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  1. tinyopaws


    Nearly identical to the 2018 Bread-and-Butterfly on me... both are creamy, wheat-y citrus but this is a little heavier on the cream and citrus. And also sugar. A scarily accurate dried currant note comes out a bit later. Tasty!
  2. tinyopaws

    Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free

    OMG so apparently I like florals?? Who knew?? Any mixture of flowers is usually an instant headache for me but there's one in here that's really bright and fresh and grassy which I love... by process of elimination I think it has to be either sweet pea or peony. It's like a gardenia without turning overly sweet or loud. After drydown, it smells a lot like High-Strung Daisies (sugar and carnation?). I don't get much of the rose or lily. I just wish the first flower stayed around longer - if anyone can identify it let me know please!
  3. tinyopaws

    Blackcurrant Sufganiyot

    When I was little I used to go to a family friend's holiday parties and every year they would have delicious tiny cheesecake squares from Costco. Has anyone had those before? This smells like the berry flavor of that. Definitely a strong creamy, custardy note to me, plus rich graham cracker crust. Okay that's all, back to huffing my wrist.
  4. tinyopaws


    This is so weird on me. I'm not getting any orange or vanilla, just this heady green masculine scent- I thought about it for a while and it made me think of visiting my friend's grandma's house on the fourth of July and stepping in from the back porch on a sunny day. Not very sexy. I guess it's a bit old/musty smelling, and warm like the sun on cement, with that green tinge. Pleasant though!
  5. tinyopaws

    Hollywood Babylon

    Wet: Snake Oil without so much of the spicy bite- I must really amp BPAL's vanilla. 5 min: still Snake Oil, the sweetness of cherry coming through. 20-30 min: something powdery, amber I guess; sadly I got no strawberry at all! But it does smell nice anyway. Basically cherry-flavored Snake Oil to me.
  6. tinyopaws

    Cheshire Cat

    Wet: Sharp, dryish grapefruit (like the peel maybe) that turns into a very juicy grapefruit/currant after a few seconds. Dry-down: Floral/herbal- I can't pick out lavender, chamomile, or delphinium- but it's overall more sharp and fresh than girly. After 10 minutes: Omg... what?!? This smells like Snake Oil, but softer and it doesn't hurt my nose like real Snake Oil did. Kind of dusty and spicy... for some reason it smells like when I went to see the terra cotta warriors, lol. Maybe it's the chamomile + musk? Also still has floral/herbal undertones. A long while later: Just smells faintly sweet.
  7. tinyopaws

    New Orleans

    Holy f, excuse me while I rant... this is amazing! At first it's quite strong and almost nauseating jasmine but after it died down a bit I sniffed my arm and literally got giddy- it's super super realistic small, sweet white flowers. (That was a lot of adjectives.) Like... the insides of them though, like you tore the petals up and sniffed them. Then after about 10 minutes it smells more serious (??) for some reason, less sweet and more purely floral. I didn't get any lemon or spices though.
  8. tinyopaws

    Al Azif

    Wet, this smells really intensely like a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar. Then the kinda sharp oatmeal fades away and it's very soft and sweet incense maybe with jasmine or frangipani in the background?? But after 10 minutes it's almost disappeared on me.
  9. tinyopaws

    Miskatonic University

    Wet: Strong coffee and a little wood/resin, not really that sweet. ~30 minutes later: The coffee is mostly gone and I mainly smell the wood and resin- if I rub my wrists together the resin gets sharper temporarily. That lasts for several hours... The next day and after a shower: Smells exactly like RICE KRISPIES, in a good way! Or maybe golden Oreos. Still has a very slight wood library smell- it's kind of like a professor drinking his coffee in the library, then going to peruse the bookshelves, and then returning to eat his Rice Krispies.