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  1. Ghost of a Rose

    Flor de Maga

    Decant from a lovely forumite! In the imp:. Oil is very clear and practically colorless, just the palest of yellow tints. It smells floral, but like a flower I've never smelled before. I've had plenty of experience with hibiscus, worn them as leis and have even grown them myself, but never noticed any scent from them. It doesn't have the fruity smell of hibiscus tea, either. Flor de Maga must be an unusual one. It's very intriguiging and beautiful. A little soapy, but too unusual for that to matter. On me, wet: On my skin, it smells much more familiar. Either jasmine or ylang-ylang, perhaps both. But there's still an undertone of something different. At 5 minutes: It has developed an aquatic note, but without the men's-cologne vibe that such scents usually have. This is too floral for that. The jasmine has already calmed down noticeably, as has the ylang-ylang or whatever that is, allowing the mystery flower (which I assume is Flor de Maga or Flor de Maga accord) more leeway. At 10 minutes: The same. The aquatic note gives it a sharp, bright edge. i looked up the flower on the Internet. No wonder it smells different than a hibiscus. Although the flower looks exactly like an oversize hibiscus flower, and is related to that, Flor de Maga is actually more closely related to cotton than to true hibiscus. At 20 minutes: Much like before, but it has warmed up a little and the jasmine has continued to fade. It's even lovelier than before. Gentler, less assertive, without the strong jasmine. And with the retreat of the jasmine, the soapiness has gone too. At 30 minutes: Ooh, more gorgeous than ever. All mystery flower and aquatic. I'm going to need a bottle of this. At 45 minutes: The aquatic note is trying to muscle out the floral. 馃槬 And the whole thing suddenly went much lighter. The flower is still hanging on, though, and I'm still loving it. At 1 hour: Pretty much the same. Fortunately the aquatic is starting to lighten up too, before it managed to edge out the floral completely. The aquatic is very dominant in the throw. At 2 hours: Much weaker now. Mostly the aquatic, but there's still a trace of the flower. At 3 hours:. All aquatic. Which makes it cologne-like, but it isn't aftershave-ish. And it's very light. At 4 hours:. Virtually gone. Although, the fading of the aquatic note lets a hint of the floral through again. This is more short-lived than many BPAL's. But some notes are just like that, and when you are trying to create a single-note accord, you can't add base notes to make it last longer. (I wonder if the aquatic note wasn't included for that reason - to stretch out the life of the fragrance without changing its character too much.) Plus which, it does last as long as most traditional alcohol-based perfumes. So I'm okay with that. At 5 hours: I am surprised to find that a little scent still lingers. Not only that, but it has returned to the more floral-dominant gorgeous fragrance that it had earlier. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Notes: Flor de Maga (accord?), Aquatic, Jasmine Character: Unusual floral, aquatic, feminine 6 out of 6 stars. The late drydown is more cologne-y than I would prefer, but I love the "mystery flower"/Flor de Maga note so much that it deserves 6 stars anyway. (And it does return to the floral in the final drydown.)
  2. Ghost of a Rose

    Red Incense Hair Gloss

    This is one of those that come across as a blend - the notes mix to become an entirely new and different scent - rather than any individual notes standing out distinctly. Without looking at the notes, I get a very sweet and somewhat feminine incense-and-resins fragrance in which other notes are clearly present but unidentifiable. Lovely. And unusual for an incense perfume, to be sweet and feminine rather than unisex and headshop. After looking at the description, searching for those notes in the scent I get mostly the sandalwood, with a breath of cinnamon. There's plenty of copal as well, but I'm not that familiar with it so it reads to me as just resiny. The sweetness is definitely the myrrh, with the fruits probably contributing to that as well. I don't specifically detect any actual fruit or wine, but I do get a mental picture of red fruits, so obviously they are there in the mix. But to my nose, this is not a fruity perfume. And as always, I don't smell any blood. And it does have a red vibe. How intruiging is that? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Notes:. Sandalwood, Copal, Myrrh Character: Incense and resins. Blended. Sweet, somewhat feminine. 5 out of 6 stars
  3. Ghost of a Rose

