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  1. Stormslegacy


    This is a beautiful, strong scent. I've had it in my box for nearly a year and hadn't tried it until now really--I don't know why! It has a spicy warmth that's perfect for winter. Immediately I get the spices, cloves, possibly cinnomon, with an undertone of carnation that gives it a very feminine rather than foody charm. It's the perfect amoutn fo strength and when I turn my head I can whiff it. I've only worn it for 2 hours so far, but this smells like the kind of scent that lasts all day. Definitely one I love. Five stars from me <3
  2. Stormslegacy

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Inside the elbows are extremely thin skin--you'd be much better off applying oils elsewhere--I generally put a little on each wrist and on my neck.
  3. Stormslegacy

    Daffodils, Narcissus, Paperwhites... and Hyacinth

    I'm absolutely in love with Hades, but the labdanum kinda takes over and gives it a much less pure fragrance. I adore Asphodel, but can't seem to get my hands on a bottle now that it's discontinued. I am hoping maybe there's a newer scent that wasn't in this thread that will meet my narcissus/daffodil needs?
  4. Stormslegacy

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    On me, the two that have lasted the longest have been Snow white and opium poppy. If I don't actively wash it off Opium Poppy can last more than 24 hours on my skin and doesn't even morph. It's incredible.
  5. Stormslegacy


    This is one of those blends that contains both notes I love (Narcasis? Let's run away together!) and notes I hate (labdanum? Let's just be friends. Long-distance Amish friends.) I really like this blend. The narcissus is what take hold first and smells lovely. The other notes ground it so that there's more there then just florals. Unfortunately the Labdanum kinda sweeps in and usurps the power from all of the other notes. Since I amp both notes, they kinda are equal, which is what saves this blend on my skin. The result is a sweet, almost firey soft background alit with a gorgeous floral overlay. They balance so that I don't get the cheap-incense stench of labdanum, but that it's also not all floral on my skin. It's a nice blend for the cold weather on me.
  6. Stormslegacy

    Long Night Moon

    I've had this forever and tried it multiple times. Each time I'm expecting a different result I guess, but it's the same every time. I want to love this one so much, it's description is so beautiful. Unfortunately it's all soap and sandalwood on me, and not even a nice soap. I can just barely detect white florals under the bitter astringent soap. Even if it did smell nice, it only lasts about 40 minutes on me. *sigh* 2 years later I'm finally swapping it and admitting defeat.
  7. Stormslegacy

    Lovers in a Ricefield

    In the imp: Berries. Wet: a fruity mix, I swear I smell some pomegranate in there. Drydown: As it begins to dry it becomes more and more perfumey. The plum blossom is a mix of fruity and floral. I think it may be the nutmeg giving it that quality. I'm not sure what rice smell like. Dry: Perfumey, purple-pink floral. Stronger than I expected. Conclusion: honestly, not what I expected. I normally like berries and I like florals but this one is a tad perfumey for me, I think it's the effect of the nutmeg on the blend.
  8. Stormslegacy

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    In the imp: Sweet. Stomach-churning sweetness wet: sweet vanilla with what I swear is a hint of cherry. This smells like "Eat Me" part deux. Drydown: Still smells like Eat Me. This one is VERY sweet vanilla. Dry: Hours later, still the same. Conclusion-Doesn't morph. Way too foody for me.
  9. Stormslegacy


    In the imp: Potent herbs. Wet: Holy cow herbal stuff. Very very green. Within a couple minutes it expands into a very masculine cologne that is like some of the more popular guy deodorants. This REEKS of boy. This is like, Axe deodorant. Drydown: Still smells like deodorant. A complex and interesting one. If this were on a guy I would be huffing his skin Very sexy blend. As it matures, I can start to pick out the individual notes. The lavender is particularly nice, and the tonka provides an interesting platform for the rest of the scent to play on. Conclusion: Some scents are unisex, and others can be pulled off by the right kind of woman. This is not one of those scents--this is bottled MALE. I can't picture the kind of woman this might work on. I wish my SO would wear scents, this is a blend I could see working on him.
  10. Stormslegacy


