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  1. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Mystery Powder Fizzy Candy

    This really does smell like fizzy powder candy. It is also tickling my nose! Ha! Its super fun and very unique in my collection, but letting go of my decant because it is sadly making me sneeze. Glad I was able to test this one as I was super curious.
  2. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

    This was in a recent etsy drop and I snagged one of a very small hand full of bottles. I am always interested in gourmands that are not traditional. Cookies or cakes with roses or lavender, chocolate with dirt, you get the idea. A gourmand sounding perfume with Smoked Chili Peppers was a *need*. This is, at just this moment, one of the yummiest BPal Giurmands I have had the pleasure of trying! I agree with @doomsday_disco, I can not keep my nose out of the crook of my elbow. Its decadent and rich but manages to evade the syrupy buttery scent of Western Bonneted Bat. I mean, it doesnt say caramel or butterscotch in the notes, but this is so sweet and the closest I could come to a description is the sweetness is brown sugar coated chili peppers. Not a fruity sugar, but a warm sugar, like something fresh made in the kitchen for an autumn evening after supper desert, I am not able to isolate the clove and saffron, but I am sure that clove is keeping the chili note forward as it doesnt dissipate on skin the way the pepper note did in Caramel, Smoked Chilis & Black Vanilla, and the saffron contributing to the overall sweetness that I think is so perfect. This is an amazing blend for autumn and I am so excited that the Lab is releasing scents on etsy with their relocation to Philly and giving us an opportunity to get to try older blendswe missed out on,
  3. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    I received a decant of this in the mail and I now know i like the labs white tea. This is a very happy scent, a pleasing honey sweetened cuppa tea with some gentle soft spring flowers in the background. Like sitting beside an open window in early April. It is somehow cozy and uplifting at the same time. Would be a perfect scent to wear to your cottagecore picnic, ❤️
  4. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Peach Milk

    I was able to test this one at Dragon con. Its super peachy, very nice peach and juicy, but, Milk notes do not play well on my skin. It reminded me Ghost Milk with peaches and this combination is brilliant for those who can wear milk. For me, I wish this was a shower cream or bath bomb so I could enjoy how rich and decadent it is before the milk dries down on my skin. I brought my paper swab home and put it in a polypropylene bag to mail to a friend who wanted to smell it. It stays super linear and she received it a full eight days after dragon con in the bag and could totally discern the scent and get a good feel for it. So good longevity and linear. TL;DR: Ghost Milk poured over warm peaches.
  5. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Doom Cake (Prototype)

    While the cherry note itself in Doom Cake reminded me of the cherry in Velvet Unicorn (no almond, tart and sweet), The overall scent put me in mind of the recent yule, Cerise Fog (A spun-sugar sunset of amber, tangerine, and raspberry jam.) with the addition of buttercream frosting. I have a Very Big Need. I think the cherry is tart like raspberry in Cerise Fog, and blended with the lemon so well (again, like tangerine does in Cerise Fog ), but its the buttercream which makes it an all around wonder and so special and arent we lucky this will be around for sometime when its released cause you all will need several. I brought home my test strip and put it in a polypropylene bag so that I could revisit it as needed and have huffed it several times since dragon con already. ❤️
  6. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Chocolate Rum Scarab

    Oooooh, the mint really is chilly! Like, when you chomp down on a zippy mint and for a moment feel as if your nose is cold? This smells that same way. I agree with the above reviewer as well who said they got brownies from this as the chocolate is rather subdued and more powdery cocoa like in a brownie mix that chocolate… this blend for me is about the brisk mint. I definitely pick up some mallow here, too. Its fluffy. I noticed someone above said this became all chocolate on them at dry down and another said all Rum. Well, mine is all mint. Ha! It is still a very striking mint, but not as chilly now. I am enjoying this, especially for that opening, but I prefer Dragon Slide 100% over this blend because I get more chocolate and the creamy icecream in Dragon Slide makes for a delicious foodie buttery scent. I like mint to be a supporting player, not THE workhorse of the blend. But, hanging on to my decant for that opening which I feel would be absolutely lovely on days when I want something peppy.
  7. Missanneshirleyofgg

    The Robeky Venus

    I am not sure why, but a dark perfume oil inspires me. I just feel prepared to enjoy it. Something feels luxurious about it. in vial this is currant and vanilla dominant. I was expecting some roses, but no. Very light currant and vanilla. On skin, the ambergris takes hold. Its casually salty and somehow sultry. I am not a fan of sandalwood and here I find its somewhat powdery. Oh! Theres the rose on dry down. Its soft and pale… labdanum Is a problematic note for me, but I can not perceive it here. Sadly, the vanilla silk and pretty currant are fleeting top notes for me. I am left with a ambergris and tea rose blend thats like a lighter, softer, Mabel. Not sure I need more than the decant but am very glad to have that.
  8. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Halloween swap