    Western Small Foot Bat Hair Gloss

    Bottle fresh from the Trading Post. Three of my favorite notes: What's not to love? And sure enough, I do. But it did manage to surprise me! I've come to regard perfumes as falling into two main categories: 1. Medleys Like a vegetable medley, or a song medley, or even a musical chord. Although they are combined, certain components (or all of them) stand out distinctly. Each vegetable, melody, or musical note, or one or more of the perfume notes, retains its own characteristic identity. You can say, "This is peas, corn, and carrots," "Oh, this is a rose and musk perfume," or "This is a I, maj III, V, VII chord." Most BPAL perfumes are of this type, and that's one of the reasons why I'm a BPAL addict. I've always especially loved perfumes that smell like real things. i include perfumes in this group even if only one note is distinct, and all the other notes blend together into a mystery scent. If I can say, "This is a cedar perfume," or "This is a rose perfume, with other things I can't identify in it." (In BPAL oils, though, there are usually at least two, and often more, distinct notes.) 2. Blends These are things that blend together to make something new and completely different, in which individual components lose their identities. Like vichyssoise soup, and secondary colors. Although an experienced palate, eye, or nose may be able to detect some components, they have to "look" for them. And to the average person, it isn't potatoes and leeks, or blue and yellow, or synthetic aldehydes and orris root. It's vichyssoise, or green, or Chanel #5. Most traditional perfumes are of this type. So, all that is to say, this fragrance is a blend. I was expecting a rose and patchouli perfume, with amber in the drydown. It doesn't smell like rose or amber or patchouli. I can detect each of of those notes (with amber being the strongest), but I have to read the description and work at noticing each one. This scent is really just its own self, something new and different. And it's absolutely gorgeous! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Note(s): None that stand out Character: Blended, sweet, feminine 6 out of 6 stars
  4. Ghost of a Rose


    Lab frimp, aged about 5 years. I'm not going to do a play-by-play description of this one because it is utterly consistent, in the imp and from start to finish. I do get very realistic steel and leather. But when I think about it from another perspective, this sharp, bright, ozonic/metallic scent screams, "100% drugstore aftershave!" to me, as such scents always do. (Even though that last sentence was a pretty accurate description of a sword, LOL.) I'd probably quite like it if I'd never smelled men's cologne. But having raised three sons (not to mention a husband) I can't get the aftershave out of my head. That's not what I want to smell like. I don't get any blood note at all. But then I never do. The Lab's blood note is not as authentic as many of their other notes. Which no doubt is a good thing. If it smelled like real blood, it would probably make me and many other people nauseous. The musk appears only as a slight sweetness. I'm pretty certain it isn't red musk, since my chemistry corrupts even small amounts of that into something extremely nasty; and that didn't happen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant notes:. Leather, steel Character: Men's aftershave, cool 3 out of 6 stars for me, but it would probably be very nice on a man. And refreshing in hot weather.
  5. Ghost of a Rose

    Lich's Laboratory Atmosphere Spray

    Goblin fresh from the Trading Post. Sprayed on fabric, at first it is all rich, wet, loamy, black, spoil. After about 10 minutes, it transforms into spices that make me think of pumpkin pie, Dutch Apple pie, or mulled cider except without the apple or pumpkin (which makes it surprisingly non-foody.) Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice? For most of the fragrance's life, I get both the soil and the spice. It's a very odd juxtaposition, and the notes don't blend, instead sort of just sit next to each other, but the affect is somehow quite pleasing and lovely. There's something very watery in here, too. But I don't get any men's-cologne (or any kind of cologne) vibe. It's quite unisex - no, "neutral" feels like a better word. Like, gender references don't even apply to it. This blend is far lighter and more short-lived than any of my other Atmospheric Sprays. I like them strong, but there are some people for whom, and some times when, a subtler scent like this one is just the ticket. i don't get any sense of a laboratory at all. (And I know labs, I was a microbiologist.) In fact, I can't come up with ANY association that fits this odd combination of notes. But that doesn't matter because it is so pleasant. And it's fun to let my imagination just roam freely while sniffing this, just to see what random images might turn up. To me, the wet soil note makes this clearly a rainy, outdoors scent. But how do the spices come in to that? So intriguing . . . Another odd thing about this spray: it doesn't work in my CPAP machine. Because pleasant smells make me sleep so happily and well, in the past I sprayed Atmospherics on my bed linens. But using the CPAP makes it impossible to smell them. So I switched to spraying them on the air filter of my CPAP, which works great. Many of the scents last even longer that way - several days before I need to reapply. But not this one. I can't even detect it when fresh, in the CPAP. So I spray it on my towels to scent my bathroom instead. 4 out of 6 stars. I would give it 5 stars if it had more throw and longevity.
  6. Ghost of a Rose


