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  1. Ghost of a Rose

    The White Window Hair Gloss

    Bottle fresh from the Trading Post. This review is for the scent only, as I have already reviewed the hair gloss itself (which I love for the shine but especially for detangling.) In the bottle, I mostly smell lilies-of-the-valley and osmanthus, with an undertone of herbal green oakmoss. When compared to the companion Atnosmosperic Spray, this is also a while floral with emphasis on the lilies. But it is indeed lighter and more effervescent, without the grounding of the vanilla. It's gorgeous. While spraying it into my wer hair, I noticed only a delicate green herbal note. No flowers at all - how odd! It's as if it were a completely different fragrance than in the bottle. And even that was gone after two or three hours, even when I held my hair right up to my nose to sniff it. Very different from my other hair glosses, most of which linger in my hair until they are washed out, even if that is several days later. It would be good for wearing in a crowded or stuffy public place, where you don't want to overwhelm others with a heavy scent. It's not as beautiful on me as in the bottle, but I still like it very much. I tried it again a few days later in case my nose was having an off day, or the oils were reacting with traces of shampoo from my freshly-washed hair, or something. I just couldn't believe how totally different it was in the bottle than on my hair. Maybe it was my imagination? But no. This time I sprayed it on dry hair instead of wet. Yep, the same thing happened. 100% mossy greenery. But about 10 minutes later, I smelled a cloud of white lilies floating around my head. I brought my hair up to my nose and sniffed. Sure enough, the herbal greenery had acquired some flowers. It was more subtle than in the throw, and the moss was still present, but now there were the white flowers too. How interesting and lovely! It also lasted longer when sprayed on dry hair, being faintly noticeable 12 hours later. I'm really glad I got the pair, of matching Atnosmosperic Spray and Hair Gloss. It is great fun to compare the ways they are alike and the ways they are different, and how each contributes to fulfill to the theme. I wish I could have gotten all the colors! Predominant Notes: Lily-of-the Valley in the bottle, Oakmoss on my hair Character: White Floral in the bottle, Herbal/Greenery on my hair. Feminine, light, cool 5 out of 6 stars. It would be a 6 if the beautiful floral notes were as apparent on my hair as they are in the bottle; and if the scent had more longevity.
  2. Ghost of a Rose

    The White Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Bottle fresh from the Trading Post. Oh my, do I love this! In in the bottle, it is white lily-of-the-valley with white orchids, set against a woody background in which I can pick out a whisper of cedar. A faint note of vanilla grounds the scent somewhat, but the vanilla is too blended with the floral and wood notes to be at all foody. But it does bring the scent down to earth a little more than in the companion hair gloss, just as is described in the notes for this flight of fragrances. Sprayed on some linens, it is much the same. All white and heavenly, like angel's wings and angel's robes. Now I don't get any vanilla at all, amd I don't miss it. I don't mind foody notes in room and linen scents like I do in a body scent, but even the non-foody vanilla in this one would seem too grounded for this ethereal fragrance. This blend of notes evokes the theme just beautifully. And I'm really glad I got the pair, of matching Atnosmosperic Spray and Hair Gloss. It is great fun to compare the ways they are alike and the ways they are different, and how each contributes to fulfill to the theme. Predominant Note: Lily-of-the-Valley Characteristic: Mixed white florals, Ethereal, Feminine 6 out of 6 stars
  3. Ghost of a Rose

    Gertrude Dix's

    Bottle from the Trading Post, aged 4 - 6 years. For some reason I didn't write a review when I got it. I get a lot of magnolia from this mingled with something light, bright, sparkly, non-floral, and a little perfumey. That must be the champagne. The champagne note evokes the real thing, but doesn't smell exactly like it. (And who would want their bed to smell like they spilled a glass of champagne all over it anyway?). There's no foody vanilla scent at all, but there might be some orchid mixed in with the magnolia. A bouquet of topical white flowers with a glass of cool champagne sitting next to it, on a dark and sweltering Southern night. How lovely is that? Miss Dix is gorgeous, and so fitting for the theme! It doesn't last as long as some of the Atmospheric sprays, but long enough - about a day and a half when sprayed on fabrics. Predominant Notes: Magnolia Character: Mixed floral 5 out of 6 stars
  4. Ghost of a Rose