    I just have to start this ....Cellar Door just posted their Halloween goodies - I love their scents, soaps and candles - which of these might you fancy? https://cellardoorbathsupply.com/collections/halloween-fall-collection?_kx=wJHWHTN2OASY0k5c5ZR301X0_-q-0iaglCjL2XDqO-E%3D.SE8AhX no thank you. I do not use soaps and prefer wax melts to candles. If you'd like handmade knit items, are you good with soft wools or do you prefer acrylic only? Whatever is used for nice tight socks Are there any items you'd love for fall/halloweenie? (Ie mittens, hat, fingerless mitts, cowl, legwarmers) socks, shawls. Anyone fancying the new Paintbox Soapworks or Witch Baby Soap Halloween launches? no. But hoping luvmilk has some seasonal offerings in their bath salts. And actually coming back to this, Witch Baby salts if she leaves out the flowers and stuff. They clog my bathtub. 😬 What about Bath and Body Works? A thousand times NO. Friends, I have very weird texture issues with bath products. I am on the spectrum and have sensory issues. Soaps, or bath gels with Shampoo textures (bath and bodyworks) give me heebie jeebies and make me gag. I usually use scrubs or Astrids Shower Cremes which are long gone and I miss so much. Would you be interested in an adult Halloween coloring book? I recently backed on kickstarter for one by a local gothic art market near me and it's due in during the swap period. no. I never color. What are some OCYL brands you've been wanting to dabble in? None. But older Arcana OOS is nice . Theres alot of older Arcana I never tried and you can not disappoint me there, even with your ratty tatty Arcana half used imps. I know a lot of us are witchy and have deeply held beliefs about the materials we use as part of our practice. If you're one of those individuals, are there certain herbs, crystals, etc that you do not want to receive? Not witchy. When you have a distinct preference for one holiday over another, What are some cross over items that actually work for both? I will start. I associate Black cats with Halloween AND fall. I associate Pumpkins with both. Candles for both but incense only halloween. Witches for only halloween, but carnivals and fairs and all their yummy goodies (funnel cakes, caramel apples, popcorn balls) for autumn AND Halloween both. Nightmare Before Christmas is a genre I like All season and halfway through winter. LOL. We have both Jack for Halloween, then a Santa Jack for fall. The Ghost and Mrs Muir is an old movie that for me is also fall and halloween both. PSL is both! Hot chocolate is both!   One question (that is actually several questions) -- Local honey? Infused/flavored honey? Local infused/flavored honey with Southwest notes (jalapeno, other pepper, mesquite, acacia)? JALAPEÑO HONEY YES PLEASE. Not CBD infused tho, Georgia is strict. Would you enjoy spooky stationary? Yes! Do you have any interest in spooky squishmallows? No. My cats would kill them. 😽 Does anything from JiJi Knight spark your interest? No Any spooky/weenie DVDs you're missing and would like in your collection? NMBC? the Crow? An old Hammer film? Dark Shadows? The Omen? Sleepy Hallow I do not watch tv. I just got the email that the Ectogasm Halloween Collection is live. Does anything interest you? https://www.ectogasm.net/collections/halloween That cat with the pinnacle butt! On a scale from Paprika Is a Heatwave to Let Me Eat a Peck of Pickled Ghost Chiles, how spicy is too spicy, and how spicy is just right? Pretty spicey! I make lightweight hairfalls- would you be interested in some? Either to incorporate into a costume or just for your own year-round use? If so, name your colors and preferred length, and if you have any fiber allergies you want me to take note of! No, thank you. I love making stickers!! If I could design you some stickers, what would you love to have? It could be halloween themed or not! Witchy cats! Homemade canned and baked and concocted goodies? Any aversions? Love, love, love (especially since I am fully vaxxed now) If I could make you some of my fudge, what would you prefer? Maple, pumpkin, dark chocolate, cookies and cream Are you open to trying different indie perfume houses if I find a scent that I think you'd enjoy? No Would you be interested in a bag like we sell in our etsy shop? https://twinklentwilight.etsy.com - if so, but you don't see fabric you like maybe link to some photos of fabric you like? - we can do small box bags or pencil / cosmetic / notions type bags too. or with a drawstring on top instead of a zipper. - you don't HAVE to use them just for knitting/crochet, you can use them for cross stitch or even not as project bags. OH THEY ARE ALL LOVELY BUT FAT BLACK CATS ARE BESTEST EVER. If you are a yarnie, are you interested in a ceramic yarn bowl? I have an extra Harry Potter (I know, I know) one from Lennymud that I bought before the whole JKR debacle and it didn't profit her in any form anyway. I believe it's Gryffindor themed. I had to look up yarn bowls! Its super cute, but, I need to read up on how to use one. 😳 If you are a yarnie, I'd love to gift some yarn from my stash so give me an idea of colors / weight / material / yardage you'd like. Fingering weight, pumpkin colored, purples, blues, grays. Currently making shawlettes that use 400 yards.  