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  1. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Chasing Fireflies

    This is super pretty. It smells gently of purple. It is not overwhelming in fruit, and it is not juicy. Just enough plum to knock down the indoles which are present on first application and fleeting away as the plum surfaces. It has a playful bright touch, not heady or commanding of your notice, just resting on the wrist delicately. Flickering purple and sometimes green. More plum would not belong in this blend, it would make it juicy and more late summer. So far this is the most fitting of the luper/spring scents i have tried for the release. It really does remind one of spring and the joyful revival from winter it brings, such as chasing fireflies. Beth has such lovely artistic renderings of moods and this one perfectly nurtures my need for sunshine and play. I am not perceiving this as an aquatic with the water lily, more a slight green tinge which seems to flicker like the plum. Will update with dry down tonight.
  2. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Shouutsushi Aioi Genji

    I agree so much that this is akin to (Not So) Penitent (Mini) Magdalene. Its a lovely, cozy beeswax scent and for those who love book adjacent fragrances its perfect. Its so smooth, which I attribute to the lotus which seems to be so light in this blend. Its a comforting scent, with these spring days often waxing gothic with sudden turns from spring warmth to rain, darkness and chill. I often imagine this would be gorgeous in the autumn, for the same reasons but for me, someone who relies on an ereader to be lulled into sleep, its going to be a lovely perfume to give me the aesthetic of paper and candle.
  3. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Pistachio Pumpkin Cupcake Hair Gloss

    This is the best pistachio note I have had from the lab! And there isnt a cinnabomb aspect (not even when applied to skin) or spiceyness to the pumpkin cupcake, Its just super decadent nutty gourd perfection. There is a butteriness to it, but its not sour or milky. Just creamy like frosting should be! Delightful and so glad I snagged this etsy release, ❤️
  4. Missanneshirleyofgg

    A Place of Seeing

    This is pretty. Very airy almost other worldly sandalwood loosely grasps a bouquet of lavender and the memory of a a single rosebud. The marshmallow just adds some sweetness, blurring the edges of what can be herbal harshness of lavender. The entire scent is as if viewing the world through a blurred lens, as if you have softened the gaze of your eyes and removed the focus of vision, to only take in your overall surroundings and omit a focal point. It is not a skin scent, I find I need very little to enjoy this delicate fragrance.
  5. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Blueberry Pumpkin Muffins Hair Gloss

    This is a hair gloss I and my sister both bought back ups of. It is not overly spiced as some pumpkin blends can be. It really is a blueberry MUFFIN with the addition of pumpkin to add autumnal oopfh. Wears for hours. I like it with NAVA pumpkin 5. It comes up on etsy, when it does snag!
  6. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    Fresh from mail: On my skin this is a warmer vanilla than antique lace but much in the same vein. The hay and nutmeg is combining ro give me an almost fruity vibe. For me, this is as if someone Blended March 13 2020 with Antique Lace. Its so nice. Really enjoying it and will update review later with dry down.
  7. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Marshmallows, Gumdrops, and Peppermint Canes

    Marshmallows, Gumdrops and Peppermint Canes. Hey! I put off testing this because it was one of the first Yules I saw being destashed on the regular. But, it is *nice*. I definitely can smell background spices, but as a cinnamon amper, they are not causing any issues here, I do not smell the marshmallow per se, but the overall experience is poofy candy. I agree with @starbrow who said it was like a 1980s candy shop. My grandfather owned a little country grocer with wooden floors and candy in barrels called “Sunny South Market”. I am also reminded of Vermont Country Store, a mail order company in the North East that specializes in vintage brands of candies. Its a pleasant jumble, but some might find that part disconcerting as the accords do not meld, but more fight for dominance… I like that, because it feels as if each candy is individually representing, instead of a melting pot of scent. Loving the peppermint here, its so sweet, like a soft peppermint stick. Not much anise on my skin, but definitely some warmth, like what you would find in gumdrops spice drops! So fun! Perfectly wearable on me, not overly gourmand, just nostalgic.
  8. Missanneshirleyofgg

    White Rabbit

    White Rabbit! Oh, I am loving this one enough to FS it. First, “black tea” from the lab often reads as a spice bomb on me, but, Here, it is so subdued. The top note is that white pepper. I love pepper in perfumes ever since I tried Arcana Haint. If that soft lofty floral is the linen THEN GIVE ME ALL YOUR LINEN. Reminds me of the “fluttering white cotton” in Boo! I might slather test to see if it passes a big wear. No sour milky note, Just gentle and creamy, Reads more like a foodie vanilla than milk, but over all not foodie. Wow, I think I wanna layer with Boo HG, as I think they would be so complimentary. This is a lovely anytime scent, but feel it would be perfect for afternoons out when your hair is in a sloppy bun and your shoes are open toed, theres a beverage to sip, and it feels lovely to just have free time to linger as you seldom get that and want to take some self care. This is a fragrance for slowing down and relishing the moment. The scent of respite.
  9. Missanneshirleyofgg