    In this review, I am testing and comparing two different frimps from the Lab. One is aged about 6 years. The other is a fresh frimp from the Lab, that I received just a few days ago. In the imp:. The fresh oil is a clear golden amber color. The aged one is also clear, but much darker; a deep brown-amber. - Aged: Before mixing, I could smell vetiver and saffron strongly, with a backdrop of wood. After rolling the imp to mix the oil, it is 100% cedar. - Fresh: Wow, this is a totally different perfume! Tangerine and cedar, which go very well together. And I like that this is very clearly tangerine, not just plain old orange. But something in here is super sweet, much too sweet for my taste. - Later ETA: I found another imp of this. I received it recently, but don't remember if it is a fresh frimp from the Lab or a possibly aged one from a forumite. I only sniffed the imp. No tangerine, so it's probably aged. But there is a strong whiff of cat pee., pee-yoo! It may be past its "expiration date." But I know that it could smell differently on me, or change over time. So I put it in the duplicates box. How interesting that all three imps smell completely different. It goes to show how much perfumes can change over time, and/or from different batches. On me, wet: - Aged (left wrist): Mostly cedar, but there is an accent of something bright, almost tangy. But definitely NOT tangerine. It's kind of chemical-ish. - Fresh (right wrist):. Tangerine, with saffron - ah, that's what I was smelling in the aged oil. It just wasn't as defined there. At 5 minutes: - Aged: All cedar. - Fresh: Still mostly tangerine and saffron. And smoky - that's the vetiver, of course. And things I can't identify, which is strange since I know all the listed notes. It IS a strange scent, like nothing else I've ever smelled. Nice, though. Sweet, but not too sweet. At 10 minutes: - Aged: For a little while I smelled something else, too. Something slightly sweet. I couldn't identify it, but it was lovely. But it's gone now. Back to all cedar. - Fresh: Same as at 5 minutes. At 20 minutes: - Aged: Pretty much still all cedar, but there's a subtle undertone to it now. - Fresh: The tangerine is fading, lighter and less realistic, but still citrusy. The cedar has appeared, and together with the saffron, is the main event now. The two notes blend together beautifully. There's still some smoke in the background. It is no longer so sweet, or mysterious. But still lovely. At 30 minutes: - Aged: Still mostly cedar, but it is a gentler cedar. A fine old cedar chest rather than fresh pencil shavings. With touches of smoke and amber to warm it up. I liked it before, but like it a lot now. It is more nuanced, as well as being gentler and warmer. - Fresh: This is becoming much more similar to the aged version. But it is still slightly sweeter, and there is still a faint hint of citrus. And the cedar is a little fresher, sharper. At 45 minutes: - Aged:. Same as at 30 minutes: A gentle, aged cedar with touches of smoke and amber to warm it up. - Fresh: The tangerine is completely gone now. The cedar is a little sharper and smokier than the aged version and the scent is slightly stronger. Otherwise they are much the same. At 1 hour: - Aged: Gentle aged cedar with a little smoke. - Fresh: Freshly-cut cedar with more smoke. At 2 hours: - Aged: Except for the lovely addition of a little powdery amber, no further change. - Fresh: The cedar note has mellowed, and no longer smells fresh-cut. But it is still slightly sharper than the rich aged cedar of the older version. There is some powdery amber here, too. It is a little stronger in the fresh perfume, but here it is also masked to some extent by the sharper cedar. At 3 hours: Azathoth has surprised me. I expected the two versions to keep getting more alike, until they were identical. Instead, the difference has become more marked than it was an hour ago, probably because the aged cedar note has lost a lot more strength than the fresh one has. - Aged: The amber is now equal to the cedar, maybe even a little stronger. There's just a breath of smoke left, like a memory. The scent on this wrist is prettier than ever! - Fresh: The cedar-y sharpness now seems strident, compared to the aged one. It continues to overwhelm the amber. The vetiver smokiness is also stronger than in the aged version, but not nearly as strong as the cedar. The fragrance lasted many more hours on my skin, but with no further change, just a slow fade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Notes: - Aged: Cedar - Fresh: Cedar, tangerine Character: - Aged: Woody, smoky, warm. Unisex leaning towards masculine. - Fresh: Fruity and unique at first, then warm, woody and smoky. Unisex. 4 out of 6 stars. This isn't really me - I'm more of a girly-girl. But I do like it a lot. I like that it has no men-'s-aftershave vibe, and will enjoy it as a variation from my usual florals. Comparison: For the first twenty minutes, I like the fresh one best. I love the unusual authenticity of the tangerine note, especially when wet. And even after drying, the brightness that note gives, goes so well with the saffron and cedar, and helps restrain the fragrance from veering from unisex into masculine. And the very unusual and mysterious scent that occurs at five minutes is fascinating. The overall fragrance is much more nuanced and interesting than the almost single-note scent of the aged oil during this time. From 30 minutes on (once the tangerine note has burned off), I prefer the aged version. It is smoother, gentler, richer, more blended and polished. It is a subtle difference for a while. But in late drydown, I much prefer the aged. It allows the amber to come out clearly, and has none of the sharpness of the fresh cedar note. The tangerine note was completely lost from the aged oil. Which is just what one would expect. Citrus notes don't have a long life expectancy in perfumes, either on the skin, or over time in the bottle. The cedar note improved with age, losing the sharpness while retaining its identity. The vetiver changed very little in character, but lost some strength, mellowing over time. (Which many people consider an improvement. I like it both ways.) The amber also lost a bit of strength but was otherwise unchanged. I couldn't tell if the saffron note changed, since it was not a very distinct presence in the blend.
  7. Ghost of a Rose


