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  1. Elliemental

    Dearest Witch....

    So I've been doing good. Kind of... Sort of? I've been working my ASS off running around hauling clothes and doing all manner of bitch-work, lol. Aaaaaand I still get paid peanuts and since my roommates and I have been trying to catch up with our bills if it's not one thing, (bills, destitution) it's our freaking HOUSE BREAKING somehow. First we had no heat (house broken) then we had no power (bills/destitution) then we had a toilet in the basement (that had been unused for at LEAST a week) backup and our basement smelt of.....sewage. Not a smell anyone wants in their house. EVER. (<----house broken!) So that's been my last couple of days in a nutshell. But other than THAT. I've been doing a lot of cooking so I can prepare my lunch and Rebecca's (my remaining roommate) in the afternoon so we can just take them to work with us the next day. I made casserole and soup and homemade brownies will be next. Anywho. That's my update for now!!! xoxoxoxo Switch witch!!!!
  2. Elliemental

    Moar ketchup.

    Any small things you need? I'm always in need of little notpads/post its. Always in need of pens. I could really use a measuring spoon or measuring cup set!!! Do you like knitwear? I really, really do! Anything jewel-toned will make me super happy! Nail polish, yay or nay? What colors if yay? I looove nailpolish! I've been gravitating towards darker fall/winter colors or metallic colors from the gold/bronze family. I would LOVE a super metallic gold! Would you like hand dyed things, particularly scarves? What colors are you most interested in? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! And my favorite colors are deep cobalt blues and vibrant purples, blues, or greens. And also I like red. (I love color in general!) If you like card games (ones that use things other than regular playing cards), what kinds do you want/need? I don't really have any. I am not adverse to this idea. Just make sure the rules are included! As most of you know, I am the forum dealer for wild rice, maple syrup and red sauce, would you like to receive any and or all of these in your package? Yes on everything! But especially rice. I'm a rice fiend. Is there anything you might like from Bath & Body Works? Candles, lotions, shower gels and the like? I was in love with Orange Sapphire and it got the axe so I went for Into the Wild which was seasonal. Can't really go wrong with them!
  3. Elliemental

    Good Gravy! The ketchup!

    Lush: Yes. Yes, I like lush! I'd reeeeally love some of the dusting stuff. Vanilla dusting powder. Yeah, that! Fruitcake:Not particularly, but if you make it, I'll try it! Recipes:I love recipes! It's the gift that keeps on giving!!! Baked goods:YES! YUM. Candies: Of COURSE! Stuffed Monsters dollies:I am always down for something cuddly. Or nerdy. Or both! How do you feel about mini handmade art projects?I typically jump up and down and squee. Kitty toys: Alas, I am without a cat. But I have a dog! She loves toys! If you expressed an openness to candles and/or room scent thingies, would you be okay with something that smells like winter holiday spices, baked goods, and greenery-- even if it says 'Autumn'? 