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  1. Missanneshirleyofgg

    The Grey Columns

    This might be a skin scent, its fresh from the mail. However, its the prettiest amber. So cozy and on me very feminine. Its like how you feel on a cold blustery day and theres a plush warm robe to wrap yourself up in. It just feels so cozy to be surrounded by something feminine, soft and comforting. One of the ambers reminds me a bit of the amber in Kit thats sweet. But, overall just a light, pretty amber. Not getting smoke just yet, not sure i need to appreciate this. Very different from richness of the amber in black amber and sugar cane, for reference. This has a definite nuance thats similar to sandalwood. The dry down is becoming more of a feminine cousin to Kit, to my nose. Lovely.
  2. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Psnake Oil

    Keep in mind I have not tried Psionicist. I bought this oil directly from the lab because I have been interested in mint notes of late. I prefer foodie blends and gourmands, but have been branching out to try notes I enjoyed in gourmands in other aspects. In bottle, Psnake is definitely electric mint. Bracing. Invigorating. Maybe spearamint? Has a bite. On application, greeted by the mint, but then the eucalyptus is right there. This is almost menthol to me, but not… my gauge for this is when a scent veers into sports creme scent. The bite I smelled in bottle doesnt present on wrist, This doesnt go into sports cream territory. Just an herbal tinge behind the mint. And like, right off the bat I get the snake oil. I am wondering when Beth said there had been snake oil in the bottle, how *much* had been in it? Because I am getting a good deal of snake right now and I wouldn’t have expected it to contend with the mint right at opening. My preconceived notions were that the snake oil would surface in dry down. I only appreciate snake oil in blends, but then I *really * appreciate it in blends so I am happy to find it already presenting. Twenty minutes in the mint is now soft, and referencing reviews on Psionicist, seems more on point with how others experienced the mint. Its so soft I have to root around in the crook my arm to find, At this point it is a blue musk and snake oil and this is my favorite stage and I landed here so quick! I love the snake oil mixed with the musk, what a happy accident. I reapplied to experience the first twenty minutes again. ❤️ Two hours later. Soft snake oil and musk. The musk does feel blue, not sure if its the type of musk or the residual left over mint snd eucalyptus. This feels like such a pleasant summer blend, what perfect timing for the release of something that sat in Beths desk for two years! I am glad I splurged. ❤️
  3. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Fireplace Cinders

    Oh. Like everyone else, I was surprised, It smells like the Christmas tree was a smidgeon too close to the hearth. Something underneath it is vaguely cologne. I recently picked up this same pine afterthought cologne sniff in the atmo “Rise Up and Walk”. Its intriguing, but not sure that I like it. But, in the SN there is also something very pretty and sweet, maybe a vanilla snow type nite? Not powdery, just pretty. But zero ash. Maybe St. Nick’s fireplace cinders always smell like happy Christmas? If so, this is it. I collect the single notes and this is a fun addition.
  4. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Lick It Now

    Oh this is just like a candy cane, the hard ones that are so prevalent at Christmas. Huffing it chills the nasal passages, just like the first bite of a candy cane when you are done with licking on it and want to finish it off (!). Its so cozy, makes me happily imagine a snowy winter and maybe a return to normal holiday gatherings. *On a side note, I was testing Baby’s First Krampuslauf up arm and can slide my nose between the two to get layering thoughts and its actually kinda weirdly yummy. The acrid warm smoke from Baby’s First Krampuslauf has an interesting juxtaposition with the cold peppermint. Hmmmmm!
  5. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Adante con Fantasia

    This is almost flourmand, however the lilac is so light it would maybe be more appropriate to just say it is a honey scent. The honey is pretty, not dank or thick. More lightly floral honey. I do pick up lime and the fougere, but so very soft. Its as if someone took Go To Sleep Darlings and bathed it in Honey. I have been huffing my wrist for thirty minutes trying to decide if I like it. Its somehow comforting, somehow light, but, not what I had imagined so mainly readjusting my expectations.
  6. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Baby’s First Krampuslauf

