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    amber, resins, honey, sandalwood, orange blossom, leather, lavender, vanilla, all mints, most fruit/citrus/berry scents, pine, cedar, fir, balsam, well all woods for that matter, aquatic notes, violet, rose, carnation, neroli, bergamot, lemongrass, herbs, bamboo, linen/cotton.

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  1. Schmoozy

    La Lugubre Gondola

    This is beyond stunning. As soon as I apply - this is all resin y amber. Extremely woodsy and while golden and bright, it is also dry. In the beginning La Lugubre Gondola is loud and the throw is unreal. After 15 minutes it morphs into this amazing, stick to your skin amber oil, it's like all the notes dial it down a notch and my love affair begins. Absolute love. If you adore amber like I do, you must own this.
  2. Schmoozy

    L’Essence de la Passion

    Woaaaaaaaaaaaah. At first this is way to much red musk, in fact combined with honey it is simply overpowering. However, once it settles down it is actually beautiful. The carnation and myrrh help to temper the sickly sweet combo of musk & honey and also add a spicy element to the sweet.
  3. Schmoozy

    A Wonderful Light

    Three radiant ambers with honey, linden blossom, bourbon vanilla, and orange zest. Woah is this a linden blossom single note? It's almost too much until it magically fades off into the background, along with that snowy note others have described. After all the morphing and note fading, this becomes what I am looking for. A honey-heavy amber with orange kicking around in the background.
  4. Schmoozy

    Snake Oil Hair Gloss

    OMG the smell. Snake Oil at it's finest. I adore it. I got my decant in a spritz bottle, and my preferred application is two small squirts into hands and then I rub my hands together and then I apply to slightly damp airdried air. The result is wonderfully scented, super soft with a slight shine - hair. I can't say the gloss added a lot of shine, because my hair is pretty shiny naturally. However thanks to the silcone's it did add volume and a little more texture to my hair. I also found the scent very long lasting. I can't wait to try the others. Hair deets: Healthy, red, fine, super-straight, long, oily and even though it's fine I have a shitload of it. I love to use Moroccan Oil so of course I jumped at the chance to try TP hair glosses. Obviously I know my hair, and even though it's oily it loves oil/gloss/shine treatments, but my hair is also really healthy so I have to use these products in moderation. Maybe 3x a week.
  5. Schmoozy

    Pumpkin Princess

    The Pumpkin Queen is hands down one of my favorite scents ever, so I was pretty excited to try Pumpkin Princess. This is absolutely stunning. Kind of a lighter more spunkier version of the Queen. This is pumpkin with light florals, a touch of tropical fruit, sweetened with honey and smooothed over with amber. At times I can smell the barest hint of chocolate underneath it all. As it continues to wear, the pumpkin slowly fades to the background and the honeyed amber with tiare, vanilla and guava are the stars.
  6. Schmoozy

    White Moon

    Lilac and violets mingle with sandalwood. The lilac is very dominant at first, but once it is dry, the violets leap in and the lilac fades into the background. The other florals are present, but I can't distinguish one from the other. The blend together beautifully. White sandalwood is a staple for me, and it doesn't disappoint here. It's dry, slightly dusty and very woody. I absolutely adore this blend.
  7. Schmoozy

    Falling Leaf Moon

    For some reason Falling Leaf Moon reminds me of Samhain, and that is not good! This is earthy, crunchy, full of patchouli and then there is this odd sweetness that doesn't really jive with me. I'm kinda sad, as I remember this fresh, and it was kinda of a different experience. Aged has only deepened the patchouli and the sweetness reacts horribly with my skin chemistry. So sad.
  8. Schmoozy

    CD: Tilt v4

    I couldn't agree more. This a fruit salad and crushed mint leaf. Kinda reminds me of Fire Pig with mint.
  9. Schmoozy

    Hod v2

    I love the sandalwood in this as it makes it all dry, dusty and very woody. The combination of cream and woods and carnation blend together beautifully. The carnations are spicy and slightly sweet adding a good balnce to the dry woods and cream. Love the released version and love this one too!
  10. Schmoozy

    Morocco v2

    Wow! This is absolutely stunning! I have to echo everyone else here. This is a grown up TKO. Herbal lavender is surrounded by amber, creamy vanilla and something spicy. Obviously I want to say carnations, but for some reason, it doesn't smell like carnations. This beautiful and I will treasure my bottle. This is one of those proto's that I wish was released in the GC forever!
  11. Schmoozy

    Holiday Stress Relief Bath Oil

    Very herbal and minty with a giant slap of geranium. I love this! The combination of lavender/peppermint and spearmint remind me of LUSH's ice hotel bubble bar, and then throw in the geranium and you have the ultimate relaxing bath oil. Instantly soothes and calms. The slip is great, not too oily and sinks in fast.
  12. Schmoozy


    Straight up strawberry with a creamy vanilla. Touches of honey and orchids play together at first, but die down immediately. The sandalwood is dry and slightly dusty and only come out once the orchids have died off.
  13. Schmoozy

    Black Hellebore Honey

    Herbal, medicinal honey with hints of greenery and mint. The mint doesn't last long and what's left is a herbal honey with greenery.
  14. Schmoozy

    Laurel Honey

    Honeyed greenery. Upon initial application the honey is golden, sticky and sweet. Once on Laurel honey blasts green leaves, stems and like everyone else has commented it is bitter. The sweetness dies down after minutes and what is left is a hint of honey with greenery. This is so pretty.
  15. Schmoozy

    Moonshine and Mist

    I adore this. Clean, airy, and just like it's name - misty! Each of the notes balance well together and I really love how the violet, musk and sandalwood come together. Soapy floral is a good description, aand I adore a clean soapy floral smell. Slightly feminine, but the sandalwood and ambergris manage to tone down the femininity.