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  1. Dymphna-B

    Switch Witch 2017

    10/5/17 would any witchees be interested in NASA swag? I'm now super-close to Marshall Space Flight Center and will be visiting the space center with my kiddo pretty regularly. If so, what would you like? Clothes, a mug, magnets, a plush Snoopy wearing a flight suit?: I can't think of any swag, but I love reading about stuff. does anybody like anything from Solstice Scents? I LOVE their Jack and the Devil. http://www.solsticescents.com/: I've never really tried anything from Solstice 10/3/17 Witchee, would you like anything from the Trading Post Halloween update? https://blackphoenix...y/weenies-2017/ : Not this year, too much pumpkin and that doesn't like me. 10/1/17 Awesome farmer's market by my house. They have a local honey stand (which also sells things made from local honey like Propolis tincture!); there's a small apothecary and she additionally makes soaps and hand-made, hand-poured scented candles; plus a guy that makes an array of BBQ and Hot Sauces. Does ny of this appeal? Would you like anything from my local farmer's market?: That sounds awesome, yes please, soaps, candles, sauces Smolder Cosmetics. Do any of their products (glitter, eye dusts etc) appeal to you? https://smoldercosmetics.com: Sorry, I don't wear make-up Anything from Strobe Cosmetics (http://strobecosmetics.com)?: No, sorry How would you feel about getting Hello Kitty stuff?: I used to love it, but these days, not so much. Would you like to get some favorite recipes?: Yes please Would you like anything from my shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaNut?: I like the cawl collar 9/30/17 Would you like anything from the Haus of Gloi Fall Part II update? https://www.hausofgl...ween-scent-list: I'ver never tried any of their stuff, but Blood Orange Marshmallow and Hex sound really good 9/27/17 How do you feel about these little guys? I think they're adorable and kind of want them all, but especially the ghost and pirate ones. https://lovemomiji.c...imited-editions: They're cute, but no thank you 9/26/17 Witchees, do you want anything specifically from this page? Mitts, hat, shawls, unicorn... http://iceweasel.net/switchwitch/: I love the mitts and the happy 200 shawl What are your top three most wanted DC'd or previous LE BPALs? Banshee Beat, Stekkjarstaur and Pink Wig Spray What are some things you do NOT want to receive? Itchy knitwear, sour fruit sweets is there anything from here that you might be interested in getting a print (or pillow/make-up case/etc) of? http://www.blackabbeystudios.com/store: Great art: I love The Reader Claire's has some super cute Halloween stuff. In the style of Haunted Mansion - black lace collars, lace and sparkle masques and the like. A few items in Dias de los Muertos style. Would you be interested in such things?: It sounds nice, but I probably wouldn't wear it. Would you be interested in anything from Orange Thyme? https://shoporangethyme.com/ If so, which products/scents/flavors?: Soaps, lip balms, tints, and they all sound lovely 9/25/17 Anyone like/want calendars or dayplanners? Yes sure If you like stationery, do you like plain, colors, images, or specific DON'T LIKES? Things with cats on them, colourful, purple, pink, bats are all yes What about general desk stuff like cool colored paperclips and post it pads? Yes please Would anyone be interested in having any of Abigail Larson's artwork (either as a print or on something, like a pillow, blanket, or t-shirt)? https://society6.com/abigaillarson: I love the arts, but maybe as a card, not something bigger. Does anything catch your eye from Ten Thousand Villages? http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/: They have some lovely items, but I can't think of anything specific. Would you be into receiving hand made (crocheted, sewn, felted, chain maille, scale, or duct tape, in my case, depending on the item) dishclothes? Scarf/shawl? Hat? Bag? Anything? Colors? (Duct tape, chain maille, and scales come in colors.): Yes Do you collect anything from SBUX like City Mugs, City Mug ornaments, City Cards, or Bearistas? If so, which do you need/want? Or would you like a City Mug or an ornament for fun? No thanks anybody want homemade fudge? I can do chocolate with or without nuts, peanut butter, and butterscotch.: That would be a yes, nuts, all the nuts do you like spicy foods? I am currently addicted to these suckers and want to send you some buffalo ridged kettle potato goodness (https://www.billygoa...shop/1lb-kicker) Lovely! what would you like from the Weenies updatus giganticus??? Nothing, too much pumpkin again I'm afraid. 9/24/17 do you collect the art cards that BPAL sends out? Any in particular that you are looking for or definitely don't need? I do! I have a Halloween one with a smiling moon one that I love, it's quite colourful. I don't know if they have more in that style, but I love most cards. I have quite a few of the man holding his head, the man dipping the lady and one with a mummy type skeleton though, oh and the seance one. Do you like this beautiful art, and she makes stickers and prints...SOOOO gorgeous: https://www.shannatr...om/paperprints/: Oh goodness yes, so beautiful Favorite animals or wild creatures or mythological creatures?: Dragons, bats, cats would you like any swag from the Depeche Mode concert? (pins, posters, shirts, program, dunno what they'll have!) I like their music, but no thanks Is anyone interested in the new Resistance scents that the Lab just released (Take a Knee and SN: Flor de Maga)? I support the causes massively, but am not really interested in owning the scents Is anyone here into zero waste, plastic free living, urban homesteading, or any simplicity/minimalism-esque lifestyles? If so, could you use any tools or equipment? None that I can think of. 9/23/17 Are you interested in anything from Bath & Bodyworks? Which products and scents do you like? www.bathandbodyworks.com/ Not really I am possibly going to a crystal / gem show tomorrow. I can't afford expensive gem stones, but... What kind of crystals would you like?: My favourites are rainbow moonstone, rainbow fluorite and Alexandrite Pumpkin or Zucchini bread? No thank you What kind of homemade cookies are your favorite? No chocolate chips, or chocolate in general, but I love nuts, seeds and oats too Could you use a muscle rub? (We make ours on the lunar cycle and it has menthol, wintergreen, habanero, cayenne, olive oil, st. john's wort, arnica, beeswax, calendula, and ginger. It tingles. We call it "Thunder Butter". If you have really really super sensitive skin, I would recommend against it. And don't take a hot shower or open all of your pores before using it.)L Yes that sounds lovely Interested in trying some of our rose petal (rose petals, sugar, everclear) or lavender vanilla bean (lavender, vanilla bean, vodka) liqueur? It sounds delightful. Want some honey from the bees on our property? Sure! Would you like some homemade jam? I have blackberry, rose petal, strawberry rhubarb, peach, and cherry.: Yup, love blackberry and cherry How about some homemade candied jalapenos with garlic cloves? I have regular and with habanero.: Nice! I didn't dry any apples this year but I was thinking of heading over to Green Bluff and seeing if any honeycrisps are left. I have a commercial dehydrator so let me know if you are interested in any "Apple Crips" (as voodoocatwoman calls them!) I wash, peel, core, and slice before dehydrating.: No thank you Do you need any kind of dice bag, tote, project bag, cosmetic bag, pencil bag, or whatever? I have lots of bag patterns and fabric. We make bags under the name Twinkle N Twilight. Or how about a couple of pillowcases? I love bags, would love a pouch for tarot cards 9/22/17 Would my witchee like this to warm up the fall coffee cup?? https://www.truelemo...gory-s/1871.htm: Yes! do you like to take baths? if so, do you like oils, salts, things that fizz, all of the above, none of the above? I love baths, no salts, but oils and fizz are yes What style/make/etc of phone do you have? What about size of tablet? Laptop? Would you like decals, skins, or cases for any of these?: I have a Sony Xperia Z2 and a 17 inch laptop and I love decals, skins and cases 9/21/17 See's Candy. My absolute favorite. They have special Halloween candy..any of these pique your interest?? Cinnamon Apple Scotch Mallows, Pumpkin spice truffles, pumpkinspice lollypops, caramel apple lollypops, or any other of their chocolates, etc?: Yes, yes and yes please Are any witchees into coloring books? I love them, but I don't have pencels, markers or anything I can use with my painful hands, I bought pencils, but they require too much pressure Witchees, is there anything that catches your eye at Animi Causa (https://www.animicausa.com/shop/)?: Zesty and Zip -Eat If I were to find an adorable autumnal/Halloween-y dish/flatware/etc. design, how many settings would be needed in your household?: That woulfd be lovely 9/20/17 Do you like Broadway shows/music? If so what are some of your favorites and/or ones that you hope to see or listen to eventually? Would you like merch from your favorite shows or CDs from shows you want to listen to? No thank you I'm heading to NYCC in October! Is there anything I can get my Witchee while I'm there?: I don't really know, sorry I'm going to Edmonton Expo this weekend (It's Edmonton's version of comic con). Would a witchee like anything from there?: Again, I'm sorry, I don't know Anything catch your eye from this site (globalgirlfriend.com)?: They have lots of nice things.I love all the eco bags and the ric rac pouch and the artist studio and purple haze scarves Do you have any favorite, lesser-known stores? Especially ones that sell hand-crafted or independently made items.: Not really Imagine you're going to the most gigantic art & craft show imaginable, and money is no object - what kind of things would you gravitate towards and probably spend money on? Include as specific as you want to get!: Watercolour pens, gel pens, all the colours 9/19/17 Are you interested in anything from Think Geek? http://www.thinkgeek.com Not right now Do you have something you wish you put on your original questionnaire/forgot to put/would like to add on to? I don't thing so Any additional misc. information about yourself you want your Witch to know? (I think this was on the survey, but again if there's something that you forgot...) I can't wear hats, or tight necklaces and bracelets, due to my brain malformation. If you could decorate your house (or one room) in any one theme, what would it be? Your answer can be as simple ("Star Wars" or "Baroque" or "Modern"), or complicated or a combination (e.g. Victorian Gothic) as you feel best fits.: Bohemian, nice and colourful Aprons: Do you wear them, do you want one? Utility, decorative, cooking or crafting? I don't wear them BTW, would my witchee be interested in something like this? (photo of black and white striped knitted doll) No thank you 9/18/17 It seems like there's a question about socks on the questionnaire, but I don't think it got down to this level: Do you wear them? Any particular