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  1. Mister Azure

    You get what Anybody gets-You get a Lifetime

    Something old and known that lingers with us all. We try to deny it. Try to shy away from it until it comes. Yet the meeting is comforting and sweet. A needed release that comes with an embracive smile. Old and ancient woods waft into the foreground. Seems nearly primal and always present in a way. Like something we cannot remove ourselves from. Layered with this is an honored and sacred scent of myrrh and black amber that gives a sense of reverence. The cumulation is something sincere and beautiful in a way that we all need. Wearing this scent is a potent and lasting fragrance. It holds a throw that is medium to long and give a pleasant wafting for any that are nearby. When it is first applied to the skin, it is somewhat jarring and surprising in a way; 40-60 minutes after the dry down, it takes on a sweeter and more subtly pleasant appeal. I will admit that at first I was not certain I would want to wear this fragrance often, yet after a weekend of wear I can confidently say: this scent is most definitely something I needed in my lifetime.
  2. Mister Azure

    Dreams Shape the World

    Slumbering minds drift off to planes of fancy that exceed reality once known. Inverted thoughts and blissful winks can shift as drastically to shrinking cries and somber sobs. Worlds left teetering outside of the waking hours. When I first sniffed this from the bottle, I was met with something not only subtly sweet but something mellow and wafting. I was reminded in part of a serene section found in a botanical gardens that lured me further into its depths. Wet on the skin: Jarring and immediately I was thrusted from my sense of known comforts. Eyes closed and I could see a landscape alien to the daily world I see. Curiosity made me want to slip further into this and not look back until the last moments played out. Dry on the skin: What was once jarring is now so enticing. A wanting comfort of the familiar yet unfathomable drifts along my senses. The lavender and musk bring the most subtle qualities to this while the amber and sweet agarwood keep it light and welcoming. The longer it wears the more I feel myself wanting to indulge the whims of the moment regardless of what may come next. Final thoughts: This is a scent that truly invokes a feeling of being taken to a new realm of possibilities and wonder. Even as I write this, I feel a warmth and glow blanketing me. The throw is not wide for this scent but it does make its presence known. Like any dream, it does not need to be bold to leave a lasting impression. I am excited to wear this on those night where I feel restless and I need the blanketing touch of Dream of the Endless to coax me to his domain.
  3. Mister Azure


    Vetiver with gardenia, blood red rose, night-blooming jasmine, a dash of cinnamon and a faint hint of leather. There’s a memory of being in a desert with the flowers in bloom while the sun bakes the leather of the boots worn. The cinnamon is what binds all this together. More floral notes stick out to me than anything. Not sure if call this unisex but it is not definable by any means.
  4. Mister Azure

    Horreur Sympathique

    Hellish bliss of sheer delight. Completely enveloped in a sensual ball. From the wet stages to the later dry down, the scent remains ever pleasant with sweet wines and honey that are well mellowed out by the oakmoss and blood musk. It straddles the edge of being too floral and sweet but manages to pull back just enough to remain delicate and enticing. Several hours later I can still pick up the beautiful scents that give off a sensation of enjoying a masquerade party of refinement and devilish splendor. As dawn melds into dusk, lingering scents delightfully taunt me, enveloping me in sensations akin to the enjoyment of a dance of facades at the pinnacle of refinement and devilish splendor. I want to drink from the chalice of wines and meads. Watch the crimson red juices flow & still beg for more in this scent. This is a fragrance that I will need more than an imp it enjoy.
  5. Mister Azure

    Cock Cage

    A cage of leather, Something tainted underneath. Disappointed cock. This haiku pretty much sums up this scent for me. I hoped for more but got much less.
  6. Mister Azure


    From the soil we came and from the soil we will remain. Wet, dense soil that has been freshly turned. There’s a looming sense to this of something dreadful coming. The roses have long since withered and have become soggy and decayed. A sweet and pungent rot oder mingles with the soil. I expected the rose like scent to go powdery but I remains indulging and consistently enjoyable. I believe it is the mosses that help tame the rose notes and manages to prevent the soil from being so overwhelming. The throw is moderate and manages to last a full work day on me. I would consider this to be a worthwhile unisex scent. I may get a full bottle of this in the future. Simplistic beauty.
  7. Mister Azure

    Gordian Hairmop

    A knot of hair with tender care. I initially expected a more earthy and deep scent with this blend. I was rather surprised at what the end results were on my skin. After applying several times I continue to get the same results. The scent of chocolate tootsie rolls and a barbershop. There is a comforting nostalgic quality in this. I’m reminded of all the times when I was younger and I would sit at the barbershop. Seeing all the different scissors, combs, clippers, sanitation fluids. The 25 scent candy machines. The smooth floors freshly swept and the gentleman always laughing with customers. After several hours have passed, it starts to take on a more perfume-like scent. A subtle departure form what it started off as. The original elements are there but they become lessened. There but not as potent. This scent is by far one of the most unexpected ones I have worn to date. I consider it a more mature scent. This is a scent I’d wear to give the impression that I went to get a shave and a cut before stepping into work or maybe before going to a family function. With a moderate and large throw that is consistent, I’d call this a win of a scent. Not sure how often I’d wear it but still worth having for those special occasions.
  8. Mister Azure


    A brutish guest worth having over for a meal and a brew. This scent has a subtlety aroma of pine. It’s not overwhelming or harsh. It’s very pleasant and not like someone just grinded pine needles into the skin. The clove and cumin are a happy marriage in this with the vetiver and musk being the pleasant neighbors that come over a lot. Initially I thought it would just be something of a pine sap scent with spices but this takes on a full and completely unique expression and body of it’s own. I have found myself wearing this a lot more than expected. I only have an imp but it is being used up very fast. Clove and cumin are two scent notes that seem to agree very well on my skin. This only proves this point. The pine is so damn delicious on me with this blend. I really need to get a full bottle.
  9. Mister Azure


