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  1. whome

    Cake Smash

    Cake Smash = Happysauce! In the bottle = a bit like Beaver Moon, yet with a bit of smokiness. Wet - buttery frosted cake and tea. as it dries I get the spices of snake oil and warmth of doc c. Much more complex than I imagined. Very well blended! Super Delicious! Good throw and lasts for hours! This one is absolutely in the top ten (with a zorro snap!)
  2. whome

    Mr. Croup

    bottle sniff is all spicy geranium and black musk Wet on skin it is much lighter than expected! Tonka immediately comes out ,sweetens and melds everything together. When dry, it turns into a light, spicy cologne. Quite delightful. Not much throw. It is but a pleasant memory within an hour.
  3. whome


    In the bottle this is this weird bite of earthy... vetiver, perhaps. Really funky and vaguely unpleasant. Wet I can finally smell some creamy fruit, coconut and amber. Very well blended! This is a light fragrance. Very light on me and almost no throw. Dry it is a light floral with amber. And then it is gone. Quickly! In minutes! Today my skin sucked this down faster than than I pound that first cocktail of the evening. Overall I really like it. It is one that will require re-slathering.
  4. whome

    Snake Oil

    I'm unforgivably lazy! Been here for years and I've never done a single review! Please forgive me! I'll start with the ubiquitous Snake Oil. I ordered a bottle in my very first lab order. But lab orders take time, so I ordered lots of stuff from the forum and ebay. One of you generous forumites sent me an imp of snake oil. It was heavenly! I was so excited! Absolute love!!! And most importantly, It was aged! First sniff was incense and herbs. Very warm with that sexy patchouli bite! Skin test is creamy incense, patchouli, herbs and hellooo VANILLA!! I felt better about myself and others. Happy! Medium throw (but who cares? It makes me really happy as long as I can smell it, and this is all about ME!) And it lasts a looong time! Most bpal scents are sucked into my body within an hour, even though I am a slatherer. This one lasts for hours! I tried it before bed and I slept. Yes I actually slept! (It's a big deal I have insomnia) Then I got my bottle from the lab. Twas sharp and acidic in my first skin test! Cat Pee. Not happy. Not a bit! Needless to say, the bottle went in one of the bottle cabinets. I took it out every few months and while it smelled less like cat pee, it was not THE Snake Oil. I figured that the magic imp was a fluke. How could a perfume go from cat pee to happysauce? Since then, I've tried many snakes and love them. (Especially you, Snake Charmer It's my go-to. I carry a bottle in my purse always. When it was resurrected I cried tears of joy!) Snake oil?? Ummm not so much... Today I got a 10ml vintage 2006 Snake Oil in a cobalt bottle from a seller on ebay. ahhh! This Is It! My dream perfume. Warm vanilla, sexy patchouli blended seamlessly with incense and herbs. It's even better than That imp! I'm happy. Really happy! Hugs for everyone!! I pulled all my snake oil imps, bottles and variants out and have been huffing and testing like a crazy person. (I ordered the bath oil from the Post today!) And I'll have to buy many more bottles as I cannot bear the thought of not having enough... Thank you so very much Beth for making this happysauce!!!! chrissy