style (crew length, knee high, anklet, boot, etc.) or fiber (wool, cotton, bamboo anything but wool, etc.) preference?: I only wear very loose socks from very soft materials Would you be open to previously-loved books? Yes What about partial-full bottles of BPAL or BPTP? Yes So what are your favorite fandoms? I don't really have any 9/17/17 I'm in France at the moment, is there anything here you might like? I'm in Provence, the land of lavender, so if you like that flower in particular just say so!: dried lavender, herbs are you into divination? What kind(s) do you currently do? Do you want more books and/or tools for that type (e.g. new tarot cards, new runes)? Is there a new type of #divination you've been meaning to try, and if so, are you looking for the tool, a book on the subject, or both?: I love tarots, pendulums. I don't have a proper pendulum right now. I was trying to find one in made of one of my favourite gems, rainbow moonstone, rainbow fluorite or Alexandrite World my Witchee be interested in a Tarot or Astrology reading done personally?: I do my own readings Does my Witchee need any magical supplies?: No thank you Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door Soap (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com)?: the soaps look lovely 9/16/17 Favorite gemstones?: rainbow moonstone, rainbow fluorite and Alexandrite If you enjoy jewelry do you like discrete and elegant, flashy and gaudy, small and light, or large and chunky?: Not too heavy, long necklaces, silver colours, colourful gems Any love of pirates or SCA? Not really Is there anything you would like from Disney World?: No thanks Are you a Potterhead? If so, to which house do you belong?: Huffelpuff How do you feel about chokers?: I love them, but I can't wear them 9/15/17 Here's a few questions from me: Would you like some Halloween or other themed decor in the form of a banner, something like this http://www.etsy.com/...n-decor-vintage? If so, would you prefer a traditional style or a vertical door type?: They're really nice, but I don't have room. Do you live near a Trader Joe's? If not, are you interested in trying any of the numerous Pumpkin goodies they come out with this time every year? : Pumpkin spice nuts? Do you like to cook and/or bake? Could you use any specific ingredients (spices, oils, salts, extracts, etc.) or kitchen utensils/gadgets?: I love baking, but I don't have a proper wisk, zester or pastry brush, or spatula. I'm at Ocean City MD for bike week......would a witches want anything from here? Bike or beach related?? No thanks What is 1 thing you would love to see in your final box? Can be ANYTHING - your choice.: Something sweet Who would love some USPS eclipse stamps? Sure 9/14/17 Do any of you potential Witchees have any kitties, puppers, or youngling humans you want spoiled in your packages? What treats or toys do they like?:I have 5 kitties and they love their cat nip and toys Is there any interest in any of the fragrance oils from the Nocturne Alchemy Weenies update?: I haven't seen the update, but I would love a nice cherry scent, that doesn't have chocolate Is there anything you want from the trading post (or trading post etsy) that is available to order right now? (Fatherhood, Puppers, normal GC things): Like Father, Like Daughter sounds lovely 9/13/17 Are you a gamer? If so, what games are you currently playing and is there any merch for that game you'd love to have?- If you are a gamer do you have a steam/gamestop/amazon wishlist?: Not really How do you feel about the following scarf options (assuming you're into scarves)? Simple eyelet scarf Chevron scarf Lacy and fuzzy Skinny rib knit (extra long for lots of wrapping) Leafy!: Love the Leafy!! Like beer? What styles most appeal to you? No to beer Like booze? What kinds?: Yes to liquers Like Wine? What kinds?: No to wine Would you be interested in a set of hand-made hair falls? It's something I do for fun and I can make any length and do an array of colors!: No thank you For those who watch certain movies every year for Halloween, what are those movies, whether horror or not? Any favorite horror movies that aren't necessarily on the annual-viewing list? How do you feel about fan-made merch for these movies?: Gothic horror, like Crimson Peak and I love Hocus Pocus and Trick 'r Treat 9/12/17 Here's a great local soapmaker I love--y'all see anything you would like? https://littleseedfarm.com/: Patchouli deodorant cream! What are your favorite/preferred Halloween/autumn icons/images? Any to specifically stay away from?: I don't really dress up Do you eat candy, and if so would Halloween candy be welcome? Specialty candy from local or unusual sources? Chocolate? Yes to candy, no to most chocolate Do you want Fidget spinners, desk toys, or other frivolous things that you look at and decide you don't need enough to spend $ on but would make you happy to have?: I like fidget spinners and other toys like that. Any zentangle lovers, people who would like to try it, or would you want a piece of someone else's zentangle art?: Not really Any love of hair toys, clips, ribbons, fascinators, mini hats, etc?: Unfortunately no, I can no longer wear things in my hair or on my head. What local goodies may be of interest? Local Honey, jams,candy? Local jams and candy Are you interested in any prescription services like serial magazines, Birch box, ipsy?: A Korean Beauty box, or Japanese candy box would be cool. Would you like funky Halloweenie costume makeup like Gothic eyelashes, nail effects, black lipstick, etc.?: I don't use make-up How do you like to listen to music? CD, 8 track tape, mix tape, Pandora or Spotify, I-tunes?: I mostly listen to cd's or radio Do you prefer reading on Kindle or actual book? What kind of books do you like? Would you like to be surprised with a scary, classic, horror book?: I own a Kindle and I love fantasy books. Yes I would like to be surprised. Candles, Incense, or wax tarts? Do you have favorite brands or Weenies scents for the home? Would you like to receive a wax tarts burner, incense burner, essential oils diffuser, or Halloweenie themed candle holders?: I love tarts and incense and essential oils. I own several tart burners, but a new incense holder would be nice. Witchee: are you interested in crafting materials?: Yes Especially beautiful pieces or paper and coloured markers and water colour pens etc, sharpies too. 9/11/17 I'm in Japan, is there anything specific from here you would want?: A plush Maneki Neko How do you feel about nail wraps?: I don't use them if you were to receive something hand knit, what type of item would you like? hat, cowl, handwarmers, etc. and what color(s)? - would you use knitted washcloths? a scarf? Are you allergic or sensitive to any fibers? I'm extremely sensitive to itchy fibers, no hats, but yes to hand warmers or cowls. If you could be ANY character from a film, TV show or book, who would it be and why?: Mrs Pollifax If you could hop into a time machine and travel anywhere/anytime, where would it be and why? Victorian London, just to see what it was like there then. If you could invite 3 famous people to a BPAL meet and sniff, who would invite?: Helena Bonham Carter, Juliet Marillier and Guillermo del Toro Do you like and/or want anything from Elements and Artifacts? You can be vague like "yes" or "no" or name specific past pieces you coveted or current ones you love, whatever works best. : I love the moon and mandala designs Would you like something hand sewn by your Witch? A dress, shirt, skirt, infinity scarf, something else?: A scarf or infinity scarf would be nice Anyone want any kind of costuming accessories or makeup or odds and ends?: No thanks 9/10/17 Are there any hobbies or crafts you've been thinking of trying, but haven't had the chance yet?: Nothing yet. Would you want to receive a custom spell kit or magical tea? If so, what purpose would you want it to be for?: That sounds interesting, creating harmony. Do you like poetry?: Yes Anyone like handmade critters, stuffed animals, or custom repaints? Not really Would you enjoy any designer/specialty yarn for your own craftyness? No thank you Would anyone like a donation made in their name to a cause or charity?: No that's okay Please provide wishes from the last two updates?: Do you Like Clowns and Like Father, Like Daughter 9/9/17 Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive? (http://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/) Whipped soaps are lovely Are there any UK things you'd like to get? I'm in the UK, so I can shop around myself Are you into podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Would you like any merch related to any of them?: No not really Would you like something from Nui Cobalt Designs (https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/)?: I can't think of anything Or maybe some of Christina's lovely Halloween candles at Sihaya & Co. (https://www.sihayaan...lection-candles)?: Yes! ILNP? Who would love one of their awesome holos like MEGA or one of their amazing chromes? http://www.ilnp.com/: No thanks 9/8/17 Do you enjoy stationery? I'm thinking cute/quality notebooks, washi tape, stickers, fun pens etc.: Yes I do Are you interested in anything from Cocoa Pink? Sugar Scrubs and whipped soaps - Or Haus of Gloi? Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath?; Sure Have you seen this: https://www.bustle.c...llection-80733? (Lush Halloween collection.) And what would you like?: Kitty bubble bar!! 9/7/17 Are you interested in anything from the Moonalisa Halloween update? I haven't checked yet, but I would love to try some Moonalisa, no pumpkin scents for me though. What are your coffee and/or tea preferences? - Coffee: whole beans or ground? Beans or ground - Flavor and roast preferences? Chocolate, nutty, low acidity - Tea: black, green, herbal, flavors? Black and green - Loose leaf or tea bags? Loose and bags - Anything specific you don't like? I don't like sour tasting teas, like rooibos - Are you in need of any gadgetry? Yes! A tea strainer would be lovely, or a tea egg or something like that 9/6/17 How would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures? - would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around?: No thank you. A former Witch once made me a gorgeous box that I still have. Who is into K-Beauty (Korean beauty products like sheet masks) - What are your faves if you are? - If you aren't would you like to try something?: I love K-Beauty skin care products, sheet masks, cremes, essences. I have dry and sensitive skin in winter. What are some NEW things you've gotten interested in this year? Could be anything, from a new hobby, new genre of book, new healthy way of living, new fav brand of whatever... I'm still looking to find a new hobby. 9/5/17 What are your feelings about Scooby Doo?: Like, don't love. How do you feel about indie makeup (read: loose eyeshadow, blush, highlighter)?: I don't wear make-up I drink this stuff almost everyday would anyone else be interested in trying it out? https://www.criobru.com/: They sounds lovely 9/4/17 Would you like one of the Halloween Teeturtle shirts?: No thanks, though I love the prints
  2. Dymphna-B

