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    The Phoenix, Silk Road, Shanghai, Embalming Fluid, Eden, Black Pearl I tend to enjoy citrus, spicy, and fruity scents. Leather, florals, sandalwood, and aquatics are sometimes good choices.

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  1. stillalive

    The Obsidian Widow

    Initially, I keep thinking "whoa, is that Blood Kiss???" but then I sniff my arm and nope, it smells nothing like Blood Kiss. But from a distance, there's something very similar about the two. From far away, there's some sort of red note, like wine or blood and maybe a musk, that must be shared between the two. It also smells a bit spicy from a distance. But up close, musty florals and some sort of leather(?) dominate. It still reminds me of Blood Kiss a little, but much less sweet and perhaps with a bit less throw. ETA: I just looked up Blood Kiss, and dang, I've gotten good at identifying notes! No wonder I keep thinking I smell Blood Kiss.
  2. stillalive


    I definitely tried this years ago and disliked it, but it's lovely on me now! The florals and citrus and musk all work together nicely. It's soft and a little powdery, but not distinctly masculine or feminine. I actually think it's a bit too soft for a typical villain, but it kind of makes me think of a well-to-do middle-aged "gentleman" who seduces young women several decades his junior.
  3. stillalive


    This is very hard to notice on me. I get almost an aquatic (rainy?) scent from it and really have to search for the berry in it. It's almost like sniffing rainwater that's had some leaves and ripe berries sitting it.
  4. stillalive


    Straight out of the bottle, I smelled leather, but it was softened by something sweet and maybe floral. It actually reminds me a lot of sniffing the paper that used to come on crayons. I don't know if crayon papers still smell that good, but that's what it reminds me of. The longer it dries on my skin, the more it feels like some sort of spicy but otherwise unnoticeable herb comes out. It's not an offensive smell, but it's also not so amazing I need a huge bottle of it. I'm not even sure I'll finish the imp. However, I think any leather-and-floral fans out there will really like this one.
  5. stillalive

    Jezirat Al Tennyn

    uh oh. I put this on without looking up notes first and ICK! =/ it's like a woody minty smell that makes me want to scrub the skin off my arm. I am *not* a mint person.
  6. stillalive


    nice and powdery, but not exactly for me. Not awful, though.
  7. stillalive

    Berry Moon 2009

    no honey, no berries, just perfume. Not surprised.
  8. stillalive

    Hua Mulan

    This is lovely and floral without giving me a bad headache. Something in it reminds me of Lucy Westenra, but this works together a lot better on me than Miss Lucy. Perfect.
  9. stillalive

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Discuss. What notes would make the perfect Tomb Raider scent? I'm thinking in-the-field would be something like a skin musk with a dusty, ancient overall feel and leather, aquatics, and just a hint of exotic spices and maybe some green tea. And a cool yet slightly playful grapefruit or lemon note to capture her personality. Dragon Blood? Gunpowder? What smells like ropes, rock-climbing, danger, wild animals/dinosaurs, ancient artifacts, saving the universe, and a true neutral alignment? I can't think of any good BPALs or other etailers that make anything like this. Help? Of course, she would need a Manor scent too... black tea, musty old books, cool citrus, faint florals (nightblooming, perhaps?), ozone, and clean linens? I thought of White Rabbit or Dirty but neither of those really captures her for me. ETA: If you have a non-BPAL etailer to recommend to me, please PM me about it. I can't use BPAL anymore on my meds as NONE of them work for me, but if anyone knows of a suitable one I could put it on my clothing or something. So yes, if you think of anything and it's not BPAL related please do PM me.
  10. stillalive

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Oh, bother. I hadn't thought about this at all. Knowing me, I will most likely end up with Brides of Dracula. It's the only BPAL I have that still works on me with my meds, it vaguely relates to being a bride, and it kind of matches my dress/wedding (my dress is goldish and ivory lace and velvet, sort of a fancy Baroque style dress though not as flarey at the bottom, and I wear a black velvet cloak over it. The groom plans on wearing a sword). I have a looong while before I'll need it though, so I have time to think.
  11. AHHHH FLEAS!!! What BPAL's work best for keeping fleas from biting?
  12. stillalive

    A Bold Bluff

    kind of an earthy cherry honey smell... not what I imagine beer to smell like at all, but kind of a nice nectary scent...
  13. stillalive


    very herbal, almost like an astringent. But it's nice and very balanced... rubbing it into my third eye seemed to help more than anything else!
  14. stillalive

    The Jersey Devil

    goes straight to dog poo on me. Not joking. Swap pile time!
  15. stillalive


    It totally smells like the Major from Hellsing. Even moreso than I was expecting when I ordered it. Cold, a bit citrusy, with just a hint of burned rubber/oil. Similar to Villain to me, but I dunno, might just be the associations.