100% okay with me! On the slightly off chance that I manage to make a Sinterklaas run before the mailing deadline, are there any Dutch/Indonesian food items you might be interested in? I know not of what you speak. But I love trying adventurous foods. Are there any books you've been meaning to read but just never get the chance to?I'm curious about JK Rowling's new book. Also, I'm a book whore so there's always SOMETHING. Anything you're particularly wanting from the Lab/Post at the moment? How about GCs you keep meaning to get but never get around to? Anything vanilla-y. TKO is one that's on my list yet never seems to get gotten already. Hmm, JARETH is on my wantwantneedneed! list. ETI: I neeeeed Pumpkin V (pumpkin and like, all kinds of vanilla) I NEED IT PRECIOUS!!!! Cookbooks! Would you want any? Shiiiiiiiny! Do you have any fandoms?LABYRINTH!!!!!!!! Harry potter, LABYRINTH, Indiana Jones, Gilmore Girls. I could go on forever, seriously! *cough*Labyrinth*cough* Are you interested in any other etailers? If so, name one item from each that you're dying to try. There are so many places that I haven't tried. I guess I'd really love to try something from Haunt. Does anything from Sock Dreams interest you? Um, YES! Socks are awesome! Any movies (holiday or otherwise) that you want to see but never get around to?I've never seen A Christmas Story and I haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life since I was wee. So those are the holiday ones and if you're shopping for movies you can never go wrong with Disney for me. I need to buy all of the movies I lost but I have to wait for the damn vaults to open! lol Do you need any smartphone accessories (case, skin, etc)? Not currently. I need stuff for my big old school 2 gig Ipod though! (Case and/anti-scratch mabob thing) Tea, cocoa, other wintery drinks - interested? Yes, yes, and yes! Small samples of homemade booze?Would LOOOOOOVE. Are there any other swaps you're involved in that may overlap with this one?Well, the reason I've been so MIA with this one is because of Switch Witch which (heh) is ending soonish. I'm SUPER excited about this one though! QUICK QUESTION: How would everyone feel about a slightly odd holiday specialty, Rosemary Pinenut Brittle? It's a blend of salty/sweet/savory and crunchy and I love it...but it's a bit expensive and labor intensive to make if it won't be met with enthusiasm. You can also opt for a "sample" size with the recipe, since I'll likely make one batch for home eating anyway. Sounds awesome! Sign me up! Are there any subscriptions/gift cards you would be interested in? Amazon, Itunes, Cocoa Pink, MAC, or Barnes and Noble. Would you like anything from Cocoa Pink?I looooove Cocoa Pink! Always! Let's talk about stationery. How do *you* feel about paper, envelopes, notecards, pens/pencils, stickers, etc? Do you have a favorite symbol or characters you like to have writing implements of? What about journals???I've craved a legit stationary set for quite a while. I love skeleton keys and peacocks/peacock feathers, damask print and or anything art nouveau/art deco. I love colored pens. I keep a journal (poorly) but I do love notebooks or journals. I love images of the moon or of celtic knots. Boxes: do you like to keep pretty gift boxes, or are they just clutter? Boxes have always been an obsession of mine. I loooove them so! I tend to keep more jewelry/storage boxes but hell, even if a shoebox is pretty enough it manages to stay put. Note to future Gifter.... Er, partner? Feel free to check out any Switch witch stuff! It's probably helpful!
  4. Elliemental