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hello all A friend of mine likes Happy by Clinique and I want to gift her a Bpal that is similar. I have done a search of this topic, but since the former question about Happy was posted quite a while ago, I wondered if there are any new Bpals that may qualify? I know about Beautiful and Adored, 51, Xiuhtecuhtli, Night-Gaunt and Aizen-Myoo. Would you agree those may be suitable? Thanks for reading
  3. Dymphna-B

    Switch Witch 2015

    Answers to all extra Switch Witch Questions Amazon wish list http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/2AA5UC39SZVP1 9/17/15 Pumpkin? Pumpkin scents are a yes for: bath products, home scents and a no for: perfume and lotions. Pumpkin flavours are a yes. Pumpkin decorations are a no Booze? Not the biggest alcohol fan, but always in to try something special (sweet, no beers or wine) Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry what have you? Sure 9/18/15 I know there is a question about "decorating style", but if you're comfortable, could you should us some photos of your spaces? For those of us who like to art and craft, it can be nice to have a visual sense of decorating style! Since I moved in with a new partner after having fled domestic violence earlier this year, I can't really give you pictures that will reflect me, but this is my perfume cabinet and that's totally me and I do still have that with me 9/19/15 For those of you who don't drink alcohol, can you specify if you live with any drinkers or ever have alcohol on hand for guests, vs. abstaining and preferring not to have it around at all? I live with someone who doesn't drink, but some guest do. Are you a fan of the TV show Penny Dreadful? Yes, big fan What are your coffee and tea preferences? Do you prefer one, the other, both, or neither (and if it's neither, what about things like hot cider and cocoa)? Loose leaf or bags, whole bean or ground? Is caffeine OK? Any gadgetry you're in need of? Any brands or flavors that you particularly love, loathe, or want to try? I love coffee, have a stove top espresso maker and a Lavazza a mode mio machine. I like black, while and green tea, also when they're flavoured. I don't like tangy fruit teas or redbush. Herbal teas like yogi tea I do like. What's your sense of humor like? Do you enjoy puns? Play on words? Dirty humor? Dry humor? Who are some of your favorite comedians? I love quite dry humor and I love shows like Not going out and Miranda, 2 and a half men and Friends, oh and How I met your Mother. Do you like board games? If so, which ones? Traditional or more unique? (like Settlers of Catan, Small World, Red Dragon Inn, etc) I do like board games, but haven't played in years. Is there anything that you specifically do NOT want to receive? Bath salts and body lotion oh and I'm not keen on dried fruit. Plain or fun socks? Fun socks!!!!! Name one (or as many as you would like) thing you would like to learn more about? Crystals What one thing you would like to do more of? Outdoorsy things What are some things that fascinate you? Or, What would you like to know more about? Insects, but please don't send live ones 9/20/15 Would you like any cookie butter (just to be clear, store-bought, not home-made, and does contain wheat since it's, y'know, cookie butter)? No thanks Is there any particular piece (or pieces) of art (painting, photograph, etc) that speaks to you in some way? Not especially, but I love Indian shisha embroidery. What kinds of things would you like from the Lilith BPAL or BPTP update (or are you joining a decant circle?) I won't be ordering myself, but I like the sound of Battle Fairy in Training Do you want to received knit or crocheted items? If so, could you describe or even link to a couple of items similar to what you would like to receive? Last year I was lucky enough to receive a lot of knitted items and so this time I have to say no. What thing do you want to do (or get) but you keep putting off for one reason or another? Write a book Would you like anything from Lush? I love Lush and would like to try their Tooth Fairy tooth powder, Beautiful shower gel, Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel and the Comforter shower gel. My favourite of all is Buche de Noel facial cleanser. Do you prefer hand-made or store-bought? I love both really and also secondhand (though maybe not for all items ) SPICY! Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" and 10 being "ghost pepper? scorpion pepper? I laugh at these! I love as much heat as you can throw my way!" Where are you? I think a 6 or a 7. I love spicy food, but when it gets too hot, for me, it takes over all other flavours and I don't like that. What is your BPAL "Holy Grail"? Boomslang v2 I think. Analog or Digital? Or Both? Both, My first love will always be real books for example, but because of my illnesses I have trouble reading and holding them, so I adore my Kindle. What scents from other perfume companies are you really wanting to have in your collection and or are just really wanting to test? Companies like NAVA, Arcana, Solstice Scents, Possets, Haus of Gloi etc.....? The only one I can come up with is Screamin Mimi from Midnight Gypsy, but NAVA have lots of scents I would love to try and I'm sure the other companies have too. Blu-ray or DVD? DVD, but since I'm in the UK, it's region 2 Game systems - console or computer? Mac/PC? Which console? I have a laptop. And I think my partner has a sega megadrive, which I love, go Toejam and Earl Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so do you need any accessories for if? I won't be dressing up this year. Spending it at home, surrounded by kittycats Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? Sizes and styles? I love bags. Not too small, shoulder or handbags, I love hmong bags and I have a small bag and a purse, black with dark pink embroidered flowers for the bag and blue with pink flowers for the purse. I love gothic style bags too, purple, black, black with purple and also other jewel colours (maybe not orange, yellow or green on their own) What are your favorite fandoms and do you want to receive anything related to such? I don't really have any What are you planning to order from the Weenies update? lets see, I love Sonnet d'Automne, and also the sound of The Vampire Bride and the White Witch, but it's not too likely I'll be able to order any time soon. The Last Huzzah of the NY Renaissance Faire happens this weekend and I'm going! Is there anything you might want? (Besides a turkey leg, which won't ship well!) Now that turkey leg sounded delicious, what a shame I love the idea of Renaissance fairs, but I've never visited one, so I don't really know. It sounds like I might like a load of stuff there though Do you like comics or graphic novels? Any issues or collections you want to read? I'm not really a fan of comics or graphic novels. Do you like fanfic? Would you like a story written for you as part of your gift? What characters/fandoms/pairings etc do you like? Yes that would be amazing! I don't know if this is what is meant, but I love dragons, elves, fairies, witches and more Oh and I love Penny Dreadful Where do you have wishlists at? If you could please link to them or to a post that links to them. (Amazon, Etsy, Think Geek, Pinterest, Sephora, Lush, BPAL/BPTP, Soap Box Company, everywhere and anywhere!) I have an Amazon and Etsy wish list and I think the links to them are in my sig, but I'll check. 9/25/15 Let's say you have indicated interest in receiving a hand knitted item. What colors, exactly, do you like? If you could provide color swatches here or to pinterest (or something visual), that would help out a lot. I really have to say no to the knitted items this time. I got so many lovely items last year. Would you rather receive a bunch of little packages through the round, a couple of medium packages, or one big package at the end? Anything my lovely witch would like to send For those of us with out-of-country Witchees, would you be happy with receiving a few packages from local to you merchants (say, through Etsy or equivalent)? Yes absolutely. Would Witchees like something from IKEA? (Or any other not always accessible by everyone store?) There is an Ikea quite close to where I am, so no thank you If/when you go to the mall, for which store(s) do you beeline? Bookstore, coffee and tea sellers, oriental gift shops. Do you receive any subscription boxes (julep, lootcrate, ipsy, birchbox, etc.)? I had a love Lula box, but cancelled it. It was lovely though, all organic products. Do you like tarts/candles/incense? If so, what type of scents? I love all of those, though candles are a bit dangerous with the cats. I have an electric oil/tart warmer and love sweet, fruity scents, bakery scents, almond cherry for example and warn spicy scents. I love non floral incenses, though vrindavan flower is one of my favourites. Is there anything you wish you could have picked up from the Dragon*Con exclusives? I like the sound of Peach XI and Peach XIV and STILL LIFE WITH PEACHES, A SILVER GOBLET, GRAPES AND WALNUTS Is there a GC you've been dying to try but haven't got around to yet? Dragon's Milk The questionnaire asked about gold & silver jewelry, but how do you feel about copper jewelry? Do you like colorful jewelry, or do you prefer to keep it neutral? I love the colour of copper and I love colourful jewellery. We asked about decorating style, but are you interested in receiving decorations for your home? Are you interested in things that go on the wall or things that go on shelves? Our apartment is quite small, but I would love tiny things that would fit in my perfume cabinet Office supplies hound? Pens, pencils, journals, any preference, or favorites? I have many pencils, but love pens, especially ones that are designed for people with arthritis and journals are nice as well. Talk to me about socks! Is there anything, dear, dear Witchee, that I can get for you from Sock Dreams? Anything from another place? I love colourful fluffy socks you wear around the house and thin socks in all colours to wear with trainers. I live near a huuuuge candy store. What kind of candy do you like? Gummies? Caramel? Chocolate? Sour? Sugar-free? I love hard gums, don't really like boiled sweets, do like toffee in all sorts of flavours and wouldn't mind at all trying new things. Not sugar free though please 9/26/15 How do you feel about animal products? Not so much animal toys or food, but more like furs, paws, bones, etc. That wouldn't be for me Are you interested in receiving any restaurant.com gift certificates for your area? I honestly don't think we would use them. How do you feel about "toys" - stuffed animals and the like? I do have a few small stuffed animals that mean a lot to me. I don't have much room, but I do like key chain stuffed animals like cats, owls, dragons, unicorns and other mystical creatures. Did you see the eclipse last night? How do you feel about astrological events, like eclipses? Any interest in the Blood Moon Eclipse scent from BPAL? I didn't see the eclipse, but am always greatly affected by the full moon. And yes, the Blood Moon Eclipse scent sounds amazing. Witchee's, how tall are you? And perhaps, what's your arm span (from wrist to wrist)? I'm 5.7 and arm span from wrist to wrist is 62" How do you feel about the 4 elements? Or are you more of an Asian 5 elements person? Do you feel strongly about any of the elements, like a connection or a preference? I don't really have a preference for a particular element, but if I had to choose it would be earth. How do you feel about bento boxes? Is it something you would use if you were to get one? I really like them, but would probably only use them for storage. Scarves, shawls or cowls? Mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts or wristlets? I have a couple of beautiful scarves now, but would love some more very soft gloves and/or arm warmers. how do you feel about online classes? Like, say, craftsy or creativebug? Or even lynda.com? I have't really tried any, but think I would prefer to go to an actual class 9/29/15 What do we want from Paintbox Soapworks? I like the sound of the rice pudding soap and the face scrubs. If I were to make you some art, would you prefer a frame that hangs or one that sits? And what color/style would you prefer? One that hangs maybe, since we don't have that much space and colour and style I would leave completely up to my witch How do you feel about gourmet marshmallows? they look incredible!! Are you a slatherer or a dabber? A dabber Talk to me, dear witchies, about tea. I know we've covered this a little, but I really need the nitty gritty here- not just companies you like and don't like (Teavana? Adagio? David's? Some tiny place?) but I also want to know the other stuff: top 3 flavors, loose or bagged, the kinds of tea accessories you use- or have always wanted. Be specific. Provide links if necessary. I mostly drink black tea and my favourite flavours are earl grey and lady grey and lavender earl grey. Loose tea is especially lovely and I also like jasmine tea. No rooibos, or tangy fruit teas. I have a little teapot with infuser, the Suki Forlife. I have Yogi tea at the moment and really love that brand. http://www.yogitea.com/en/products/#! Is there anything from ThinkGeek that you want??? (especially in the geek points section, 2400 points or under?) I have about 2500 points to use and my $10 birthday credit expires tonight. I love the infectious disease balls Villainess is putting out brand new stuff for the first time in a while (as opposed to bringing back former lines). Sooo.... who wants it? I love Villainess products, smooch, smack, whipped in scents like crushed, krakatoa, dulce en fuego and ambrosia. LOST TRACK OF DATES. I SUCK. (no you don't, you're awesome twilight!) 10/2-10/3 How does everyone feel about duct tape crafts? Any favorite patterns? Not really a fan Are there any flowers you especially like? I love wildflowers Would you be interested in any cozies or cases (yarn o fabric, not hard cases) for tech stuff (phone, laptop' etc) or for cups/mugs/bottles or anything else similar. A cosy for a teapot would be brilliant Would you like Halloween or Day of the Dead themed ornaments or a "bunting"? Tiny items yes and bunting yes Are there witchees who would like book related gifts like a booklight, bookmark, bookseat or something for your reading gadget,like a cover or a light for example. I'm all set I make handmade journals, mini albums and similar items. Would my witchee be interested in something like that? Oh yes, absolutely! What songs/music/artists/CD's do you like to listen to around Halloween? Music I listen to all the time, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Altan, Dervish, Lughnasa, Fleetwood Mac and others. Are you interested in leg warmers at all? Sure Is your Halloween style scary, cutesy, folksy, grotesque . . .? I think gothic style, spooky, no gore. 10/5/15 I bought the Portal board game last week & it came with a Portal 2 steam free download code. I already have the game on another console & it's one of my favorite series of all time. Soooo, would you want it? If you can play it on the laptop, sure. I don't have other modern consoles at the moment.
  4. Dymphna-B