    Lab frimp aged about 4 years. Oil is a clear, pale amber. In the imp: I first notice a very distinct and authentic cocoa. Then flowers, equal in strength. A very unusual and interesting pairing! I don't normally like foody perfumes, but the realism of this cocoa note intrigues me, and who doesn't love chocolate? Besides, all the florals prevent the overall fragrance from being foody. I think I'm gonna like this. On my skin, wet: Plenty of cocoa, but not as strong as in the imp. And it vanishes all too quickly - in less than a minute. The new scent is pretty, though: leather and flowers. At 5 minutes: Leather and flowers, with the leather dominating. Which seems fitting, right? At 10 minutes: The flowers have seized control, but the leather is still making a statement. I can pick up some patchouli if I look for it, but it is surprisingly discreet in this blend. At 15 minutes: The scent continues to evolve, with the florals taking a backseat to the patch and incense. It verges on being cloying sweet (could there be some red musk hidden in this?), but isn't quite. At 30 minutes: Decidedly incense and patchouli. I'm not liking that almost sickening sweetness, though. But it may be lightening up. The patchouli isn't dominant enough for this to be headshop - it's more just incensey. At 45 minutes: Now mostly incense, with that spiciness that other reviewers have noticed. It's not a foody spice, though, it's an incensey one. The sweetness backed off a little, but not enough. At one hour: Almost the same as above. I like the spicy incense, but not the sweet note. It did lighten up a bit more, though. So hopefully it will go away. At 2 hours: Yay, the sweet note has disappeared almost completely. The scent is now a lovely warm spicy incense. At 3 hours: Considerably faded. The spiciness has mellowed into a more subtle and gentle incense. At 4 hours: Almost gone. Just faint traces of incense, flowers, and cocoa (in that order) remain. It is interesting how, as the incense faded away, echoes of the florals and cocoa returned to say goodbye. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Predominant Notes: Leather, patchouli, incense Character:. A real morpher. Flowery for a short time, then incensey. Sweet. Unisex. 3 out of 6 stars. I love how perfectly it fits the Ancient Mexico theme. But the slightly-cloying sweetness that it develops on my skin spoils it for me. It smells like the unpleasant thing that my chemistry does to red musk, so hopefully that won't happen to other people.
  8. Ghost of a Rose

