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Our Nightmarebane. Named after the Baku, benevolent Japanese spirits that eat nightmares. In Japanese tradition, nightmares are gifts from malevolent spirits; when you wake up from one, you may call, "Baku, please eat my dreams!", and if you are virtuous and merciful in spirit, the Baku will devour the evil, transforming it into a blessing of good fortune.


I didn't try Baku for its nightmare-devouring properties; I wore it in daytime. Baku on me goes on with a strong, sinus-clearing blast of medicinal lavender. That initial burst of lavender never lasts long on me, and within 20 minutes it had faded and the anise note was overtaking it. Within another 20 minutes or so, my skin had eaten Baku almost completely. I guess a strong opening would be good for inducing sleep, and if it worked, I wouldn't need it to last very long...

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Lavender and....eucalyptus? It's very sharp but calming. It's not really something I wear as a scent out but rather something I like to apply at home to relax.


Unfortunately, it doesn't have great throw and it fades super quick. I'm kind of surprised because I don't think lavender normally does that on me. If it was stronger and stuck around longer, I would use it when going to bed. As it is, I mostly just keep the imp around and sniff it occasionally.

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