    Oh this is yummy. Reminds me of Arcana “Chocolate craves Terror” but without the incense notes. No BBQ type smoke, more that acrid smell of lingering smoke in the air when in the autumn people begin lighting off the chills with hearth fires. As far as the chocolate, not sure it is dark chocolate as its not bitter at all, more smooth. Maybe semi sweet. 🥰 I am going to have alot of fun layering this and will probably first try it with some bookish blends that I want to be more gourmand and contrast the layering effect with jolabokflodid,
  7. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    I thought I had written a review on this and it looks like instead I just shared my thoughts to a small group of friends. I agree with Starbrow In that the first few minutes of the scent is glorious. I get more cranberry than pomegranate and what I get over all is a tartness that is almost sour even on the tongue to smell. It is amazing, it is authentic. So while I am thinking of how amazing this is and how incredible that the lab so perfectly captured cranberry suddenly it is fleeting and gone. It is a good read current. Soft and foodie. But for me, the pomegranate it’s self which stays around for the longest of the where time is very candle like. Like an expensive potpourri. My favorites of the sufganyiots before trying this one, are strawberry, raspberry, and black currant. These are so glorious and foodie heaven. I like cranberry and fig somewhat liked but not enough to have a full bottle. Blueberry is too grape bubble gum on my skin but was super fun to test. I’d prefer all of those to this one at this time. I have a partial in bottle and I’m going to age it to see if maybe some of that chemical note in the final dry down dissipates with time. If you can find a Decant of the scent definitely try it just so you get the chance to experience that top note that is so tart, so ripe, so festive and puts you such in mind the of Christmas. It is worth it to hang onto my partial even if it doesn’t age to get that experience any time I’m longing for Christmas.
  8. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    This reminds me very much of Shadwell (Roll-ups, mildewed raincoat, sweet tea, and condensed milk.) minus the mildew note. If the cardamom moves forward upon wear, it might differentiate them more for my nose, but I am getting the same sweet milk and tobacco combo that I love in Shadwell, with the addition of the cedar. This blend is bolder than Shadwell, however, due to the amplifying of the notes with the addition of honey and vanilla but still much more wearable as the mildew note in Shadwell (which I adore) is an amazing atmospheric but could prove a deal breaker for wearing in office settings. I think the condensed milk in Shadwell *is* sweet, and again, where these blends are similar on my skin, but something is thicker, bolder, more *everything* here. If Shadwell’s mildew note is what put you off that blend, definitely try this. And if you find this blend a bit too thick and rich, consider testing Shadwell if you happen upon an imp.
  9. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Adventuresome Encounters

    Loved the lighter cinnamon yam on application and actually felt it was a better Sweet Potato Musk but dries down to a super loud clingy sweet (I wanted to say fruity, its fruit type sweet, not caramel or honey type sweet) amber where as Sweet Potato Musk is linear on me. If you want it for a unique amber the dry down is for YOU as I have not smelled an amber like this one, but if you were interested in the cinnamon and vanilla yam and excited for a Luper with an autumn flair, everything leaves around the forty five min mark except this very unique and extremely bright amber. Super longevity, I also applied twelve hours ago and still finding the scent in my clothes and crook of elbow. It *is* pretty. I might come back round to it when I modify my expectation and embrace this as an amber dominant fragrance. If there are other ambers in the bpal library which are similar I would love to try those!
  10. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Meus Amor Aeternus

    I love this so much! The green moss smells fresh on me, not earthy, or as some found sharp. Its just bright and happy, like spring. its a fluffy lavender/dorian. Like, on me, fluffier than slime queen which I actually bought hoping for cotton candy. Not sure how much carnation I m smelling, but I do get the pepper that I associate with carnation. The vanilla in this is more cool than the snake oil vanilla. I do not consider Slime Queen a flourmand, but, I totally think this is. The raiz de moras, is gorgeous, is that what makes this special? Blackberry root? Something cozy and gentle and for me this is an excellent sleep scent.
  11. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Young Edith's Bedroom

    So after a year long exploration of book and library scents, I finally found this on the labs etsy. I am not sure I would have appreciated it early on in my pursuit of library blends as I was drawn to scents that were more straight up leather bound book. This smells upon opening like its going to be a gardenia and beeswax duet, but after about five minutes, the porcelain note moves to the front and this is my favorite part of this scent. Its so brittle and cold! A gorgeous and pretty scent, it reminds me of a young girl in a victorian home, with a porcelain bowl of with floating gardenia. Book adjacent more than a library scent. As the scent settles on the skin, the softest leather bound book emerges, so worn and so favorited. What book is this for you? I think for me it is The Secret Garden.
  12. Missanneshirleyofgg

