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  1. RobberBaroness

    Two, Five & Seven

    This is what I wanted Peacock Queen to be- a big rose bouquet, pink and sweet and almost overpowering. I'm a little self-conscious wearing it, hoping it isn't bothering other people, but there's something so fun about being so purely rosey!
  2. RobberBaroness


    This one shifts on me! I started out not liking it at all- probably the musk, that's very unpredictable on my skin- but it's settled down into a wonderful golden vanilla. I'll have to keep the sample around for whenever I'm doing any Arthurian writing!
  3. RobberBaroness


    This is a new favorite! The florals are there, but there's also an unexpected note that almost smells citrusy- I guess that's the carnation. It's a playful scent. I probably don't need a bottle when I already have Alice for my carnation needs, but I'm definitely using up the sample!
  4. RobberBaroness

    Rose Red

    Rose Red 2016: This is rose candy to me, very similar to Pink Snowballs. It's sweet and cold and very pink, despite the name.
  5. RobberBaroness


    This is a nice dark rose on me! I like it a lot, though I doubt I would have used up a full bottle. I can definitely get the vampire feel, especially a modern day leather-clad vampire!
  6. RobberBaroness


    This smells delicious! There's nothing evil or alien about it- if it's a goddess, it's an earth mother goddess. I smell gingerbread and spices primarily, more than resins (probably a good thing on my skin), and it'll definitely be a steady winter gourmand.
  7. RobberBaroness

    Jolly Roger

    I'm pretty much only getting the sea salt, which I think I'd like more on a guy than on me. It would be interesting to try in a bath, to make it smell like the ocean!
  8. RobberBaroness

    Gingerbread Villain

    This is surprisingly nice! I'd really like it on a guy. The gingerbread starts out as comforting, then something surprising emerges with the citrus- not quite sinister, but spry and charming.
  9. RobberBaroness

    Pink Snowballs

    2013 version: This is almost a gourmand, smelling of soft fluffy pink candy. But it's not too sweet, and the florals still come through, even if it's not quite as cold as the Frostbitten scents. I'm enjoying it, and I think it will continue to be a cheerful scent for me.
  10. RobberBaroness


    A lovely, sedate garden. Is it gothy? Not necessarily, but it definitely feels old timey.
  11. RobberBaroness

    The Poinsettia Gown

    This is a very ladylike scent, bordering on old-lady-scent. I wasn't keen on it right out of the bottle, but it grew more delicate as it dried. I like the soft florals and the sweetness, and I may wear this on days when I want to make a quieter statement with my scent. Sadly, it fades on me rather quickly (or maybe that's just my nose!)
  12. RobberBaroness

    Frostbitten Alice

    This is my first scent with the frost note, and I don't know how they do it but it actually smells cold! It's light and chilly and more "dainty" than usual Alice, a sweet soft rose. (Also, my husband was horrified by the image of poor Alice being frostbitten, so I had to tell him that knowing wonderland, she was probably just nipped at the heel by a frost creature.)
  13. RobberBaroness

    Lump of Coal

    A brownie. A rich, gooey brownie. I’m happy, because I feel like most of the lab’s coco scents tend to smell the same (even my beloved Gelt.) This is a much more edible chocolate scent. Wearing it doesn’t make me feel like a sophisticate, it makes me feel like a little kid, and I mean that in a good way.
  14. RobberBaroness

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    I've only sniffed it, not worn it, but Loved to Death has a good bit of beeswax!
  15. RobberBaroness

    Mega-Sized Chocolate Bar

    A great blast of chocolate with just a little Snake Oil underneath. Maybe it would change if I wear it for longer. As it is, it feels like a dupe of Gelt.