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  1. Mister Azure

    skekNa the Slave-Master

    Not sure if skekNa knows what skekNa wants in life. Wet: Off the bat this is a rather confusing scent. I initially pick up scents of spices, some sort of twisted sweets that aren’t fresh, and some form of leather. Not a heavy note of leather but a faint, thin strip of leather. Everything in this mingles together in such a way that it’s rather difficult to pick up certain notes. I believe the spices of scent of liqueurs are so intertwined that I cannot pick out one from the other definitively. The throw is short to medium. It does like to stay close on me all the same. Dry: As it starts to dry, I swear there is a hint of rust that pokes through. I get more of a scent of the spice and soft leather. Something vaguely sweet pokes its head through now. There’s an older scent to this. Something weathered and sated in current times. There are scraps of sweet cakes, remnants of heavy creams, and dried liqueurs that give way to something cold (the metal padlocks) and that leathery scent. It does soften after several hours and I get more sweet spices. After 5 hours it maintains a nice throw to it and has not been eaten by my skin much. It has mellowed out some now and is even more interesting and pleasant! Still on the low to medium throw end for me. Final thoughts: I do not hate this scent. It’s so interesting and unique. I find myself constantly sniffing it on myself trying to figure it out. There are more spice notes that come out with some leather backing it up but I can’t seem to pluck out all the individual scents however. This is not a bad thing, but speaks to how it blends. I will have to do more repeat wears to be able to say definitely if I love it or not. Right now I view it favorably especially as it softens after a handful of hours. The more it settles on my skin the more I find myself enjoying it. This could also be a touch of Stockholms syndrome for the skekNa.
  2. Mister Azure


    Wet: I am presented to fresh cut flowers. Reminiscent of walking into a flower shop or springtime plant nursery. Layered on top of this I feel as though I am sitting near a creek of clean flowing water with thick and soft blades of grass. The water is cool and crisp to the posing that I want to sip it while basking in the freshly cut flowers nearby. The throw is short on me. Rather close to the skin. Dry: The flowers take over the longer they sit with me. Soft, blooming flowers. While I was able to get a little if the grass by the creek when wet, I only pick up a bit of the clean water misting the flower petals now. The grass is not just a fading thing that once tried to lull me. The throw remains close to the skin after less than an hour is wear. Final thoughts: I do like this scent as a floral with some aquatics. It is bright, soft and refreshing. This makes me long for the springtime bursting with life. I do. It believe this is a scent I would wear only occasional while at home on the weekend. A modest imp is plenty for me.
  3. Mister Azure


    Sweet dessert life abound. Wet: This opens up with dry grass, twigs, and soil with a sweet musk. There is also a faint odor of animal skin. Not a mangy creature but a creature of respect that is to be revered. Dry: Like the trickster god, this goes form a dry earthy scent to a sweet musk on clean flesh. I still feel like there is a subtle presence of the desert grasses but it is more of an accent than something in the forefront. Final thoughts: Sweet earth that travels and rises. The musk with the amber are the some of the final notes that come out the most after a couple hours of wear. I cannot discern a particular woody note but what I can pick up all blends into that dry earthy scent. It is not an in your face obnoxious fragrance. This is a scent to just enjoy gradually. It’s a subtle and self enjoying scent that has a short to medium throw. Something nice for a more intimate or office wear. I will likely wear this when wandering downtown or even on a hike. Curious to know how this will present itself while I workout at the gym. After about 6 hours and a gym trip later has mellowed this scent out a lot more and I pick up the grass scent again, which reminds me more of sun baked grass just past noon. I will have to get a bottle of this as I feel like the imp will run out very soon!
  4. Mister Azure