Are you interested in trying some of our "thunder butter"? It's like tiger balm or icy hot, but with herbs, beeswax, cayenne or ghost pepper, menthol, wintergreen. cbd version or no? No thank you (my skins reactive) I need to inventory our canned goods but do you like things like peach jam, cardamom plum jam, peach butter, plum butter, pickles, applesauce with nothing added, applesauce with red hots, dried apples or pears, bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, blackberry jam, huckleberry jam, candied jalapenos? candied jalapenos huckleberry jam cardamom plum jam Any interest in things from our garden like dried mint, catnip, lavender, rose petals, dill weed or dill seeds, sage, rue, mugwort, rosemary? lavender and rose petals How about alcoholic things like rose petal liqueur, lavender vanilla bean liqueur, various flavors of mead (chocolate orange, strawberry mango, whatever my son is making)? No mead but Any flower liquors!  Pumpkin bread or zucchini bread? How about blueberry zucchini bread with a lemon glaze?   Yes. ❤️blueberry zucchini bread with a lemon glaze . Any interest in the August releases that got announced today? https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-tag/august-2022/ Oh! how fun! I ordered half bottles in. decant circle of the ones I was most interested in which were Lav Buttercream, Ceres, The pistachio trio and the Butternut Squash trio and Choc Doob. ❤️ I have a new question! Do you wear nail polish, and if so, would you like some? What colors or finishes? I do not. Would you be interested in a tumbler like these? If so, what theme would you like it to be? Glitter or no glitter? What color do you want the liquid to be or would you prefer the blood drip look? No Thank you. Would you like either a basket or a tablemat (that works as a place to put hot dishes as well as being decorative). No thank you. How do you feel about ribbons? Is there anything in particular you are looking for if you'd want some? What about ribbon remnants? Colors/textures? Silk ribbons in vintage hues. Would you be interested in any skincare items? Anything you would not want? I work part time for a skin care youtuber. I am good, thank you. New question: Is anyone else interested in the latest Sphere & Sundry release? https://sphereandsundry.com/offerings/bpals-of-exalted-venus-ii/ Or other S&S offerings? No thank you Do you have any interest in trying my infused moonshine whiskey? I've been thinking of experimenting with autumn spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) and maybe a chocolate chai. Infused liqueur is always good here, I love artisan and cottage crafting! Yes, yes, yes. The chocolate chai sounds amazing! Any interest in spooky shape wax melts in your favorite candle scents? (What are your favorite candle scents?) I have a TON of wax, shameful amounts, really! But… ok, what about pistachio pumpkin cupcake, or blueberry zuchinni waffle cone? Thats my jam. How about lotion bars?f No thank you. Bird and Blend tea just did their Autumn drop! Anything look good to you? https://www.birdandblendtea.us (Also, if you're not a pumpkin person, I invite you to check out the rest of their offerings, which are always exceptional!) Arcana Craves halloween drop! Anything catching your eye? https://arcanacraves.com/ I think I bought the obes I am most interested in, but you could make ne a decant of the new strawberry and new pumpkin one. ❤️ I feel like with some of the witchy/seasonal stuff it might be helpful to know everyone's signs. If you're interested in that kind of thing, what's your sign? Nah. Would you like anything from The Pickety Witch? (I'm going to the Vegas Oddities and Curiosities Expo next weekend, and she's vending there, so it may not matter if an item is in stock or not on the website!) https://www.thepicketywitch.com/ https://www.thepicketywitch.com/products/pumpkin-cauldron-halloween-enamel-pin-collection-packaged-with-lavender https://www.thepicketywitch.com/products/pumpkin-kitten-halloween-enamel-pin-collection-packaged-with-lavender so these nail polishes keep showing up on my instagram and they are kinda vampy--do you wear polish and do any of these float your boat? NOTE I have never worn Holo Taco stuff so cannot vouch for quality just the vibes are super witchy 🙂 https://www.holotaco.com/collections/dark-rainbow-collection No polish please I have another new question! Favorite bands/artists? Perhaps you'd be interested in a DIY patch to sew onto your jacket/pants/bag or maybe pins or a sticker or anything DIY-ish? No patch or stickers I think. I am a cycle instructor so my interests are all over the place based on what I can make a class profile to. I currently am using in my playlists: The Prodigy, Nothing but Thieves, David Guetta, Elderbrook, Rufus Du Sol, Armin Van Buuren, Rez, Swedish House Maffia, Grabbitz, Two Feet, Deadmaus, Jackson Wang, T Pain, Bob Moses, Cardi B, Little Sis Nora, Yellow Claw… get the idea? I actually do not listen to music outside of the gym as I teach ten classes a week. oooh I am reviewing my switch witch help answers from 2017 and was reminded of Lush--there used to be a big Lushie/BPALista crossover at one point. Is that still the case? If so dearest pumpkin are you a Lushie? Is there anything from Lush you are coveting? Their halloweenie stuff is out here: https://www.lushusa.com/halloween/?cgid=halloween&pmid=604&start=0&sz=28 I do not like Lush because I do not use soap bars and have never tried their other products.
  9. Missanneshirleyofgg


