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  1. alyelle

    Thirteen (13): September 2019

    Given that I reviewed this jetlagged, I am actually VERY willing to believe I messed up my 13's Removing that original review until I can retest to avoid confusion.
  2. alyelle

    Thirteen (13): September 2019

    (Temporarily removed pending re-test)
  3. alyelle

    Harvest Moon 2019

    In the imp: blackcurrant, spice, and red fruit, topped with wine Wet: balsam and cypress, a hint of fig, sage and saffron. White grapes and white musk. It's complex but very harmonious. Dry: this reminds me of a non-BPAL blend I once ended up with, but far superior. Smokey festival smells of rum cake and sweets, mulled wine, and cold forest air. It is rich, delicious, and lasts forever - still going strong at 12 hours with a hefty throw. Stars: ★★★★½
  4. alyelle

    He'd Been an Angel Once

    In the imp: leather and skanky musk, roting roses and talc. Wet: I will confess to being not keen to apply this. But - I must trust that vetiver will be kind to me. Baby sick, smoke and talc at first (wtf is brimstone even made of?), and a sincere wish that the drydown blows my mind. Dry: ... it eventually improved. Unfortunately, I threw half the bottle all over my phone. Screw you, Crowley. A strong-tending-medium throw, and a mid-to-long life. Not convinced I like it, or that I'll wear it again, though the later stages are quite pleasant. Stars: ★★★½ , very mixed feels
  5. alyelle

    Old-Fashioned Satanists

    In the imp: tea and pot pourri on a coffee table, during a heavy rainstorm, watching as the sole inhabitant of the house snuggles deep into a cracked and worn leather armchair, smothering themselves in blankets Wet: cotton, cashmere, and chamomile; lemon shortbreads; furniture polish Dry: soft and comforting, like a whiff of chaos on a stupendously boring day. Just wonderful! Surprisingly short-lived, at just under 6 hours, but with a medium throw. I'd lather next time. Instant favourite. Stars: ★★★★★
  6. alyelle

    Go Hawks!

    In the imp: pine and moss, and sparkling mountain air. Wet: bergamot, layered over a forest of pine, blanketed in lavender clouds Dry: the lavender really billows in the drydown, alongside a little hit of sugar from Dorian. However, the predominant scent is fresh pine, lifted by the tang from the bergamot. The scent proper lasts around 6-8 hours, but the lemony and pine after-notes linger on a bit further. The throw is medium, provided you apply liberally; the effect is very similar to most of the pine-base blends. Stars: ★★★★
  7. alyelle

    στοργή (Storge)

    In the imp: mostly Snake Oil, with a wee hint of honey, and maybe sugared lavender if you really try sniffing for it. Wet: a little more lavender now, and a weirdly chocolate herbal tone, layered over vanilla and patchouli. Dry: this may have given me a slight irritation, although I'm not sure why; Snake Oil never has and neither has Dorian or anything with lavender. It sure seemed itchy though. Ultimately this is Snake Oil 2.0, with a lot less of the other notes, and not quite what I wanted from the description. It is long lived, pushing upwards of 10 hours, but surprisingly mild in throw. Stars: ★★★
  8. alyelle

    Lazy Daisy

    In the imp: tea and cotton Wet: the exact scent of my preferred fabric softener (ilu cotton Cuddly), breadcrumbs, milky white builder's tea and a strainer full of dark wet leaves. Dry: I lucked out with this year's Liliths. This is yet another that I adore, though it is somewhat shorter-lived on me than I expected. Still, it's beautiful, and I am resisting the urge to buy a bottle, as I'm resisting the urge to buy a bottle of all the others I've reviewed. Medium throw, and about 6 hours wear time. Stars: ★★★★★
  9. alyelle

    And Sing, And Sing

    In the imp: lavender, moss, and sugared rose - basically what it says on the tin Wet: tuberose and lavender, the comforting smell I associate with my grandmother's blankets. A beautiful and sleepy scent, perfect for wearing while there's a storm outside. Dry: more tuberose than lavender, which was slightly disappointing, and a lot more delicate than I had thought it would be on first application. The sugared musk lasts longest; the lavender (which is my favourite part and the reason I bought this) is gone forever after only a few hours. Overall, this is a mild scent with a pretty short lifespan of 6-ish hours. Stars: ★★★★
  10. alyelle