    The Wellerman

    I went to chase down the notes for Mr. Morses Seances to see what note this was in common between it and Wellerman. Their is a familiarity between them. And I think it is the rum! So, for me this smells like the the boozy sweetness of Mr. Morses Seances with a side of the sugar note from the March 13 2020. So, sweet and boozy, and I agree that it can seem a little brown sugar cookie as the reviewer suggested above. This is not a scent I will wear year round. For me, the rum note is overpowering the other notes. To my nose it is a dark deep rum, something rich and gourmand. I will definitely revisit this in the autumn when I prefer sweeter, heavier scents.
  13. Missanneshirleyofgg

    No DNA Test Required

    I love how the snake oil just adds the nicest vanilla edge to the Dorian and Slime Queen. Its almost creamy? Very smooth. The slime queen just asserts itself as a sweet edge in the background. Where as straight Dorian is a more forward, I feel Snake Oil is the most prominent scent, with a softening of Dorian. I really love this scent and am glad to have it in my collection.
  14. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines

    This is so lovely. I wore this for bedtime last night and my husband said “Cookies? Is that cookies?”. The cookie note is prominent on my skin, a lovely buttery crisp. The white chocolate envelops the lavender so its soft and creamy. I agree similar to Carry Me as @doomsday_disco says above, but I do get MORE cookie here. Backup worthy! Good throw, but one that I can slather. I think from BPal this is my favorite gourmand lavender blend. I love that the lavender never overwhelms the blend, and that it stays a gourmand atmospheric throughout wear.
  15. Missanneshirleyofgg

    To a Wreath of Snow

    So, this white tobacco flower.... I am covered in Pediophobia, Zorya P, Vision of a Courtesan, Hag Grey HG and To a Wreath of Snow. All have the white tobacco. All throw like no bodies business, so not slather! Slatherer, no Slathering! Thoughts: When I smell Zorya P then transition To a Wreath, I smell only a minty like scent that I attribute to the lavender and white oud. It is pretty, but, if I am not thinking of the fragrance and turn my head, I smell camphor. I actually went and googled this and I guess alot of lavender essential oils do contain camphor. It presents as a chilly note. When I contrast A Vision with To a Wreath, I pick up all that rice milk from Vision. For Wreath soft lavender becomes dominant. A vision is so pretty, borderlining on gourmand, but never veering into foodie. Wreath may share the white tobacco, but is very distinct from this one in blend. You could definitely have both in your collection. When I contrast Pediophobia with To a Wreath, I feel like I am smelling the contrast between a warmer white tobacco blend with a colder one. Interesting since both are yules. Pediophobia reminds me the most of Zorya P. The vanillas and white tobacco, wow! To a Wreath of Snow is the chillier “cousin”. Definitely could have both in your collection. One presents as more year round. I wonder though.... that camphor I pick up in Wreath might make it a lovely Autumn fragrance for when Hotlanta is sweltering! Hag Grey, how I love thee. The ambergris, Nom. So beautiful. The bleached woods immediately surface to distinguish the fragrance as distinct from To a Wreath. These would pair so well together! I mean, wow. The bleached woods is melding with the Lavender and white oud in the prettiest way possible. If you have Hag Grey you need Wreath! OK, so my point was to decide if someone needed every white tobacco flower blend. While Hag Grey presents as a unique blend with lovely layering possibilities To a Wreath of Snow, and A Vision as a slightly gourmand atmospheric, finding that Pediophobia as a more autumnal weather contrast, I think Zorya P is not dissimilar. If Zorya P nails it for you, you might not need To a Wreath of Snow. If, however you have been curious about Zorya P and want to try a yule like slant, Wreath is perfect. If You have Hag Grey you desperately need To A Wreath of Snow. Also, keep in mind I never found this to be a herbal lavender. Its a soft pillowy lavender which on my skin had a slight camphor leaning which I felt added a cooling wintery chill to the blend.