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  1. Missanneshirleyofgg

    A Glimpse

    Took two hours of wear to get the stank of poop out of it. Why??? These notes read like a dream. Two hours later its a sandalwood single note.
  2. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Orgy with Nine Women

    A friend sent me a decant of this as I am a tobacco fiend and have been experimenting with sugary florals. In vial blast of beeswax/honey so strong I thought I was smelling red musk or even leather. 😮 On skin this almost instantly morphed into a champaca honey blend. ❤️ So pretty and delicate. Not getting any comparison to St Clare or Red Lantern where the tobacco was rich and boozy. This is creamy and pretty. Feminine. It is excited to find a heady floral I can wear, it appears Champaca is it! Jasmine is headache inducing indoles on me and Rose becomes HELLO ROSE GARDEN in every blend. Smelling this blend Also helped me to isolate the creamy floral in “I will be strange, stout, in yellow stockings”. That is a scent I love, and I can attribute it to Champaca.
  3. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Soil, Oakmoss, & Fir Needle

    Cold. Reminds me of summer camp. We walked every morning through the woods to a grove of trees where we had our morning meeting while teenagers graded our cabins for inspection. The best cabin ate at the head table and everyone saluted you. Every morning in West Virginia is cool, even in the hottest of summer. The ground is cold, the trees are dry, the community of being in nature so early in the morning and so far away from anything civilized and boring. No automobiles, no wifi. I feel a little sad thinking my children might could only make this morning walk to circle with their phones in their hands.... So damn yummy I have been sleeping in it. In my dreams I am tech free, and I am still that summer camper hiking around hoping my cabin gets awarded for being the most tidy.
  4. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Fresh Cut Grass, Lemon Peel & Bergamot

    Reminds me of actual matcha tea. Frozen. Its really fresh and light. Not lemon pledge at all. Bright and fun and would be perfect for hot humid summer days when you can not stand your own scent. Something light and fun to take your mind off the heat and make you daydream about that cozy feeling of early morning sleeping in while the gentle hum of a lawn mower that someone else in the distance is pushing across lawns, making neat little rows of sunshine, happy white noise, and wafting spring throughout the air.
  5. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Spiced Rum, Vetiver, & Cinnamon Bark

    I am cinnamon sensitive so I did not skin test. In bottle very pretty. Gave me mixed drink vibes. Like a rum chata without the creaminess.
  6. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Red Patchouli, Cherry Wood, & Tobacco Absolute

    This scent is more complex than the duets with patchouli and while I know that three notes IS more complex than two, most of the duets (except smoked cedar and warm vanilla) performed on my skin like single notes and layering scents. The patchouli is a dark fruity dank patchouli. This is my favorite variety. It smells ripe. If thats what “red” is then I am down with it. I am not getting tobacco here, This scent is more wet than dry (again it is ripe), and I do not smell the cologne note that often accompanies tobacco. The cherry wood might be contributing to that as well. On dry down more of the cherry wood comes out to play and the patchouli recedes, what was formerly a wet ripe scent is now dark and dry. Tiny bit cologne vibe I often get with tobacco, but its pleasing, tested on a dude. So far the trios are a hit for me!
  7. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Mahogany, Wood Moss, & Smoke

    This is so yummy and I blind bottled. Mahogany is a favorite note of mine and this doesn't disappoint. I am not sure I get wood moss, but, this does seem like a forestry blend in that there is the dry smoke in the background. Its not wet at all or BBQ. It is more acrid. There is no sweetness to the smoke. I think the smoke when sweet is what can be interpreted as BBQ.There is no metal in this but I *swear* I get something gleaming. Maybe thats the wood moss? Really lovely and glad to own it.
  8. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Red Patchouli, Nutmeg, & Oudh

    Sampled this at lunacy yesterday. Not very indolic at all, no fecal to this oud. Which is perfect because the patchouli is dry and super dank. The nutmeg adds a nice “grit” to the scent. Super interesting trio, so basic and yet so good. Would love to slather this on a dude.
  9. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Dark Chocolate & Dried Red Fruits

    This was lovely! Initial application on me this Smelled like a dry dark cocoa wafer cookie with fruit. Yes, cookie. I could smell the “crunch”. Today (dry down) it smells less like cookie and more like Brookside dark chocolate covered blueberry and Acai. I think the fruit is more forward than the dark chocolate, which makes this a lovely fruity gourmand blend. very strong throw, and aside from the cookie blast I thought the scent begins with, it stays pretty linear. Closest scent I have sampled to being like this is Arcana Craves Blueberries Crave Cocoa. Yum!
  10. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Milk Chocolate & Honey Cream

    This one is really lovely. Its the softest milk chocolate note with a sweet honey. I would say it is more honey than chocolate.Very sweet. Its cuddly chocolate. Fresh honeycomb dipped in milky chocolate. I love this one but I love honey.
  11. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Cacao-Dusted Rose Petals

    My very first whiff of this was glorious, perfect balance of cocoa and rose petals, like an artisan chocolate. However, when I went back to sniff test after having tested the other box of chocolate scents which were more chocolate dominant, I could no longer find anything cocoa in this blend. Then it was more a rose geranium to my nose, and a single note at that. Dry down this blend is only rose on me. Its a youthful rose, lively and bright. Cocoa haters would enjoy this blend and like the ambiance of cocoa as a dry note, and not candied or gourmand.
  12. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Black Fig & Cherry

    Extremely linear and no morphing. This scent is exactly the same twelve hours later, and definitely has a solid throw. I do prefer dried fig (which to me is sweeter), and this is a fresh leaning toward greenish fig. Same fig note as in Waltzing Matilda to my nose, but Matilda is more gourmand with the vanilla. Small burst of fruit in this blend that is consistent throughout to dry down. Its a simple blend, but strong throw. I think it was an excellent addition to the cherry bomb collection and I really enjoy the variety of blends here.
  13. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Pink Cherry & Pink Pepper

    Almond and pepper. I do not care for cherry turning almond, but it actually works here. The almond note: a nutty cherry seed perhaps- is really good with pepper. Gourmand, but not desert. Might be fun for layering. If layering, I would want to put it with a peach, or maybe a really sweet cake/vanilla. OMG, yes..... pair it as a layering note, nom, nom.
  14. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Green Lovebird

    such a chilly mint. It is refreshing to see such a lovely minty scent in lupers as its traditionally a yule note. I do not get pistachio here, and I am grateful as that is another note that goes almond on my skin. What I did get is a vanilla thats gourmand with a chilly mint. The spun sugar make this mint seem more buttery than say a traditional peppermint. It felt like Smelling pillow mints. Pretty.
  15. Missanneshirleyofgg

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    This is so so so yum. The rice milk is the star here, and it reminds me really of a True Horchata. Not that fake extrait that smells like a cinnabomb. The real deal. OMG. I was so happy and kept sniffing and never ever did this go cinnabomb and spice isnt listed but i smelled spice, the nicest light spice. The tobacco isnt the star here, its a supporting player just adding a rich depth to the rice milk. Maybe the frank is the spice. I asked starbrow to sniff it cause it was so lovely and she immediately went and got the only bottle. 🤣It really is nice and sort of puts the NAVA rice milk blends out to pasture. Its not unisex but its not feminine or masculine. its defying category for me. Its yummy but not gourmand, its spicey but not oriental, its .... well, it is Magic. Did you read that? Once more for those in the back.... Magic.