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  1. bpalscentsual

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I get those reducers off with pliers. Gently. Very gently. For me, they're just downright annoying. -Leslie This is a super necro-reply, but this was the only thing I could find on basically the entirety of the Internet of how to get reducer caps out of bottles. I prefer the polyseal, shaking oil off the top of the cap if it's super-strong and slathering most of the time, but Conjure Oils bottles come by default with reducers. Kinda takes a little bit of force and careful balancing to make sure you don't accidentally slosh the oil around, but you can just get a set of needle-nose piers in there, grip the reducer, and tug. Leverage around the rim doesn't work.
  2. bpalscentsual

    Thirteen (13): April 2007

    Chocolate, fig, cardamom, and clove, and I can pick out some chamomile, too. This is wonderfully unisex, and with the mixture of spices, it 'feels' like cinnamon on my skin without my skin amping it and turning it into Red Hots. I am pleased. Perhaps not enough to keep an entire bottle of this, but like a few of the other 13s that I've taken a chance on, it's turned out marvelously.
  3. bpalscentsual


    ... Whoa. I have a feeling that, a little fresher, this would have been more cakelike. As it is, it's this strange... red velvet cake and musky cream cheese over plastic? What in the... Strong, too. I'm not liking what this is doing on me. Where the hell is the musk coming from? I have a feeling that this aged very poorly, or maybe my skin is just doing bad things to me again.
  4. bpalscentsual


    Yes, lemongrass and mint. I'd say pure lemon, but it feels more herbal than that. And it's helping to keep me focused today, on a day where a migraine is determined to leave my concentration by the wayside. I also have a feeling that this will layer well with Embalming Fluid, which is my GC love, and so it makes me happy that I'll be able to wear a TAL blend, especially a utility blend, on possibly a daily basis.
  5. bpalscentsual

    Hand of Hermes

    Licorice and Red Hots. I love the way this smells! I anointed my computer keyboard with this before doing some collaborative writing, and it was amazing how the barriers between me and my character just... broke down. I was able to channel her effortlessly. Whenever I need a boost, I anoint my fingertips. This works. It really does.
  6. bpalscentsual


    On me, this was sweet, powdery resins, soft and cuddly. Reminds me very much of the Strength Tarot card, the feel of combing your fingers through a lion's mane and trying to harness that power to work for you. I could have had a very crappy day, but Lionheart made it better. That being said, this is strong, scent-wise -- a little dab'll do ya.
  7. bpalscentsual

    Punkie Night

    Ah. That's what it is. The bitterness of the cranberries was reminiscent of apple blossom, which left me in dread that this would go soapy on me. But no, it's just staying a rather bitter grounding of the entire scent. I can actually smell the leaves in the apple orchard, and the cider is full of cloves. I also want to note here that, though I have to really slather some other scents, I only had to knock the bottle against my wrist twice, and it's clinging to my skin and really staying strong. This is great. In my mind, I'm viewing this as sort of a 'back-up' of Autumn Cider. Cider, of course, is much more 'true to life' and much more foody, but this is still absolutely great.
  8. bpalscentsual

    Monster Bait: Ventriloquist Dummy

    Guess what I amped out of this? If you guessed patchouli, you are right. Guess what note haunts my nose, makes me feel slightly sick, and doesn't generally please me all that much? Again, if you guessed patchouli, you are right. Patchouli, my old enemy, we meet at last. I am sending MB: VD off to better pastures. Someone else is going to love this like I don't.
  9. bpalscentsual

    Golden Wave

    Mm, this one started out SO GOOD. It smelled exactly like a gin and tonic with pieces of mango and pineapple floating around in it. Alas, I think my skin chemistry is doing something stupid this week, because it went straight to plastic on my skin after an hour. Woe! I'll be testing this again to make sure that it's just my skin, because when it's good, it's very, very good.
  10. bpalscentsual

    CD: Tilt v4

    At first, I got what everyone else was talking about: fruit salad, with a lot of mint. This generally eased off into a more sugared-mint-leaf feel with some sort of sweet resin behind it... then to a mint feel with wood... then to a mint overtop of plastic... and then, yes, to straight plastic. Mint is a bad note for me. Plastic I can't stand. Someone else will lovethis like I don't.
  11. bpalscentsual


    IXHV37: Uhh. It started off as a mug of coffee on a summer morning while someone was cutting the grass. Then it turned pretty herby and somewhat bitter. Now it's plastic. I can see pumpkin, but... Eh. Uhh. What? Okay. Well. Hmm. ETA: I know exactly what this is. This is Pumpkin Latte. Holy crap. No wonder it went plastic on me, so did Pumpkin Latte.
  12. bpalscentsual

    Ginger Skulls

    At first, this went on all sharp ginger, with a slight dusting of rock sugar. Sweet, but mostly biting ginger. After a while, though, this went a little musty/dusty and lost all of its sweetness. I think, over time, my bottle has lost the quince and Asian pear and is trying to be all-ginger all-the-time. After about eight hours, the musty/dusty resolved itself into a floral. ... What? I'm really confused as to what this is doing on my skin. Might swap away this half-bottle and keep the decant I have, just to make sure that it isn't weird skin chemistry issues.
  13. bpalscentsual

    Night's Bridge

    This is aquatic and stone. Very clean stone, though, not the way patchouli can get on me (dank stone covered in dirt, filth, and mulch). This is the smell of rain on cobblestones at night. Not asphault, but stone, real and true stone. Wow. This is great. It smells so clean! Very unisex, definitely a new favorite/go-to when I don't have a specific idea in mind for how I want to smell but I want to smell 'good'.
  14. bpalscentsual


    Jareth is beautiful, yet masculine. I get a base of tonka, for sure, and the leather isn't exactly worn-in but more smooth/gleaming. Layered over those is the perfect amount of white musk, and then the lilac fougere on top is just to die for, especially mixed with the tea! Although I would categorize this as masculine, it's definitely accessible enough that I feel that I can actually wear it instead of just appreciate it. A definite keeper. For me, it's well within the Severin/Theodosius family that I adore, and Jareth is even better in that I can get more of it whenever I want!
  15. bpalscentsual

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    So Itemizer turned out not to sync between my iPad and my new iPhone, but I found another app, MyStuff2, with much better support and syncing. Two apps for the price of one, too, one purchase covered both devices. It doesn't have a desktop companion, but it's great as an inventory device. (Also works well for my other collections, like video games, DVDs, books, and jewelry. Reads barcodes!) I really wish I had a Mac to justify Bento, but so far I haven't found a good equivalent for PCs. The other app that I use to take notes is AwesomeNote, which has my SotD, diary setups for post office visits/received packages/sales/swaps/purchases, reviews, and contacts. I also keep track of my expenses using Numbers/Excel. Plus I have a set of binders, half-size. One of them holds a one-page-per-day calendar with monthly dividers, and the other has room for all of my notes. I pretty much keep quadruple-redundant systems to keep me from spending too much... and it still doesn't work, because I just want to smell all the smells. I also took the time to make a full catalog available to me offline through an app called Outliner. That way, when I see a wishlist scent available and I don't remember why I wanted it, it's easy to look it up, and also easy to copy-paste the information back and forth between apps. Also nice to indicate my wishlists. So, if any of you would like outlines of those, I can export in .txt and .opml formats, but it looks like the spreadsheet's nicely kept-up-with.