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  2. Niniel0205

    Ennui v42

    Wow, this is really one of those scents that takes you on a journey. It starts off with a woody scent that I recognize from these old wooden boxes we have that used to belong to my husbands' great grandmother in Indonesia. Slightly bitter scent, aged. At the very start I really could smell the cigar smoke but 5 minutes in that is already sort of fading unfortunately, I like heavy smokiness. It is funny because cigar smoke does really make me thing of the morning after a party, where the fun is over, you are tired, headachy and you have a stinky apartment you need to air out and do lots of dishes and general cleaning. 'Sigh....was it al worth it?' that kind of sentiment. As I type the scent is changing, losing it's depth and becoming more sweet. I could smell dark chocolate before (not sweet, no food, mostly its bitterness) but now it is almost turning into a black licorice scent...fennel like maybe. I don't want it to stay like this because the woods and smokiness have disappeared. 20 minutes later, the licorice smell is less strong and the old wooden boxes scent is back. No cigar smoke really. I really like this scent, but I almost like the story and journey even more. Though it smells great, this doesn't stand out for me because it smells so nice but because it is damn interesting.
  3. Niniel0205


    In the imp: Hmm not sure. Faint scent. slightly watery. On the skin wet: baby powder. Slightly soapy. don't recognize much of the florals others are describing, if anything a very faint white rose. After dry down: not much has changed compared to wet on the skin. Unfortunately not for me.
  4. Niniel0205


    From the imp: slight sweetness Wet on skin: slight soapy note? A little later: no soap anymore. Berry sweetness and slight candy sweetness but kept in check by something herbal. Up to now, I like this a lot. Somehow it also reminds me a little of shampoo on vacation (?)
  5. Niniel0205


    In the imp: watery, milky. Something sweet. On the skin: soft coconut, sweetness I can now pinpoint to come from shea. I love that scent. After a while: Shea becomes the most prominent note. I like the scent but it's not very potent. It's also a soft scent on its own, so its lack of potency makes it difficult to detect. It is delicious but I am afraid I won't be able to smell this in about an hour.
  6. Niniel0205


    Imp: Dark blue deep ocean waters with a glint of the sun reflecting. Wet on skin: aquatic note is strong, something citrus makes it kind of a breezy scent. Did not sniff this from the imp. Liked the imp version better. After a couple of minutes: citrus has faded. Now it's just deep dark blue ocean waters without the glint of sunshine. Almost a bit scary, like in a scary movie where you know the intro has come to an end and bad stuff is going to happen. The sun has faded, and all of a sudden everyone starts to slowly realize something is actually quite wrong. Treacherous. We have been lured into a trap, how could we have let this happen. Gives me shivers and awe at the same time. Not a scent for every day because of the feelings it evokes.
  7. Niniel0205


    In the imp: something cementy, a hint of sweet Wet on my skin: more cement / wet tiles, the patchouli becomes a note. Sweetness is very much in the background. Adding a little more to get a better idea of the scent. Have a difficulty wrapping my head around this scent, it's like I can't fully smell it or understand it, like it keeps slipping out of my ... nose ... ?
  8. Niniel0205


    In the imp and wet on skin: something sour. After a couple of minutes: still a little sour. I think I smell the laurel and/or bay leaves. Unfortunately no incense, but I do get a fair hint of baby powder which is slowly becoming stronger. Very unexpected. After a couple of hours: still slightly sour but little bit of sweetness has come to the forefront. Strength has weakened a lot, but it still detectable. Overall it is an interesting scent and I don't think I have ever worn anything like this. Maybe I like the description and suggested vision more than the actual scent. Wearable however, so a 3 our of 5.
  9. Niniel0205


    In the imp: oh wow. This is strong. Bubblegum. Wet on skin: Looots of apples. Very strong still. At other sniffs I smell only banana. Then I sniff again and I only smell apples. Strange but interesting. After 5 mins on skin: everything has mellowed out a tiny bit, which is great as before it felt like all the scents were screaming at me very loudly all at the same time. Where before I could detect separate notes (apple, banana mostly) it now seems to be a little more blended together. I hope the chili pepper will come out later to make it more interesting. Up to now, it smells like a slightly chemical smoothy with a lot of artificial coloring. After couple of hours: has faded pretty quickly. Difficult to detect 4 hours later.
  10. Niniel0205

    Bruised Violet Compound

    Wet on skin: violet and concrete. A little bit of the scent of rain on tiles after the sun has been shining for a while. After 10 minutes: becomes slightly more sweet. Concrete has faded and violet becomes more prominent. It is not at all a dark scent for me though as others have described, reminds me of my fave Chowards Old Fashioned Violet mints. Slightly powdery, but not sugary sweet. Overall: like it a lot, but this does not make me conclude my hunt for a black dark sensual violet. This scent is more of a pinkish violet, scent wise...like a fuchsia. Anyways! Great but not top fave.
  11. Niniel0205


    In the imp: straight lavender. after a couple of sniffs I detect a faint lemony edge far away. On my skin: wow it changed so fast it's like a different scent. Very sharp lemon, which is not my fave scent to be honest. It's so strong that I can't smell any other notes. After 5 minutes: the lemon has toned down quite a bit, and now the other notes are coming through. Lemon or verbena is still here but then combined with some smokiness and herbs. It smells quite nice, though a bit lighter than my usual liking. I hope the duskiness will keep on increasing. After 30 minutes: a woodsy scent has appeared. hhmm!!
  12. Niniel0205

    Baron Samedi

    In the imp: dusty, grey-ish...much to my liking On wrist: still dusty but also smokey and something a little darker, maybe leather. I am surprised to read this is a bay rum scent, and that so many people smell almonds. I smell smoldering wood chips, a grey sneezy dustiness, and something a little more grounding. Very nice. Next day: Wow. This scent just kept on getting slightly better and staying around. Today is the next day and I can STILL smell it on my wrists. Strongest oil I have encountered up to now. Very impressive.
  13. Niniel0205


    In the imp: I smell something very sweet, like bubblegum. This disappears after a couple of seconds but sweetness is the main scent I get. On my skin: the super sweet scent slowly transforms into spicy carnation, slowly morphing more into herbal chamomile. Reminds me of the chamomile my dad would dry to make tea with when his throat hurt. The scent is not super strong. I need to really deliberately sniff to get a whiff and it seems to fade pretty quickly. After a couple of hours: a faint, slightly sweet scent in which I can't distinguish any separate notes. I don't dislike this scent, but I don't overly enjoy it either.
  14. Niniel0205

    Old Demons of the First Class

    In the imp: oh yes, my type of scent. Nice and strong, dark, powerful. Wet on skin: same as in the imp. Can recognize some of the pepper in there. Dry on skin: peppery note has disappeared. Starts to mellow out into a patchouli type scent even though there is no patchouli in the notes. For sure a 'my type of scent' scent, but slightly flat and not too exciting. But,would definitely wear again on a day I crave a dark and strong scent.
  15. Niniel0205

    Phoenix Steamworks

    Initial notes surprise me, it smells almost like urine, like a festival restroom (yuck...). Sort of in the same way that Jasmine can sometimes do this. I will have to wait a little for the dry-down, but 10 mins after applying the scent has not changed. Edit to add: after about 2 hours, some of the sharpness of the scent has faded which makes it a lot better. However, there is still a hint of the wet scent left and I am not really a fan. Maybe sage is not for me. Also, I don't get metal notes at all as I read in others' descriptions.