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  1. alyelle


    I have two imps of Bathsheba - one from ca. 2011, the other from ca. 2018. This review is for the 2018 version (aged to 3 years). Review for the 2011 version (now carefully aged to 10 years!) to be edited in later. In the imp: Carnation, tobacco, and a vague hint of aquatics Wet: Spiced musk, and soapy carnation. Dry: A very light and sweetly spiced plum, similar to the drydown I get from Every Day You Play With the Light of the Universe. It's extremely light on throw, and very short lived. Stars: ★★★½
  2. alyelle


    In the imp: Copal, menthol, and smoke accord. This is strong, and hard. Wet: A tiny smoothing off at the base, tonka or patchouli. Wisps of woodsmoke and camphor laurel. Another reviewer mentioned vetiver, and while I can't smell it, I could see it being in amongst this. Dry: Warm earthy resins, and I definitely support the vetiver theory now, though it behaves differently in this blend to how it usually would on my skin. This is an odd, but comforting, scent - angry as the righteous are, powerful in the sense of a superhero protecting those weaker than they are. It's not something for everybody, but it suited me today. Very strong throw, with an average lifespan of 8 hrs. Stars: ★★★★
  3. alyelle

    Bagpipe Dog Alchemy Lab

    In the imp: Pine and lime, and a waft of juniper. Wet: Brightening lime with a slower-to-emerge gin - it's clear and cool, accompanied by snowy pine needles. Dry: By the end of the day, a lovely pine and juniper fragrance, smooth and comforting, like someone took a forest and made a blanket of it. Very long lived, reaching the coveted 12 hour mark, with a medium throw that grows milder through the day. A little sharp at the start, but otherwise lovely. Stars: ★★★★½
  4. alyelle

    Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab

    In the imp: Gorgeous - pink grapefruit, gentle musk, and a sliver of peel. Wet: Very similar in structure to the sniffie test; grapefruit and musk, a little powdery but prevented from being too talcum by the citrus. It's brightened by the lemon peel, and given a slight floral edge by the mandarin. Dry: Smooth grapefruit top notes with a base of creamy musk. It sounds like it could be a room atmos from the description but absolutely is not at all. 8hr wear time with a medium throw. Stars: ★★★★
  5. alyelle

    Fishtail Beaver Alchemy Lab

    In the imp: Patchouli and a hint of mint. Must be the 1920's. Wet: Cedar, and a lot more mint - been a while since I discovered a new thing I amp. This one is very pleasant, not candy or toothpaste-like, and it's rounded out by the base of vanilla-infused patchouli. Dry: A beautiful, sweet cedar blend, warmed by the vanilla and lifted by the mint. Would definitely track down a bottle. A good long 10 hour wear time, and a medium throw. Stars: ★★★★★
  6. alyelle

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    Imp: Dewy grass. Wet: Long grass and vanilla leaves. This might have gone through some bottle shock at first, because my initial sniff test gave me a colossal headache but this time round things were absolutely fine. Dry: Vanilla-strewn grass, potent but very short lived! Barely reached 4 hours. Stars: ★★★½
  7. alyelle


    Freebie from a friend. In the bottle: Amber and musk, perhaps a hint of olive. I don't recognise the names of the last three notes, and google is not much help ("libanon" obviously turns up nothing but references to a country of similar name, though there was a hit for a cedar? "Myrron" gets me nowhere, I'm assuming it's myrrh.) Wet: Very amber more than anything else, and a whiter profile of musk, which is a shame as I love blue. A neroli-like floral, resin (I was right about myrrh...) and the scent of Athenian olive trees. Dry: I've tried it twice now, and twice I've stalled as to what I actually think. It's mostly musk, with a strong backbone of amber and a cloak of incense. Average lifespan of 6-8 hours, medium throw. A baffling experience. Stars: ★★★★
  8. alyelle

    Harlequin Milk

    In the imp: Honey mead, candied oranges, the barest sliver of currant and milk, like the crumbs collecting in the bottom of a fruit cake mixing bowl. Wet: Goats milk and musk, chunky segments of orange, plump spiced currants, and a drizzle of honey. Dry: Honeyed milk and currant bread. This lasts forever, it was still going strong at 10 hours, and has a hefty throw. It's also delicious. Stars: ★★★★½
  9. alyelle

