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Tea leaf with three mosses, green grass, a medley of herbal notes, and a drop of ginger and fig.


Lab frimp aged about 4 years.

In the imp: Oh my, is this beautiful! It reminds me so much of my beloved and deeply-mourned original Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo. I've been looking for a replacement for that for years. Is this my Holy Grail at last?

On me, wet: the same gorgeous green herbal scent, but now with a tiny tingle of ginger added.

But very quickly (only about 5 minutes), the whole fragrance has become very light already, and less like Herbal Essence. Still a lovely green scent with florals and ginger, though. Close enough.

After 30 minutes: Quite faint. I wish this beautiful scent was stronger and lasted longer! The ginger has faded away, and I don't detect any individual notes. Just that perfectly blended and balanced green Herbal Essence vibe.

After about 2 hours: I am surprised at how long this is lingering, after the quick die-down in the beginning. It's very soft, but still there, and is stable - the scent doesn't change much. Which is a good thing, in this case.

4 hours later, the close-in throw has actually gone a little skunky. But that doesn't matter because it is so faint. And past time to reapply anyway. With my nose practically touching my skin, I still get a hint of Herbal Essence.

This would be a good one for wearing out in public places. It's so light that it is less likely to bother people who are sensitive to perfumes.

Otherwise, I'll want to wear it in the scent locket. To maintain the strength and the closest resemblance to the Herbal Essence shampoo.

So is it the Holy Grail? Yes! Especially in the locket.

5 out of 5 stars. Thank you so much, labbies!

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In the imp: Exactly as described- very herbal & fresh!

Wet on skin: Exactly the same as in the imp

Dry on skin: A little softer/more muted & slightly more “perfumey”, if that makes sense? The ginger & fig are coming to the forefront & doing those yummy things that BPALs ginger & fig always do on my skin, but with a nice surrounding herbal scent.

After a few hours: A faded gingery-fig with a subtle hint of herbs. Weird, but nice!

Verdict: Not quite what I was expecting, but a very nice scent that I can see myself getting a fair bit of use out of!

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Kind of herbal and green, like a nice shampoo.  I DO get the ginger, and it reminds me a bit of Dubious Ginseng Formula, but that was fizzier and sharper, and this is a bit more soapy/clean smelling, but not in the typical "aquatic" way.  This seems like a nice bet for someone (male or female) to wear when they just want to smell fresh and clean, but not perfumey.  Not me, but pleasant none the less and probably a very good choice for summer.  :)

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Something simple and natural that applies a needed balm. 


Wet: Sweet moist moss and grass comes into the foreground with a light juiced sweetness. I feel like I have just wandered into a naturalist healing shop just after the morning sun has come up. Greeted with freshly ground herbs resting next to piles of recently harvested moss. 


The throw is medium at this stage. 


Dry: The mosses and fig remain but are mellowed out slightly with the arrival of ginger than slips in without notice. The transition is so sleek and seamless that it is a natural progression for the scent. Subtly beautiful is the best way I can describe this scent. 


The throw becomes less but still remains present on the skin. 


Final Thoughts: I can say that as a result of this scent, I love mossy fragrances. A lot. After a day and night of wear, a faint lingering remnant of this sticks with me that I was pleased to discover. I did have to refresh it the next morning just so I could enjoy it again. I wish the Potter’s Field fragrance was closer to this one.

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Moss in the bottle. Goes on as uncut grass, like a lawn. Continues into wet/used tea leaves with some sour lemongrass.

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Started out as a very clean scent, almost soap like, fresh and clean but maybe not super special.


About 1.5 hours later, it has mellowed out on the soapiness and had become a little warmer. Seems slightly more floral now but since there are no floral notes in the description, maybe it is actually the moss I am smelling, but then a slightly sweeter variety than I would have expected.


Scent is fairly light right now, so not sure about how well the scent will linger.


Overall, a very and slightly subtle pretty scent but probably not memorable enough for me.

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