    Dear Witch, Lols!

    It seems that I am....... An emoticon abuser. EVERY FARKING TIME I try and send a ?aire in for something it REJECTS me because I've used too many emoticons. I'm assuming it's like having a virtual-stutter. Only I instead of typing "um." Is it MY FAULT that emoticons are one of the biggest helps to sussing out the mood of intent behind comments made entirely of text? Is it MY FAULT that I pepper them throughout everything I write, so much so, that apparently I can't keep under the limit of this forum??!?? Don't answer that. Also, emoticons are cute! So THERE, FORUM!!!! Anywho. I really am dying to buy some Round 2 Weenies! But alas, alack! I must focus on my Witchee! And my bills. Also, just because I CAN..... A picture of my dog, Callie! Oh! And I'm also working on making my MAC selection. I WAAAAS going to try for a Marilyn collection lipstick but they sold out at the speed of light! So now I am reassessing.
  5. I've been a bad, baaaad wabbit! I'm sorry! And before you start thinking that it's merely my online life that I'm neglecting? Whoa no! It's ALL THE THINGS! I've been trying to juggle my schedule, roommates, and dog whilest still having time to sleep and possibly get in my usual routine of reading before bedtime. So far? My roommates and I are doing okay, my dog is only mostly neglected, and I definitely haven't been getting the recommended 8 hours. And the reading thing hasn't been going well at all. Lol. I actually DID copy questions the other day! I just didn't get the chance to answer them! So here are the ones I copied, I'll try and nab the rest of them tomorrow. I'm just going to add this, because it seems prudent: I'm DYING for some of the new Weenies!! Specifically: SN Vetiver- Well, duh. It's a SN. And it sounds awesome! Halloween in Miskatonic University Library Someone reviewed this in the Dragon Con thread and made it sound spectacular! Pumpkin patch pumpkin V Vanilla with your vanilla? And pumpkin too? Um--YES! Of the Pickman Gallery: (I am honestly more interested in TRYING these I'll star the ones I'm particularly interested in!) *BUEN VIAJE Buen Viaje, Francisco de Goya. Tonka bean, red sandalwood, black pepper, vetiver, hiba wood, turmeric root, and Ceylon cinnamon. You sound all SPICY, and I've been wanting to try something with cinnamon. *SADAK IN SEARCH OF THE WATERS OF OBLIVION Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion, John Martin. Asphodel and opium-tinged water cascading over stone, with champaca flower, blue lotus absolute, passionflower, and a touch of somber Arabian musk. Lotus, passionflower, and Arabian musk sounds awesome! *THE ORGY The Orgy, William Hogarth. A dissolute fougere with wet honey musk, distilled spirits, rose water, white lead powder, Venetian ceruse, and Spanish leather beauty marks stained with port wine. If you're anything like Dorian and Jareth I am DOWN! THE SOUL OF LA TRAVIATA The Soul of La Traviata, Sidney Sime. Black plum, black musk, black currant, iridescent pink grapefruit, neroli, and jungle orchid. Well I love grapefruit and I think I like neroli and orchid. You are intriguing, but I wonder if we'd suit. *LEMURIAN GHOST Lemurian Ghost, Clark Ashton Smith. Green, white, and ochre musks with moonflower, white mint, and wild lettuce. I do love moonflower (except when it has the power to make me sneeze! Lol) and you sound light and gorgeous. ****************onto Ketchup. As in. CATCH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY UP with more Ketchup to do!!!**************************** I will also mention that I was sorted in Gryffindor, just in case it proves helpful. Haunt? I would happily try anything. For serious. Gloomy Sunday Sugar scrub sounds AWESOME! Cask lust lip balm sounds nifty, Witch-wife, milk & nectar, and Sword and lion sugar scrubs/glossing oils sound awesome. But really, anything would be fine! I've never bought/tried Haunt stuff! If you had a fairy for NYCC, what exclusive scent would you kill to own? Nothing I'd murder for but I would love to try anything from there! Is there anything you might want from the latest update (Lab or TP)? Whelp, listed all of my Lab likes, dunno about TP....Spider silk bath oil and Apple Orchard Atmosphere spray. Never tried BO or Atmos. Spray from BPTP. What's a new company to you that you most want to try a product from or what would be a new product to you that you most want to try (make-up, perfume, or bath/body)? Spiro looks awesome and affordable! I love what I've seen of them and I've never tried their products. If you like necklaces, what are some symbols or images that you would love to have a necklace depict? (ex. spiders, skulls, hearts...?) Skeleton keys!!!!! And Celtic knots. I lurve Celtic knots. Also I love crescent moons (My only tattoo is of a celtic knot crescent moon, lol)I also love anything that has semi-precious stones in it. Dear Witch! I'm SO SORRY! I really have been running around like a chicken with no head lately! I can't promise to be on-thread as much as before I got employed, but I really will try and be less MIA! ALSO. If you want to give me the gift that keeps on giving do you have any recommendations for comfortable shoes that are cute, not terribly hot (I run around A LOT) and can accommodate what I have lovingly nicknamed--my Filipino wedge feet? (It's so unfair, my Mom wears a 6 1/2 and has a wedge foot but since her feet are so tiny she never has a problem. I wear a hulking size 10 (sometimes 9 1/2) and my feet cannot accommodate super narrow shoes!!!) I come home after 7 hours of running around--my feet are DYING. And you cannot entice me to wear Crocs! Lol.
  6. Elliemental