    Imp fresh from the Lab. In the imp: I'm not liking this so much so far. All those beautiful flowers, and all I smell is hard candy. On me, wet:. The same. At 5 minutes: Ah, that's more like it. Gorgeous flowers sweetened with a little pear. I really like it a lot now. The pear is still more like hard candy than a fresh juicy pear, though. I can't identify any specific kind of flower except honeysuckle, but that's because I'm not that familiar with any of others.
  5. Ghost of a Rose

    Snooty Rose

    Frimp fresh from the Lab. In the imp: Rose and plum at first. Then it settles into something very flowery and sweet. But not rose, oddly. Another flower that is so familiar to me, but I can't quite come up with a name for it. Maybe honeysuckle? Or lilac? It's very beautiful. On my skin, wet: 4:01 pm. The same gorgeous and very fresh not-rose flowery note. Not a trace of fruitiness. At 5 minutes: Ah, here comes the fruit. It is plum rather than bergamot. The floral is still stronger. At 10 minutes: The scent is much the same, but lighter. And if I keep sniffing, I can now pick up a little rose. It reminds me very strongly of another BPAL oil, but I have so many of them I can't begin to guess what the other oil is. At 20 minutes: More complex and perfumy now. About half floral and half fruit, with hints of other things. Very sweet. At 30 minutes: Same as above. At 45 minutes: Pretty much the same, except that a bit of sandalwood is starting to turn up in the background. I like that addition, as it helps to cut some of the sweetness. At one hour: It's more fruit than flower, now. The sandalwood hasn't strengthened any, it's still barely there. At 2 hours: Very faded. Much the same scent, with a little more wood that isn't recognizably sandalwood. At 3 1/2 hours: It is gone, for all practical purposes. The sandalwood never did develop a real presence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Notes: None. This is a very blended perfume. None of the individual notes stand out distinctly. I can detect some rose and plum, but I have to work at it. Character: Very floral, very sweet, a little fruity. Feminine, fresh, spring and summer. 5 out of 6 stars: I like this very much, especially during the first 10 minutes, but wish the rose was more of a presence.
  6. Ghost of a Rose

    Red Roses and Old Bones Atmosphere Spray

    Bottle purchased from the Trading Post about 4 years ago. I don't know why I didn't review it then. Too busy, probably. This is almost a single-note rose. Very fresh and realistic. With just a hint of dust in the background to lend a touch of sorrow. It's exactly what it says! Absolutely gorgeous. And has good longevity as well. 6 out of 6 stars.
  7. Ghost of a Rose

