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  1. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Wulric, The Wolfman (2016)

    Bottle sniff: lots of sage and cocoa with lavender. Very soft and definitely a good sleep scent. Very cleansing and up Uplifting fragrance. Something I would want to wear in times of stress and huff because cocoa makes me feel cozy, lavender relaxes me and clary sage brings mental clarity for me but with a tiny bit of Cardamom peeking out to keep the scent from being too woo woo. 😀 What a nice harmony .... symphony.... of notes here. Definitely loses most of the cocoa on skin application, but, I love what’s left all the same. Not sure I need a FS, but would love a decant.
  2. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    Bottle sniff: burned breakfast. skin test wet: The prettiest vanilla sitting in the middle of something burned. Not the bacon I usually get from Vetiver, but not far enough off to warrant owning a bottle. The wool is soft.... almost silky smooth and the vanilla really is pretty. But not digging the burnt smell. dry: At dry down it does veer completely away from burnt things to something become a vanilla petrol scent. The petrol scent is interesting and I might seek it out in other blends. Now I am undecided, if light Vetiver always died down to this sort of petrol scent, I might be willing to push through what actually was a relatively short time dealing burnt/bacon smell. But, I don’t think it’s this blend. Glad I got to try it.
  3. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Zoe and the Goat

    Notes are accurate but for my own reference this comes off as a gritty patchouli, leaning toward headshop on me. I prefer fruity bright patchouli blends. This would appeal to anyone who likes more dark patchouli scents. Definitely a good autumn scent, would be great for clubbing.
  4. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Sonnet D'Automne

    Testing Starbrows collection of scents... 2015 version. This is probably as much of a cologne Dead leaves vibe that I could tolerate. Light perfume, but doesn’t venture into department store territory. After a few moments this begins to wane. The cocoa note is not gourmand, but it adds the lightest touch of sweetness to the leaves. Incense doesn’t seem dry at all: almost fluffy! I wonder if that’s the amber. I really am digging it. Definitely a chill to this scent. Like, the frost but no ozone, mint but not peppermint.... it really is a shivering white musk! Pretty! This is a winner for me, I wouldn’t mind finding this in a swap, and want to try out other years to compare.
  5. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Red Lantern

    Testing 2007 (friends bottle) and 2011 which I recently acquired from the Lab on ebay. 2007 is a fruity blend. Smells light on tobacco. Strong fruity black currant and tobacco blend. Not sexy, but pretty. More bright than dark. 2011 is a sexy rich tobacco heavy blend, I pick up the coconut here, and it’s a thick caramel laden coconut with tarry tobacco. Not sure if I pick up spice, but something smells rich and heavy in the background. Not sure if this is batch differences in the years, or aging, but I prefer 2011 and it smells more like the decant of Red Lantern Atmo that I have and adore.
  6. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Dusk in Autumn

    I really enjoy this scent but As someone who absolutely hoards gourmands and foodie scents I do not find this to be a cake scent. This is on my skin a lightly perfumed black tea scent with a sweet fruity/dry incense vibe. Perhaps there is a light vanilla here that’s contributing to cake vibes, but, it’s not a doughy gluten, flour cake. It would only be the vanilla component in a predominantly pretty black tea scent. A nice wearable scent that would be pleasing in any situation to wear, innocuous and inoffensive, yet unique. But not a dark gourmand on me which is what I was hoping for.
  7. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Cat-Lilith and Cat-Dad

    Skin testing this right now..... The loveliest vanilla butter cream with a teeny bit of coconut. Smells slightly of cream cheese frosting, but not in a strong dairy way. I detect cocoa, but not the cake (gluten) in red velvet cupcakes. I would say this is an excellent buttercream scent and gourmand lovers will appreciate (more creamy and richer than the frosting note from the recent birth cake prototype), but not necessarily a dominant player (for reference I get more Blackberry buttercream than red velvet in Monsterbait Closet as well).
  8. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    Just sniffing this from a decant a friend shared with me. This smells like red wine, incense and Dorian In the bottle. On skin, The Dorian comes off as the lightest tea blend and I definitely even get the idea of cake that Doomsday disco, which must be the Snake Oil. It’s a creamy red wine blend, which I think is unique to the red wine blends I have tested thus far as they have all seemed more fruity and robust. I am liking this, and am glad I got to try, but just gifted to my friend Starbrow whose testing scents with me right now as dark fruity blends are her jam.
  9. Missanneshirleyofgg