    Switch Witch 2014

    Switch Witch ketchup 1. I wonder what a potential witchee would think about being bombarded with PUMPKINS in various formats. Because my current obsession just may last long enough to be of use in spoiling.....but I know wouldn't be appreciated by everyone. Would you appreciate it?!? Pumpkin flavours=yes, pumpkin decorations=no, pumkin perfume=no, pumpkin bath and body=yes, pumpkin candle/home fragrance=yes 2. I currently have a CSA and my significant other is perpetually out of town for work, so I've been doing a lot of canning and baking with my vegetables. How do people feel about canned good (pickles, salsa, etc) and vegetal baked goods (squash bread, zucchini bread). Sounds nice 3. Trading Post wants? All the hair gloss, oh and another pen would be awesome too 4. What direct sellers do you not like and would prefer not to get things from? And also feel free to list any retail brands you really don't like. I'm not too fond of Avon products, but don't really know other companies I don't like. 5. How about y'alls coffee and tea preferences? I love coffee, also flavoured coffee, nuts, chocolate, vanilla flavours, or spices. I like black tea, earl grey, tea with spices, or with nuts, caramel and sweet fruit black teas. I like green tea and white tea too, but dislike rooibos. I have a Nespresso machine, but I can use little empty pods for that and I have a coffee grinder 6. Do you cook? Would kitchen accessories make you happy? I like cooking and yes, accessories would make me happy. 7. How do people feel about creative endeavours? Would you like to receive one? Or supplies to make your own? What do you like? Drawings, stories, poems? Drawings I like, but my walls are pretty full. Poems and stories, yes, lovely. 8. What culture or country (doesn’t have to be modern) do you feel an innate connection with? What about it makes it special to you? I love Ireland. The countryside, the music, the people. And I also like Wales, again, the country, the people, I feel at home there, people are so friendly. 9. Is there any sort of art commission you would like: cartoony, pin-up, fantasy, realistic, etc? If so, what subject would you like drawn (a picture of you, a character, a loved one or pet)? Oh yes, I'd make space on the wall for that. A fantasy picture of one of my cats for example. 10. What do you find yourself doing for fun in your free time? What are your main hobbies and interests? My main hobby is reading and I also love listening to music, paper crafting and making music and singing. 11. Table-top gaming? If yes, what kind, edition, etc? Gaming accessories you long for? Sure, it's been a long time, but I like games 12. DVD movies or games that you wish would magically appear in your hands? Can they be used, through Amazon? Haunted Honeymoon, Mists of Avalon, Prelude to a kiss 13. What kind of snacks or candy from other countries/states would you like to try? Coffee crips from Canada, peanut butter M&M's from the US and pumpkin candy bars. 14. Do you have a favorite internet meme, character or pop culture fandom? No, not really. I'm dull 15. Do you have a Facebook profile (or other social media) that you are comfortable linking to aid your witch in stalking? Please note whether you are willing to add BPALers as friends. Yes, my name is Dallandra Brennan and I've already added some BPAListas as friends these last couple of days, so I should be easy to find 16. Anybody interested in something from RCCC, whether it's con-exclusive merch or from a particularexhibitor or artist? No, not really. It's just that I don't know anything about any of them 17. How important to you is regular contact / chatter with your witch? I like at least to have some contact during the round. If you feel like having loads of contact, that's great, but I'll also completely understand when you don't have time and/or energy for that. 18. Do you like puzzles/riddles/treasure hunts and that sort of thing? Yes! 19. If you were to receive music, would you want a physical CD or digital versions? Anything is fine 20. What’s a current problem/annoyance you have that could be remedied but you haven’t had time to address it? I love finding solutions to problems, so no 21. How do you feel about having some sort of trinket to carry around for good luck/wishes? i.e. a small figurine, symbol, card, coin… I would like that very much 22. Are you superstitious about anything? Any things you can't have in your house for that reason--bad associations? Not superstitious, but I don't want taxidermy in my house 23. For the vegetarians and vegans: How do you feel about things (say, marshmallows or gummy candy) made with vegan gelatin or other typically-animal-derived-but-not-in-this-instance products? I'm not a veggie 24. Ok, so we've covered pumpkin. How do you feel about the other fall classic – apples? Apple as a flavour yes, but as a scent, no 25. Do you have any fabric or skin-contact aversions? Itchy/scratchy fibers are a no 26. How do you feel about Christmas/Yule ornaments? Love them! 27. How do you feel about Hello Kitty, and Hello Kitty accessories (including mugs, cups, etc)? I used to love her, but nu so much these days 28. If you had a week free where you could learn anything, with no financial restrictions, what would you want to study? Irish, I love to sing and I don't know enough Irish to be able to sing lots of Irish songs 29. Do you enjoy poetry? Who are your favorite poets and what type of subject matter do you like? I love some poetry, like the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and more of his poems and I like some of Robert Burns poems, the funeral blues, by W.H. Auden, some of Lord Byron's work, sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare oh and to Autumn, by John Keats. 30. Would you enjoy receiving something related to a favorite Disney character? Maybe some Haunted Mansion item? 31. How do you feel about cute things as decorations or accessories? (Example: Would you enjoy this stationery - or do you prefer elegant/creepy/neutral stuff?) I like cute Cute is very good. 32. What is something you'd really like to recieve from your witch? Please be as specific as possible - no, "Oh whatever she thinks is fine!" This may be strange, but I would like one of my favourite gemstones, the most favourite being rainbow fluorite. It doesn't have to be jewellery, just a small stone is fine. It would be my lucky charm 33. Go to your music source of choice - on random or shuffle setting if possible - & share with us the 10 most recent songs/artists: Dervish- Boots of Spanish Leather Altan- A Bean Udai Thall Andreas Vollenweider- Book of Roses Dervish- Beauties of Autumn Altan- Donal agus Morag Capercaillie- Coisich a ruin These were all the songs I listened to up till now, the others will follow later Simply Red- Stars Simon and Garfunkel- Feeling Groovy The Style Council- Long hot Summer Level 42- The sun goes down 34.Tarot cards, rune stones and/or other divination tools, yay or nay? Yes, love Tarot cards, like flower, fairy, cat, witch, inner child. Love rune stones, don't have any yet. Pendulums I love too 35. Do you have a Celeb crush? or someone who you just can't get enough of....other than your SO Not a crush really, but I do like Hugh Bonneville, okay I may have a slight crush. 36. Glitter? are you okay with it, or hate it like the plague? Love glitter! 37. If there was another time period other than now that described your style/aesthetics, what would it be? I love the 1920's. but it doesn't really come through in my style. I guess my style is 1960's. Colourful, hippy, flower power 38. If you had to pick one or two quotes to live by, what would it be and why? 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' and 'try and see the beauty in everything' 39. Do you prefer physical books? CD books? eBooks? If eBooks do you have preferred format, kindle/nook/kobo/PDF/ePub/ect? eAudio? ebooks please, kindle would be preferred and I love audio books too. 40. Smut! Yes or no? If yes, what kink, er, kind? Sure, burlesque style, vintage 41. Ebooks! Yes or no? Yes!!! 42. If you were to get a custom bottle from House of Gloi made for you what notes would create your perfect blend? Musk, almond, a light floral, sweet citrus note and a little vanilla 43. If your witch were to take a photograph (or paint or whatever) of something just for you, what would it be? Landscape? Flower? Critter? Something to illustrate a favorite quote? Yes to all 44. What is your favorite Halloween animal or other symbol/decoration? Black cat, owl, pentagram 45. Makeup, especially of the indie variety. Nail polish, nail wraps, eyeshadow, lipstick/gloss, etc. Y/N? Specific preferences (color, finish, product, brand, etc.)? I don't use make-up 46. How do you feel about profanity and off-color humor? Bring it on As long as it's not too hurtful and/or offensive 47. I make hairsticks...would you like/use them? Oh yes, but they would have to come with a manual 48. Does anyone here LARP? If so, what kind of LARP? And what kind of character do you play? No larp 49. Would you completely freak out if I sent you a chocolate covered scorpion or some other food oddity? This includes things like 'bacon powder' from thinkgeek.com. No, this is awesomeness 50. This has kind of been covered, but, are you ok with receiving canned jam (from a veteran jammer!) and if so, what flavors would you like and not like? Yes, lovely and I adore blueberry and cherry and am not so keen on things with ginger, fig or apricot. 