    White Larry

    Bottle fresh from the Lab. i got this partly for the cause, and partly because I wanted to clearly smell the Lab's milk and butter notes. I have several oils that include them, but when mixed with other notes I am never certain whether I am really picking up the milk or butter note, or just imagining it because I'm trying too hard. So this is my chance to find out. i don't know what goat milk smells or tastes like even though my sister owns a goat dairy,. I can't get enough of her many kinds of wonderful artisanal cheese. And goat milk makes the best fudge ever. But I've never drank the milk straight. I'm guessing it is fairly similar to cow's milk. In the bottle: I notice sour milk, butter, and buttermilk; in that order. I'm not at all sure I like this. But I'm fascinated by it and can't stop sniffing. I think it is the realism and uniqueness that interest me so much. It reminds me of the smell of very young babies. And how I had to wear old clothes when my kids were babies because my clothes were always quickly stained and stinking of soured milk. Not my favorite part of being a new mother. This is going to be interesting. On me, wet: All butter at first, yep, movie theater popcorn oil. That's a big improvement over sour milk, though! But that lasts less than a minute, before it turns into sour milk. It's nicer on my skin, though, sweeter and lighter. More like sour cream or buttermilk and less like baby spit-up. At 5 minutes: Now it's the same less-pleasant soured milk that I smelled in the bottle. I'm trying to keep thinking sour cream and buttermilk, but having birthed four children I can't overcome the association with leaky boobs and baby spit-up. At 10 minutes: Same as above. At 20 minutes: It has already lightened up noticeably, which is probably why it has reverted back to the sweeter, lighter scent it had at two to four minutes. Not bad, really, even kinda pleasant. Like the clean, milky smell of a newborn baby. Although I still don't think I'd want to smell like this in public. At 30 minutes: Same as above. This would be great to pair with a baby powder fragrance, especially for someone feeling nostalgic for when their children were babies. Or for an expectant mother to wear in anticipation! At one hour: The same scent, but lighter. At 9 hours: Wow, this perfume oil has managed to really surprise me in a couple of different ways, this late in the game! Given how faded it was at one hour, I am surprised to find that the oil still has a distinct presence. And the sourness has continued to lighten up since then, and now is completely gone. It leaves a gentle, sweet milk fragrance that is just lovely. This must be the goat's milk without the buttermilk. (Or the butter either, but that has been gone since the first couple of minutes.) It's still a little too foody for me to wear in public, but at this point I'd be much less reluctant to go out if I had to. The goat's milk note isn't as incredibly realistic as the buttermilk was, but it is definitely milk, now a cool and very fresh milk that no longer evokes any unpleasant associations for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Note: Buttermilk Character: Slightly soured milk, mild, foody 3 out of 6 stars. (4 stars in late drydown) I can totally see why many people would find this mild, innocent kind of fragrance lovely, soothing and comforting. At the end stage, I do too. I'll never wear it in public, but it is too interesting, unique, and startlingly realistic to get rid of. I'll keep it for sniffing or wearing around the house just for fun.
  8. Ghost of a Rose

    California Leaf-Nosed Bat

    Bottle fresh from the lab. I've always wished for a BPAL oil with a desert creosote note, which is the gorgeous and refreshing scent of the desert after a rain. So I was thrilled to find this! Of course I had to get a bottle! I'm interested in the other notes as well. Except for the clove, all are plants that grow in the Arizona desert where I lived all my life until six years ago. In the bottle:. The first thing I notice is the sharp peppery note of clove, which gives this oil a bit of a men's-cologne vibe. Then a very sweet floral. And almost as strong as the clove, an herbal greenness. I can detect the desert creosote in the greenery if I work at it, but it is very subtle and delicate, as it is in real life. It is almost completely overwhelmed by the more assertive notes. What the green note smells like mostly, and very convincingly, is freshly cut-open cactus and split yucca leaf. On me, wet: 1:36 am. All clove, loud and clear, for the first minute or two. Then the herbal green notes tiptoe in, gaining strength by the minute. At 5 minutes: The green notes and the clove are vying for dominance. At the moment, it's a draw. At 10 minutes: . . . And we have a winner: the herbal green notes. All of the listed notes are present and accounted for at this point. (Something that doesn't happen very often, especially not all at the same time.) In this order: cactus and yucca, datura flower, clove, with a trace of creosote. At 15 minutes: The sharpness of clove has seized control again, but the other notes are still hanging in there. It is men's-cologne-like, to be sure, but a very unusual one. Clove can sometimes makes my skin burn, but that isn't happening here. At 30 minutes: Sweet spiciness, now with a touch of smokiness. Where did that come from? I like it. It balances and gentles the sharpness of the clove. The herbal/green and floral notes are fading. At 45 minutes: The scent has completed transformed. It's basically all sweet, slightly smoky, clove now. There's a hint of other things to add some complexity, but no other specific notes are identifiable. No sense of greenness at all. It's lovely in a different way, warm and comforting, dry and powdery. At one hour: Pretty much the same as above, but lighter. And almost all of the peppery sharpness is gone - the clove is very gentle now, and less men's-cologne-ish. But the smokiness and the subtle lingering nuances from the other notes keep it from being at all foody. At 1 1/2 hours: The distinctive clove scent has faded a great deal, leaving behind just a weak men's-cologne note, without its earlier sharpness. As I move around, my clothes throw off a cloud of men's-cologne. At 8 hours: As light as it was at 1 1/2 hours, I'm surprised that the scent still remains. It's men's-cologne, with a backdrop of clove. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Notes: Clove, herbal/green notes Character: Men's-cologne. Sweet. A morpher: first herbal/green, then spicy. Unisex to masculine. 5 out of 6 stars. I might like this even more without the clove, for a more authentic desert scent and no men's-cologne aspect. But Beth and the labbies know what they are doing. The green notes are pretty volatile, and the scent might be short-lived without the clove. And it does provide a beautiful drydown. Now I would love a Single-Note Desert Creosote oil!
  9. Ghost of a Rose