    Butterfly Garden Atmosphere Spray

    Bottle from The Trading Post. Aged about 6 years. For some reason, I didn't write a review before. This is just gorgeous. And very realistic - it smells exactly like a freshly-cut bouquet of mixed flowers (no roses) with some greenery. Or the garden itself. Like most other reviewers, I can't identify individual floral or green notes either. I do see a resemblance to the Dandelion SN oil another reviewer mentioned, and which is another one of my favorites. And I also pick up a light touch of honey to further sweeten the flowers. In the bottle, the sweetness is almost cloying, but it is lighter and lovely when sprayed. The strength and longevity seems about average for an Atmospheric sprayed on fabric. it does an interesting thing that I don't expect from a linen spray. On the second day, the fragrance has lightened up quite a bit and I think it is just about gone. But on the third day, a distinct scent of honey comes in loud and clear. With a touch of the original florals in the background, this is just as lovely as the fresh scent was, but very different. I can't decide which way I like it best! And days later, after I think the scent is long gone, I get occasional swoon-worthy whiffs of BPAL's single note honey. This blend is fabulous at every stage. The artwork on the label is very beautiful too. Predominant Notes: Florals, but none that I can identify. Which doesn't mean there aren't any. There may be ones I'm not familiar with. Honey later on. Character: Mixed florals. No rose. Sweet, very fresh. Spring and summer. 6 out of 6 stars
  9. Ghost of a Rose

    Svarta F枚nix B贸kafl贸冒

    Bottle fresh from the Trading Post. In the bottle:. Just for a second, I get a whiff of vanilla, then chai spices, before it all quickly turns into 100% lavender. WTH? On my skin, wet:. Yep, all lavender. At 5 minutes: There are hints of other things here - it doesn't smell EXACTLY like lavender oil, but it's pretty darn close. Nothing else is identifiable. At 10 minutes:. Very little change. If anything, it has edged even closer to pure lavender oil. The bright sharpness of the lavender (perhaps with some chai spices as well?) gives it a definite men's-cologne vibe. At 20 minutes: Lavender and men's cologne. There's the tiniest hint of smoke, barely detectable. Not enough to warm up the scent. It is cool and bright like aftershave. At 30 minutes: This is nothing like I expected, and nothing like the description. I was hoping for a warm chai scent. But I get no chai, no cat, no mahogany, and no books. Mostly just lavender and men's cologne. The smokiness has come out more, so I can sort of imagine a fireplace, but I have to work at it. Fortunately I do like lavender. At 45 minutes: The smokiness has increased almost to the strength of the lavender, making this a warm scent now. It's interesting - you don't find too many smoky lavender fragrances. It still has a definite men's-cologne vibe, though. At 1 hour: The overall fragrance has lighted up, and especially the smokiness. This is edging back towards the lavender aftershave that it was earlier. But for now there is still a noticeable smoke note. At about 1 1/2 hours: I asked my niece to sniff my wrist and tell me what it smelled like to her, without telling her anything about the perfume. She said instantly, "Vanilla and lavender." So it's not just me. She must have a better nose than I do. I haven't noticed any vanilla since that first split-second whiff in the bottle. BTW, she is my niece by marriage, so we don't have any shared genes that I could blame the lavender-note-that-isn't-supposed-to-be-there on! At this point, I also pick up a bit of the chai spices. But they are almost concealed behind the lavender. At 2 hours: Very faded. Mostly lavender, with just a trace of spices and smoke. At 3 hours: Some of the lavender has evaporated now, leaving behind a lovely warm scent that includes spices, smoke, and wood. This is more like what I had imagined. Too bad it is quite faint. The book I got was How to Survive a Robot Uprising, by Daniel H. Wilson. It is in perfect condition, looks brand new. And I'm in a large online book club where we read books selected by keyword tags rather than title. Our tag for this month is "geek read", so this book is perfect! Synchronicity! Thank you, Posties! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Note: Lavender Character: Men's cologne, lavender, smoky, consistent 4 out of 6 stars. This is a pleasing and interesting smoky lavender scent, but too men's-cologne-like to really be me. It will be nice for when I'm in the mood for something different.
  10. Ghost of a Rose