    Slightly hung over ketchup. :)

    Damn it past self for not considering that your future self would REALLY APPRECIATE you drinking some damn water before you go to bed!!!!!! Are you a gamer? Not really. I play games and enjoy them but I'm more into books/movie watching and hanging out and going places than I am attached to playing games. ETI!!!!! I DO have a super nintendo and one game I'm currently missing is Mario kart for super nintendo. If you spot this somewhere, dear Witch and it doesn't cost a million dollars I would LOVE this!!!! Would you be interested in BPTP CANDY? Sure! If there's no anise/black licorice I'm usually down for trying anything! Do you like coffee? If so, what kinds? Flavored, fancy, basic? Beans or ground? Flavored: absolutely. Fancy? I don't know what this entails . Basic is always fine, but I'm nixing the beans because I don't have a grinder. But I bet coffee freshly ground is awesomesauce. Would a Starbucks gift card make you happy or do you prefer your local place? It would make me happy, but I don't visit the 'bucks very often. It would still get use though! Would you like a pair of knitted socks? Anything "handmade" or knitted is a hell yes! Do you have any use for knitted dishcloths, facecloths, etc, especially if they were fandom related? See above! But yes, yes I would. That would be awesome. *dreams of a Labyrinth dishcloth* Are you interested in audiobooks? Meh! I find that I don't have the patience for them because I can read SO MUCH FASTER than they can read them aloud. Bar soaps with some scrubby bits, yes or no? Yes, please! Do you need any small electronic gadgets like flash drives and the like? I could ALWAYS use a flash drive! Especially one with higher GB capabilities. (I have the Adobe Suite, those files can take up some ROOM!) Lip balm - tube or tin? I like both, but a tube is generally easier/more portable, but I've had some awesome tins as well. Would you like to receive a journal or sketchbook? How about other pretty paper goods like post-its, notepads, bookmarks, letter paper/envelopes? YES to it all. All yes, all the time. My Little Pony? I really only liked MLP when I was a little girl. Having said that? I still flip my sh*t for Rainbow Brite stuff, it's one of the only "kiddy" shows I'm still just as in love with as ever.
  7. Dear Witch, I am currently drunk and sniffly and typing this with what brain cells I have that are not drunk. Which equals not many. But Dammit! I am trying to be a good Witchee, plus I have my new job tomorrow afternoon. So here are some (def not all) ketchup ?s. (If they are nonsensical or ridiculous I would have your refer to sentence #1, about being drunk. ) What is your holy grail "I'd kill to just have one drop in an imp" bpal scent? Antique lace or anything that has prominent vanilla like Antique Lace. Are there any existing Weenies that you have your eye on, but haven't gotten around to getting? I'm not really sure! I have an order for a bottle of Perilous Parlor (vanilla and pears? Um, yes!) and Evening Stock which has been reported to be vanilla-y or flowery or both and since it's a single note I hitched my wagon to it unsniffed. There are other Weenie's that sound exciting so I've been waiting with baited breath for weenie's round two. Also I am intrigued by Lurid Library since I love books so effing much! if you wear earrings, do you have pierced ears? YESSSS! I LOOOOOOVE earrings, I wear them fairly religiously! Especially dangly ones! (Chandelier or grape clusters or skeleton keys!) You are meeting up with someone on a casual lunch/early afternoon thing. This person is someone you want to impress/look good for (for whatever reason, not necessarily romantic, and not necessarily for business either). What would you look like, given the contents of your wardrobe/etc? I would wear a dress with fun Moroccan-essque patttern (Empire wasited with beautiful pattern, cream colored with jewel-toned designs)colored tights (I would need plus-sized if they're tight-tights or XL for more spandex type tights) heeled leather boots and (depending on weather) either a light flow-y long sleeved coverup or just the dress. Earrings, makeup and a cute purse (possibly my Lucky crossbody Abbey Road bag (in a raspberry color) since it's one of my fave bags ever and it totally survived the tornado!) Also, I would wear my Mac/Urban decay makeup with one of my Urban Decay eye shadow palettes as I heart UD's pigments and eyeshadows but love MAC's lipsticks, face powder and makeup brushes. You are to be let loose in a clothing store of your choice, to pick a full outfit, down to the shoes, the accessories, etc. and things would be altered to fit you if needed. What store would that be, and what would you look like? Whoa, that's an intense thought! It would be a store with plenty of high quality leather shoes (boots!!!!), beautiful classic wrap/empire waist dresses with plenty of vibrant colors and patterns and art deco and art nouveau jewelry. Then a lucky or Fossil purse or possibly a SUPER high end leather purse since I would rather spend more on expensive purses that last than cheap ones that fall apart on me! You open a box from the post office to reveal the 3 things you want most right now. What are they? (caveats: size doesn't matter, but they have to be tangible/buyable). A digital tablet for my computer (medium sized for art purposes) The Dead Like Me DVD Collection (sadly, my copies of both seasons did not survive the tornado but the shitty movie made it!! WTF? Lol) and gift cards to Ulta or Amazon. WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!! movies, comedians, black humor, your partner, a comic strip? what? How I Met Your Mother. The awkwardness that is/can be me and my roommates in our day-to-day life, (lol) my dogs, robin williams, bill cosby, anjelah johnson (she's hilarious) Monty Python and the holy grail, so many other things. I'm always looking for the humor in life. Also Seanan Mcguire's Velveteen Vs. stories. They rock. ETI: Hyperbole and a half!!!!!!! It's HILARIOUS. Also song-ify. Sorry so rambl-y and discordant sweet witch! Still pretty tipsy. This is what happens when your roommates buy big boxes of seasonal beers and then make you "catch up" because you're behind a beer since you went to work today. (I also stayed up to chug a bottle of water since I'd rather not deal with a hangover tomorrow, lol. Keeping fingers crossed! Ellie, over and out!
  8. Elliemental

    Today's Ketchup.