    The Stream and the Waterfall

    Bottle fresh from the Lab. In the bottle:: First a whiff of peach (that actually smells more like apricot, or maybe canned peaches in syrup - Could that be the clear syrup mentioned by some reviewers?) Mixed with some light florals and a hint of things I can't identify. Then it becomes a very blended classic-style perfume with tones of flowers and fruit, especially apricot. On me, wet: Much the same as in the bottle. When the perfumey note comes in, it has a sharpness exactly like a traditional perfume containing alcohol. At 5 minutes:. Very much like a traditional perfume. The "alcohol" sharpness has mostly evaporated. It's already gone a little dry and powdery (not a bad thing, just an observation.) This is a sophisticated, formal, complex fragrance. The apricot character is faint. I have to look for it. The florals are more noticeable. At 10 minutes:. The fragrance has lightened up quite a bit already. Otherwise it is the same. At 15 minutes:. I'm finding it difficult to pick out any specific note, although I do eventually come up with apricot, and a bit later, a very faint breath of orange. Mostly it's just a light, classic perfume. There's still a trace of the sparkly, sharp "alcohol." At 30 minutes: Still very perfume-like. There's still a bit of floral, and a hint of fruitiness, but the frankincense, and especially cedar, is starting to show up. These notes are all subtle, very blended. At one hour: Same as above At 2 hours: Very light, classic perfume. At 3 hours: Very faint, virtually gone. Predominant Notes:. Apricot. Otherwise this is a very blended oil. Character:. Classic perfume. Feminine, formal. I agree with the previous reviewers that it is Shunga--esque. 5 out of 6 stars
  10. Ghost of a Rose

    The Place Wherein Love Grew Atmosphere Spray

    My bottle is aged about 3 years and was purchased directly from BPTP. I didn't write a review when I first got it. Without looking at the description, the first thing I notice is a mild lemon. Within a few minutes, rose appears but stays in the background at first, gradually taking over until about an hour, when the fragrance becomes all rose. The rose fragrance lasts for a long time (2 days.) After looking at the description, I realized that the citrus note that my nose interpreted as lemon is actually orange, from the orange blossom. I wish this was a true orange blossom note (without the fruit), in which case this would be two of my top three favorite lifelong scents. No doubt that's why I purchased the bottle. But the citrus-rose scent is also very lovely. And I can never go wrong with a rose blend. They are always among my favorites (as long as I can smell the rose note.) I'm very glad I got it. Predominant Notes: Rose and citrus Character: Rose, feminine 5 out of 6 stars
  11. Ghost of a Rose

    Rocky Mountain Goats Hair Gloss

    For me, this is all pine and sage, with the sage just slightly stronger. The two notes are an inspired pairing. They complement each other so beautifully. I love the piney-mess of this. I have no other hair glosses like it. And it is nice and strong at first. Which is something I love personally, but it made me a little nervous about wearing it out in public. But I needn't have worried, because . . . Unfortunately, the fragrance is short-loved on me. It begins to weaken almost immediately, and is gone in about half an hour. I was especially interested in this because it reminded me of the mountaintop forests of Arizona, where I lived all my life until recently. Arizona doesn't have mountain goats - instead there are Bighorn Sheep who live in the desert. But I was thrilled to see a Ponderosa Pine note in a BPAL scent! I was hoping the fragrance might include some strawberry and vanilla notes in the Ponderosa Pine accord, to remind me of sniffing the crevices in the barks of those trees. (A traditional activity in Arizona Scout Camps. Each Ponderosa tree supposedly has a different scent.) It doesn't, but that was okay since it is such a lovely scent anyway. It also feels right for wearing here, where I live now, in the deep cool shade of the huge evergreen trees of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Rainforest. We don't actually have much pine here (it"s mostly Sitka spruce and red cedar, with some hemlock and alder,) But the foresty scent is similar, and the pine-forest mood fits right in and feels like home. And we do have mountain goats here, although they are not native to the area and are being relocated to the Cascade range on the other side of Puget Sound, where they are native. Predominant Notes: Pine and sage Character:. Pine forest, unisex, cool 4 out of 6 stars: I would give it 5 stars if the scent lasted longer. (My rating is for the scent only. But I love the hair gloss, too, especially for combing out the tangles that my hair is prone to.)
  12. Ghost of a Rose

