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  1. asoursweetsixteen


    ~~frimp review~~ wow this is nice! freshly on, it's super woodsy/naturey. the pine is really nice without smelling like a christmas tree. there's a hint of spice, and i'm not familiar enough with the notes to firmly place it, but it's a tad winter pinecone-y (in a good way, i like how those smell so good to me). after a few minutes, it settles as a nice woodsy scent with the hint of spice still there. it's almost rootbeer-esque. pretty good!
  2. asoursweetsixteen

    The Raven

    ~~frimp review~~ fresh on, it smells really clean in a way, but also grandma-y. definite example of florals turning old and powdery and a bit stale. it calms down essentially immediately though and doesn't last in the grandma phase for long. it becomes darker, violet (i'm guessing) and sandalwood with a hint of musk is what it settles down into. about half an hour later it stays very similar to that it's super fragrant and has a pretty good throw imo. there's an aura around me. it's a nice scent but not one i'd wear necessarily even though i'm a huge floral lover. maybe my opinion will change on a revisit!
  3. asoursweetsixteen


    this has settled for a few weeks now, so here's my speedrun at reviewing the weenies I received before they're gone from the shop. first off, the throw is INSANE, which I appreciate greatly. freshly on the backs of my hands, it's smokey and charred, like a bonfire or the smell from a grill. It's got a hint of sweetness, a sweet smoke, and it's not dry. kind of smells like incense due to the sweet amber + smoke. I wish I could make out the pepper more, which was the primary reason I picked this scent, since I LOVE pepper in my perfumes (shoutout to Glossier You). it's more peppery in the bottle, so I know it's there. the cinnamon-y nature of the blood note comes out a bit and adds an extra layer of yum. just so yum.
  4. asoursweetsixteen

    Imported California Peach

    I adore this scent, I'm very glad I picked it up. all I smell is unripe peaches, slightly sour. I had an ornamental peach tree in my backyard since I was little, and the peaches it bore were never sweet, always unripe and sour. that's exactly what this is. it's very refreshing and something different. I can't pinpoint any of the herbs specifically, but it's all just unripe peaches. so lovely
  5. asoursweetsixteen

    Bear Moon

    totally not biased because bears are my favorite animal....not at all in the bottle: it smells really sweet, and of berries and honey. it's also kind of herbally, but I can't pinpoint anything specific. on fresh: wow, one drop of this goes a LONG way. it is so potent and strong compared to other scents I've tried. it's very musky and I can clearly smell bark and leaves, as well as a smoky campfire. the honey sweetness is definitely still here, just weaker, making it so it doesn't go completely off the edge. it's a dry scent of a campfire in the woods, exactly like how your clothes and hair would smell after being around the campfire. can't really distinguish the berry here. it's dry but warm, not cold as the snow note would suggest. after 20 minutes: this really hasn't changed at all. I think the smokiness became a bit stronger, but it's the same sweet campfire scent. it's really nice and autumnal to me. wish I could get more of the berry but this is an interesting scent that is very true to its inspiration!
  6. asoursweetsixteen

    Erotic Drops of Flower Petals Hair Gloss

    gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, fantastic, lovely, spectacular, perfect. this is my first hair gloss and the product itself is not the best for my hair. my hair gets greasy easily so this causes my freshly-washed ungreased hair to become oily. I also don't like getting product all over my pillowcase so I only use it on days where I plan to wash my hair since I shower in the evening. I do love how long-lasting it is, and I often use it when I'm doing work in the lab or at the beach where my hands would constantly be in water/being washed [stripping away my perfume oil : ( ] so I can still smell something nice throughout the day. moving my head even a bit gives me a nice whiff, I feel like there's a scent aura around my head. regardless, this scent is truly delightful. it's extremely sweet, and from the bottle it smells like starburst it's so sweet. on hair, the dominant note is the creamy mango (which I was looking for in a perfume which lead me to choose this over Gentle Hands) with a bit of the mandarin. it's not prominent, but I undeniably smell a bit of citrus mingling with the mango which is very pleasant. if you like mango cream, this is a must.
  7. asoursweetsixteen

    Rose Moon 2023

    ugh. wow. wow wow wow. beautiful and amazing. I adore rose. this is the scent I keep coming back to the most in my (small) collection. so happy I picked this up. I usually wait longer to write reviews for scents, but I've had this for a month now and it's still in stock so I have to try to convince rose lovers. another side note, I adore the label art. I love all of the Moons art, and this one is no exception. in the bottle, it is super sweet! cherryish mixed with rose. very lovely. now on wet, it's much more floraly, majority rose with a hint of something dark/spicy in the background, probably the winer. kind of like a burning rose-scented candle. the dragon's blood is beautiful and really contributes to the wick-burning scent I'm getting. I can't specifically pick out the incense, myrhh, or tabac (mainly cause I don't completely know what those smell like) but I assume they contribute to the dark scent. it very quickly eases up and becomes less harsh, more candy-like and sweeter. 20ish mins later, it's just very much rose. rose all around. one of the few bpal florals that hasn't turned grandma perfume on me (thank god). the wine makes this scent a bit sexy and elegant. the end result isn't very overwhelming, smoky, or extremely dark, just rose with a hint of wine. a lot of the notes don't come through which is more than fine for me since the drydown is beautiful. I can't stop sniffing my hands! ahh! rose lovers get this now!
  8. asoursweetsixteen