    Do you have a forum buddy? Someone who knows you and/or your tastes well enough to answer questions on your behalf? Not really. Probably best to get a Nacho or the SW account ladies to ask if you have a question. If you are on Livejournal, would you appreciate LJ stuff like paid time, custom userheads, stuff like that? If you are NOT on LJ but are on other sites that have similar paid-for services (Flickr, for example?) would you, and what are those sites/etc? Definitely a waste in my case. A question, witchees: if you are into tarot, what is your favorite card? I love tarot and I ended up associating with Queen of Cups. And another question: would you like your own set of handmade rune stones or worry stones? If rune stones are involved please include an instructional manual or something but that sounds cool. Worry stones are neat but I have a bad track record for holding on to such things. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, or none of the above? Flavored coffees with caramel, cinnamon, hazelnut, chocolate, or almond. Teas are pretty much anything other than green tea (unless it's super fruit flavored) with chai tea, mint tea, and fruit tea being my favorite. Gum, hard candy, soft candy, or none of the above? Any candy other than candy corn (though I like marshmallow pumpkins to an extent) or anise/black licorice. Also typically not fond of soda-flavored things or grape-flavored things. Loose tea or tea bags? Do you need anything for your loose tea? (Filters, presses, etc.) Either, but I don't have any of the doodads needed to brew loose leaf tea. Do you do Goodreads or LibraryThing or a site like that? I have one but it hasn't been used much. Zombies; Yay or Nay? Funny zombie movies like Zombieland or Sean of the Dead are my favorites! I also like cute zombie stuff rather than scary zombie stuff. If you have cats, do they like catnip toys? If you have doggies, would they like a super-reinforced canvas toy with a squeaker in it? I have a dog and she loves toys so that sounds awesome! If you have kids, what are they into? No kids here! How do you feel about wearable knitted lace? Shawls, wraps, and the like? That sounds awesome! Looking at the warehouse, I notice that our lovely Greenwoodtree is able to do chart readings and/or forecasts at a very reasonable rate. Is this something you would want? Absolutely! I would love that! ETI: Candy Corn? Not my favorite. I live in Japan. Anything you would be interested in from there? Anything! Stationary does sound awesome!
  9. Elliemental

    Mooooore Ketchup! :)

    Are you OK with "special deliveries"? *waggles eyebrows* I don't see why not! What are some things you are OK with receiving gently used or homemade, and some things you absolutely do not want if they are gently used or homemade? I have no issues with older/used items! I love to go antiquing/thrifting lol. I'm more picky with used makeup, it squicks me out! (lightly tested makeup's fine. But used mascara is no thanks! LOL) Homemade things are %100 cool! Some of your favorite artists? Classic and modern? Alphonse Mucha and any art nouveau/art deco style art. I'm also a big fan of Monet, Van Gogh, Klimt, Botticelli! If you could have an image or certain subject painted for you on any type of "canvas" (on a box, on paper, on a canvas, and so on) - could you point your witch to some of these images? I love Mucha's "Moon" I love Labyrinth images (especially Jareth, lol) Art Nouveau/art deco will always be made of win. I also have some art I really like on my etsy wishlist. But honestly? I'm not picky. My bedroom is mostly turquoise (With royal blue, gray, and hot pink accents) so touches of turquoise will always be awesome. Nail Polishes? I am a nail polish junky who has recently become obsessed with darker Fall/winter colors. Glitter is always fun. I like being adventurous. Witchee, will you be gone from your normal mailing address at any point during the round?Not that I know of! Are you a Disney fan or does even thinking about Disney make your head hurt? If you're into Disney, would you like something from the Happiest Place on Earth I love Disney. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite villain is Ursula the sea witch. Witchee, would you like it if I made you a "mix tape" of songs that I think you might like? And if so, would you prefer mp3 or CD format? I would LOOOVE THIS! I love finding new music! I'm down with mp3 or CD! I know it is totally the wrong season (for most of us), but do you like/have space to garden? If so, what do you like to grow? I have space but I'm apparently very bad at growing from seeds. I *would* like to grow herbs and mint. I'm about to be near a Lush store next week, is there anything you might like from there? Yesssssssssss. Buffy body bar, vanilla puff powder are my top desires. Songs that you keep meaning to buy but never get round to it? Jimmy Eat World--Title CD. I need a replacement because I lost the bulk of my music in the tornado. Phantom of the Opera soundtrack! Movies that you love but forgot to put in your questionaire? The Court Jester, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Monty Python and the holy grail. Name one movie you keep meaning to buy, but just never get around to getting? Robin Hood Men in Tights! Man, I miss owning that one! Any favorite Bath & Body Works scents/products? Love the soaps, the hand sanitizers and the lotions! Haus of Gloi is offering custom perfumes - would you like one? What would your ideal blend be? Oh, I love Haus of Gloi! And YESSSSS. My ideal blend would be: Peach skin, Vanilla bean, white vanilla sugar, & mahogany. (I don't love vanilla! Noooo! Yessss, yesss I do! ) Any Bath, Body or nutritional type items you would love to try from a Natural and Organic food store (similar to Whole Foods) that you don't buy because they are a bit too pricey? I've been wanting to try body shop stuff... But I can't really think of anything else. dear witchee, would you, could you use an electric candle warmer?Sure! OK, so those of you who said you wouldn't mind receiving (sneakily packaged!) beer or wine: Tell me of your taste preferences. Dry/sweet? Red/white? Lager/ale/porter/stout? Fruit? Spice? Hops? Sour (brettanomyces, etc)? My favorite seasonal thing is mulled wine but I can never find mulling spices! I loooooove sangria, and Moscatos, sweet red, and really any pink, white or red wine. Beers I am down with anything that's not too dark/bitter/hop-y. I tend to do better with paler ales. I've never tried mead but it seems exciting. Fruity beers are usually delicious.
  10. Elliemental

