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  1. wolf_truffles

    Clown Footstool

    The vanilla sugar and buttercream really read as 2011 boo! to my nose!! This is not floral to me- but the gardenia is fresh and light and mimics boo!'s linen note. It's literally boo! with a bit of delicate white sandalwood.
  2. wolf_truffles

    Strawberry Buttercream Sufganiyot

    Tart, thick strawberry jam! Strawberry note is much stronger than the buttercream and pastry notes, both of which I barely smell at all (that happens to me with nearly every suf I buy). Leans more "artificial" than fresh strawberry, with something in it making it very gooey. I've never had the og strawberry suf, but I have had the raspberry suf and it's very similar in that the throw is CRAZY. I love it!
  3. wolf_truffles

    Caramelized Pecan Rum Cake

    Strong alcohol/rum in this! But the caramelized pecan is delicious. Very true to description!
  4. wolf_truffles

    Blueberry Banana Cream Pie

    Banana cream pie but the blueberries make it a little tart and fruity. Realistic! Like with banana pancakes, the banana doesn't last super long, leaving a blueberry pie to settle instead. Love it!
  5. wolf_truffles

    Chocolate, Cinnamon Bark, and Chipotle Honey

    I'm so fascinated with spicy scents, especially after I found my fav scent caramel/smoked chilis/black vanilla. This is very different, cinnamon bark in this is masculine and dry. The honey is dark and gooey, closer to treacle, and definitely spicy!! It does something to my nose that I can't describe (not helpful I know). Chocolate blends everything together, but it's not a gourmand chocolate. Maybe a dark chocolate?
  6. wolf_truffles

    Banana Pancakes

    It's bananas foster! In a bottle! The banana is so strong at first, but then mellows into a nutty (spicy??) banana dessert with plenty of ice cream. Not getting any maple syrup.
  7. wolf_truffles

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    I'm actually getting more lavender than the other folks here. Candy sweet sugar plum with a strong lavender! They work well together, but barely. It's not poofy and I'm not getting any marshmallow.
  8. wolf_truffles

    Who’s Afraid

    The coconut and hazelnut have morphed into a snowy hazelnut, which is the strongest note. The cocoa is very powdery. Actually this whole scent is! But not "powder" as in baby powder, but literally if you open a tin of powdered hot chocolate. Then imagine adding a sort of white powdered hazelnut to it. That's the scent!
  9. wolf_truffles

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    Snake milk's sister! A sweet snake oil pastry, but no "bready" notes. I get a slightly milky dessert with powdered sugar.
  10. wolf_truffles


    I have awful luck with popcorn notes but I wanted an imp of this just to see. This popcorn stays actual popcorn for nearly an hour before turning into the plastic I'm used to! I think the cotton candy and soda helped it last, and it's very delicious and realistic. Not getting anything specifically caramel. The popcorn hour might be delicious enough to upgrade to a bottle!
  11. wolf_truffles

    Easter Egging

    A blast of chocolate and rose which is INCREDIBLE but lasts maybe 5 minutes total until this scent becomes solely a pink rose-colored sandalwood. Low throw, but nice if you are a fan of a delicate sandalwood
  12. wolf_truffles

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    Mine is amping the sweet and not as patchouli forward as the first comments, but I bought from after it restocked! A light, sweet patchouli absolutely drowning in ice cream and squirts of honeysuckle nectar. I'm not a floral person at all but thought maybe with patchouli and gourmand notes that usually love me I'd be safe- I was right! More than safe, it's a scent I want to keep going back to my arm to sniff. I do have to say it's strong and loud and slightly perfumey but the ice cream helps it not go into headache floral territory. Not getting much of the other notes, and it seems I'm the only one getting such strong ice cream. No complaints! Ice cream patchouli is something I'd love more of..
  13. wolf_truffles

    Apple Macchiato

    Caramel apple is front and center mixed beautifully with espresso. Coffee is strong at first on the skin but the apple quickly takes over. It really does smell like a certain drink at a certain store (s-bucks), although not as spiced as I assumed it would be. Wouldn't have minded a little more creaminess to settle the apple but this is a scent one could blend easily.
  14. wolf_truffles

    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin

    The muffin note is strongest for those that loved baked goods as scents. This pumpkin has a little spice to it. I think I get chocolate the least in this blend. The muffin note is the star!
  15. wolf_truffles

    Torta Setteveli

    Rich chocolate mousse, lots and lots of bavarian cream and a bit of crunchy, sticky praline. Basically just as described! Although it's way more creamy than cakey to me! Makes me want to try and bake this someday..