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  1. tempestteapot

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    I'm with you on that. *sigh* I have a friend that owns a consignment botique and she fell in love with Bpal (and Possets) and would love to have them in store.
  2. tempestteapot

    Crypt Queen

    Well I got her today. At first it was VERY fruity, almost to Fire Pig fruit-poo-ness. But there's something behind keeping it from being TOO sweet. Then the patchuli comes out. I like Mme Morarty, but in this blend it goes straight to corkboard/hippyness on me. (sorry Inanna9) It's dirty and dusty smelling with the bits of floral and fruit mixed it. She likes me not. I'm glad I got it for the bottle art and the coffin case! ETA: I'm a complete foodie so this wasn't totally unsurprising that the "dust" and patchuli have turned me off.
  3. tempestteapot

    The Sephiroth and Qlipoth blends - Recs and Discussion

    Ok since today is probably the last day...how about rec's for a foodie?
  4. tempestteapot

    Pinched With Four Aces

    When wearing this I smell angel food cake. Right out of the oven with that warm toasty almost burnt carmalized sugar crust! I'm in HEAVEN!
  5. tempestteapot

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    I must have a wonky nose or really strange chemistry. I get MINT!!! while it's wet. So potent that I can't get near it. On dry down I smell girl scout cookies 'Thin Mints' Nice, but not wearable.
  6. tempestteapot

    Thirteen (13): April 2007

    Cloves and cardamom. They overwhelm the the chocolate on me. I'm sad to say that it didn't work out NEARLY as well as my favorite (Oct) 13. Hopefully better luck in July.
  7. tempestteapot

    Poisoned Apple

    I love the apple this becomes on me. It's a good substitute (for me) to Punkie Night. The apple is tart and crisp
  8. tempestteapot

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I'm finding Poison Apple is a good substitute for Punkie Night and I'm sure if it's layered with Jack it would really be I've not done a side by side testing, since I'm not all that interested in a PERFECT match, but the apples and spice are quite good and I don't have to worry about running through my punkie night stash so quickly.
  9. Things I collect: Rubber Duckies Boxes Pretty Rocks Pretty beads Craft supplies such as pretty paper and yarn Books Miniture things comic books: for better for worse, fox trot, one big happy, Sanrio (especially the little frog guys) Hobbies knitting beading chainmaille candles cross-stitch oragami flameglasswork stained glass scrapbooking photography Authors Mercedys Lackey Anne McCaffery Neil Gaiman Margaret George Phillipa Gregory Steven King Douglas Adams Terry Prachet? Series Serindipity Little Miss and Mr. Royal Diarys Dear America Dragonriders of Pern Etsy Wishlist ~ Amazon Wishlist ~ Half.com Wishlist ~ Deviant Art Wishlist ~ B&B wishlist Woobie Wishlist ~ Bpal wishlist ~ Quirks: I don't like people in artwork. I love landscapes and sunsets. snow makes everything better I don't wear much makeup. Black eyeliner and black mascara. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE bath and body product that smell and feel wonderful.
  10. tempestteapot

    The LE mindset

    It can be frustrating, especially for someone coming into the bpal world right now. I think there's over 1,000 blends that they've made in about 4 years. So what do you concentrate on? The stuff that always avalible? Or chase the moon(s)? It's LUNACY I tell you Ok enough with the dumb jokes. I flip-flop on this so much. The hardest thing about LE's is that once you fall in love, you're in a competition with a hundred other people who are ALSO in love. But I'm not a competitive person. I like the security of knowing that Amsterdam will always (hopefully) be there for me whenever I run low. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to be called when the LE's show up. But I want to try EVERYTHING! I've a collectors mentality...got to catch(try) em all. I have to know what I'm missing. But then I end up spending 2x a regular bottle's worth for a half a bottle of Ides of March...and thinking I got a good deal! Oh the smelly problems we have. Try the LE's and risk falling in love? or stay with the steady that you know will always be there. This question will never be answered I'm sure. Oh my poor poor poor wallet.
  11. tempestteapot