    Bits of Birnam Wood

    Apple blends are probably my favourite of all my BPAL, and I have ... at least ten currently in use. This one is a welcome addition to my lovely collection. Long-lived on me (hurrah!), with a medium to strong throw. In the imp: apples, red and pulpy, with a backing of woody earth. Wet: sweet mashed apple, and pink blossoms. It reminds me of Snow Glass Apples, but warmer, and an apple glitter body paint I had ca. 1996. I love it already, and moreso for both of those facts. Dry: simply the most gorgeous apple, all day; a delicious balm to my soul. Stars: ★★★★★
  11. alyelle

    The Forest of the Empress

    Imp: fir and sweet cedar, blue-grey spruce, the sound of a distant river and the rustle of leaves Wet: very gentle, all things considered - the soft, clinging scent of fir trees, underscored by the warm richness of oak and cedar. Peaceful, solitary, and green. Dry: spicy bruised leaf litter, fading into a mist of fir needles and fog. Incredibly short lived at only 2-3 hours, with a mild throw, but such a beautiful and ethereal scent - I will probably try to track down another. Stars: ★★★★★
  12. alyelle

    The Stream and the Waterfall

    Imp: sweet cherry blossom and peach, with a woody undercurrent of frankincense Wet: a pale, secluded wood, with pink blossoms skittering through on the breeze Dry: the memory of blossoms, and crushed leaves underfoot. Like most apricot blends, this one stays super light on me, and so close to the skin that I need to apply quite a bit in order to generate any kind of throw. Possibly one that will be more potent with age, or in winter; in the height of summer, it lasted all of two hours, and the best throw I could achieve was 'faint'. Stars: ★★★★
  13. alyelle

    Ghost Faced Bat

    Imp: vanilla and coconut cream Wet: a sticky, milky sweetness slathered in honey, tempered by resin. I assume it's benzoin but I'll be honest, I have no idea what benzoin smells like on its own; this reminds me of amber, but thicker and more bitter. Dry: Tanning oil. I knew it would turn this way, coconut always does. It's not unpleasant, but not... exactly what I want to smell like. More vanilla and creamy white shades would have been nice. A reasonable throw, and an average 6-8 hour lifespan, but possibly longer in cooler weather (I tested this at the height of summer, in 37C heat). Keeping to age, and to experiment with. Stars: ★★★½
  14. alyelle


    Imp: rich black pine and cunning vetiver Wet: heavy on the pine with a splash of coriander overlaid, and a deep underlying sweetness from the vetiver Dry: unusual top notes which thankfully fade very quickly - the pine is smooth and resiny but the vetiver is oddly soapy, rather than the deep, sweet spice I'd normally get. This rounds out as it wears, becoming a rich vanilla-laced pine, and a strong earthy vetiver, and THAT is the behaviour I know and love from you, you little problem child of a scent. We've had some near misses over the years, but vetiver has never let me down yet, and Hyrrokkin will not be the first. This lasts a good long time, 10 hours or so, with a strong throw at first that does taper off as it dries down. Stars: ★★★★
  15. alyelle

    The Goat and the Vine

    Imp: apples, fresh grass, only a very little of the cedar mentioned, and none of the other notes at all Wet: earth and apple orchards heavy with dewy grapes, a waft of hemp on the air - and perhaps a touch of the heartwood coming in. A faint base of vanilla benzoin which I assume will amp on me. Dry: more vanilla resin than apple in the end, and not as long-lived as some of my apple scents. The apple note itself is very similar to that in Snow Glass Apples, but warmer, and without the ozone overtones in that one. Overall pleasant, if mild, but not one I'd seek out more of - I have plenty of apple BPAL around, and quite a few that work better for me than this did. I will keep it for now, however, to see how it ages; hopefully it'll firm up and last a little longer, given all the wood that's in it. Stars: ★★★★, probably half a star more than it deserves on performance but I'm very biased when it comes to apple notes.