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  1. wolf_truffles

    8th Grade

    I'm getting a little fruity sweetness from the plum, sweetness from the tuberose and sugar, and a soft lavender bud, all enriched and deepened by the cocoa bean. Can't identify the balsam. If it could have been left at that.. then this scent would have been a favorite. However, jasmine (as it often does for me) comes to ruin the day by spraying aftershave and baby powder butt over all the other notes in a very grating way. If jasmine does not bother you, I'd give this a try! I actually love how the cocoa bean plays with the other notes here.
  2. wolf_truffles


    I have a 2009 imp and a 2012 bottle! 2009- this one is so similar to Aoede, Melete, Mneme! Heavy cream. Basically just smells like sweet, sugared cream and marshmallows. After a while it begins to get a bit musty dusty, which my aoede does not. No cotton at all. 2012- less heavy on the cream than 2009 but cream is definitely present. This one has a (somehow) delicious, wispy cotton that I think really improves this scent and stops it from getting musty. Marshmallows and sugar appear more and more during drydown. I think the first minute of 2009 is incredible but falls pretty fast while 2012 is all around a great scent. Both have a relativity low throw!
  3. wolf_truffles

    Raspberry Sufganiyot

    If one could imagine an overly sweet raspberry rhubarb pie? The raspberry jam is so strong I feel like it's been injected into my nose. From only two drops on my wrists! So, so sweet. Like absolutely covered in powdered sugar. I do really like this. I think it being so strong I'd like to blend it with something like King Cake to bring that extreme powdered sweetness down just a notch. This scent is seriously a mood and not one my gothy self is often in 😂
  4. wolf_truffles

    El Dia de los Reyes

    Hot cocoa and coffee go well together! Sweet and very rich. Only a little cinnamon and brown sugar. Almost goes plastic on me which never happens to me with gourmands. I'll update later.
  5. wolf_truffles

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    Oddly floral? Like sweet honeysuckle. Basically a honeysuckle single note on me!
  6. wolf_truffles


    Gelt 2021- More amber than I expected, actually! This chocolate is not like Bliss at all or like Muddy Puddles' cocoa. I get an almond or nutty scent out of this. Maybe even cocoa pebbles? Very light too which is unexpected as chocolate usually amps on me like crazy.
  7. wolf_truffles

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar

    Exactly as I hoped. A light, buttery sugar cookie. I plan on layering the heck out of this with absolutely everything..
  8. wolf_truffles

    Gingerbread Sticky Buns

    Cinnamon buns with extra sugary glaze!! Cinnamon is strong in this, which I really like but I know some have problems with it. Gingerbread in the way background. Not sure I'd pick out the note if it didn't say so on the bottle! I'm a big fan if this! Very spicy gourmand. A great holiday scent.
  9. wolf_truffles

    Marshmallows, Gumdrops, and Peppermint Canes

    No anise on me for those worried. In fact, not really any spice at all! Maybe a tiny bit if clove if I really search but it blends in behind the peppermint. Lots of peppermint and clouds of marshmallow. Gumdrops in the background adding extra sweetness. I'm excited about a peppermint forward perfume, it's refreshing somehow and the marshmallow compliments it well.
  10. wolf_truffles

    Sugar Plum Snake Oil

    Snake oil sugar plum fairy! Snake oil is leading but with lots of purple candy fluff. Plum is very sweet. A very feminine scent. It's fun! Nothing dark or sinister about this plum at all, and the snake oil is playing nice. I really like this one!
  11. wolf_truffles

    Hildegard’s Cakes of Joy

    Definitely bread cake! A bit buttery. Spelt is strong in this which I like. Very whole wheat. Clove and nutmeg definitely come out. Less sweet than imagined! I think bread lovers would like this one a lot. Honey isn't strong on me. edit: honey comes out more during drydown. Adds weight to the scent and gives it some throw.
  12. wolf_truffles

    Gingerbread & Lemon Sugar

    I think I'm the only one that likes this! I like lemon scented stickybat though and this has the same note. The lemon sugar is the syrupy sort that you'd imagine at the bottom of an iced tea. The gingerbread is sweet as well- not getting any spices really although I can still identify it as gingerbread. Gingerbread definitely takes a backseat to the lemon sugar syrup. As it dries and fades there's a buttery vanilla floof that comes out that I really enjoy. The throw and length is strong and long on me- basically the opposite of every review 🤔
  13. I absolutely adore this one!! This is every holiday memory stuffed in a tiny imp. Not a fresh apple; more like a poached, spiced apple. Sweet potato pie is a bit like pumpkin but lighter and sweeter, crust is buttery and adds depth. Perfectly spiced. One of those scents you sniff and sigh after because it takes you to another realm. I'm going to be on the search for more of these imps!
  14. wolf_truffles

    Beaver Moon 2021

    Cheesecake and a dark, spicy cherry syrup. I think the pumpkin is what is reading as spiced. Not much chocolate. Actually even the cheesecake isn't really prominent. Pumpkin and cherry battle it out and pumpkin is winning. I smell something else in there too, maybe a musk? I think this would appeal more to pumpkin lovers than cherry lovers but it could also just be my skin chemistry.
  15. wolf_truffles

    Pandemic Vanitas

    Perhaps the funniest thing I've ever smelled. I laughed hard.. it's literally french fries. Like hot, oily fries and maybe even a pickle. Extremely potato. There's a cookie somewhere in there too. I can't decide if it makes me hungry or nauseous. Absolutely hilarious.