    Candlelight Atmosphere Spray

    Oh my. This makes me swoon. It's one of my top favorites of the atmospheric sprays. This is a gorgeous honey scent, so rich and creamy, with accents of cream and vanilla. I don't notice any smokiness. It is quite strong, and super long-lasting, Both are assests in my book. Depending on the conditions, it lasts for three days up to a week. The notes place it in the foody category, but to me it doesn't come across as a food fragrance. I don't think of any kind of food when I smell it. It's expensive beeswax candles instead, just like its name. It's warmth, soothing, and so relaxing; a true comfort scent. Predominant note:. Honey Character: Warm, rich, sweet, luxurious, comforting, mildly foody 6 out of 6 stars
  13. Ghost of a Rose

    Protection v45

    The only specific note I recognize in this is some peppery ginger. It is herbal, with some floral. But most of all, it is super sweet. There's a cloying, extreme sweetness that makes me wonder if there isn't some red musk in it. I have a major problem with red musk. My body chemistry turns it into a nauseating, unbearable sweetness, usually completely overwhelming every other note in a blend. It isn't as strong here as it is in other oils such as Snake Oil and The Starry Crown. So I'm not sure if it is actually red musk (in a very small amount) or just something that smells somewhat similar. In any case, it makes the scent unpleasant to me. Which is a real shame, because I need all the protection I can get. (If it is the red musk effect, most likely that won't happen to you, so don't be discouraged from trying this on yourself.) It is one of the most stable fragrances I've tested, remaining the same in the bottle, wet on the skin, and dried. I don't know about late drydown, because I fell asleep before that. As for the effect, I've only tried it once, but nothing bad happened while I was wearing it. So far, so good. I am reluctant to try it again since I don't care for the scent, but if I do use it again I'll update this review. Predominant note(s): This is a complex, blended scent. Nothing in particular stands out. Character: Ultra-sweet, herbal, peppery I'm not going to give this a rating, since I might wear it for the effect even though the fragrance doesn't work for me.
  14. Ghost of a Rose


    Frimp fresh from the Lab. In the imp: Patchouli with a touch of benzoin to sweeten it up. On me, wet: 100% Cedar Single Note. WTH? At 5 minutes: Mostly cedar, but some patchouli is starting to show up. At 10 minutes: What happened to the patch? Now it is cedar with a little benzoin. At 20 minutes: Cedar and patchouli, about equal in strength at first sniff, but quickly turns into almost all cedar. With just a vague hint of patchouli and benzoin. It's a rather odd combination. The throw is mostly cedar as well, just a little patchouli. At 30 minutes: Almost all cedar. I was getting a bit of patchouli and just a dab of vanilla from the benzoin, but those have gone into hiding now. At 45 minutes: Still mostly cedar, which has gone a little smoky. A tiny bit of patchouli. And maybe a hint of coconut husk - definitely not the sweet coconut meat - but it's so vague that I might be imagining it. At 1 hour: There's more patchouli in the throw now, but it's primarily cedar. On the skin there's a little patchouli and that shred of coconut husk mixed in with all the smoky cedar. I like the cedar more, with the smokiness. It makes the cedar note smoother, softer, and less sharp. I'm not noticing any benzoin any more. This is a warm scent. A few minutes later, some definite coconut meat has come into the scent. It's a minor player, but clearly there. I'm not normally a fan of coconut in perfumes, but I really like it in this. With all the wood and patchouli, it isn't foody. It goes so well with the other notes, and makes the overall fragrance milder and more interesting. At 4 hours: Ooh, the goblin is absolutely gorgeous now. I've been sleeping, and haven't smelled it for the past three hours. It has undergone a transformation, turned into a prince! The sharp stridency of the cedar has settled down into fine old wood, and the patchouli has gentled, becoming beautifully mild and sweet. The whole thing is tempered and sweetened by plenty of lucious creamy vanilla-coconut. But not foody, thanks to the wood, patch, and a gentle cozy smokiness. And it's no longer masculine, but perfectly unisex. If it smelled like this the whole time, this would be one of my top favorite perfumes! It is sweet, rich, warm, comforting, and so beautiful. Wow, what a lovely surprise! At 12 hours: Still so pretty, and it still has decent strength. Sweet warm vanilla and powder. Predominant Note(s): Cedar Character: Woody, Warm, Masculine to Unisex 3 out of 6 stars in the first hour or so: Pleasant, but a bit boring, and too masculine to be my thing. 6 stars, later in drydown: Swoonworthy and unisex.
  15. Ghost of a Rose

