts to smell a bit like latex gloves to me in the drydown, an impression I also got from The Lantern Ghost of Oiwa. If I smell it from a little further away, the latex smell seems more vanillic, so maybe it's the tonka. Although the notes don't list any florals, I would have thought this had lily or something in it if I had to guess the notes blindly; there's a definite flowery "perfuminess" to it that I associate with heady florals. Fully dry, it reminds me of dried apricots, green figs, and light woods, but still with that fluffy, perfumey amber floating over the top. The throw isn't too strong--I tried applying it to my neck since often the scent wafting from there gives me a different impression than smelling directly from my wrists. I don't really smell anything from my neck. It's much cleaner and lighter than many other fruit-and-patchouli scents like Madame Moriarty or Snake Charmer, and way more tamarindy and less dirty than Gomorrah. It makes me think most of Hymn to Proserpine with its fruits and amber, but I haven't smelled that in ages, so take that with a grain of salt. Final verdict: inoffensive, but nothing I feel like I need to hunt down. The sum of its parts is quite different and less appealing overall than what I would have expected from reading the notes list.
  5. orata

    Scent for Halloween?

    Yesterday I wore The Most Magnificent Christmas Tree; today I wore Possets Gingerbread Whorehouse
  6. Mrs Palmer's smells divine--any suggestions for a matching perfume? I like how soft the leather is and how strong the vanilla is.
  7. orata

    Little Flora

    Blergh. Foody and floral in a way that combines the worst of both worlds. It smells more like cookies than cream to me, with an overpowering buttery/baked goods note that fades into a headache-inducing, powerful, soapy, heady floral. It is much stronger than the peony note in The Dormouse or Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono, which I thought of as more delicate--this is almost like a boozy tea rose. Like getting punched in the face with flowers. It has a bit of an ozone or aquatic note in the drydown that is contributing to the soapy feeling. I do like it better dry than wet, but just not a fan either way.
  8. orata

    Black Lace or Snake Charmer?

    Personally, I would go with Black Lace, because I like it better But also Snake Charmer smelled quite similar to Mme Moriarty on me--plummy Snake Oil--so if Moriarty was just OK, you might not have great luck with Snake Charmer.
  9. Check this thread! http://www.bpal.org/topic/8131-chocolate-and-cocoa-in-every-combination-possible/page__st__225 How about these 6: 1) How Doth The Little Crocodile 2) Vice 3) Velvet 4) intrigue 5) Tezcatlipoca 6) Centzon Totochtin Bliss is purely milk chocolate and quite foody, while these a have some other stuff going on. The Crocodile is my favorite! Mint chocolate and cedar.
  10. You might try mixing a snow scent like Kumari Kandam with an apple scent like one of the Apples from last year's Weenies... Glittering Apple of the Stars would be my recommendation, but it does have a sweeter and somewhat more flowery scent than SGA.
  11. orata


    Gypsy Moth is white sugar and cardamom, I think.
  12. orata

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Have you considered Tamora or Fae, if you like peach scents? For floral vanillas, I second the rec for Mouse's LAST; you might also try The Atrocious Attic, Blossoms in Springtime, Regan, Marae, or Opuhi, if you can find them. Pink Snowballs is a lot like Snow White plus soft roses. I thought about this a lot before my wedding, but I was flustered and rushed getting ready and totally forgot to put on the perfume I had chosen (I was going to wear Chimera, but a friend gave me Lush's 25:43, a wedding-themed, lemony vanilla scent, and I decided to wear that instead over Lavanila Pure Vanilla. Except that then I forgot, so it was just the plain Pure Vanilla in the end.)
  13. orata

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hmm, try it on your hair or in a scent locket, maybe? They smelled almost exactly the same to me, but this is going off a spritz of Amour from Sephora; I don't own it so I can't do a side-by-side.
  14. orata

    Waves of Mist

    This has a strong, soapy-clean white musk note that sort of burns my nose when it's first applied. The ambergris gives it an aquatic, salty cleanness so that it has a kind of Selsun Blue kind of vibe. I don't mean that in a bad way; it just smells kind of like a commercial "shower-fresh" scent to me when wet. However, the lovely green floral note of the muguet becomes more apparent to me as it dries down, and it becomes a pretty, fresh, white musk and lily-of-the-valley scent, but much more of a spring scent than an autumn one.
  15. orata

    Spider Silk Bath Oil

    Bright, zesty, and fresh-smelling. My husband said "It smells like 'clean'!" It has a slight tropical vibe from the coconut, and a slight hint of an old-fashioned-white-soap, powdery quality from the vanilla and orris, although if I didn't have the list of notes in front of me, I doubt I would have been able to name any individual notes at all. I think the main presence in this must be the dammar, which is described online as "lemony, light, ethereal": the scent has a fresh, citrussy, slightly green/vegetal quality to it overall, and the only citrussy suspect I see is the dammar. Very nice, I'll definitely use up my decant.