    Ketchup! :D

    Is there a GC scent that's been on your list for ages but keeps falling off the bottom of your order because of the LEs? Antikythera Mechanism, Prague, and TKO. Stuffed things: yea or nay? I'm down. Themed stuffed things are even better! (What I wouldn't give for a stuffed Ludo from Labyrinth!) mix-in-a-jar? How to you feel about cookie or cake or soup mixes that come in jars and you just add, like, an egg or water or what have you? Heck, yes! Would you be interested in beer, wine, or other specialty beverages from your Witch's area? Always, though I'm not a fan of "hop-y" beer. The dark and/or uber bitter stuff isn't really my bag. Are there any crafts/skills you've wanted to learn but haven't gotten around to? And if so, would you be interested in supplies and tutorials? I've always wanted to be able to make jewelry with chains, and even though I can knit I keep botching my attempts to crochet. I am a really crafty person, so it's a fair bet that if it's crafty I'll be down. Who here would be happy to get a lil' sumthin sumthin from Adagio Teas? I’ve never heard of it! I'm a fan of mint teas and chai teas though. I also recently got this delicious berry-blend from Teavanna which was awesome. So sure! (I'm not a huge fan of green tea though, unless it's so flavored with fruit that it tastes more like the fruit than the green tea) Stuff From Retro Dry Goods? Not really. Seems neat though! Who likes Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses? They're okay. The only kisses I ever buy tend to be christmas-candy cane themed or chocolate with almonds. What does your kitchen look like? Colors/style? Pretty hodge podge. Royal blues and whites, with shabby chic mugs, soup-bowl mugs (I looooove them!!!) And some cute mugs shaped like animals. Oven mitts are always needed at my house. Put your iPod/MP3 player/what-have-you on random and list the first 10 songs it plays! I Know by Save Ferris (10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack) Crash Into Me by Dave Mathews Band Decode by Paramore Next to me by Civil Twilight Outsider by the Daylights Primadonna by Marina and the diamonds Crashing Down by Sugarcult Turning Circles by Sally Dworsky (Cutting Edge Soundtrack ) Landslide by Stevie Nicks Anchor by Mindy Gledhill What's one random thing you really like and one random thing you really dislike? Thing I like: Having my back scratched. I would EMPLOY someone to scratch my back--it's so fabulous! Thing I dislike: People that won't get off their phones when we're supposed to be doing "group things." You *clearly* aren't watching the movie if you're typing into your phone! Arrrgh! Are there any herbs that you haven't been able to lay hands on that I could send you? Oooh! Herbs! I love cooking but seriously doubt my abilities to keep plants alive. If there are no "witchy" shops near you, is there anything I can pick up for you from Enchantments? Anything! And in particular I'm a lover of tarot and tarot books. And now a new question: I live near a Mast General Store. It has lots of vintage-y toys, southern foods (jams, jellies, spices) and vintage candy. Is there anything I can get for you? Ummmmm. I don't know? I'm always down for jams, jellies, spices, or candy! Try me! Do you have any Fall or Halloween traditions? Well I always dress up. And when I was young it was to get candy, now, as an adult it's to go to Halloween parties and get drunk. I adore dressing up though! Witchee, what are your favorite quotes? Does constantly quoting Disney/Pixar characters count? (For example, earlier today my roomie and I started quoting from Lumiere and the French Maid. "Oh, NO! Oh, YES! Oh, NO! I 'ave been burned by you before!") I'm honestly not much of a quotes girl. I do love reading, movies, tv shows, lyrics, and spontaneously bursting into song. I do end up quoting from movies/shows a lot. After watching Hellraiser for the first time this year I end up telling my friends: "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!" a lot. Lots of pop-culture references end up peppered throughout my conversations, lol.
