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    I am a tough customer. I dislike 99% of perfumes I smell, but my curiosity brings me back. I am forever in search of those rare HGs that I can't live without.


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  1. warriortwo

    Im Tiefen Winter

    Whenever a scent reminds me of something else, I tend to zero in on that and I can't pick out any other notes. This one is all oakmoss which reads MEN'S COLOGNE, one of the fancy ones you can find at Sephora. Great throw and sticks to the skin like glue, even after washing and rubbing off with alcohol.
  2. warriortwo

    Apocalypse Box

    The "clean laundry" scent that is in Apocalypse Box is very different from Blue Blankie (one of my favorites, where the "clean" note is subtle but unmistakable). It really evokes the sense of thick flannel pajamas washed with fabric softener. Musky and a tad masculine. The lavender is hard to detect on its own, but it's definitely in there as a backbone to the laundry scent. I smell the cardboard too. Dry and clean with surprisingly good throw and staying power; I could still smell it very clearly after a shower. Unfortunately, it's not for me. I smell like I used a too much fabric softener, and not my favorite kind.
  3. warriortwo

    Wer Opfer Heut Zu Bringen Scheut

    This starts with a green sap that is intense and very bitter. Like, nose-scrunching. If I had to guess, this smells like crushed ivy, but I'm not super familiar with most of these notes. I don't recognize any grass, pine or hazelnut. The bitter note disappears, leaving a fuzzy, narcotic scent that reminds me of amber or opium, maybe even cashmere. For a patchouli/rose/lavender lover, this is super weird. Does not remind me of forests I recognize; growing up on the West Coast of the US, this shouldn't be surprising, but I am always looking for a forest scent evocative of camping trips and forest hikes.
  4. warriortwo


    I've been avoiding this imp because it smells like an industrial solvent when wet, but it was the last one left to test, so I took the plunge. It's intense. I'm getting spearminty ozone with a hint of gasoline. There's a tiny bit of spicy man cologne, but mostly it smells like something toxic. Off to scrub.
  5. warriortwo


    I cannot overstate how passionately I love this one. Full disclosure, I love jasmine and ginger out in the world, but it's not always a winner in perfume; it all depends on what it's blended with. This one is a magical combination. It has good throw and staying power and I keep catching whiffs of something akin to a gingery incense. Despite the apricot and vanilla (the latter of which I can't detect), this is not a foody or sweet blend. Heartbroken that it is has been discontinued!
  6. warriortwo

    The Caterpillar

    I looove this. I get a lot of neroli and incense--this smells just like a hippie clothes store I used to go to in the Haight-Ashbury and it makes me think of the flowy tops and skirts, and the hanging crystals that reflected rainbows all over the store. Bright and sunny and pretty.
  7. warriortwo

    Sea of Glass

    Creamy white floral and a citrus I can't identify. Smells like a very expensive hand lotion. The imp I got may be significantly aged, but I don't think I will seek out a new one.
  8. warriortwo


    Ava is a little frustrating, because if I put my nose to my skin, it's a bit sharp and the notes clash. There's something in there which smells like ashes. However, when I go about my business, I find myself catching whiffs of something fun, and I remember it's there. It's got that same amberish sweetness of a perfume like Tabu, or a BBW scent from years ago called Sandalwood Fig. Much like Ava, it's kinda cute, sexy and dangerous at first, but soon becomes annoying.
  9. warriortwo

    Artist's Entrance

    Today I was craving leather. Blind bottled this last year and I wasn't sure about it, but today it's my jam. Clean, bright leather (my favorite perfume note), and clean, ever-so-slightly spicy fir. Unisex leaning toward masculine or "tomboy" 😏. So thankful for the Liliths for bringing me back to BPAL after a long hiatus. I look forward to reading her adventures each year, and I'm finding all kinds of treasured scents now.
  10. warriortwo


    This one smelled like diaper pail on me. Considering that it has some of the notes found in baby powder scents, this does not surprise me.
  11. warriortwo


    Darn it! I liked this in the vial, but it all but vanishes on my skin. The oak was lovely and has me reaching for Etienne de Boray Oak, which delivers a stronger and long lasting dose.
  12. warriortwo


    We have an herb shop called Lhasa Karnak here in Berkeley and this smells like being there. For me it's a comforting, welcoming scent. Cedar usually overpowers for me, but in this it's a soft scent that brings to mind the wood shelves in the old houses that I spent my summers in, with various hippie relatives out in the woods. Shelves overflowing with books and knick knacks obtained from world travels. I used to want to live in a house like that. I will keep this to remind me.
  13. warriortwo

    Death Cap

    Soil notes don't do it for me at all, but after about 15 minutes they tend to disappear, so I'm trying to decide if this is worth it. Once the soil is mostly gone this is earthy patchouli and vanilla, and gives me that warm, fuzzy "BPAL" feel. I also get that touch of coconut, but not enough (as a coconut hater) to spoil the blend. I wonder how close this is to Banshee Beat? Alas, this is more readily available. Definitely going in my pile to keep testing.
  14. warriortwo

    From Sunset to Star Rise

    Ay yay yay...I am getting a stinky note, not unlike when my cat expresses his anal glands...is this the oudh? As it dries, it seems to take on a sharpness that reminds me of a snapped flower stem, fresh and green and sappy. This deepens into a dark and spicy perfume, though I don't get strong honeysuckle or rose (except perhaps the stem). It's not unpleasant, even with the slight fecal note, but not quite my style.
  15. warriortwo


    I sort of like this; I like everything in this individually, but together, it's all just a bit off. The myrrh adds a sweetish, cloying edge that makes it less appealing. It's one of those I will probably test over and over but I don't think this will ever really land. So close!