51. Let's talk nail polish. What colors do you love? Hate? Which brands are you dying to try? Have you ever used indies? Do you like glitter? Any textures to avoid (glitter, sand, etc)? No nail polish please 52. How do you feel about getting a special Halloween plushie? Love! 53. I'm in Japan, anything specific you might want from the land of the rising sun? I love lucky cats, a plush one is a special love 54. Are there any GC scents that you know you love, but for whatever reason, keep putting off buying bottles of? Snake Oil and Bliss 55. I know not everyone likes Lush products, but if you do, which Lush items would you like to get from your Witch? Many of their products (shower gels etc) contain sls, so that's a no. I do love the facial cleanser they have in winter, Buche de noel and a facial scrub, let the good times roll. I do however live quite close to a Lush store, so my witch shouldn't go to any trouble for it 56. Is there anywhere (in the US) that you are dying to get away to? Also when would you be able to get away. Would this even be something you were interested in? If so, go look at the Southwest sale for routes and dates and times. I'm in the UK, so that's a no alas. 57. If you are ok with receiving t-shirts, what size are you, do you prefer tissue tees, normal crew tees, babydoll etc? I don't wear tees 58. THINKGEEK! Who loves it - do you have a wishlist on there?? What are some things you are jonesing for on there for under $20? Love thinkgeek, don't have a wish list though. I'll go and check what I like a little bit later on. Still love those infectious disease balls, puzzles, though not like rubic's cube, but I do love those cubes you have to put together for example. Also fidget toys. 59. Zombies, yes or no? I'm not too fond of them. I like my creatures to have a personality 60. Would you like arm warmers/fingerless gloves? If so, what length? just beyond the wrist, almost to the elbow, full sleeves? Heck Yeah!!! Anything, all of them Oh wait, not full sleeves maybe, just up to elbow 61. Do you feel a particular affinity for a specific animal/s? Love cats, owls, foxes, donkeys. 62. Anyone have any Paintbox Soapworks loves? I would love to try their rice pudding soap and more things. I'll list them later if that's okay. Copying this from my halloween list: facial soap, foody scent soap, facial scrub, candy floss sounds lovely, as does nekisse and punkie night. I also like the look of the bookkeeper's butter 63. How would you feel if your witch or a minion of your witch showed up in person at your house with goodies? Thrilled? Annoyed? Completely creeped out? Very much thrilled 64. Do you have a ravelry account? Tell me about your yarn obsessions. No ravelry account and no yarn obsessions, sorry. 65. Sock Dreams, yay or nay? Very much yay I love ankle socks, arm warmers, slipper socks (don't know if they have them here) 66. Knitted items like scarves, shawls, dishclothes....yay or nay? Favorite fibers? Favorite colors? Yay scarves, shawls, dishcloths, slipper socks, any fiber that is soft and colours, purple, darker pinks, blue, black 67. Is your Amazon WL up-to-date? Yes it is, though everything I want is in there, not just SW appropriate things 68. If you were to receive handmade caramels, would it matter if they were made with raw cream (unpasteurized)? No, I'd love them 69. Would you enjoy getting a sampling of quality incense taken from various sources? Are there types of incense you know you don't like? Would you want a burner for loose incense and a few charcoals to get you started with that, or would you rather stick to simpler types? Oh yes please, I love loose incense. My mum used to burn this, many years ago. I would love a burner for it too and charcoals. 70. I know we already had a question about needed kitchen accessories, but what about spices? I love spices. Especially would like some good black pepper corns, or white pepper corns and more unusual spices. 71. Would you like handmade stationary or cards? How about a quill pen? Absolutely 72. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "gimme that ghost pepper!" and 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" Where is your heat tolerance? I think it's about 6. I can take more, but I'll enjoy it more when it's less hot, though I love black pepper on everything 73. What is your favorite type of Halloween candy? I don't really know. We don't have a lot of Halloween candy in the UK, but I do like the sound of pumpkin candy bars and m&m's and like caramel apple flavour. I once tasted candy corn and think I liked it. 74. Do you need or want any cosy footwear, like fluffy slippers, or slipper socks etc? I love soft and fluffy things to wear on my feet around the house. Fluffy soaks, slipper socks, fluffy slippers. 75. What do you most look forward to each Fall? Taking lovely walks in the woods, where the trees are changing colour and you can really smell that lovely smell that announces autumn. After the walk, a hot chocolate, in front of the fire at home. Snuggling on the sofa with a fluffy blanket and some kitties, watching a film. 76. What gadgets do you use in your everyday life and would you like a cool case for them - with your favourite fandom or artwork or saying? I have a Kindle Fire, but that already has a really good cover, so maybe something for my phone, with a zipper possibly. A cover that would fit an Iphone 5, as I think I'm going to get on of those quite soon. Today I ordered a Sony Xperia Z2 phone. 77. Are there any beauty accessories you need or would like? For example make-up brushes, facial brushes or eyelash curlers. Good tweezers (in a cool colour and/or pattern would be lovely too ) and maybe a facial brush. 78. Would you be disappointed to get one big box, or would you prefer a bunch of little ones? And would you be disappointed if your witch actually had it together early and sent it to you sooner than later? Oh I won't be disappointed either way 79. Stores are putting out their halloween PJs and undies! Would you be happy to get any in a package? And if so, what size? For PJ pants, do you like cotton or flannel? Not really, as I would need a huge size. I love things to be very roomy and I'm already big, so I like to buy things like that myself. 80. M&M's? I love peanut butter M&M's 81. How about wax melts? Like wax melts 82. Would you like a subscription for Spotify? No thank you. Had one once and hardly ever used it. 83. What scents from the Lillith update would you like to try? I'd like to try Very Pink Surprise Cake 84. Would you be interested in receiving a box of sugar cube skulls? Oh yes please, those day of the dead ones look especially gorgeous 85. Skin care routine? Fave cleanser? Toner? Moisturizer? What about body lotions? Any particular brand or scent? Lip balms? Yay or nay? I use a natural facial soap without sls and other nasties and yes to cucumber cleanser, no toner, no moisturizer (yet) and no body lotion, but I do use body butter and lip balms are yay. 86. Is there anything you would like from Salem MA (mugs, keychains, postcards, etc.or witchy supplies like incense, candles, books)? Yes, anything 87. Would you be interested in any of the items in LisaNut's etsy shop? Anything purple/pink 88. Spiders (as in cute knit kind) yes or no? Yes! 89. Pillows (the mostly decorative type)? No, I already have loads of those 90. Any kind of bags - big, small, medium, purse, grocery, etc? I've been looking for a Gothic style purple/black handbag for a while now, or a steampunk one. Haven't been able to track one down I like yet. 91. Is there anything special coming up in your life? Not this year, but next year will be the hub's and mine 25th anniversary. 92. Which one scent would you want from each of the following updates: Metamorphosis, Lilith and GC? Question Mark, Very Pink Surprise Cake and Snake Oil. 93. Are you interested in anything from NYCC? Not really, Yet another thing I know nothing about. 94. Would something from the Tokyo Game Show (e.g. postcards, fans) possibly interest you? Postcards are fun 95. Would you enjoy any of these couple rings? Or anything from the same store's Halloween collection? No that's not really my style 96. If you imbibe at all ... preference between: wine/beer/cocktails and then glassware and/or bar-ware? cocktail gadgetry? Books on the subject/recipes? would you want sample bottles of local/regional/small batch craft spirits if they were home decanted and labeled? Sure 97. Would you like some chai, lemon, rose water or other flavored sugar cubes? Very nice, just no lemon please 98. Jamberry nail wraps? They're nice, but not for me thanks. 99. If you had to choose one currently available book (used-but-obtainable counts if you do used) costing $20 or under for your Witch to buy for you, what would it be? The complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, if that's under $20 used of course. 100. Are there five things under $25 at Birchbox you would like? Jonathan Adler green and pink salad servers, Sabre Paris serving spork pink, Paris Sabre serving spoon pink, Spornette ion fused aerated round brush 3" + square styler. 101. Do you want anything from the Fatherhood update at the Post? A Moment in Time. 102. Street art! Into it? Not into it? Meh? Ah, well, that's a like, but on the street, not really for me personally 103. If you could only pick one note that you love (e.g. Vanilla, Orange, Lavender, Rose) & you could only wear/have perfume, etc in that note, what would it be? A musk, a darker one. 104. What are you interested in from the NYCC exclusive list? Little Maggie and Eve’s Big Apple hair gloss. 105. Most anticipated "Weenie blends? Sugar Skull, All Souls and the White Witch 106. Caffeine or no? And is this a health or preference? Yes please 107. Are you interested in anything from the MAC Rocky Horror or the e.l.f. Disney Princess make up collections? I don't use make-up 108. I pass this shop every day, If you were my witchee would you like a custom chocolate bar? What would you choose? Plain, white or milk and with what? Milk chocolate with nuts, some caramelized, yummmm. 109. Would you like to try chocolate covered Turkish Delight or flower flavoured things (Rose and Violet chocolates)? No to the chocolate covered turkish delight, but rose and violet chocolate might be nice 110. For those of you who like Fantasy or play Dungeons and Dragons... would you be interested in a custom painted miniature? If so, what gender, race and class? Any preferences for a theme, color scheme, preferred weapons/armor, etc? Specific character description you would want me to try to hit? I've never played D&D, but do love fantasy. 111. Are there any local or national charities that are close to your heart that you know would appreciate a donation in your name? I like to donate time and items myself instead of money, so that's fine 112. I have two partial (Backup) bottles of some scents on your wishlist, Witchee. However, the labels aren't perfect, due to a tragic imp explosion. Would you still be ok with getting them? Yes absolutely
  5. Dymphna-B

