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BPAL Madness!


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The Seventh Daughter, Daughter of the Oath. She was King David’s lover, and the mother of King Solomon. Her scent is breathtakingly lovely, exotic and powerfully sensual in its innocence: carnation, sensual plum, and Arabian musk.


Very lovely indeed.


There is a round, purple Plumness, a slight spiciness from the carnations, and just a hint of musk.


The only downside is that my skin eats it right up, and after 20mins there isn’t much left. (It lingers beautifully on clothing, however.) When my imp is finished I'll probably just get a bottle and slather away. It’s that lovely.

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Wet: Plum and carnation.


Dry: Carnation has kicked out the plum completely, and a tiny bit of musk has snuck in. Musky carnations.


It's nice, but I wish the plum would have stuck around.

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In the frimp this smells floral to me. 

Wet on the skin I can still smell carnations aplenty, but now I can pick out the nice musk.

After awhile this dries down to a soft scent with moderate throw.  I can't detect the plum at all, but what's there is nice. 

On my skin, Bathsheba is a nice, warm, floral musk that has good lasting power. 

Hmm.  I don't dislike it at all, but I'm not sure I would purchase a bottle.  It just isn't a remarkable scent.  It's very 'polite' in terms of execution.  I will more than likely end up wearing out the imp, though.  So not a scent that will sit unused on the shelf.

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Mostly carnation and plum - a sophisticated juicy floral. In the imp the musk fooled me into thinking there was honey - definitely a sweet golden musk. Very lovely, but not my style.

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