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  1. alyelle

    8th Grade

    In the imp: Surprisingly bitter! The sweetness is there, but lurking underneath something dark and sharp. Wet: Balsam, which is not always nice to me, takes forefront. It's followed closely by the jasmine, a little cocoa bean, and a steadily strengthening tuberose. Dry: Very different to the starting phase! The resins sweeten up, the florals ease off a bit, and the sugar floss takes on a slight vanilla-like quality, although not a foodie one. The first two hours are a bit of a slog where everything fights on my skin but from there it's smooth sailing. Not unlike 8th grade, now that I think about it... Medium throw, 8hr or so wear time. Stars: ★★★★
  2. alyelle

    A Place of Seeing

    In the imp: Lavender, vanilla, and marshmallow. Wet: The barest swipe of rose over a lavender-marshmallow and sandalwood sandwich. Sophisticated but also youthful, with a delicacy that's in no way fragile. Dry: This one is very mild, and by the ned of the day, it settles off into a sheer vanilla sandalwood. It's extremely pretty but unfortunately short-lived on me, so I'm not regretting skipping a bottle and just getting the decant. Still very glad I had a chance to try it, the blend is right up my alley! Stars: ★★★★
  3. alyelle

    Lavender Lightning

    In the imp: Lavender drenched in aquatics. Wet: This is such an odd scent on me and not at all what I was expecting from the description, or from my sniff test of the decant. Usually I amp lavender, but here I get barely a hint of it - it's drowned by white florals, a splash of lime, and a wee hint of eucalyptus. (I didn't buy Virgo Side-Eye in my decant circle, but I get the same notes here as the review up thread which mentions that one!) Dry: Citrus-layered lotus - a bubblegum lightning. Following the initial dry-down, all lavender disappears and never resurfaces, which is so upsetting - Lilith's lavender is probably my favourite of all the BPAL lavender notes. Average wear time with medium throw. Stars: ★★★½
  4. alyelle

    All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head

    Another of the 2021 Liliths I immediately purchased a full bottle of, good grief. In the imp: Rose and red currants. Wet: More red currant than rose, though not for long; within a minute or two, the rose and patchouli dominate and the currants never truly make it out from under their weight again. Dry: Half open red rosebuds, the patchouli from every new age store that ever existed, and juicy little current bops. Medium throw, wear time upwards of 8 hrs. Stars: ★★★★½
  5. alyelle

    Lights, Camera, Something

    Not purchasing an entire bottle after sniffing my decant was the greatest self-control I've displayed all year. In the imp: Cardamom and vanilla-infused lavender. Wet: The cardamom turns vaguely lemony, which is odd, but thankfully never unpleasant as it's tempered by the mildest lavender and a sheer, glimmering vanilla. Dry: Vanilla-smothered cardamom fading to a sweet, indefinable background spice. I'm so glad I took a chance on this one; I was worried the cardamom might be too foody or overpowering. On the contrary, it is wonderful in this blend; warm and homely. It makes me want to stuff myself with kanelbullar and curl up in a patch of sunlight somewhere. Medium tending mild throw, and the only downside I could find is its relatively short lifespan (4-6 hours on me). Stars: ★★★★
  6. alyelle

    O Hushed October Morning Mild

    In the imp: Fig, damp flagstones spread with moss, grape, and the slightest waft of lavender. Wet: The scent of a just-rained-on-herb garden: moist soil, dewy vines, fog and puddles. Maybe a hint of coffee and steam if I really sniff for it, so faint it could almost be imagined. Dry: This one takes a happy place in the same mental bucket I stuck The Serpentine and Good Morning London - there's something so lovely about the fog-laden Liliths. It's all stalks and stems, and slightly dry branches crackling under the remains of a morning shower. Medium throw, long lifespan. Stars: ★★★★
  7. alyelle


    In the imp: Sugared violets, champaca, benzoin and a scattering of rose petals. Wet: Sugar dusted roses over a smooth base of myrrh and patchouli, top notes of champaca Dry: This has such a weirdly amnesiac quality to it - I've worn it about four times and can simply never recall to mind how it behaves the first few minutes of wear. Thank goodness for written testing notes! It settles down into a blend of rose, patchouli, violet, and all things good, and lasts for around 6 hours depending on the weather (it seems to fade more quickly in the heat). Medium throw, at least for the early stages of morph. Stars: ★★★★
  8. alyelle