    The White Window Hair Gloss

    Bottle fresh from the Trading Post. This review is for the scent only, as I have already reviewed the hair gloss itself (which I love for the shine but especially for detangling.) In the bottle, I mostly smell lilies-of-the-valley and osmanthus, with an undertone of herbal green oakmoss. When compared to the companion Atnosmosperic Spray, this is also a while floral with emphasis on the lilies. But it is indeed lighter and more effervescent, without the grounding of the vanilla. It's gorgeous. While spraying it into my wer hair, I noticed only a delicate green herbal note. No flowers at all - how odd! It's as if it were a completely different fragrance than in the bottle. And even that was gone after two or three hours, even when I held my hair right up to my nose to sniff it. Very different from my other hair glosses, most of which linger in my hair until they are washed out, even if that is several days later. It would be good for wearing in a crowded or stuffy public place, where you don't want to overwhelm others with a heavy scent. It's not as beautiful on me as in the bottle, but I still like it very much. I tried it again a few days later in case my nose was having an off day, or the oils were reacting with traces of shampoo from my freshly-washed hair, or something. I just couldn't believe how totally different it was in the bottle than on my hair. Maybe it was my imagination? But no. This time I sprayed it on dry hair instead of wet. Yep, the same thing happened. 100% mossy greenery. But about 10 minutes later, I smelled a cloud of white lilies floating around my head. I brought my hair up to my nose and sniffed. Sure enough, the herbal greenery had acquired some flowers. It was more subtle than in the throw, and the moss was still present, but now there were the white flowers too. How interesting and lovely! It also lasted longer when sprayed on dry hair, being faintly noticeable 12 hours later. I'm really glad I got the pair, of matching Atnosmosperic Spray and Hair Gloss. It is great fun to compare the ways they are alike and the ways they are different, and how each contributes to fulfill to the theme. I wish I could have gotten all the colors! Predominant Notes: Lily-of-the Valley in the bottle, Oakmoss on my hair Character: White Floral in the bottle, Herbal/Greenery on my hair. Feminine, light, cool 5 out of 6 stars. It would be a 6 if the beautiful floral notes were as apparent on my hair as they are in the bottle; and if the scent had more longevity.
  11. Ghost of a Rose

    The White Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Bottle fresh from the Trading Post. Oh my, do I love this! In in the bottle, it is white lily-of-the-valley with white orchids, set against a woody background in which I can pick out a whisper of cedar. A faint note of vanilla grounds the scent somewhat, but the vanilla is too blended with the floral and wood notes to be at all foody. But it does bring the scent down to earth a little more than in the companion hair gloss, just as is described in the notes for this flight of fragrances. Sprayed on some linens, it is much the same. All white and heavenly, like angel's wings and angel's robes. Now I don't get any vanilla at all, amd I don't miss it. I don't mind foody notes in room and linen scents like I do in a body scent, but even the non-foody vanilla in this one would seem too grounded for this ethereal fragrance. This blend of notes evokes the theme just beautifully. And I'm really glad I got the pair, of matching Atnosmosperic Spray and Hair Gloss. It is great fun to compare the ways they are alike and the ways they are different, and how each contributes to fulfill to the theme. Predominant Note: Lily-of-the-Valley Characteristic: Mixed white florals, Ethereal, Feminine 6 out of 6 stars
  12. Ghost of a Rose

    Gertrude Dix's

    Bottle from the Trading Post, aged 4 - 6 years. For some reason I didn't write a review when I got it. I get a lot of magnolia from this mingled with something light, bright, sparkly, non-floral, and a little perfumey. That must be the champagne. The champagne note evokes the real thing, but doesn't smell exactly like it. (And who would want their bed to smell like they spilled a glass of champagne all over it anyway?). There's no foody vanilla scent at all, but there might be some orchid mixed in with the magnolia. A bouquet of topical white flowers with a glass of cool champagne sitting next to it, on a dark and sweltering Southern night. How lovely is that? Miss Dix is gorgeous, and so fitting for the theme! It doesn't last as long as some of the Atmospheric sprays, but long enough - about a day and a half when sprayed on fabrics. Predominant Notes: Magnolia Character: Mixed floral 5 out of 6 stars
  13. Ghost of a Rose