    Titania is so lovely. I get alot of sweet pea here and sweet pea is in my top three floral notes! Reading the reviews I can get where some got alot of grape, but on me its perfectly blended. I am surprised this hasnt been suggested more often to flourmand lovers. This feels summery, like an evening out on the veranda, sipping white wine and chatting with friends, with a late summer breeze blowing ripe fruits and flowers across the wrists and nape of neck.
  10. Missanneshirleyofgg

    A Chocolate Cat

    This is really lovely. The cocoa in this is giving me Tezcatlipoca vibes. Its so dry and warm. Also, the vetiver is a deep rich one. My only experience with good vetiver blends that didnt go BOOM on me is the Gingerbread, vetiver and black currant trio and Two Sheep. Both of those have such nice vetivers and this one is similar. I amp the heck out of honey and am not having this issue. Do feel like there is some wood here, as there is an edge (this could also be the toasted note) to this bland that on me keeps it from being overtly gourmand. Really loving it. Again, this is not overtly foodie on me, but I hoard foodies. Thinking if you are a big fan of gourmands this will not be overpoweringly sweet, but if you primarily like resinous blends, you may indeed find this gourmand. I would love to have this in my collection with Tezcatlipoca.
  11. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Round Dance

    compared to Rainbow Swirl (Lavender-infused vanilla cream with crystalline flowers and a hint of red velvet cake.), Round Dance’s lavender note is prominent on skin and the strawberry note less present (which is comical since Rainbow Swirl doesnt list strawberry in its profile!). on application there is an initial carnation burst that is very peppery. I really love carnation in this aspect- I enjoy the spiciness of it. Overtime the pepperiness of the carnation recedes slightly and the lavender which is initially herbal begins to blend with the amber note And the vanilla cream. This makes for a pillow soft lavender, not unlike Capax Infiniti however that is the only resemblance to that worthy blend. While the candy floss note is it easily identifiable here giving the overall blend a sugary floral aspect, the strawberry it’s self is slight. Maybe lending a teensy bit of tartness to the overall Perfumes palette. On dry this is a flourmand lavender with a touch of berry that is not plastic on my skin. The carnation begins to feel minty, similar to how the mint and Berry notes combined in Battle Fairy in Training. I think fans of the latter would enjoy this one.
  12. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Rainbow Swirl

    This was gifted to me by a friend and I never reviewed it. That friend was wanting to test Circus Bear (Damn everything but the circus! A scent for Tom and for Lilith, the Empress and the Hierophant at the carnival: rose, gardenia, styrax, and frankincense splattered with cotton candy and the white glop in the middle of Oreos.) against Hierophant and the Empress (Red and white roses, everblooming gardenia, violet leaf, Oman frankincense, styrax, honey myrtle, mallow flower.) and reading her review for Circus Bear made me want to retest Rainbow Swirl. I do not get lavender from this in any capacity, but, the red velvet cake note combined with ice cream on me reminds me so much of the oreo in Circus Bear. The crystalline flowers are beautiful and crystalline is a perfect description as they seemed etched it to the red velvet cakes frosting. This combination is flourmand and delightful. Over time however it becomes more of a strawberry flourmand and that is what keeps this scent being a favorite and delegates it to the “Interesting scents I revisit” category.
  13. Missanneshirleyofgg

    2006: Fruit Phoenix

    Was wondering what my nose was interpreting as camphor, and looked up Terebrinth (The whole plant emits a strong smell: bitter, resinous, or medicinal). I am trying to make a scent memory of this note, so moving forward I can recognize it, as I often have issues with black currant going barnyard on me and at first suspected the currant. After ten minutes this becomes a pine like resin and dark fruits on me. It is still a little herb/medicinal, but I find it cleansing. I normally wouldnt think of dark fruits like pomegranate as being capable of cleansing properties, but it works here. It has a yule vibe, too. I think this would be a wonderful scent to wear while taking down Christmas decor, It both has a wintery feeling, and the herb cleansing vibe feels like a way to move out of the yule season and into the new years, Wish I had waited to take my tree down!!! Really lovely, but suspect for me the decant is enough. ❤️ Thank you friend for sharing!
  14. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    Lord help me, this smells like White Larry and weak Patchouli. Totally disappointed RR fan here.
  15. Missanneshirleyofgg

    O Hushed October Morning Mild

    Where is the coffee? Where is the dirt? Where is the woody thyme? This is a super bright green scent with a tinges of grapes. The grapes make the green “ bright” and “juicy”. Its girlish and playful. The thyme in this blend isnt lemony, but mint like. I prefer a dry earthier thyme, but, I think the fresher minty one enriches the playfulness of the vines, grass, leaves and grape. Smells like spring. I wanted Autumn. Dry thyme, dead grass and dirt…. with a side of grape. Yup. I will keep my partial though, its super pretty to huff and throws strong. Plus, the dry down is so so so pretty. The green dissipates and you are left with a bright fruity grape and the minty thyme. Super gorgeous and what makes this scent for me a keeper even though it defied my expectations. .