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Horreur Sympathique

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The perfume of a hellbound soul, gleefully lost to iniquity: blood musk, golden honey, thick black wine, champagne grapes, tobacco flower, plum blossom, tonka bean, oakmoss, carnation, benzoin, opoponax, and sugar cane.


The strongest notes I get from this are the wine and the grapes. I get a lot of that purple, grapey feeling from this one. The sheer sweetness from these two notes and likely the sugar cane drowns out the rest. Sweet anything amps like crazy on me, so any subtleties are lost on me. It's really strong grape candy and that's not for me.

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A frimp from the Lab.


In vial: Bitter, sharp fruitiness.


On me: Wet this is a bitter, herbal resin over a dark, well-bodied fruitiness; ominous but surprisingly wearable. Dry, the wine comes out, slightly boozy, rich purple-red--but it's well balanced by benzoin/opoponax/oakmoss/tobacco flower, with a touch of beautiful blood musk. I get only a slight sweetness. This is a warm, deep wine against a multi-note resinous, almost-herbal, almost-bitter base that adds a productive complexity and darkness.


Verdict: I tested this right before I meant to shower because I expected it to be horrible or at least horrible on me; it's not! It fits the inspiration well, a dark, rich, ~evil~ wine; I appreciate that it's not a tart or sweet fruitness. This isn't remotely my style, so I don't expect to wear it again, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

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In the imp: Wine, grapes, and something that comes out like eucalyptus. I was already curious about some love notes and some iffy notes. I'm properly wary now. 


On my skin:


Wet, the eucalyptus smell definitely throws high and fast, with the early skin scent dominated by the wine. I can also get hints of what I think is the honey but could possibly be the sugar cane. As it dries, the wine fades -- and so does the eucalyptus -- and the honey becomes much more prominent, grounded by oakmoss and benzoin. In this phase, I can also pick out the feel of the blood musk, though it's not a distinct note to my nose. Once it has time to start to unfold on my skin, I get a note that's almost spicy, which I'm guessing is the carnation, hiding underneath the honey. 


Ultimately, however, not much comes from the carnation spice, and this scent remains very syrupy sweet. Honey lover that I am, it's still too sweet for me. 

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Hellish bliss of sheer delight. Completely enveloped in a sensual ball. 


From the wet stages to the later dry down, the scent remains ever pleasant with sweet wines and honey that are well mellowed out by the oakmoss and blood musk. It straddles the edge of being too floral and sweet but manages to pull back just enough to remain delicate and enticing. 


Several hours later I can still pick up the beautiful scents that give off a sensation of enjoying a masquerade party of refinement and devilish splendor. 


As dawn melds into dusk, lingering scents delightfully taunt me, enveloping me in sensations akin to the enjoyment of a dance of facades at the pinnacle of refinement and devilish splendor.


I want to drink from the chalice of wines and meads. Watch the crimson red juices flow & still beg for more in this scent. This is a fragrance that I will need more than an imp it enjoy.

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