    Demon Goggles

    In the imp: Weed and tobacco, dirty tonka, chocolatey bourbon Wet: The. bourbon turns sweet and vanilla-drenched, and the overall effect is not nearly as pungent as the imp suggests it will be. Over the food notes is a layer of bonfire smoke and new age store patchouli. Dry: A deep and earthy bourbon with an almost cliche patchouli; this smells like every rainbow-hatted, hackey-sack-bearing hippy I ever hung out with. A glorious reminder of the years I spent as a teenager, ensconced in spiritual bookstores and crystal counters. Short lived, sadly, and with a strangely mild throw. Stars: ★★★½
  10. alyelle

    Snake Eyes Gleaming in Spring’s First Twilight

    In the imp: Patchouli, the weird and horrible poop note that everyone has mentioned above me, oakmoss and lavender. Wet: Above all else, the dirty poop oudh - not unlike the note I get from Follow Me Boy, which I could never get past, though I suspect this one might be bearable with age. There's a hint of sweetness but it's all but drowned out by this nasty nonsense. Dry: FINALLY. Patchouli, spiced earth, spongy moss and a wee bit of lavender - green, brown, and a dusky lilac grey. The first five minutes had me very worried, but the drydown gave me hope, and after it settled, it remained a delightful sweet-and-spicy blend. Very long-lived on me, and surprisingly mild once the opening notes die away. That oudh is something else though 😕 I will have to ensure I don't put this on as I'm running out the door, I couldn't bear to inflict the early stages on anyone else. Stars: ★★★★
  11. alyelle

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    I have multiple Hexennacht's; this is for the 2019 version. In the imp: Fir, sweet sandalwood, and the dusty pine-needle floor, topped with grass and amber Wet: Very amber in the base, covered in lush summer pines, a full moon and a clear night sky. Maybe just a hint of vetiver. Dry: Soft and sweet vanilla pine. 8 hour lifespan, medium throw; an overall nice pine blend. Stars: ★★★★
  12. alyelle


    In the imp: Lavender, honey, and dew-covered herbs. Wet: Aquatic notes, backed by strong lavender, white sage, a weird hit of fennel, and maybe a touch of parsley? Dry: Quite lovely; there's barely any honey, but the lavender is sweet and lush, tempered by the gentleness of sage and a combination of herbs that smells more than anything like blue eucalypts. Would absolutely invest in a bottle. Shorter-than-average lifespan of 6-8hrs, mild throw. Stars: ★★★★★
  13. alyelle


    In the imp: Strong on the leather, which is indeed very smokey, with hardly any vanilla at all. Definitely not what I was expecting. Wet: Slightly greasy bushfire smoke, easing off to a whiff of floral and a base of leather. There's something familiar about this; it makes me think of a Tori Amos album and scenes from a film I can't quite recall. Dry: Eventually this morphed into a beautiful soft floral, with overtones of leather-bound books and crackling fires. It is such a punch in the face at the beginning though - prepare for some effort in getting acquainted with Liz. Average lifespan of around 8 hrs, medium throw once the initial blast of application wears off. Stars: ★★★★
  14. alyelle

    Black Fig & Cherry

    In the imp: Squashed figs and cherry pie filling. Wet: Pulpy green fig innards sticky with milk, dark black chery syrup. Dry: A sweet, close-to-the-skin cherry, foodie but not overly so, and vanilla-tinged fig juices. Shorter lived, at around 6 hours, with a mild throw that strengthens slightly in the drydown. Stars: ★★★½
  15. alyelle

    Michiyuki Koi No Futusao

    In the imp: Exactly what it says on the tin: spicy star anise, moss, and the subtle tannin of matcha. Wet: Strong on the moss, which is very sweet and rich (yet another moss that reminds me of Eve, which is hands down the best moss-driven perfume I've ever purchased, anywhere). A slightly sweet, slightly powdery note from the tea, and soft spices overlaying the whole blend. Dry: Comforting and warm, sweet and sophisticated - it reminds me of my late grandmother, and feels very appropriate to have worn it on her birthday. Average lifespan (8hrs) and medium tending strong throw. Stars: ★★★★★