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Thanks so much circaea I indeed like Velvet Unicorn very much and Tarantula fascinator too. The others you mentioned are going on my wish list
  6. Dymphna-B

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    At the moment, my top five scents are: Ava El Dia de los Reyes Plastic Pink Flamingo Boomslang v2 Black Temple Burlesque Troupe
  7. Dymphna-B

    'Pink' scents

    My favourite scents that are 'pink' to me are Plastic Pink Flamingo (LE) Velvet Unicorn (LE) Uncle Brian (LE) and Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf LE). There may be more, but these are the ones that come to mind
  8. Not what you asked for, but there is a bottle of Sprinklecake for sale on Livejournal right now if you're interested.
  9. Dymphna-B

    Summer 13 Switch Witch Questions

    Wish lists I haven't linked in my questionnaire. Etsy Amazon.co.uk Facebook page 1. Dr. Who? Love Dr.Who 2. How much do you like lipbalm? Flavored or unflavored? What are your favorite brands and flavors? Lipbalm rules, I like minty, fruity, sweet and spicy flavors. 3. Do you like and wear lipgloss? If yes, what colours?Not really 4. For those of you whose wishlists contain only BPALs, are there any other perfume companies you like or would like to try out? ZOMG smells sounds fab as does Midnight Gypsy Alchemy 5. Your feelings on Adagio teas: I'm not the biggest tea fan 6. What about coffee? Like coffee, but it's not love 7. Who is your favourite female of all time? Historical, literary, ANYTHING, and why? Boudica, a very strong woman who fought for what she loved and knew was right. 8. If you were a Disney princess you would be? Merida, strong, intelligent and from Scotland 9. Would you like a seashell from Florida? no 10. What craft project do you currently have on your docket or that you want to start? And that craft goodies would be welcome? I love making cards and just working with beautiful paper in general 11. If you could have one rare bpal which one would you choose? Cake Smash 12. (Feel free not to answer, I know it's not a standard one!) Are you kinky? No not really 13. Do you enjoy scented candles? Certain sizes that you like? What kind of scents or brands? Not candles because of my cats, but I love wax tarts. Foody and sweet/fruity scents are my favourites. 14. Thoughts about South Africa? Have you been here, would you like to go? Would you like to receive anything South African? I've never been to South Africa and I don't think I would like to go there. I would however love to receive something South African. 15. Do you like Sockdreams? If so, what styles would you prefer? (You can also link your wishlist.) Yes, I love their arm warmers and anklets. 16. Do you need hair accessories? If so, what kind or color? No thank you 17. What is your favorite shade of blue? according to this chart http://www.december....pec/color3.html medium purple3 #8968CD 18. Do you have any kitchen gadgets (a SodaStream, a Kuerig/Tassimo) that you want mix things for? No I don't 19. If you were to start learning something new (intellectual or craft or hobby), what would it be? soap making possibly 20. What about candy? Do you have a sweet tooth? I like candy 21. Do you have an e-reader? What kind? Would you like to get ebooks? I have a Kindle and I love ebooks 22. If your witch is an extremely crafty sort, and she were to send all kinds of homemade foody goodies and handmade crafty stuff - what are items you would NOT LOVE to receive: Nothing really, I love handmade things 23. Witchee dear, do you like video games? Are there any you want to play? Do you have a large library? I like video games, but I don't have many. I'm not sure what I would want to play. 24. Do you have something you do, without fail, as a personal daily habit/ritual? At about 11am, I make myself a lovely cup of hot chocolate (maybe not when it's 35 degrees Celsius though ) 25. Do you wear nailpolish? What colors do you tend to go for? What are your favorite brands? No 26. Name three BPAL scents you have tried, but are dying to get more of. Uncle Brian, Plastic Pink Flamingo, Snake Oil 27. Do you still write real letters on nice stationary to people you like/love? Yes 28. Have you ever tried anything from Paintbox Soapworks? Which products or scents would you prefer? No, but it all looks amazing. I like sweet smells 29. Do you like/have space to garden? Yes I have a garden 30. Do you like sample sized things? Think lipgloss, mascara, bodylotion, scrubs, mini candles, and so forth? Yes, love samples 31. Have you tried Fortune Cookie Soap? What products or scents would you like? No, but again, it looks lovely 32. Do you use solid soaps at all? Yes, at the moment I'm using Lush' Snowcake soap and would love to start using natural solid shampoos. 33. Have you ever tried Cocoa Pink? Yes, I love them. especially their black scents and my ultimate favourite, Marshmallow cake on Mondays noel. 34. Do you like Lush? Yes, I like their soaps and bath melts and ballistics 35. Do witches prefer the answers posted here, but a more cherry-picked number of questions answered, or a more exhaustive list posted in the blog, which means posting here much less? I think it's easier to see it all in a blog post 36. anyone a fan of Shiro Cosmetics? Any particular products? I don't really use make-up 37. Are there any companies, products, or items you boycott? I don't think so 38. As I am in Japan, what sort of things would you like from there? kitkats and stationery 39. Since FB and the FB Gusp group (and the BPAL Sorority which is quiet) have become gathering places...what are some of your favorite Facebook pages you like? The Springwatch page 40. Do you read literature/culture blogs or websites of any kind? I do read authors' blogs on Goodreads, like Juliet Marillier's, Deborah Harkness, George R R Martin and Katie Fforde. 41. How do you feel about traditional picnics (namely the intimate table for two variety)? Old-fashioned basket or something more utilitarian (cooler/insulated bag)? Love picnics with baskets and tiffin boxes 42. If you were put in a room with 100 random other people the same age and sex as you, from your country, in what way do you think you would be different from the average? I think I'm different from them because I don't have children, don't have a paid job, have 9 cats, read everything I can get my hands on and have a huge amount of books, am pagan, am never free from pain and spend some of my time in a wheelchair. 43. Haus of Gloi did a Reverie update! Do any of them interest you? (Or anything else up currently?) I like the sound of Spiced cocoa and I like Elevenses, Depravity, Twice is Nice and Vice. 44. Witchee, do you cook? Do you do all the cooking? Is it a chore or a pleasure? Yes I love to cook and I do indeed do all the cooking. I love cooking Indonesian food, Thai, Italian and more. 45. Which reading level do you prefer to read in YA or Adult? Or even both? I mostly read adult, but once in a while I'll read young adult. Sometimes I also read children's books 46. What colors/style is your kitchen decor? And do you entertain in your home? My kitchen is very basic, but I added some pink to make it a bit more cosy. I do entertain in my home. Not often, but I like to make big afternoon teas. 47. Are your ears pierced? Yes they are, but I hardly ever wear earrings. 48. Do you like stuffies/stuffed animals/art doll type thingies? If so, any particular type you'd love to get? Not really, although I love stuffed Japanese lucky cats. 49. Switch Witch is, of course, all about you.....but if your Witch was so inclined, are there wee little ones in your home that will get jealous and are just too young to understand why you won't share the love, who maybe need a touch of Witchee love all their own, to distract them while you hide all your lovelies?!? No little ones that would get jealous, since I don't think my cats would 50. If you knew you were going to live comfortably for say 800 years, what profession, calling or project might you pursue with some of your extra years, which you imagine you may not do in the life that you have? Is there any thing - an object, a donation on your behalf, some research done for you, whatever - that your witch could do about this that you would like? And if you can't think of a present, would you rather she/he (I!) didn't either and confined themselves to things you are already involved in? I would love to run an animal hotel where people who for example will need to go to hospital can have their pet stay without having to pay lots of money. I don't think my witch would be able to do anything for that unfortunately. 51. Further question: Would you be interested in someone writing out for you a favourite recipe, or finding or devising one which they think you'd like? If so, please provide your favourite ingredients, info on how you like to cook/store and use food, and any intolerances - unless all of these are in your questionnaire, or you don't like the idea. (I'm not saying I'd definitely do this, unless someone is keen, and it wouldn't be the only gift). I guess for other witches this might include something like a knitting pattern - not my thing but would you like that? Or indeed would you like a picture created for you (if so what kind) or a story written? (sorry if this feels a bit Spanish Inquisition!) I do love recipes, but I already have so many that I've written myself or found on websites and in magazines. 52. Do you like bags? If so, what type (rucksack, clutch, shopping bag) colour and would you like/need a new one? Love bags. The only type I don't think I'd use is a clutch/evening bag and the colour: Purple, pink, blue, black or even all of those together. 53. What's your favourite comfort food(snack or candy etc) and/or drink? What always cheers me up is hot chocolate, with or without marshmallows and I like coated nuts (sugared, or with yoghurt or chocolate, sweet and spicy is nice too) 54. Would you like anything from an European country? Any particular food or goodies, magazines, books, whatever would be available to your witch in his/her country. Absolutely, I would especially love licorice, as I know lots of countries have their own versions. 55. What fandoms do you belong to? (does fandom stand for fan club?, if so it's Simon's Cat, if not, educate me! ) 56. What cheers you up? Reading always cheers me up. On the sofa with a nice glass of something (dr pepper or cocoa if I really need cheering up), cat on my lap and a good read. 57. Who or where would you most want to haunt? Who would you least want to be haunted by? I would love to haunt in the Oxford (UK) Bodleian library, I wouldn't want to be haunted by an former next door neigbour (evil gossip person) 58. What question do you hate to answer? How much do you weigh 59. What is the best compliment you have/could receive? Received a good one last week. That I am such a charming person. 60. Do you like tarot cards, pendulums and rune stones etc? If so, what type? I love tarot cards like the Inner child cards and gemstone pendulums. 