    Imp fresh from the Lab. The oil is clear and a very pale greenish-yellow, almost colorless. In the imp: I'm not liking this so much so far. All those beautiful flower notes in the list, and all I smell is hard candy. That must be the pear, but it doesn't smell like a real, fresh pear, which I would love. It smells like candy. After more sniffing, I do turn up an undertone of realistic fresh flower petals, though. You know that somewhat bitter edge some lilies have? Like citrus leaves. I do love that part. On me, wet: The same. At 5 minutes: Ah, that's more like it. Gorgeous flowers sweetened with a little pear. I really like it a lot now. The pear is still more like hard candy than a fresh juicy pear, though. I can't identify any specific kind of flower except maybe some honeysuckle, but I'm not even sure about that. At 10 minutes: I think I'm mainly smelling the sweet pea now, because it smells less like honeysuckle or lilies. There's still plenty of fruity candy. And something that reminds me of Ivory Soap. Those miniature wrapped bars you used to find at budget hotel sinks. At 20 minutes: Ivory Soap but with an additional sharp, bright, sweet edge. And mixed white florals. It is a light, clean, cooling kind of scent that would be perfect for warm weather. Pretty. But after the first ten minutes or so, not as realistically floral as I had hoped. At 45 minutes: Much the same, a little soapier and less sweet. But there's still the white florals and a little fruit candy. It captures the youth and purity of Juliet perfectly. But her passion, not so much. At 1 hour: I'm surprised that the pear is lasting so long. I expected it to be a brief top note. But if anything, it is slightly more assertive as the competing notes fade. And it's also less candy-like and closer to a real pear. It doesn't quite achieve that, though. The musk is coming in more clearly, and is a nice touch to balance the sweetness. These are subtle changes - the scent is pretty consistent. At 1 1/2 hours: The throw is pretty much the same, but close to the skin there has been a more definite change. It has lost almost all of the sweetness and most of the fruity candy. Now it is musk with some vague white florals. The Ivory soap is still there, apparently having settled in for good. That's okay. I don't mind smelling like I just stepped out of the shower! At 2 1/2 hours: Still the same consistent scent in the throw, including some sweetness. Up close, mostly musk with the vague florals, only lighter. And the Ivory Soap is gone. At 3 1/2 hours: Something very strange and rather wonderful has happened. The scent on my wrist suddenly transformed into 100% single note honey. I swear to Goddess. It is the Lab's honey note, as clear as can be - and which I adore. It must be the honey in the honeysuckle, but there was no trace of it earlier, and now there is no trace of anything floral. However it happened, I'm down with this! At 6 1/2 hours: Much fainter now, but still very vivid: all honey, all of the time. At 14 hours: There is still a lingering trace of honey. Wow, I certainly didn"t expect that kind of longevity from this light scent! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Predominant Notes: Lily, sweet pea and honeysuckle. Ivory Soap. Honey, in late drydown. Character: Soapy, clean, pure, sweet. White florals with an accent of fruity hard candy. 5 out of 6 stars. It was only 4 stars before the honey made a surprise appearance. That made it so much more interesting and complex.
  14. Ghost of a Rose

    Snooty Rose

    Frimp fresh from the Lab. In the imp: Rose and plum at first. Then it settles into something very flowery and sweet. But not rose, oddly. Another flower that is so familiar to me, but I can't quite come up with a name for it. Maybe honeysuckle? Or lilac? It's very beautiful. On my skin, wet: 4:01 pm. The same gorgeous and very fresh not-rose flowery note. Not a trace of fruitiness. At 5 minutes: Ah, here comes the fruit. It is plum rather than bergamot. The floral is still stronger. At 10 minutes: The scent is much the same, but lighter. And if I keep sniffing, I can now pick up a little rose. It reminds me very strongly of another BPAL oil, but I have so many of them I can't begin to guess what the other oil is. At 20 minutes: More complex and perfumy now. About half floral and half fruit, with hints of other things. Very sweet. At 30 minutes: Same as above. At 45 minutes: Pretty much the same, except that a bit of sandalwood is starting to turn up in the background. I like that addition, as it helps to cut some of the sweetness. At one hour: It's more fruit than flower, now. The sandalwood hasn't strengthened any, it's still barely there. At 2 hours: Very faded. Much the same scent, with a little more wood that isn't recognizably sandalwood. At 3 1/2 hours: It is gone, for all practical purposes. The sandalwood never did develop a real presence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predominant Notes: None. This is a very blended perfume. None of the individual notes stand out distinctly. I can detect some rose and plum, but I have to work at it. Character: Very floral, very sweet, a little fruity. Feminine, fresh, spring and summer. 5 out of 6 stars: I like this very much, especially during the first 10 minutes, but wish the rose was more of a presence.
  15. Ghost of a Rose

    Red Roses and Old Bones Atmosphere Spray

    Bottle purchased from the Trading Post about 4 years ago. I don't know why I didn't review it then. Too busy, probably. This is almost a single-note rose. Very fresh and realistic. With just a hint of dust in the background to lend a touch of sorrow. It's exactly what it says! Absolutely gorgeous. And has good longevity as well. 6 out of 6 stars.