    The Witch Bride

    Pale and lovely, with eyes belladonna-wide: hemlock blossoms and ghostly nightshade veiled by wisteria, white frankincense, black amber, and narcissus resin. 2018 version. Bottle fresh from the Lab. Florals are always my favorite perfumes, and with all the different flowers in this one, it should be an easy win. I'm not familiar with the scent of any of these particular flowers, which was one of the things that intrigued me about this perfume, but which will make it difficult for me to describe! In the bottle: Hmm, not what I expected. Definitely floral, but definitely not a typical floral. There's a sort of "off" note, that verges on the unpleasant, like the scent of those orange and white florist lilies. But this is also very fresh and real. I can practically see the cut flowers in the vase. On me, wet: On my skin it is just a tiny bit sweeter, just enough to counteract the off note some. But it is not a sweet perfume. There's also a sense of greenness, like leaves, stems, or herbs. At 5 minutes: I like how the "off" note expresses the concept of the witch bride. This is not your traditional sweet and pretty, innocent sort of bridal bouquet. There's something darker, more grown-up, some ancient knowledge here. It isn't a scent I would choose for my wedding. But it might be perfect for a sophisticated party, when you want a floral perfume that is neither little-girly or old-ladyish. Or for a Beltane circle. At 10 minutes: No change. At 20 minutes: The off note has vanished, and it's all fresh, white, not-too-sweet flowers. There's more of a bridal mood now, but the absence of sweetness keeps it more mature. Like a bridal bouquet for an older bride. At 30 minutes: It has developed some serious strength and throw. Like a whole churchful of lush white blooms. And still so very fresh and real. It's perfect for a formal white wedding now. I wasn't sure how much I liked it before, but now it is really beautiful. At 45 minutes: Something a little sweeter is beginning to peek out. Probably a different flower, because this still smells like an all-floral perfume. Whatever it is, it makes this even more beautiful. And it is still not a sweet perfume. At 1 hour: So far all of the changes have been subtle. The throw is still all gorgeous, heavy, white flowers. But on my skin, the fragrance has undergone a more distinct transition - some perfuminess has joined in with the flowers. When I compare the scent on my skin to that in the bottle, I am surprised to find that the bottle scent is much sweeter. It didn't strike me as a particularly sweet scent when I smelled it in the bottle before. Apparently the skin scent must have moved even further away from sweetness. At 2 hours: The flowers are still there, but the perfume note is edging them out. I don't detect any frankincense, amber, or resin; just a blended, classy, designer perfume kind of scent. On my wrist, the fragrance is lighter, but the throw is still rich and heavy. At 5 hours: A scent of amber and frankincense with traces of the earlier flowers and perfume lingers, with a medium-to-light strength. Still quite lovely. Predominant Note(s): White flowers of a type I'm not familiar with. Based on other reviews, it is probably wisteria and/or narcissus. Character: Heavy, atypical, non-sweet white florals; sophisticated, formal 5 out of 6 stars