61. Witchee, I know that SW isn't about what you get... but could you name one thing you would be heartbroken not to get and one thing you would be a-ok if it didn't make it in your box? (i.e. do you REALLY want perfume oil of some sort, or would you be totally heartbroken if there was no Lush in your box, etc) I don't think I would be heartbroken if I didn't get a certain item of my wish list. I do love all things on my lists, but we'll always need wishes, so I'll just continue to look at the picture from time to time 62. Is there anything small you try to collect from everywhere you visit? I do like to collect small things from places I visit, but it would be something that's regional for that area. 63. Would you like something from Empire Edibles? Well, looking at that website, Hmmm, let me think for a second, I don't know, maybe I would possibly.... YES!!!! 64. What are the three books you most want to read right now, and which you don't already have? It would have to be ebooks, since I'm not that good at holding books and turning pages anymore, and the books I would still love to read would be: Extra Virgin by Annie Hawes and also Ripe for the Picking by her and Walking back to Happiness by Lucy Dillon. 65. Do you have any problems with swearing or particularly off-color humor? No real problem with swearing or off colour humor, but I don't always like it. 66. What would you like from the most recent BPAL update? What are you planning on buying for yourself and what would you like to try? Every oil has at least one scent in it I'm not that fond of unfortunately 67. Opinions on table top games, from cards and board games, to dice and rpgs. What do you like? What don't you like? Favorites? Any classics you like? Do you collect any? I like games and puzzles too (not the jigsaw kind) 68. What style is your sense of humour? I like witty humor and silliness too. Slapstick like Miranda (UK tv series) and I love Blackadders' humor. 69. Is there anything from Australia you would like? eg: snacks (yes, you can ask for Tim Tams!), books, magazines, memorabilia? Never had a Tim Tam, but would like to try it and other chocolate candy and love magazines. 70. Gift cards/vouchers - yay or nay? If you like them - which stores would you like one for? I like them, Amazon and Etsy possibly. 71. How big is too big...for something to hang on your walls? If I'm painting you a pretty picture, are there maximum dimensions that you have/prefer? If it fits through the doorway in one piece? I don't really care about the size, a gorgeous painting can be tiny or huge. Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes 72. what is your favourite object, that you own, ignoring sentimental reasons for attachment? I think it's my e-reader. 73. Put your mp3 player/online music/itunes/etc on random and list the next 10 songs here: Kate Bush- This woman's work Dervish- Boots of Spanish leather Pink Floyd- Wish you were here Altan- Dónal agus Mórag Capercaillie- To the Moon Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines Lunasa- Maids- In The Kitchen Michael McGoldrick- Watermans Flook- Pressed For Time Shaggy- It wasn't me 74. If you happen to find out who yours is, how much would it bother you? It's fun to get the surprise at the end, but I wouldn't mind terribly if I found out earlier. 75. Is there someone on the forums (within SW or not) who knows you really well and might be able to help with stalking? I don't think there are people here who know lots about me alas 76. Do you use waxmelts or tarts? If so, which ones do you prefer? Yes, I love them both. 77. Do you enjoy drinking hot chocolate, and would you like stuff to make it with, or to add to it? Yes I love hot chocolate 78. Have you ever tried Spoonfudge? Would you enjoy it if your Witch would send you some? Which of the flavors would you like? I know about Spoonfudge, but have never tried it. I think I would really like chocolate cherry, salted caramel or cotton candy. 79. What's your opinion on Moonalisa? Any favorites or products you'd like to try? I've heard they're great, but I've never tried anything. 80. Are there any BPALs that you loved the idea of, the imagery - whether artwork or description - but which didn't work out for you? (I'm asking because if they did, you might mention them elsewhere, but if not, the imagery might be helpful) I thought I would love Strawberry moon, because of the description, but I did't like me much. None of the years, except maybe 05, which is hard to come by. 81. Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates 82. Werewolves or Vampires? Vampires, love my vampire chick-lits 83. Zombie or Cthulhu? Cthulhu 84. Do you want to receive one big package or a bunch of small ones? Digital stuff all at the end when the box should arrive or as we go? I think the small ones, but it'll be wonderful what ever shape, quantity or form it comes in. 85: Do you welcome knitted items? If so, what would you like most? (amigurumi, washcloth, socks, shawl, shawlette, scarf, wrist warmers, hat, etc.) Do you have any favorite fibers? How about any fiber allergies? Yes absolutely. I love cotton and all of the above mentioned items. 86. Do you have any symbols or totems that are meaningful to you? I like the tree of life, bastet and pentagram. 87. When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter? Make myself a hot drink, curl up on the sofa with a blanket. Cat on my lap and then reading a lovely book. What also really helps me, is just to sit outside, listen to the sounds of nature. 88. Would you like if your witch sent a regional pop/soda? If so, what type (Root beer, creme soda, cola, citrus-flavored, chocolate-flavored, etc...)? Chocolate flavour would be interesting. I love dr Pepper, so drinks like that would be nice 89. What are the three BPALs you would most like to receive - one GC, one not-hard to find LE, and one HTF LE from your dreams? That would be Tamora, Plastic Pink Flamingo and Banshee Beat 90. If you knit/crochet, what sizes of needles do you need? I don't really knit or crochet 91. What styles of artwork do you like? Oh that's a difficult one, since I like a lot, but I love flowers in art 92. If you cook, would you be interested in-hand made spice mixes/rubs? Yes 93. Would you like mexican vanilla or silver rings/necklaces? Absolutely 94. The Conjure Oils update (http://conjureoils.com/emporium.htm) looks absolutely fabulous...I didn't know she made soaps and candles and whanot. Is there anything from the Oddment Emporium you would like? Maybe Fire Dragon Parasol, or Voluptuary. 95. What is your favorite color? Purple, with pink as a close second 96. What is your favorite season? Autumn 97. If you could live anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would it be? Ireland 98. Does anything from the TP Etsy update interest you? No, not really 99. I just found out Oreo is launching ones with watermelon flavor in the USA only. Is it something you would enjoy? Ohhhh Yes please!!!!!!!! 100. Do you have any long trips coming up? If so, could you use things to occupy yourself? No trips 101. I'm going to Jungle Jim's next week (it's basically a massive international food gasm in Ohio, look it up); would anything interest you? I love cooking, so a shop like that is like heaven. 102. Name three things that you could use, but might not necessarily think to get for yourself? Cheese slicer, garlic press, wooden spatulas. 103. Would any witchee be interested in this comic? or any of her three comics? I don't really read comics 104. What do you love about summer (even if it’s your least-favorite season)? All the flowers, almost being able to live outside. 105. For those of you who are big readers: Are there any books that just came out (like within the last two months) or are about to come out during this round that you're really looking forward to? Going to check right now and will update asap Ah, found one: Tulle Death Do Us Part (Vintage Magic Mystery) by Annette Blair. Will keep looking for more. 106. I know there's been a question about favorite quotes but this is specific: Do you have a quote that's not more than, say, a dozen words long that you would like in a cross-stitch? My own quote: The beauty of the soul can be seen through the eyes. 107. If you don't consider yourself in a "fandom" (and I get that ... I don't really go overboard on my liking of any TV show/Movie/etc), are there any TV shows or Movies that you really like and/or watch regularly or any actors/actresses you wouldn't leave standing in the rain (unless you like looking at them sopping wet, in which case ... well, nevermind)? Game of Thrones, Once upon a Time, Midsomer Murders, Miranda, Downton Abbey, Jonathan Greek. 108. So, dear witchee, would you like some Tw*twaffle soap or scent or lotion? 109. Has anyone asked about tattoos? Do you love them? Hate them? Have any? Want any? No, No, No, No and No 110. TAL update on etsy. Is there anything you want/need? And another no 111. Brown and Haley outlet - makers of Almond Roca and Mountain Bars - would you want anything from the outlet? Sure 112. I also have an Oberto jerky outlet local to me - any wants there? Never had jerky, but it sounds nice. 113. How do you feel about home-canned goods? I'm not sure 114. Do you like BPTP clothing? Love, but not for me What size do you wear of: Baby-doll T's Regular T's yoga pants 115. What else do you love from the Trading Post site, and need to have? I absolutely love the Night of Dread Desire, but it's out of stock. Hoping to get it as a Christmas present one day 116. Is there a particular movie genre that you like (Fantasy? Drama? Romantic Comedy? Musicals? TV-Series, etc), and what format would you prefer: DVD, Blu-Ray, or something in the cloud (like Amazon, iTunes, Flixster, etc)?Fantasy, Rom com and either dvd or blu-ray. 117. Following up on the Adagio question from earlier, what are you top five wishes, for teas and blends? Not a tea lover (I know, I should love tea, I'm sorry, I'm a bad Brit) 118. Do you have anything that you do ritually, every summer? Picnics 119. What are your top five wishes from ThinkGeek? .Periodic Table Playing Cards .Periodic Quest Game 120.Seen anything lately that makes you go OH HOLY FUCK THAT'S AWESOME!! ? Probably, I just can't remember right now 121. Do you like audiobooks? If so, do you have/would you like to try Audible? (I'm an addict, myself.) I have tried audible and liked it very much. 122. Chocolate: Love? Hate? Allergic? If love, what are your faves? Like, milk chocolate and all sorts of nuts, but no fruit. 123. I know Canadian chips can be different than others, how does "dill pickle" or "ketchup" sound? I don't really eat chips, but I like the one they have in Holland, paprika. 124. If you were getting a custom Haus of Gloi blend, what four notes would you choose? Summer notes listed here and you can click through to the whole list from there. Cherry, chocolate, red musk, vanilla 125. QUESTION! Do you like Kickstarter? Are there any projects up that you really like? I don't know really. 126. How do you feel about glitter? does loose glitter make your skin crawl or would you bathe in it? I love to use glitter in craft projects 127. Do you want/need/like/collect journals? If so, do you prefer lined or unlined? Not really, though I love beautiful journals, I don't have or use any. 128. Does the idea of wearing a plant as jewelery give you the warm fuzzies or the heebie jeebies? It's like, not love 129. Gourmet popcorn, yes/no? What do you like: glazed, savory, candied? Nuts or not? Any flavors you wouldn't like (like Bacon CHeeseburger, Pizza, Watermelon, Root Beer Float, Hot Chili Dark Chocolate)? Or if any of those sounded interesting, how weird is weird enough? Oh yes! I like sweet better than savory. And nuts are always a big YES 130. Question: I make my own hair gloss, would you like some detangling and very shiny hair gloss made by me? This is a 'cone rich blend, not the least bit natural. My hair doesn't like cones unfortunately, because it sounds lovely.
  10. Dymphna-B

