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  1. wolf_truffles

    Every Sweet Thing

    Rose is a scent that absolutely never works on me although I'm desperate to find one. Usually they go soapy, but this does not! It's a winner. Granted, it's not a strong rose but definitely present. A pink garden rose. Honey plakous and hazelnut create a light honey treat at tea time. Not an intense honey on me. Goat's milk blends the the roses and treats together into a sort of mental scene and adds something I can't really describe. Love this one! It's one you really can't stop revisiting on your arm.
  2. wolf_truffles

    Margaret Magdalena Muffinhead

    Cocoa bombs! Thick, fudgey cocoa bombs. No coffee to be found. Then the chocolate steps back almost completely and the most gorgeous carmelized amber appears with a touch of sweet cardamom. Incredible!! Getting another asap.. that caramelized amber is to die for..
  3. wolf_truffles

    Precious Beauty

    Honey, oats and vanilla silk on me! Vanilla silk reminds me of soy milk. I'm actually not getting any almonds or cake! Basically.. pancakes with lots of honey syrup and a tall glass of soy milk! Surprised the fig is totally absent on me. edit: I added more on my arm and suddenly it's a bowl of cream?? Literally all I smell is cream now.
  4. wolf_truffles

    Burnt Sugar, Cream, and Strawberries

    A light, bright candied strawberry note. Somewhere between artificial and realistic strawberry. Not the same note as the strawberry suf. I'm actually not getting any cream! Or maybe it's just hiding well in the burnt sugar note that I can't identify it. It's mostly a sweet candy strawberry. Maybe with a crème brûlée somewhere in the way background.
  5. wolf_truffles

    White Fig, Coconut, and Cream

    I'm getting lots of sweet, delicate fig. The whole scent is delicate and feminine and light. Coconut and fig are dreamy together and the cream is there to swirl things around. Really just what you'd expect from these three notes!
  6. wolf_truffles

    Dark-Eyed, Delightful

    Brown sugar and patchouli!! The cardamom is spicier rather than sweet this time and that combined with the dry cacao make the patchouli smell very dirty (I like that). It is dirty and sweet! Patchouli lovers will love this.
  7. wolf_truffles

    A Chocolate Cat

    It's mostly amber and vetiver on me! A faint whiff of something sweet and chewy but this is actually a pretty bitter. I don't like it as is but I think this would be a good thing to mix with another perfume you think is a bit too sweet
  8. wolf_truffles

    Razor Blade Candy Apple

    Crisp apple that turns soapy on my skin. There must be a floral in here!
  9. wolf_truffles

    Phallus Acrobatics

    The strawberry is strong and reminds me a bit of a sufganiyot- but with florals, lavender and a bit of cream. I really like how the strawberry note and lotus blend together. Strong throw!
  10. wolf_truffles

    White Chocolate, Pink Carnation, Coconut Cream, and Clove

    Rich coconut cream! White chocolate and carnations add sweetness. The white chocolate gives me ghost milk vibes. Can't decide how I feel about the addition of the clove. I don't think this scent needed to be spicy, but also the clove doesn't ruin it. It adds a sort of "buzz" to the whole thing. I'd probably buy several bottles if it wasn't for the clove- the coconut cream is incredible.
  11. wolf_truffles

    Cacao, Black Leather, and Incense

    Smells like harsh tea tree oil for about 15 minutes and the settles down to a mainly leather scent. I wouldn't consider this smokey! It smells like sweet leather
  12. wolf_truffles

    Ice Age Baton

    Really very chalky! All notes are present but I really feel like I'm smelling white chalky dust. Tobacco might be the strongest note but even that is covered in white rubble. I think this is a lot of fun- however, I can't think of anywhere to wear this!
  13. wolf_truffles

    The Houses At The Back – Frosty Morning

    Whimsical lilac. Not heady- maybe the misted ambers make it soft and calm. The amber isn't warm- I'm getting a soft misty blue color from this scent, but it is adding a little sweetness. Peaceful. Good for layering! I'd actually fall asleep happily sniffing this instead of some of lavender scents I've tried.
  14. wolf_truffles

    Triumphant Vulva

    Almond blossom is a bit too strong for me! Drowning out what would be a very beautiful, clean scent otherwise. Lotus root with rose is a great combo. This rose is a girly garden rose and not soapy. Warm amber and vanilla warming it up. edit: I retested this and the almond blossom has calmed down considerably. It is now the sweet vanilla cream, lotus and pink garden rose. I think I'll get a bottle after all
  15. wolf_truffles

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    Lovely, sweet amber and a *not* sweet lemon. Not getting tons of cream- it's reading more like lemon rind. Great amber scent though for amber lovers!