    Danse Macabre

    ~~frimp review~~ the smell out of the imp bottle kinda shocked me, I could really smell the hazelnut! on wet: I can definitely still smell it, but it's accompanied by a very dark presence. it smells like smoke, trees, and a bit of spice. again, not what I immediately expected from the notes. dried down: it smells mostly the same, not really a shifter. very green and woody with a hint of smoke and hazelnut. pretty earthy (reminds me of Tombstone a bit but don't quote me on it!). it's a nice scent but not one I'd reach for or upgrade. as always I'm thankful for the opportunity to smell it. definitely can't say it smells like urine.... so sorry for all of you who this scent (or any) turns foul on : (
  9. asoursweetsixteen


    ~~frimp review~~ pretty delightful. I can't really pick anything out, but this smells like basalm and a bit herbaly, as well as slowly becoming smokier over time. definitely very fitting of a description. I wouldn't normally have picked this out but, like most other frimps, is a delight to smell. I do tend to like blends with myrrh in them anyways. I really don't know what else to say, I'm at a loss for words describing this scent other than it smells regal and a bit complex for such few notes now dried, it's kind of still the same. it's a bit overwhelming to my nose now though. still smoky/incensey, slightly herbally fitting the description. like I said, this one's kind of hard to describe but it seems like it's more than than sum of it's parts.
  10. asoursweetsixteen


    ~~frimp review~~ bpal at it again with the patchouli. on wet, it is patchouli central. I can definitely immediately pick up the orange blossom as a little hit on citrus. it's a bit musky and slightly sweet from the florals. maybe I'm just hungry but it smells kind of like froot loops in milk but less sweet. I'm certain that's thanks to the orange blossom. the orange really comes through after a few minutes and it's a musky, patchouli citrus. once dried, it smells more or less the same. orangey patchouli once again. it's nice, but not really one I'd want to upgrade to a full bottle.
  11. asoursweetsixteen


    ~~frimp review~~ on wet, it's very tree smelling, the pine and clove come through very clearly. the cumin also adds a bit of spice which I think is really nice (rhyme!). overall very darkly earthy and musky with a hint of spice which is very fitting. it's leaning very masculine. upon drying for around half an hour, it smells pretty similar. it calmed down as perfumes usually do, but the motif of spicy, dark woods is there. it's pretty nice, I definitely don't dislike it, but it's not one I'd reach for to wear on a normal day out.
  12. asoursweetsixteen

    Lizardfolk Park Ranger

    ~~frimp review~~ this is a very very interesting scent. there's a lot going on at once and it's hard to describe. it smells vaguely nature-y, but too much happening at once to classify this as a real outdoorsy smell, just one trying to be a lot of places all at once. it's very pine forward (but Winter Landscape, Rime does it better) followed by a kind of minty (eucalyptus?) smell, while still being predominantly woody. I'm trying to pick out the scent notes but I'm having a hard time doing so. on fresh, it's minty and woodsy in an artificial way. now dry, it smells nature-y in the same way, but nature-y in the way that a scented candle or speed sticks are. all I can really make out is the pine, bark, and some minty thing I guess that comes off rather masculine or cologne-like. it really just smells like a speed stick. super disappointed for what could've been. it's far from bad or gross, it's just very underwhelming and trying to be too much.
  13. asoursweetsixteen

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    ~~frimp review~~ straight up birch and root beer! I actually love birch beer so it's great to smell like it. I definitely sense bubbles as well. it's just sweet fresh birch beer. not sure if I'd like to actively smell like it, but it's definitely far from bad. maybe a good scent to wear to a birthday party or diner or arcade or something in that vein. now, dried, it's definitely way less sweet and in-your-face rootbeer. the incense comes through STRONG after just 10 minutes after application. it's mainly vanilla-y incense with a touch of the sassafras that made up the soda. it's very pleasant but I'm not super attached.
  14. asoursweetsixteen


    ~~frimp review~~ on right away, it is definitely the most beautiful smelling drying sheet. it's got that specific laundry detergent/dryer sheet/fabric softener-esque powdery chemically quality about it that I just can't describe fully but you know what I'm talking about. very florally and nice. the musk comes through after about a minute and they blend nicely with the rosey smell. soft, powdery, rosey, checked by the subtle musk. now after 20ish minutes, it's definitely powdery and rosey. smells like some powder you'd use after a shower as well as detergent. it's verryyy nice, I really do love it. this will be more of a bedtime wear rather than going out an about. this doesn't lean masculine or feminine to me, just kinda neutral since everyone washes (or should was) their laundry. after a day of doing chores, this smell is welcoming to me. it's great!
  15. asoursweetsixteen

    Mata Hari

    ~~frimp review~~ right away, it comes out smelling like jasmine with a hint of other florals and rose in the background. smells like a nice botanical garden in spring when everything's bloomed. I can kinda smell a hint of vanilla, but not much else at the moment. it's kind of a granny smell currently, but that's the risk we floral scent lovers take. after drying, it smells mostly the same. the roses have come out more so the scent is mainly jasmine and rose together. I think I can smell a hint of the mahogany, which just adds to the outdoorsy garden smell. the vanilla makes it a tad sweet. I can't pick out anything else individually, but all the other notes are working out of sight and contributing in their own way to the overall scent. unfortunately it is a tad grandma-y, but definitely not as bad as some other BPAL florals (looking at YOU Water Rabbit). it's a nice spring scent.