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Thank you for that Stellamaris, it sounds absolutely lovely
  11. Dymphna-B

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    This looks interesting What do I need to tell you about myself, lets see; I'm 41 years old, but everyone tells me I look much younger (always nice to know ) I have long, slightly curly dark brown hair, that's actually dark red at the moment, pale skin with red cheeks and lips. I'm reasonably tall and curvy. I love the colour purple and many of my clothes are either purple, black or dark pink. I don't wear make-up, but love nice smells. I'm a kind person, loving, warmhearted, generous, smart, funny at times, patient, sensitive. I can be too trusting, but cross me one too many times and you will be out of my life. Have been hurt too many times to have people in my life who will hurt me deliberately. I don't like loud noises or raising my voice. I hate people who are stupid and I don't mean people who haven't been to school a lot. By stupid I mean people who judge others while not even knowing them, spread evil gossip, make others feel bad about themselves for example. I also hate people who are cruel to animals, children, elderly etc. I love animals, but especially cats and they love me. I don't think there are animals I'm scared of, like spiders or snakes, though I of course have respect for lions and hippos and will keep my distance I'm a vet nurse, though due to health reasons I'm not able to work anymore. I now take care of my own gang of 12 fur-balls My passions are of course the cats, reading, especially fantasy, listening to music, playing Irish harp, singing, watching films, also mostly fantasy and being outside. I love a walk in the woods, the smells, the peace and quiet, rustling of leaves. Another one of my passions is cooking and baking. Italian, Indonesian, but also simple British dishes. I love sweet scents and spices, nuts, some fruits like cherry, coffee, chocolate, incense. Not keen on flower scents. For me a flower scent needs to come from a flower, not me Some of my favourite BPAL scents are Snake Oil, Black Temple Burlesque troupe, Boomslang, Boo, Ghoulish and Velvet Unicorn. I like strawberry, but strawberry does not like me, nor does blood orange. So, what do you think?
  12. I really miss my bottle of Plastic Pink Flamingo. Is there a perfume that is similar to it? i'm still hoping to find a new bottle, but just in case I don't, I would like to find a substitute