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Mead Moon

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Golden mead fermented with fruit, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger root, sweet-briar, lemon, orange slices, and blackberries.

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2008 Mead Moon is one of my top tier favorites and I'm running low on my last bottle, so I was looking forward to trying the new one. It is noticeably different, but not in a bad way at all.


2018 is fizzy and bright like soda, and the spices are more prominent - it has a fairly sharp zing to it, and I would have *sworn* it had labdanum, but it doesn't.


2020 is much sweeter, more syrupy, and much heavier on the fruit, but in a good way! It's not overpowering or too jammy. The fruits all blend well, it doesn't announce itself as distinctively berry OR citrus. It smells like a sangria mix without the wine. The spices are still there but they're much further down in the blend. This is delicious, I love it. I bought two, might have to get another couple before they come down...

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