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  1. Miss_Unicorn


    Unfortunately, my skin turns this into pure bitterness, with a hint of wood. With time it sweetens up a little, but alas it stays too bitter for me to enjoy.
  2. Miss_Unicorn


    Wet, it smells very juicy and round, almost fruity. An image of red silk curtains blowing mysteriously and beckoningly in the night desert breeze. Dry, still very juicy, with a spicy undertone. The spices come out less than I'd hoped, but it's still nice. It threatens to go a bit soapy, but the spices keep it in check. The musk stays quite fresh, and doesn't go sour as I'd feared it might. On the whole: nice. Red musk isn't really my thing, but this is one I could wear. Will probably save for nights out when I need something slightly louder and more seductive than usual.
  3. Miss_Unicorn


    A strong and almost overwhelming blast of melons at first, but it soon chills out to slightly lighter melon and a bit more perfumey. This is delicate and sparkly, and will be perfect for springtime!
  4. Miss_Unicorn


    Very marine, very foamy. On me, Y'ha-nthlei smells like fresh but slightly sinister shampoo. It's pleasant, but not quite interesting enough to wait and see what it turns into.
  5. Miss_Unicorn

    The Queen of Hearts

    At first, the Queen of Hearts is quite heavy on the cherry, but the florals quickly come out and lighten it up. After a little while it is quite sparkly and light-hearted, like red lipstick and a summer dress. I'd sort of expected it to be heavy and slightly intimidating (like Her Majesty) but it's quite a light scent, perfectly suited for a summer's day. It disappears disappointingly quickly on me, too... but it's nice while it lasts.
  6. Miss_Unicorn


    It starts off very vanillary with cedar on the background, and a hint of something I can't quite place. It warms up to become more woody, and rugged around the edges. The vanilla is prominent, but without being sweet. This scent balances between being foody and wild, and it confuses me! But in a good way. The imp I got only contained enough for one test, and I might have to purchase a full one.
  7. Miss_Unicorn


    This smells just like a perfune I could imagine Lolita wearing. It starts of sunny and girly, a lot of citrus and a hint of floral. Very pretty. Unfortunately, on me it fades to nothing on drydown, and turns to powder. I blame the honeysuckle. It's too bad, because the book is one of my favourites.
  8. Miss_Unicorn


    Oh wow, this is quite lovely. In the wet phase, the carnation threatens to go soapy, and there seems to be a risk of "too incensy" and "too sweet" tor my liking. I decided not to wash it off because of all the good reviews I've read, and it paid off! I kept stopping what I was doing to sniff my wrist... On drydown, it warms up to sandalwood with spices, warm and golden. It smells like something mysterious and delicious waiting just around the corner. It is quite sweet, but the sweetness is balanced out by the spices. I was surprised that vanilla isn't listed as an ingredient, but perhaps vanilla's obscure Arabian cousin is hiding in there somewhere? I can see why others have made comparisons with Snake Oil, but this is way lighter. Later, it reminds me of middle-eastern baked sweets, but without being foody. I agree with paperdoll, it does smell like a tasty exotic baked good one moment and a tasty exotic seductress the next. Some people have mentioned Marocco disappearing almost immediately, and I was afraid that my skin might eat it right up, since it does that with a lot of blends. But no; it's two hours later and it's still going strong! Verdict: Delicious. I know I'm going to love this even more in winter! I will be cherishing my imp, but not sure if I'll get a bottle.
  9. Miss_Unicorn


    Most peculiarly, I don't get any fruits from this, or flowers, and especially no plum. (That's too bad, because I love plum.) All I get is bitter herbs. "Herbs" can go two ways with my skin chemistry, and sadly, this is the way to swaps.
  10. Miss_Unicorn

    Eat Me

    Eat Me starts off smelling like slightly burnt caramel (in a good way). After a few minutes, something playful and juicy comes out (the berries?). And then the vanilla arrives, lightening it all up and making it even more delicious. I was worried that this might go buttery and cakey, but it doesn't. It's delicious without being overly foody. Oddly, there's something about it that reminds me of Bastet (perhaps there's almond in the three white cakes?). Very nice, and definitely one for regular use. When my imp is gone I might contemplate a bottle.
  11. Miss_Unicorn


    Tweedledum almost works for me. It starts off with bright mango, and is quite refreshing. The fig gives some depth to it, and the patchouli adds an earthy tone. Unfortunately, as usual, the patchouli turns quite bitter and ruins it for me. Still, it was worth a try. This is an interesting, fruity and indeed quite absurd scent that I'd highly recommend to anyone who isn't enemies with patchouli.
  12. Miss_Unicorn


    At first it is soapy, with a resinous undertone. This can go two ways. Potentially promising. It warms to smelling sweeter and silkier and slightly powdery. Floral with a hint of spice. Unfortunately, it confirms my suspicion violets don't work well for me. I see (or smell) how this can be nice; but not my cup of tea.
  13. Miss_Unicorn


    First sniff from the vial: Hmm. This smells interesting. I'd dismissed it on the discription, but I will have to try it. On first application, it's earthy and sweet. On the immediate drydown it gets very sweet and flowery, but in a dark way, like a blooming garden at night time. The smell of earth is still strongly there on the background. This smells like the perfume of a female magician doing her magic in a night garden, digging in the earth, surrounded with blossoms and herbs. Not one I'll wear much, but one I'll keep for magical occasions.
  14. Miss_Unicorn


    A decadent, deep perfume, lusty and luxuriant. The scent evokes images of velvet-lined Old West cathouses, tightly laced corsets, rustling petticoats and coquettish snarls of pleasure. Bawdy plum with amaretto, burgundy wine and black currant. Upon first application, I didn't think I was going to like this. (Although goodness knows, I really wanted to!) It was a little bitter at first, and spicy in a way that vividly reminds me of being in clothing shops India. (I think I'm getting the incensy-ness others mentioned, but only in the inital wet stage.) The plum slowly comes out and steps to the center stage, rounding everything out with lush, luxurious PURPLE. There is a tiny hint of tartness along the edges. A splash of amaretto, too, but without booziness. With time, it just becomes more and more delicious, in a dark and fruity way. I am in love.
  15. Miss_Unicorn


    When first applied, Evil briefly threatens to turn evil, which it to say: diapers. However, the plum soon comes out and saves the day, turning the scent round, purple, and almost fresh. I can definitely smell the plum, without it smelling like plum. (Too bad. I like plum.) The purple centre is shrouded with swirling dark grey smoke. My evil character would definitely be smoking a pipe, right now. I get quite a lot of opium, and something that reminds me of leather. Overall, it makes an incency impression, and it is fresh and smoky at the same time. Verdict: interesting and nice, but a tad too incensy for me, as I tend to amp opium. Something for occational use, perhaps. I might keep the imp...