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    Snow Glass Apples Neo-Tokyo Death of Autumn Hexannacht 2008 Whip Nephilim Jack BEAVER MOON BEAVER MOOON '07! White Rabbit Gluttony GRAVEYARD DIRT Samhainophobia Loviator Szepasszony Eden Wolf Moon Jazz Funeral Red Moon '07 Leo '07 Anne Bonny Snowflakes Ultraviolet Mabon Blood Kiss 13(Oct. 06) Creepy '06 Rose Red '05 Ice Queen De Sade Zombi Strawberry Moon As far as individual notes goes, I love BPAL leather. I don't know how Beth does it, but it is absolutely heavenly, especially when combined with the rose in Whip. Also, I'm a huge fan of dirt, vanilla, booze, sugar sandalwood, coriander, bitter orange, peach, leather, strawberry, copal, black and pink pepper, violet, black tea, saffron, fig, hyssop, red rose, Egyptian amber, blackberry, sweetgrass, champagne, and cupcakes!!

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    bpal(obviously), Tchaikovsky, Jim Jarmusch, first editions, wolves, letters, old cars, new shoes, mountains, Depp...
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    I share more of the negative aspects of my Western zodiac sign and more of the positive aspects of my Chinese zodiac sign.
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  1. pixsy_stix

    Beaver Moon 2007

    Oh! I'm in love, I'm in so much love! Beaver moon is divine! Seriously, I want to simultaneously have sex with and eat my own arm!! I just had to say that before I started my (more or less) formal review: In the bottle: WTF! It smells a teensy bit like rancid cherry cough syrup!! Am I doomed from the start! Wet on the skin: Now that is more like it! The berries are starting to comingle and there's just a hint of somthing creamy underneath. Intriguing, but I have a feeling it's just going to get better... Drying on the skin: OMFG!! I smell altenately like stawberry ice cream and a grown-up version of strawberry shortcake. And, now begins the lustful/canabalistic feelings towards my arm. Verdict: Please don't tell me I only bought one bottle!!!! Alas, it is true. Off to the Wanted thread for me. I must find more!!! Scale of yum: Five yums, the highest honor a scent can receive from me!
  2. pixsy_stix


    In the imp: all herbs and woods Wet: It smells like taking a walk through a forest in the early hours just as the sun has risen. Wow, what an evocative scent. I close my eyes, take a deep whiff of this scent, and feel as if I've been transported far away from my lttle room to a place that I've never been, yet dearly miss. Dry: The scent stays pretty much the same, expect maybe the rose is a bit more prominent. It smells homey, comforting, and ethereal, and mysterious all at once. Final Verdict: Dublin is the scent of a fairy tale; I am enchanted by this scent. Yum Rating:
  3. pixsy_stix

    All Night Long

    In the vial: wet green woods...weird... Wet: Cinnamon, warm and sweet. Dry: Spicy sandlewood,cinnamon and maybe clove. The boyfriend is going to love this one! Verdict: I'll defintely hold on to this imp. I'll reserve bottle consideration until after work when I can test out the effectiveness of this scent. YUM factor:
  4. pixsy_stix


    I can't believe I have a imp of this! *dances* Ahem, down to business: Note:I'm a teensy bit apprehensive 'cause the "cream" note has gone plastic on me in the past (Candy Butcher ). In the bottle:slightly burnt sugar..hmm... Wet: WOW! Creamy, buttery, sugary goooodness. This is divine! Could it possibly last or am I in for impending plastic? *Crosses fingers while resisting urge to lick wrist* Dry:Sweet angry jebus! I want to knaw on my wrist. As it dries, the scents stays exactly the same, except, perhaps, for being a little less buttery and a little creamier. Final verdict: passes out, drools, and twitches...must..have..more! YUM factor:
  5. pixsy_stix

    Mr. Nancy

    Mr. Nancy is one of my favorite characters from American Gods, so needless to say, I'm looking forward to trying this one: First Impression: All rum, lime, and sugar. Wet: The sugar cookies and lime hit my nose first, but there's also something under it that's musky, slightly acrid, and adds a bit of a bite. I believe it's the combo of rum and tobacco. It keeps the scent from getting too sweet and cloying. Drydown: sugary boozy lime with an edge: I believe that's the best way to describe it. Verdict: Anansi does not disapoint. It's a little off-kilter and surprisingly sexy. This is the scent of the guy who chats you up in a bar,who you at first have no interest in until he begins saying the funniest, most intelligent , improbable, and fascinating things, and you suddenly find yourself thinking that maybe taking him home might not be such a bad idea...or so I imagine. I must get me a bottle post-haste.
  6. pixsy_stix


    I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about this one. In general, myrrh and I don't play well together, but I am dedicated to trying all of the Carousel scents, so here goes: In the bottle: almond and...myrrh. Uh-oh Wet: I smell honey, honey goodness, musk, almonds and just a hint of apple. The combination is rich, warm, and undeniably sexy. Nothing powdery here. Dare I hope that this will last. Drydown: Still lots of honey and almonds, but now the floral element is kicking up and making itself noticed. The apple is also much more prevalent. I'm not complaining, in fact it's quite intoxicating. Verdict: Sex, allure and power bottled. This stuff is simply amazing!! Maybe myrrh and I can coexist afterall. This goes straight to the bottles I must have list.
  7. pixsy_stix


    First imp-ression(sorry, couldn't resist) : I hate this. It's too green, too sharp and almost metallic. I, of course, tried it on anyway. I'm no coward. And at first it smell exactly the same on my skin. Devastation... But wait. What's this? After about a minute, something interesting begins to happen. Where the scent was sharp and abrasive,it's now crisp,fresh,and sneakily sweet beneath it all. While this is not what I expected(excessively sweet and girly), I do believe I'm being seduced. It's a bit daring,and surprisingly complex for a two-note scent. I can't wait to see what happens in an hour or two. I may have to hold on to this imp.
  8. pixsy_stix


    In the imp: very herb-y and lightly astringent, with a slight sweetness. I'm not so sure about this, but I'm still game. Lets try it on the skin. Wet: Honey and nothing else. It's almost overwhelming sweet now. It's completely different from my first impression. Dry: The mad honey has calmed a bit and decided to mingle with the herbs. They're playing nice together, and I have to say the scent is alluring. Still sweet but with a kick. Osun is heady,rich,and appeals to my love of decadence. I'll use the imp and go from there.