  11. Do you like s'mores and s'mores-flavored things? Yes, I really do! Homemade s'mores are particularly awesome! What's the neatest freebie you've gotten? It can be cool or thoughtful or just totally unexpected, and not limited to BPALdom. Honestly? Someone sent me an imp-pack filled with htf things from my wishlist. It was very out-of-the-blue and completely sweet. I still remember it and it happened a couple of years ago. I tried to emulate that awesome frimper by passing along stuff in the same way. Would you enjoy receiving cute but useful items like colorful kitchen utensils/gadgets, or bento supplies? (boxes, chopsticks, accessories, etc?) What about things like spice mixes (homemade, or Penzey's for example) Yes please! I love chopsticks and always need more kitchen things. Spice mixes are also welcome.Kitchen gadgets?!? Yessssssss! Spices? DOUBLE YESSSS. Do you like cute, seasonal or fluffy PJ bottoms? Like they sell at Target, Old Navy (they have had cute Halloween ones!) If so, what size do you wear? Yes! And I'm an XL What kind of chocolate do you like? Nuts, no nuts, white,dark, etc? I like all chocolate but dark chocolate definitely bats last. And I love all nuts with almonds coming in number 1 followed by hazelnuts. I live near a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Penzeys! What does your little heart desire from any or all of these places? Anything from Whole Foods is bound to be good, and I bet Trader Joe's is the same! I love Penzeys and very much desire Old Bay seasoning in particular but would be thrilled for anything. Are home made foods acceptable or does the idea of eating strange mailed food disturb you? Homemade food is fine, but please keep in mind Alabama humidity. It gets all kinds of hot down here! I just gave you $20 and sent you into a "has everything" store ala Walmart and told you that you have to come out having spent it all, and none of it on anything you need. What would you buy? Be as specific as possible! A couple of DVDS from the $5 bin (Dvds liiiike: Clue, Jumanji, Anastasia, etc.) some candy (Sour patch kinds, toblerone, etc.)and a paperback book(Patricia Briggs or maybe linda howard, etc.) What kind of cuisines do you like? (I mentioned this in my ?aire but curious what my witch may like)And, what are your favorite restaurants? I love all kinds of cuisine, but lately I've been really into East Indian food. My favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory. (YUUUUM!) I'm from Canada - is there anything specifically a witchee might like that is only available here? *shifty eyes* Kinder Bueno bars! They're finaaaally available in the US but (to the best of my knowledge) only at World Markets and the nearest one is about an hour away.... And I also love trying new things.... what are your "fandoms" and would you like a t-shirt from TeeFury if an appropriate one came up? Labyrinth, Indiana Jones, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars. I also love art nouveau type designs. TeeFury rocks- I wear an XL in the woman's cut. Do you have an eReader and if so which one? I have a Kindle Touch. Do you like candles, or tart burners, or something? If so, what's your favorite scent to burn? Yes! I love candles! Scent-wise vanilla (not the cloying artificial vanilla though!) sugar, pumpkin, autumn scents, cinnamon... I don't really have anything to melt tarts in, but I do like them! If you get me (or a fellow Aussie, if there are any playing this round) as a witch or witch's minion, would you like to try some Australian specialties, such as TimTams (delicious chocolately cookies), Caramello Koalas (koala shaped chocolates filled with gloopy caramel), Australian native spices or anything like that? 100% YES! If your witch is a knitter, crocheter or sewer, is there a particular type of garment you would love to receive (hat, scarf, wrap, cowl, socks, fingerless gloves, arm warmers etc)? Anything! But socks would be particularly neat! Is there anyone else in your house (kids, pets, partner) that would really appreciate a small gift being included for them in the switchwitchy haul so they don't feel left out? I live in a house with two female roommates and 3 dogs (1 of those pups is mine) so something small for them would be super sweet but definitely not necessary! ETI: Marzipan? Haven't managed to have any that I've liked yet.... So, no. Would you be interested in washable/reusable muslin “paper” towels (basically muslin squares hemmed around the edge)? Maybe in some sort of box to put on your kitchen or bathroom counter? Sure! Do you drink alcohol and if so, would you be OK with your witch sending you homemade infused vodka? Yes! I most certainly enjoy alcohol. I've been looking and looking online trying to find out what the rules are for Alabama. Alas, I am still at a loss. How would you feel about a taste of (insert witch location here) box? Pretty thrilled! Since it's been mentioned several times, and I've also offered to nacho witch some, would you you like to receive wild rice and or maple syrup? I promise to include recipe ideas with the wild rice. That sounds awesome! I have 5 bushels of tomatoes sitting in the kitchen right now that are supposed to turn into red sauce tomorrow, so would anyone like a basic red sauce (spaghetti sauce) to make its way to them? Once more, with the awesome! Would you be interested in having a bat adopted in your name?Bats are cool, but if we're doing random animals my dad used to be a beekeeper so I'd rather "adopt" honeybees! Lol.
  12. Elliemental