    Alternative Facts

    Facts and information are mutable and fluid. Wet: I get a hefty dose of sugared fruit pie with a hint of vanilla. More emphasis is on lemon for me, which makes me think of a lemon square at a bakery. It’s rather enjoyable and makes me want a sweet treat. I do not pick up scudding spiders, fog, or what I am to assume fireworks powder. The throw is short at this stage but still worth enjoying. Dry: Ok, this has started to smell more like the icing frosted hand fruit pies with a crusted casing that comes from a convenient store or gas station. An artificial comfort of sorts. The longer it wears the more to devolves into the scent of a candle that wants to smell like an inviting baked good or confectioners delight. Very artificial and trying to convince me of something that it is not. Something unexpected happens a couple hours into wearing this. I feel, of all things, a bit of fogginess in the center of my forehead/brain. Like something is trying obscure my perceptions just enough to disorient me. After a few moments it fades and then I get whiffs of dust and old baked goods. This also goes kind of powdery on me. I will attribute this the dusty aspect (scudding arachnids?). There is something else in this that has an umph factor. I want to say it’s the very subtle scent of small fireworks not yet ignited. I could be wrong on this. Again, perceptions are skewed with this one. The throw is medium which at a distance is… not terrible. Familiar even though disorienting. Final thoughts: this scent has a lot of phases and depths for me. It’s bobs and weaves and takes turns I do not expect or think possible. It has qualities of a more perfume-like scent to it in addition to it being powdery after a little while. This is such an interesting scent that I like it and dislike this at the same time. It is just there if that makes sense. To mellow out from this one, I did have to wash it off and apply some Wulric, The Wolfman. Needed something more comforting and soothing. This is a very interesting scent. Conflictingly complex.
  5. Mister Azure


    The gift from Hades to his bride is as accurate as to be expected. Wet: Immediately I am hit with ripe bursting pomegranate seeds on a lavish platter. I cannot say I expected such a fast showing of those fruit from the start. As quickly as the pomegranate came, a full bouquet of roses accompanied them. Mingled in front of me in an attempt to sway me its way. Dry: The serving of pomegranates has been removed and I am left with roses in full bloom. Potent and filling the air. Only the remnants of juices from the pomegranate remain now. Tempted to indulge in more of these gifts but knowing I should refrain from such actions. Final thoughts: It was surprising to smell the pomegranate as vividly as I did once the oil touched my skin. I did not get to enjoy that as much as I may have thought I would have given how quickly the scent of roses came as things dried down. The roses took the foreground on me after things dried with only a touch of pomegranate to be had. There was a powdering effect with the roses that occurred; not unsavory but not quite the quality I would have wanted for myself. After a bit longer the pomegranate made something of a comeback but not a full showing as initially. It did help removed some of powdering from the roses oddly enough. Not all but some of it. It is a lovely and simple scent to indulge in. A soft and impactful scent that holds the full weight of the mythos of its namesake at hand. I am glad I got to try this imp bottle, even though it is not a scent for me. I did have my spouse try it and it took on a soft rosey fragrance with a nice pomegranate chaser that didn’t go powdery on their skin. I encouraged they to wear it more often.
  6. Mister Azure


    A familiar scent of my youth. Wet: The almond and buttered rum mixed together melds into something beautifully familiar on me. Has a potency that is warm and mindful. While the other elements of this fragrance still hide away, I feel confident they will rise up to make themselves known when they are ready. The throw may only be medium here but it is enough for that brief period of nostalgia. It took some thinking to figure out what this reminded me of but then it dawned on me that it was the original Jergens lotion. I can attribute this to the bay rum and almond blending together in my skin that give it this effect. Dry: Now I get a spot of clove mixed in with the almond and buttered rum! There is an airy spice to the scent now. Feels like being on the outskirts of an outdoor market brimming with possibilities. The throw starts to dwindle within a couple hours however. My skin consumed this rather quickly. Wanted nothing but to gorge on this sliver of nostalgic tidings. Then around 4 hours, this scent also became a memory. A faint and lingering memory. Final thoughts: While I do enjoy this scent, I find it lacks day long staying power and appeal on me. I find it more comforting as something I will enjoy when trying to rest late at night and I want to bathe in memories of days long gone. I did not get to take in the sassafras as hoped but even without that in the forefront, this remains a scent I will come back to from time to time. A single bottle would last me a very long time, however, for now I will just settle for the modest decant gifted to me.
  7. Mister Azure