    A wicked beast comes to claim what is their to devour. This scent is rather interesting for me. When first applying I feel as though I’m wandering a moist bog or swamp area at night. Stagnant waters, creeping cypress trees and thick moss. Those come through in their own ways that are very immersive. Dry it takes on a more notable natural incense quality that melds with the missy and bog like quality. Later still after several hours, it goes sweeter on me. Faint but sweeter. This is not a bad scent but I really do not know how to feel about it. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it their. Will try wearing a few more times. Others that smell it one me don’t mind it at all nor find it offensive. Just interesting.
  10. Mister Azure

    La Primavera

    Cleansing of a mad world in need of serenity. This scent is clean, smooth, and just serene. When I saw clean, I don’t mean like a cleaner or disinfect. It’s light, grin inducing, and makes you drift into a wooded clearing of tranquility. The plumb blossom I believe is what gives this a somewhat sweet scent with the other florals melding into a beautiful menagerie of blissful intents. Then the lemon… I worried about this as I thought it would make me smell like a house cleaner. Yet here it just brightens up the scent. The ylang ylang makes the a fragrance a bit more perfume-like I believe, but still keeps from being too much at any given time. The most surprising aspect of this is the jasmine. I expected this to take the frontline over everything else but it just hangs back and supports everything else. This scent is just beautiful. I had this on for 9 hours then while working out and it continued smell pleasant. It certainly has lasting power. The throw is on the lower end but that just makes it more personal.
  11. Mister Azure


    Fig milk, honeyed vanilla, black tea, and hay absolute. Passionate meetings with impactful boons. Wet: Smooth fig and vanilla spring forth in this scent. Like something you can just slip into without pause. The black tea gives this a sort of bitter tranquility that is hard to not savor. There is a sensation of sinking in the black tea while fig laced vanilla is poured into the cup. The throw is wide and of delightful quality. Dry: The hay absolute makes this become sweeter than before. It doesn’t take on a different sweet quality but rather the fig’s sweetness becomes amplified a bit more. This is where the black tea becomes important. The black tea prevents this effect from becoming too overwhelming in the given notes. The vanilla takes a slight back step while everything else is rounded out. The throw remains consistent in this from the wet stage. Final thoughts: So creamy, lush, and savory. I find myself enjoying the sensation of being wrapped up in this fragrance. This is my first journey into fig scents and this will ensure it will not be my last. I do not find this to be a foodie scent in the slightest. It’s just a well rounded and intoxicating fragrance. I feel like I will run out of this too soon for how often I am tempted to wear it. Yeah. I think I’ll just order another bottle while it’s still available. Update:: After several hours of wear I’m left with a light honey scent with fig. The almond and black tea is barely looming in the background. It’s like a nice cool down or reprieve at the end of the day. This really is a good scent with a lot of throw.
  12. Mister Azure

    Dragon's Claw

    Savory sandalwood in a multitude of delights. To put it simply, my skin agrees very well with sandalwood scents. The dragon’s blood resin gives it a deeper scent that works to keep the sandalwood in check. Generally I don’t wear many dragon’s blood scents out of the notion that it gives off an incense type of throw on me. This however is a fragrance that I can see myself enjoying every once in awhile.
  13. Mister Azure

    Fake News

    Deceptive and with misdirection. Upon first putting this scent on, I smelled patchouli and something like pvc plastic or a new pool toy. Not the best opener to give me confidence. After it dries more the tobacco comes out and warms up nicely. The pepper is in there as well but only as a hint of added spice. That plastic pvc aspect fades and I am left with soft patchouli layered with pepper spiced tobacco. A scent I did not know would be as enriching as it is. I find myself liking this much more than expected. The tobacco is what lures me the most to this scent. I like it so much. Has an older and oddly refined aspect. Tempted to get a full bottle of this but I think a few more wears of the decant will be required first. I will agree that this scent makes no sense.
  14. Mister Azure

    Nevertheless, She Persisted

    Sharp and of respect of those bearing witness. With this scent I didn’t know what to expect. What I can say is that my skin amped the frankincense more than anything. I did pick up a touch of the metal/steel. Over the course of the wear some of the golden oudh. However, this mostly smelled like frankincense on me. Plus the throw was very short on me, but that could also do with how much I put on at the time. It is unfortunately not a scent that works for me. The decant is plenty but I do not think I’ll spring for a full bottle of this one.
  15. Mister Azure


    Enjoyable confusion at its finest. Wet: I am brought back to the summers where I’d enjoy a delicious creamsicle/dreamsicle treat. A mixture of citrus orange and creamy sweet milk. That is what comes through first in this. Yet lurking just behind it is something not sweet and creamy. Something just off center that is difficult to nail down. Lemon and pepper is what creeps in here. Still makes it a pleasant scent that makes me think of summer. Dry: Still remains very much the same but the black pepper comes out a little more. The lemon fades to the back even more to where barely a hint is picked up. I never smelled gin in this. Was surprised and disappointed in this. Final thoughts: This scent is more foodie than anything I have tried so far. I like it! Co-worker felt it was not very masculine but still pleasant enough. The throw is very short on me. Which I would think is a good thing. I didn’t know what to expect from this scent and still find it interesting. A decant is enough to sate me for now. One day I may get a full bottle.