    The Empress and the Chariot

    Can't remember the last time I was so overwhelmed with wanting a scent on first sniff. This one was amazing, and I purchased a bottle minutes after sniffing my decant. In the imp: Leather, lavender-smothered engine grease, and dusty fields lined with ghost gums. Wet: Honestly, I LOVE this. There's a sharp, almost citrus-like, note to the motor oil, tempered by oak and dust. I don't read it as masculine at all (far from it, actually, it's a very sexy non-binary scent to my nose) but I know my partner will love it as much as I do. I may require another bottle for him, to be honest. Dry: Not too citrusy on the drydown, just enough to give an astringency. The lavender isn't obvious but does lend a softness to the earthy leather, and the final effect is of gentle sun shining down on hard-packed fields. Medium throw, long-lived, and utterly divine. Stars: ★★★★★
  9. alyelle

    A Winter’s Walk in the Cemetery

    Aged slightly more than I'd usually start with, as my 2021 Lilith purchases were part of a decant circle that spent several months in limbo due to covid and USPS shutdowns. I was very excited to finally receive them this Valentine's Day In the imp: Grass, dewy lillies, and maple-strewn roses. Wet: A lovely woodsy base with overtones of flower beds and sweet hay. Dry: This settles into something very reminiscent of October, with the tea-soaked overlay I get from Dorian, but nary a hint of lavender to be seen. Medium throw, 8-10 hours of wear. Stars: ★★★★
  10. alyelle


    In the imp: Another lab freebie. White and green aquatics, laced with bergamot. (Worth noting: I had awful allergies the day I tested this, results might be wonky.) Wet: Eucalypt, river mint, bergamot, and warm ambergris. Dry: Lime and bergamot settling over a resinous seaweed-driven base. Somewhat like having a nice cup of earl grey on the ocean floor. Medium throw, 8ish hour lifespan. Stars: ★★★½
  11. alyelle


    In the imp: Orange blossom, mint, clove and fir. Everything that was listed in the scent notes, but not at all what I was expecting! Wet: Orange rind rather than blossom, with mint, clove, and cumin, a base of fir trees and a waft of tobacco. Dry: Fir and balsam in equal measure, with a gentle top note of mint. This was a lab freebie and I'll confess, I wasn't particularly fussed on testing it; balsam and I have not got on well in recent times, and orange blossom has always been a tricky customer on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It's got a fairly good throw and a long life, upwards of 10 hours wear on my skin. Stars: ★★★★
  12. alyelle


    In the imp: Moss, ginger, and a dark brooding forest. Wet: Oddly sweet! Yet there are no real "sweet" things here. First on, I get foresty top notes of hay and juniper, followed by buckskin strwen over mossy rocks, and a base of rich green pines. Dry: When I was in high school, I played a lot of D&D and read my way through the entire Dragonlance Chronicles and all the side novels. I never imagined how Tanis Half-Elven might smell, but if I had, I suspect it would have been like this - soft leather shoes, grassy straw, and everywhere the reminder of a pine forest. Short-lived at slightly under 6 hours, but with a strong and comforting throw. Stars: ★★★★½
  13. alyelle


    In the imp: Very sweet musk topped with bourbon vanilla and a cypress- or mint-infused leather. Wet: Vanilla, frankincense, soft white leather and steel. Dry: This is a morphing mystery! Champaca? Tobacco flower? Something pale and strangely gaseous but viscious simultaneously. The whitest musk, a whiff of leather, and pale frankincense, with a strong throw and long lifespan. Stars: ★★★½:
  14. alyelle


    The lab went through a phase of giving me new versions of things I'd tried long ago in 2021. I went through a phase of liking them better. My previous review of Sjofn, for a 2014 purchase, is here. In the imp: Apples and cream. Wet: Apples, sugared cream, musk, and the faintest shavings of birch. Dry: Apples for days. Like its older counterpart, this has a light throw (medium when first applied, but it doesn't last) but a generally long wear time - it is still discernable, albeit close to the skin, at the 10 hour mark. I have so many apple scents now, and this one has emerged as a pretty strong contender for a GC fave. Stars: ★★★★
  15. alyelle

    Kubla Khan

    Another imp I have multiples of; this review is for one I received in 2021. In the imp: An overall aquatic impression, with distinct notes of tea leaf, champaca, and vanilla sugar. Wet: Tea leaves morphing slowly to rose, backed by vanilla-infused sandalwood and leather, bay, balsam, and a touch of opium spice. I think the last version of this I wore dated from about 2009, and was very resin heavy. This is lighter, and more floral despite being predominantly a sandalwood base on me. Dry: Sandalwood, balsam (very balsam, in fact), roses, and a touch of smoke. I do like it more than the aged versions I have, though if I like it quite enough to keep in permanent rotation - it's not quite "me" enough. Medium throw, and a long 8-10 hour lifespan. Stars: ★★★½