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  1. Leanan Sidhe is one of my personal favorite although I would say it’s more of a tart floral then a forest scent. There were some awesome Trading Post things, hair oil and room sprays that were so incredibly forest and piney. Pine Forest at Midnight is amazing.
  2. stellamaris

    The Poinsettia Gown

    Wow this is strong! And I’m happy about that. Beautiful
  3. stellamaris

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    Pretty! Just got it so it seems very light
  4. Snake Oil, 51, Mad Hatter, The Red Queen, Sheherazade
  5. stellamaris

    Dragon's Milk

    Have I reviewed this before? Lately this is my favorite DB, it’s sweet in a Snake Oil way. Evocative.
  6. stellamaris

    Advice of the Dead

    A divination blend specially attuned to the Santa Muerte Tarot. Along with every card description, Lo Scarabeos accompanying booklet includes a postscript with additional advice, simple and direct, that each card communicates, drawing from the deep well of ancestral wisdom The advice of the dead. Wisdom dispensed from beyond the grave: black copal, golden chrysanthemums, myrrh, worm-slick soil, and gilded marigolds. This is so beautiful, right out of the mailbox. I think I need back ups. The copal is strong for me, it is sort of incense rich and flowery. Five stars.
  7. stellamaris

    Over-Acuteness of the Senses

    And have I not told you that what you mistake for madness is but over-acuteness of the sense? now, I say, there came to my ears a low, dull, quick sound, such as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. I knew that sound well, too. It was the beating of the old mans heart. It increased my fury, as the beating of a drum stimulates the soldier into courage.

 Hyper-aware, swirling with delusions: orange blossom, lemon balm, and clove. I love this, its very pretty. The lemon balm is super lemony, a plus for me. Very fresh.
  8. stellamaris

    Dead Leaves, Violet Candy, and Sugar Crystals

    This is beautiful! It starts out classic Dead Leaves, then the dry down is sweet violetl
  9. stellamaris

    Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil

    Wow. Being a collector of so many types of Snake Oil, I have to say this is gorgeous. Even fresh it’s rich and thick, maybe my favorite Snake, right up there with Temple Viper
  10. stellamaris

    Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, and Patchouli Hair Gloss

    This is beautiful and exactly what I needed to go with all my chocolate perfumes. The dark chocolate is delicious and the tea and patchouli are very nicely balanced and don't overwhelm.
  11. Ibis and Jacquel was a small, family-owned funeral home: one of the last truly independent funeral homes in the area, or so Mr. Ibis maintained. Most fields of human merchandising value nationwide brand identities, he said. Mr. Ibis spoke in explanations: a gentle, earnest lecturing that put Shadow in mind of a college professor who used to work out at the Muscle Farm and who could not talk, could only discourse, expound, explain. Shadow had figured out within the first few minutes of meeting Mr. Ibis that his expected part in any conversation with the funeral director was to say as little as possible. This, I believe, is because people like to know what they are getting ahead of time. Thus, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, F. W. Woolworth (of blessed memory): store brands maintained and visible across the entire country. Wherever you go, you will get something that is, with small regional variations, the same. In the field of funeral homes, however, things are, perforce, different. You need to feel that you are getting small-town personal service from someone who has a calling to the profession. You want personal attention to you and your loved one in a time of great loss. You wish to know that your grief is happening on a local level, not on a national one. But in all branches of industryand death is an industry, my young friend, make no mistake about thatone makes ones money from operating in bulk, from buying in quantity, from centralizing ones operations. Its not pretty, but its true. Trouble is, no one wants to know that their loved ones are traveling in a cooler-van to some big old converted warehouse where they may have twenty, fifty, a hundred cadavers on the go. No, sir. Folks want to think theyre going to a family concern, somewhere theyll be treated with respect by someone wholl tip his hat to them if he sees them in the street. Mr. Ibis wore a hat. It was a sober brown hat that matched his sober brown blazer and his sober brown face. Small gold-rimmed glasses perched on his nose. In Shadows memory Mr. Ibis was a short man; whenever he would stand beside him, Shadow would rediscover that Mr. Ibis was well over six feet in height, with a cranelike stoop. Sitting opposite him now, across the shiny red table, Shadow found himself staring into the mans face. So when the big companies come in they buy the name of the company, they pay the funeral directors to stay on, they create the apparency of diversity. But that is merely the tip of the gravestone. In reality, they are as local as Burger King. Now, for our own reasons, we are truly an independent. We do all our own embalming, and its the finest embalming in the country, although nobody knows it but us. We dont do cremations, though. We could make more money if we had our own crematorium, but it goes against what were good at. What my business partner says is, if the Lord gives you a talent or a skill, you have an obligation to use it as best you can. Dont you agree? Sounds good to me, said Shadow. The Lord gave my business partner dominion over the dead, just as he gave me skill with words. Fine things, words. I write books of tales, you know. Nothing literary. Just for my own amusement. Accounts of lives. He paused. By the time Shadow realized that he should have asked if he might be allowed to read one, the moment had passed. Anyway, what we give them here is continuity: theres been an Ibis and Jacquel in business here for almost two hundred years. We werent always funeral directors, though. We used to be morticians, and before that, undertakers. And before that? Well, said Mr. Ibis, smiling just a little smugly, we go back a very long way Egyptian embalming compound: beeswax and fir resin, myrrh, natron salt, cassia, palm wine, lichen, henna, and camphor. This is beautiful, very complex. The beeswax is the most prominent on first spraying , along with a sort of milky cassia thing. This is an intriguing and complex scent but very easy to love
  12. stellamaris

    The Inexorable Finger

    This starts off Patchouli but a slightly more sophisticated one , but changes to a sort of sparkly thing that I can't put my inexorable finger on but is gorgeous. I have gotten compliments on this, it's just amazing
  13. stellamaris

    A Breathless Chuckle

    Pretty foody and totally wearable
  14. stellamaris

    Obedience to a Secret Impulse Hair Gloss

    This is very pretty sort of boy cologne, the word Patchouli makes me buy things. I like it and have been wearing it paired with The Inexorable Finger
  15. stellamaris

    Fresh Green Holly Hair Gloss

    Lovely and green, just what I wanted