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BPAL Madness!

Cacao, Black Amber & Black Copal

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Black cacao pa-pow.


In the bottle, I smell cacao and amber, but on my skin, this is all cacao and copal at first. For both inhales, it's really Cacao and Darkness: the first more perfumey, the second more woody, but still Darkness. 


Copal begins by sharing a seat with cacao, but gradually takes it over during the wet phase. I've amped copal before, and that may be happening here, because this woody/spicy/incensey dark note that is copal mostly nudges cacao out. I'm not picking up amber at all through this.


After this dries, it develops some sweetness. I think that's the amber's sole contribution as this plays out on my skin, but I like the blend.

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