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BPAL Madness!

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If you are allergic to chocolate but can wear scents with it where it isn't so prominent, avoid this. I couldn't even rub it in and had to wipe it off because it was so itchy.


COCOA, Snake Oil, and rice milk, and teakwood shavings way in the background. Trying to be sweet, kind of plasticy. Like the smell of a full plastic trick-or-treating bucket. This would probably be much more interesting without the cocoa.

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Silky bitter cacao absolute bolstered by a bone-dry teak wood. The rice milk note seems like an after-thought, gently smoothing out some of the edges but not really prominent in my 4-year-old bottle.

The Snake Oil hums along just behind, neither overpowering nor being overwhelmed by the additional notes.

The overall mixture is one that is dark and luscious but not quite foody or sweet. Well balanced enough to not feel overtly gourmand unless someone reads the notes to you.

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