    The Carousel

    Serene atmosphere among divinity. Wet: immediately I was hit with a eyelid fluttering dose of flora. Moistened, vibrant, flora. Such a rich and welcoming scent that was coated in honey. The honey scent amped on me which I enjoyed paired with the lush greens that accompanied it. The wildflowers are very present and encompassing yet not so overwhelming that I wanted to cringe. The throw is large for me at this stage. Pungent with a pleasant wham factor. Dry: Here, the scent of ozone of a storm that’s coming rolls into the background. I still get that oh so pleasing flora and honey scent that remains consistent and that made me visibly smile every single time. The moss pokes through with warm waves of the wildflowers as though I’m on a carousel picking up the various surrounding scents. Yet, that sweet flora scent always remains in the forefront with what must be a the most subtle of spice from the cinnamon that brings added warmth and depth. The earthy clay fades in a bit with something else that I can’t fully place. It is as though there is a stillness to be had now. A moment of immobility and uncertainty of change to come. With all of this, I’d say the throw is medium which is great since I want to be a little selfish with this one. Just a little. Final thoughts: This has to be my favorite so far. Everything about this blends together so well that it is absurd. A feeling of divine bliss constantly washed over me as I wore this. Feels warming and fresh. There is even an spot of excitement of what comes next for me as they wears on. The most it settles the more intrigued I become with this fragrance. I want to wear this all the time during the day. I catch myself trying to take slow deep breaths just so I can enjoy this scent little more before this beautiful dream ends. I may need several bottles of this now. It’s so good and rewarding in how the scents move and shift yet remain constant somehow. As a welcomed bonus, several hours in, the throw remained rather rather impressive.
  8. Mister Azure


    Wet: This has a sweet oil scent to it but the honey amps rather hard on me, so this comes out more at first. However, this isn’t so pungent that it is overwhelming, which must be the milk keeping it mellowed. The throw is large here for me. Dry: The sweetness of it levels out more and I still get a scent of some sort of specialized oil that gave a sense of comfort. At first I thought machine oil but that didn’t seem right. Thought it hit me, the scent of honing oil and a slight metallic element (perhaps a blade dripping in blood). Then it shifts to a creamy sweet scent with a hint of the honing oil tinging it. The longer is wears (about 4 hours on me), the creamer it becomes like a warm frothed milk and honey; the honing oil scent has faded far into the background and there is no longer a twinge of metallic in there. I could not help but want to keep smelling this and feeling at ease. The throw for this was medium to large at this stage. Final thoughts: This is a comforting and embracing scent. My skin would seem to eat this scent up but I am told it is still fairly pronounced on me after several hours. The entire time I couldn’t help but want to smell Mithras and feel good about where I was in that moment. While there is a very subtle sense of malice in it, it’s more protective than anything. Sweet, mellow, soothing, shielding in its own way. Side note: I looked up a bit about Mithras and that was an interesting insight. Haven’t read the American Gods book yet but the faint hint of metallic makes sense given what I read.
  9. Mister Azure

    Wulric, The Wolfman (2016)

    Wulric is a win for me. Wet: initially I get notes of vanilla rich cocoa with cardamom and something else that gives it heft and a looming force. I can only assume the looming presence comes from the birch tar with a bit of the bourbon. The throw was large I’d say at this stage. Dry: the cocoa becomes more warmed and boozy in bourbon. The musk makes this waft and envelope me in a haphazard-levity manner. I can’t help but want to curl up in a dimly lit room and just let the darkness lull me to sleep. The throw is medium-large here which I didn’t expect. Final thoughts: This scent lingers on me. Lingers for over an impressive 12 hours to where I can still pick it up. Put it on after my evening shower and was still present up to brunch hour. Wulric never wanted me to stray far. It is not so much a sweet scent but more of a savory scent. It feels warm and at a lazy happy pace that is going to constantly be there for better and worse. I may need to enjoy an adult beverage at the end of a day while wearing this. I believe I want this to be a scent that identifies me with others. Warm, embracive, but something that is playfully vicious just behind that carefree smile. After another late night wear, it’s the lavender that makes this scent playful and a bit more inviting! It’s so soft and subtle that I missed it on the first wear. Note: This bottle does separate a lot when at rest so a little shake is needed before application. You can even see little flecks of cocoa on the skin that eventually absorbed (or fall off)