    Hellfire: In the imp: Caramel. Wet: Sweet, sweet caramel. drydown: The scent becomes drier as the the oils themselves drydown. The caramel-type scent is most likely from the tabacco combined with the "hot leather." I'm a bit nervous as to what was used to make the incense smell--a lot of Beth's incenses jsut don't work on my skin, which sweetens them to cheap vanilla frosting consistency, blerg. As it dries it retains a somewhat sweet "aftersmell." Dry: The smell of Root beer, plain and simple. Conclusion: A masculine, foody scent. I can't say I'm a fan on my skin, I was hoping it would be drier. I could see liking this on a guy though.
  11. Stormslegacy


    In the imp: Eu de Pine Sol wet: Holycow evergreen. Drydown: Once the evergreen notes spread out the graveyard loam really comes to the forefront. Underneath is the almost perfumey notes of dried flowers. The pine keeps it from becoming too deep and broody. It's definitely Patchouli creating the dirt notes, but it's pretty soft and clean, not like in Depraved or March Hare. Dry: The flowers become more and more obvious as time progresses. The evergreen still lingers to some extent, but more as an accent now that as the main fanfare. The patchouli is definitely the top scent in the blend, but the "floral offerings" also leave their effect. Conclusion: Very different. I'm normally not a fan of "dirt" scents, maybe because they all remind me of patchouli and "dirty hippy funk." The evergreen in this keeps it clean and earthy at the same time. It's what I would call a campfire scent.
  12. Stormslegacy


    Disclaimer I got this a long time ago. This imp is over 2 years old at least. In the imp: The first time I smelled this I couldn't identify any notes except nutmeg. Now that I've been around the BPAL block I can say that the first note on top is sweet almond, very much like the main note in the beginning of Bastet. Wet: Sweet almond on a honey base. Very foody. Reminds me of fall, the type of foods served in the waiting room of a large feast. Drydown: The sweet mead pokes though, along with the hazelnut. Exceptionally foody. I'm having a hard time thinking of my wrist as dry, I half-expect to be sticky. Dry: Sickeningly sweet. The almond doesn't stick around as long as the other notes. As it dries it blends a lot more and each whiff becomes more similar. Conclusion: I've kept this for a long time as it was the first "spicyish" scent I had ever recieved. That said, I've barely used it. I've heard a number of people refer to this as a masculine scent, I personally don't get that vibe from this.
  13. Stormslegacy


    In the Imp: Clove, very much like a cookie Wet: clove and wooden, deepening as time progresses. It also slowly grows a distinct dry-quality to it. Drydown: MMM it's a little like All Night Long but with much more complexity to the notes. I imagine this could be quite a fire-lighter though, if you know what I mean ~_^ It's got an almost buttery feel to the otherwise dry, woodsy and spicy notes. It's a little on the masculine side but not too much so. Dry: I agree with the person that compared this to tea. This also smells like a blend that will probably disappate over a long period of time from my skin. Conclusion: Best as a room scent or in something, soap, the like. I wonder how this would go when paired with a leather scent.
  14. Stormslegacy


    In the imp: The citrusy feel of the neroli is at the forefront Wet: very sweet and juicy, the neroli definitely dominates, but there is some presence to the ylangylang as well. This blend is almost fruity. I can just barely detect the sandlewood beneath, but I don't expect it to stay that way, my body usually amps sandlewood in floral blends. Positively delicious. Drydown: The neroli is definitely dominating this blend in it's fruity but floral way. It reminds me of one of bath and body-works type of blend, like in their lotions. It's pleasant. Dry: Impressive, the sandlewood doesn't dominate, it's almost all neroli with a hint of ylang ylang. Conclusion: A gentle, uplifting blend that is a tad generic. I am planning to mix this up into a sugarscrub for myself, or a bathbomb or something.
  15. Stormslegacy


    Disclaimer: Was afraid to see amber in the notes, in a lot of blends I amp it to cheap-sugary-frosting-of-doom. I also amp sandlewood, though to less of my disgust. It's usually jsut a dry, woodsy scent. In the imp: Complicated and a little soapy Wet: Gentle, soft tea rose. I'm getting a hint of other things, particularly the mandarin. Drydown: Soft. Getting the lillies now too. Much warmer than Helena though it shares a similar vibe. I think it's the sandlewood warming it up and giving it a slightly woodsy vibe. The lily is also kept from becoming soapy. There's a slight spice to it that's rather nice. Dry: Sandlewood with warm, buttery white florals in the background. Conclusion; This is a little generic but a nice soft feminine blend. I can see using this in a lotion.