    Eight-Petaled Lotus

    I've recently come to the realization that I love lotus. So naturally I had to give this single note a try! After slathering my arm I'm getting a definite "coolness" that seems to be coming off of my skin. It's definitely a very sharp aquatic floral on me. I can see where people are getting soap or dryer sheets. I am definitely enjoying this scent, it seems like a clean white scent which would be particularly lovely in hot or muggy weather--it's the coolness mixed with the floral that makes this enjoyable for me. (Luckily the "sharpness" I mentioned isn't noticeable unless my nose is touching my skin, when I hover over the skin it's just a lovely light waft of lotus.) I think I'll enjoy playing with this one.
  13. Elliemental


    Dorian smells like black tea with lemon garnished with vanilla sugar lumps. There's an edge of masculine sophistication that plays footsie with the vanilla sugar but it stays soft-- it's background noise. Overall I pretty much just want to chew on my arm. I LOVE Dorian. Lovelovelove!!!!
  14. Elliemental


    First off, I am a Labyrinth/Jareth squee-ing fangirl. Have been since my teens, don't imagine it'll be changing anytime soon. That said, when I read all of the reviews and people kept bringing up Dorian (which I lovelovelove) I KNEW, just KNEW that I needed to get my mitts on Jareth. (heh.) A wonderful forumite gifted me with a decant and the moment it touched my skin I started huffing it like a crazy person. I totally get what everyone is saying: Jareth is absolutely Dorian's more twisted and deviant older brother. I'm smelling the lilac fougere extremely consistently but the rest of the notes are playing ring-around-the-rosy with the lilac and I keep getting this lovely resin-y incense smell. I'm not really getting any sweetness out of the blend but it is absolutely drop-dead sexy. I could absolutely believe that this is what a naked Goblin King smells like.... It's definitely on the cusp of masculine (for me) but it's a smell I want all over my sheets. I guarantee I'd have *extremely* pleasant dreams. All in all? It lacks the lemony-sweetness of Dorian but packs a super sexy punch. I need more of this in my life. *Wanted to include: Jareth is awesomely sexy but in the past 5-10 minutes he's faded to a whisper. A sexy whisper, but a whisper none-the-less. The Dorian that I slathered lower on my arm for comparison purposes is still going strong. This may just be a trick of my skin chemistry, but I figured I'd mention it.
  15. Elliemental

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    #361(purchased off LJ: the original seller said lemony cake, MY seller said vanilla, banana and some unidentified flower.) MY opinion is more along the lines of the latter although I'd say it's a green banana which gives it a vaguely lemony feel. Whatever the banana/lemon thing is, it's pretty astringent on first application; I can feel it practically spiking up my nose. Then, a flower/mystery scent comes out to play with the "yellow" smell and wafts (with spiky precision) right up the nostrils. Hmmm, maybe plumeria? #428 Whoa, Ginger! It smells like a delicious spicy custard with liberal amounts of ginger! Then suddenly, there's lemon. LEMON and GINGER with a soft base of vanilla. That's definitely my verdict. #632 I am completely and utterly thrown by this one. Plastic? Is that what I'm smelling? Wait no, weird-car-interior-smell! On my skin it's doing something weird! Uh oh. Maybe this is a suede note? I know leather notes amp/do funky things on me and this seems similar. I'm standing by suede because my skin is amping this odd note (much like leather) and it smells leather-ish without the kind of peppery edge I always get with leather. It is getting spicier the longer is sits though. *scratches head* Now it totally smells like spicy leather. *headdesk* Final verdict: (spicy/peppery) suede or leather. In parenthesis because it seems to fluctuate. #641 Definitely some kind of floral. Delicious sweet floral. Lemony bloom dipped in vanilla sugar. #637 Some kind of nutmeg/clove/cinnamon combo. It smells like mulling spices and wee bit of vanilla! Exactly like the typical cinnamon/apple smell but minus the apple! #635 Really well blended floral and vanilla in bottle. On wrists I'm getting lemon and some weird "Air" scent. Maybe Oud? It reminds me of Aelophile somehow but I'm not quite sure why. I'm not a fan, but judging by how lovely it smelled in the bottle, someone with different skin chemistry might sing a different tune.