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BPAL Madness!

Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

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In my experience I have found that...


The Caterpillar (Crazy amount of throw and lasting power)

The Highwayman (Probably the strongest & longest of all I've tried)

Spellbound (Lasts and lasts)

Good Old Snake oil...it just seems to never want to go anywhere.

Euphrosyne (But she's gone now so you might find it hard to get)


Also..Snow white, not the strongest amount of throw but definatley lasts a long long time.

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On me, Crawdad was long lasting with wicked throw. I can still smell it a bit even after taking a shower.

Unfortunately, so was tweedledee. That did NOT work on me.

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On me, the two that have lasted the longest have been Snow white and opium poppy. If I don't actively wash it off Opium Poppy can last more than 24 hours on my skin and doesn't even morph. It's incredible.

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As far as lasting the longest I think for me O wins that record. It's very powerful and lingers still a day later. At least for my experience anyway.


Other ones that last a while:


Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

Smut (probably second to O in lasting power)

Monster Bait: Bloody Mary


Snake Oil

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Seconding Inez. I've actually over-applied her a couple of times because I'm so used to my skin eating perfume. Saw-Scaled Viper was pretty long-lasting too, although the spices faded away after a couple of hours so all that was left was the Snake Oil part. Snake Oil too, obviously, although I've only tried a really super-thick aged version, so I don't know if it lasts as long fresh.


Rakshasa also lasted a crazy long time, which was unfortunate because I smelled like an over-budget 1950s Technicolor movie about "Teh Mysterious Orient" for damn near 10 hours before the rose and sandalwood finally killed each other.

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Chrysanthemum Moon, Snake Oil and some of the Snake Pit: Temple Viper and King Cobra.

Prospero and Makhanitis.


I prefer heavy scents, in part due to their lasting power. And yes, at least on me, fresh Snake Oil lasts forever. :joy:


And here's a bpal truism: if you don't like a scent, or if it has Notes of Doom TM, it will not go away (Samhainphobia, I'm looking at you)

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Prurience and Bloodlust, especially with a little age, last forever. You have to like vetiver, however.

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The Girl, Snow White, Pink Snowballs. And all three have perfect throw on me as well (meaning enough that i can smell it without huffing myself, but not so much that DH can smell it across the room).

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For me, anything with red musk lasts FOREVER. Crawdad Dream lasts ALL day on me, as does Lilith Victoria (I think the consensus is that there's red musk in Snake Oil, right?). Other musks can be pretty long-lasting (Bathsheba has Arabian musk and lasts well), but red is the king. (Too bad I don't love being able to smell it much!)


Others that last on me - I think cream/milk notes might be good base notes? Milk Moon 2005 lasts quite a long time on me, as does Glowing Vulva (they both have cream), and White Rabbit (which has milk, although I don't really smell the milk in it, and Alice, which has milk, fades terribly on me). Oh, and Obatala lasts a long time, and has milk, too.


Honey lasts pretty well, too (which might explain White Rabbit better - although, again, it doesn't help in Alice).

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I've got special skin chemistry so only take note of these if you share my pecularity. My skin hates pretty much all spices and dark woods. I cannot wear leather or rose at all. Most fruits work although they tend to become sweet. The florals which work on me are all blossoms (cherry, plum, apple, peach) and all bulb flowers with the exception of calla lily which is crazy strong on me. If it smells like soap or has been described as soap on this forum it smells fabulous on me. Aquatics & florals work on me, foody, spice & incense scents are diabolical.


So....if by any chance you have similar skin then pretty much all asian scents will last over 8hrs on you and get stronger over time rather than fading. They will also throw nicely even though most people find them to be very light skin scents. The best notes for longevity are...


Peach - you can't even wash this off!

Cherry Blossom - goes on superlight, dries down to 8hrs of wafting with pretty strong intensity

White sandalwood - very dry woody scent that's magickal

All musks - although they tend towards sweetness over time



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Hi Ladies!



I ordered 2 bottles of bpals oils

But now i want to know for my next purchase:


Wich one will lingers on like forever the skin without reapplying?


Im still a newbie so i ask for your help :)

These ones i like unsniffed are:









Midnight on the Midway






Blood Countess




Blood Rose








I know this is a huge list but i appriciate your help ;)


Thanks in advance

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O, Bordello, and Hunger are all really strong and long lasting on my skin. Of the ones on your list, I find that scents with red musk, black musk, vetiver, rose, red wine, and dragons blood all tend to have decent throw.

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For me, O and Lilith were really long lasting. Kali, though beautiful, was very, very close to the skin and didn't last that long. Blood Rose had average longevity. I've found that scents with wine, patchouli, or vetiver tend to stick around the longest.


And it's not on your list but..Mme Moriarty! It lasted all day, through the night, and for several hours the next morning on me.

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I think Follow Me Boy has decent throw and longevity. Maybe not as long as red musk scents, but pretty ok. It also smells really wonderful. You should definitely get an imp to check it out!

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I think Follow Me Boy has decent throw and longevity. Maybe not as long as red musk scents, but pretty ok. It also smells really wonderful. You should definitely get an imp to check it out!



i ordered a 5ml (full bottle) of it! ^_^ can you tell me how many hours it surrounds you? and is it similair to a familair perfume?

since im doing my first blindbuy i have to know ;)

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Just throwing my 2 cents in for the long lasting, for me it's Avenger, and Josie (OMG Josie... heaven...)

For my DH it's WILF, 12 hours later, and smelled like, surprise! Snake Oil. Very fabulous...

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