    She Sauntered Vaguely Downwards

    Poof of brimstone in the bottle smells Like light incense to my nose. I didn’t buy this one because I was worried it would not have any gourmand leanings with the red musk since Kai Kai went straight up stomping red musk on me. However, with She sauntered the red musk is very well balanced with the gourmand notes. I can smell the cotton candy and pink pepper so clearly and the red musk just acts as a nice blender here, tying together the pepper and cotton candy and then a pleasant little poof of something smokey.
  10. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Sugared incense

    New recs for this?
  11. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Dead Leaves, Black Amber, and Woodmoss Hair Gloss

    Tested this one at Lunacy. Dark and resinous. I personally sometimes perceive mossy scents as earth and I did here. However, I really loved this scent And didn’t find the mossy/earthy note to be dirt or cold. I do not have any hair glosses like this one in my collection and wound up testing on my hair twice because I hadn’t known I needed one until now. I usually am not a fan of the dead leaves scents because I often find them to have a cologne type backdrop but I didn’t notice this with Dead Leaves, Black Amber, and Woodmoss. I think this is a perfect scent for when you need people to know You Can Not Be Trifled With. It has enough evil in it to scare all the Karen’s and Manager Haircut people away. I would not recommend this for job interviews for professions like psychologist or pre school teacher.
  12. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Patchouli & Tobacco

    Boozy tobacco and zero patchouli. I collect BPal tobacco scents and if you do not have any this would be a fun one to start with because it’s nearly single note. However, if you collect Tobacco scents it is not as lovely or as smooth as the tobacco in St Clare, Year of the Ox, or Dolly Rei perfumes or as rich as Bulgarian Tobacco or as pretty as French tobacco single notes. It is a fun scent but if you missed out on it before it sold out, there are other readily available tobaccos you would enjoy from BPal.
  13. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Impromptu Goat Yoga

    I was worried this would be very tea and lavender forward but I get equal parts marshmallow and the tangy goats milk which compliments the herbal notes well. The marshmallow and milk keep this scent from being bedtime, it would be a lovely daytime scent and I agree non offensive in social settings: neither too heady herbs or too sweet and gourmand. That said, while I detect the marshmallow clearly, it’s the sweetness of marshmallow grounding out the scent, not the powdery fluff from Stekk. Like, just the scorched sugar. Which is perfect to me. However, the white tea note is tickling my nose. I do not think it’s an allergen, I think the note is unfamiliar to me. It is unique and I am glad to have a half bottle, but, I hope the tickle stops! *edit. This is the type of scent I wish my coworkers wore. The kind that as they pass by you smell just the faintest trace of something beautiful and look up to see who passed by. But I think I prefer to smell like dank smokey cookie.
  14. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Utter Sophistication

    Sniffed this at Lunacy not for myself, but for a friend. Said “Eh, herbal. Lavender. Butter. Utterly Weird”. And walked away. Returned twenty minutes later and skin tested it. Went around asking people what they smelled on my arm because What I was smelling was caramelized lavender. Such an odd combination and wanted to know what others perceived. On my skin, everyone decided it was oddly gourmand. Utterly perplexing. I usually amp lavender. I usually amp buttery popcorn scents. Both were behaving. Utterly singular. Left lunacy. Sat in my car on the phone for five minutes and told my friend I was going to go back inside and buy a FS of Utter Sophistication. Utterly interesting, Utterly unusual, Utterly wearable. Utterly delightful. I still mainly get caramelized lavender and I find it comforting.
  15. Missanneshirleyofgg

    The Empty House

    On my skin, BPal’s mahogany has consistently been a warmer sweeter wood note. I found this to be no exception here. bottle sniff: rich and dark syrup. Hmmmm... skin test: on skin this was very similar to bottle sniff, except the wood smoke rounded out the syrupy quality I smelled on bottle sniff to become a dark, cozy, warm blend. It may be The Empty House, but, it felt like The Welcoming House, A home that’s been waiting to be housed by a family, with a cozy and inviting fireplace roaring and gleaming polished woods beckoning you to stay. I suppose that in itself can be creepy, as the house appears to upon its own have life. I also didn’t detect spice in this blend (nor was it indolic), although dry down did draw out a lighter spice. No cinnamon amping here. The blackened pumpkin smelled more like the fruity variety of patchouli that I like, and the pine pitch is subtle and warm, like pine logs on a fire, not like Christmas tree. For me though the Star is the mahogany which is a note I love and look for in Bpal blends, I agree it has that warm woody quality of The Magicians Wand, however, it isn’t chewy like that blend.