    Jumped on this because of the glorious use of Russet Amber in “Adventuresome Encounters”. With the addition of what was described as a “Auburn Musk” , palo santo and red cedarwood, I expected the olfactory resemblance to a late summer (lillies) succumbing to very crimson autumn. What I smell on skin is a lot watery lillies and parsley/cilantro. Its super green, theres nothing red or auburn here. I wondered if I had even grabbed the Clover trio by mistake (I had not). Very fresh. Very Green. Having to readjust my expectations for this blend and will revisit.
  10. Missanneshirleyofgg


    All Clove on me and I do not discern any sugared amber. I loved the Black Amber and Sugar duet and was hoping this was the same scent with a spark of clove, but, Its a clove punch with maybe a dollop of amber. It isnt bad, its pretty if you like clove. Spicy. But, I wanted something with a little more depth.
  11. Missanneshirleyofgg

    The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat

    This goes on myrhh and spiced cocoa but within five minutes dries down to powder and dried rose petals. Five minutes after that and I can smell last nights scent under it, but Obsequies is all gone… ☹️ It all happens so fast I am left without not much opinion on the whole of it. I hope it has staying power on others and i can follow reviews to find out what it smelled like on a wrist that didnt absorb the entire profile. Wore close those ten minutes. Then Poof!
  12. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Frogberry Moon

    I am enjoying this one! It goes on berries dominant with some wet green in the background. The green notes are very understated. But they add a zingy zip to the scent. I love this berry blend. Feels Bright red and juicy! Not getting too much grapefruit here, unless its adding some tart to the smushed berries. They are not dolls head or plastic, so something is holding them up. My guess is the grapefruit. ❤️ Very summery, I would Wear to an outdoor social, somewhere breezy and fun in shorts and a t shirt.
  13. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Little Photojournalist

    Definitely goes on as a grapeish purple rock candy. And thats super fun. But when the resins begin to appear, it reminds me of nag champa a bit. Its a actually a good and original scent, But I do not see myself reaching for this. I think I prefer other incense blends for the niche this hits in my perfume wardrobe. I will say its super work safe and not at all headshop. Its light and airy.
  14. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Horreur Sympathique

    Upon application, This blend isnt sweet on my skin. Its a dry champagne with lots of fizz. So dry that I looked up notes because I thought I was smelling pine and labdanum for a hot minute (This is a reminder of why Chaos blends frustrate me). But, as it rests on the flesh, it definitely becomes about the honey. And for me, that is where the sweetness is. I can definitely focus on the scent and find the plum here, but this is ultimately a honey champagne. At this phase (twenty minutes in) the scent becomes quite linear and when I awoke middle of the night, it was the same honey champagne from initial dry down. This would be a great girls night out scent!
  15. Missanneshirleyofgg

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    I adore the name of this scent because in my own home we live in harmony with patient spiders. Sometimes they make their homes on a kitchen windowsill, and sometimes on the bathtub ledge. I bid them a hello and a merry morning and thank them for their service in keeping our home ant free. They ask for so little in return, just a happy little ledge to make their abode, in a place where they get sunshine in the day and a dark recess at night. This blend is so comforting to me. I do get the lavender and along side of it on my wrist some snuggley vetiver. At this stage it reminds me of a more gentle You Are Not Alone. Perhaps from the softer patient voice of the little spider on my window sill who guards my home from encroaching critters like a little candlelight symbolically casting off evil. Just a benevolent little friend taking care of me. The cardamom is just *barely there* for me. I agree the cognac adds a lace like effect, weaving in and out of the scent profile like my little friend and his web. Lovely. Dries down to a soft blanket draping the wrist of sandalwood and tonka. Such a nice blend. Thank you.