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  1. Mister Azure


    Deep and sharp is the best way I can describe this scent. The patchouli gives it the body but the vetiver gives it an edge that provides a looming sense to this scent. in not usually a big fan of patchouli because of how overwhelming it can be, but this one, with just a little dab, goes a good & long way. While not for me, anyone that is a patchouli lover will adore this. I have gifted a couple of imps so far and everyone has been very happy for them.
  2. Mister Azure


    I picked up a lot more of the blackberry and wine notes mingled with a touch of sea salt and musk. It has a very soft aspect to it. I would consider this to be a very pleasant feminine fragrance that would be great for daily wear.
  3. Mister Azure

    That ‘Ere Wolf

    Wet and rich in forest looming for an unseen stalker. When it is first applied, there is a scent of a flora clad and wet wolf-life creature. The musk and wet cypress closely mingled with one another being mildly suppressed by a recent rain. As it dries, the pine, wood & balsam become more present. The feral musk still ligers, not as noticeable as when first applied but still there, still looming just out of reach. The balsam take more if the forefront to barely mask the musk. This is a soft forest scent that has a pleasant application of musk that isn’t overly potent. I love woodsy scents and this is a top ranker for me. So much so, that as much as I love Troll, this one is a closer replacement for it should it ever be made available year round.
  4. Mister Azure

    Dee Beard Oil

    A soft and elegant beard oil that can be paired with virtually any other fragrance. Nothing about this oil is harsh. Nothing tries to overpower the other with what I can consider a perfect blending. The leather keeps it rather masculine while the rosewood and tonka keep it a bit lighter and playful. Then the incense with the parchment and soft woods rounds this beard oil out with a classical degree of distinguishment. A great scent to wear to bed or when you need something subtle to help condition the beard but no overpower any other fragrance that may be applied to the skin. I find myself wearing this a lot.
  5. Mister Azure

    Hellbeard Beard Oil

    Hell has never smelled so good. One thing I did not expect is how this oil would take on a somewhat sweeter smell that has some hint of spice behind it. I can suspect that the sweetness comes from the bourbon tobacco, which is not a deterrent at all! I did expect more brimstone/sulfur to be present but that was not the case. There is some gunpowder but is is very subtle to where it’s nearly negligible on me. I do want to pair this with one of my other brimstone scents for an added pop of Hell. Overall, this scent is a winner for me.
  6. Mister Azure

    Krampus Beard Oil

    I have never tried Krampus before so I did not know what I would be walking into but something about the scent of leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches appealed to me rather deeply. There is a moist musky aspect. I mostly pick up the fierce red musk and the musky rags with an underline lashing of leather. The wood aspects are very dull for me, but what is there helps even out everything else. Makes this oil somewhat tame and not overbearing. This is in my top three favorite beard oils to wear at any given moment. I often get plenty of compliments on this beard oil and hope it will be made available beyond just the Yule period.
  7. Mister Azure


    The gift of reading is a comforting and indulging thing. When first applied there is a sweet scent of dark chocolate mingled with dribbling wax. A simple comfort that opens for the experience of running your fingers through the time-worn pages. The scent of the pages is smooth, soft, and slightly dusty in the best way possible. The further down into this comfort I go, I become more aware of the old wool sweater that is so worn, slightly tattered, and used for those winter days of relaxing at home with a slice of serenity. The smoke from the crackling fire is faint. Just left to the background. So subtle that is can easily be missed as it rounds out the quiet, blissful moment held. As this dries down more, the smoke and leather are a bit more pronounced. Then without knowing it, there is soft sweetness that remains. Likely this a result of the chocolate and leather. Out of all the Yule fragrances, this one is the most favored that I have. It is soft while still being prominent and that alone makes it all the sweeter to enjoy. And the book that was received was “Wastelands: The New Apocalypse” by John Joseph Adams, which is a pretty good book mood for 2020.
  8. Mister Azure

    Jolly Roger Beard Oil

    This is a comforting scent of oak wood and sea salt that is not too bold and not to dull. There is a good balance once it is applied that last for the vast majority of the work day. The leather is subtle that pokes its head out a bit when first applied with an undercurrent of rum that it does not last very long. I often pair this beard oil with the Shipwreck Graveyard scent. I believe it would still pair will with any woodsy or ocean based scent as well.
  9. Mister Azure

    Coal Beard Oil

    Sweet yet biter like anyone deserving of coal tends to be. The leather, cacao, and black patchouli a bold. Not sure how much pepper I’m getting but it does give it a nice spice roundness to it. The longer it wears, the deeper and more comforting the scent becomes. This is definitely not a light scent. It is a looming scent that I want all holiday season.
  10. Mister Azure


    Hellfire is provocative and enticing on many levels. There is a scent of cherry wood & refined cigars in boxes. It’s has a certain sophisticated appeal to it that I subtle and clings close to the skin. The throw is rather low on this but it does manage to last most of a work day. I would fancy wearing this on a 2nd or third date with someone or if going out to a stage production. Since it’s not something I would wear consistently, I did gift this imp to a co-worker that liked it more. Still, it has its charms.
  11. Mister Azure

    The Sea Foams Blood

    Seas with blood soaked foam give good news to some, mournful news to others. Freshly on, a burst of aquatic and sweet-like floral notes. It is a pleasant and wafting fragrance that carries with me every moment it is on my flesh. Couple hours later, the sweeter notes start to subside for a more pleasant salty allure where the florals notes are toned down a lot and gives way to what must be a comforting dragon’s blood resin. I do not often wear aquatic scents but this one is very enjoyable. It has a short to medium throw but manages to last several wonderful hours. While I may not wear it frequently, I do very much enjoy it. Glad I got this as an imp.
  12. Not sure if you’re interested but BPAL has an auction for the Herbert West scent on eBay. Just wanted to share that based on your review of it. 🙂

  13. Mister Azure

    Herbert West

    Herbert West is an interesting fellow with strange habits. He starts off with a rather pleasant cologne. He also likes to start off his day with a hint of citrus and something else. You can pick up the faint scent of embalming fluids that have permanently stained his flesh. Always an undertone. However, as the life of West goes on, you can tell he likes to remain clean and fresh. A strong soap that still holds onto the embalming fluids. West is consistent if nothing else. The wear for this scent is not very long lived and does not cast itself very widely. It is a scent that starts off interestingly enough but devolves into a basic soapy clean scent.
  14. Mister Azure


    A scent of refinement and elegance. One that is well dressed and suited for the seemingly upper echelons of society. I enjoy so much of this scent! It has such refreshing citrus notes that is well kept with the background of lilac that is tamed by the white musk. The musk keeps this scent from becoming too light and still being a bit jovial than it may initially should be. The throw is medium with a long lasting appeal that manages to say for at least 12 hours. I will confess to not being able to stop sniffing my wrists and enjoy the flow of air that let me enjoy this beyond my initial expectations. While I only have an imp, I can easily see myself getting myself a full bottle once this supply runs out.
  15. Mister Azure


    Subtle with an air of sweet spices. During the wear of this scent, it just kept clinging close to my skin. I had to make more active efforts to catch whiffs of it. The blend itself is well balanced and has a serene earthy aspect to it. Unfortunately, it only last for about 3-4 hours before it fades away into nothing. It is a pleasant scent but with such a low throw and short staying power, I just can’t see having more than imps worth of it.