    Woobie Ratings

    Woobie is my second favorite perfume and #1 for bath and body stuff. She has a LOT of the fruity/foodie blends that I absolutly love. *means I already have a 1/2 oz bottle. She's also got an Autoship feature on her site where you send her a wishlist, then someone can just select a dollar amount and she'll send a surprise package! How fun is that? A LOT! I've already submitted my wishlist to her, just put my name & email address in the comment section. 5/5 *Winterfruit Seduction Fruitcake *Wicked Witch Strawberry Mango Strawberry Kiwi *Reindeer Turds Dehydrated Peaches 4/5 Basics Champagne Dreidal Holiday Coma Rugalach Bite Me Deckthehallphobia Hazelnut Cream Cranberry Chutney Commercialized Insanity Clause Fruit Loopy Sufganiyot Twitters Disaproval Egg Nog Gelt Elf Farts Grumpy Mall Santa Violets Snickerdoodles 3/5 Sugar Fairy Marmalade Bah Humbuger Lump O Coal Plum Pudding Frankensince Dramatized Nes Gadol Haya Sham Stuffed Stockings Shopping Brawl Sunny Side Up 2/5 North Star Sugar Cloud Aloha holiday 3 Kings Menora Voodoo Yellow Snow Exotic Coconut Lavender Rose 1/5 Socks & Underwear Christmas Trees Frosty Wine & Roses Magic Heaven - Gabe says it smells like socks. I guess it's Chumley's heaven then Tinman Spirit Surreal Blitzed
  12. tempestteapot

    Misc Other B&B etailers

    These are some of the other B&B etailers that I'm starting to systematically stalk. I want to try ALL of their scents (and branch out to their other products). Woobie Possetts Dropplets Arcana Villiness Propaganda (I'm sure there's a LOT more I just can't think of any others right now)
  13. tempestteapot

    Bpal 1/5

    These either caused an adverse reaction or I just can't stand them. A Little Lunacy Hunger Moon - Ozone, white sandalwood, crystallized white amber, verbena, oakmoss, clary sage, and a hint of white citrus rind. It bites me and leaves marks. Strawberry Moon - strawberries and cream with light, dry lotus and soft ylang ylang and a touch of green tea and sage It turns to astroglide on me. Bakeneko - Warm amber musk, Satsuma tangerine, black tea leaf, cardamom, cherry blossom and cinnamon Agony of Heartache - Agony of Loss - Kalahantarika - Khandita - Cathode - Scherezade Séance Shattered Sudha Segara Tavern of Hell Tempest Twenty-one Ultraviolet Umbra Veil Yggdrasil Phantom Calliope, The Antonino, the Carny Talker Doc Constantine Organ Grinder, The Pulcinella & Teresina Theodosius, the Legerdemain Arachnina, The Spider Girl Eshe, A Vision of Life-in-Death Isaac, The Living Skeleton Kataniya, The Clockwork Woman Meskhenet, The Vulture Maiden Parliament of Monsters Priala, The Human Phoenix Tiresias, The Androgyne Zarita, The Doll Girl Anaconda Asp Viper Australian Copperhead Banded Sea Snake Boomslang Coral Snake Cottonmouth Death Adder Green Tree Viper Habu King Cobra Saw-Scaled Viper Temple Viper Western Diamondback Djinn Rage Clio Czernobog Eris Euterpe Gaueko Hades Iambe Liber Resh Vel Helios Ahathoor Liber Resh Vel Helios Khephra Liber Resh Vel Helios Ra Liber Resh Vel Helios Tum Lilith Loviatar Nuit Odin Old Scratch Oya Pele Queen Mab Sacred Whore Of Babylon Sophia Terpsichore Thanatos Tisiphone Zorya Dance of Death Danse Macabre Darkness Jazz Funereal Les Fleurs Du Mal Twilight Wings Of Azrael Antony Juliet Lady Macbeth Lear Oberon Ophelia Queen Gertrude Rosalind Titus Andronicus Ave Maria Gratia Plena Casanova Delight Depraved Desire Forbidden Fruit Harlot Hetairae Hunger Kabuki Le Serpent Qui Danse Libertine Loralei Muse Perversion Psyche Satyr Seraglio Siren Spellbound Succubus Vixen Wanda Whip Dolce Stil Nuovo Kanishta Khajuraho Luperci Smut Dormouse, The Drink Me Eat Me Mad Hatter Pool of Tears, The Red Queen, The Tiger Lily Carfax Abbey Belladonna Blood Lotus Destroying Angel Hemlock Love-Lies-Bleeding Mandrake Moon Rose Strangler Fig Sundew Wolfsbane Yew Trees Black Dahlia Bow & Crown of Conquest, The Fallen Faustus Great Sword of War, The Hymn Languor Magdalene Malediction Nero Oblivion Rose Cross Scales of Deprivation, The Seraphim Sloth Baku Nanshe Somnus Temple of Dreams Sahasrara The Crown And There Was a Great Cry In Egypt Bat-Woman Carceri D'invenzione Death of Sardanapal, The Isle of the Dead, The Lucretia Orpheus Two Monsters Athens Baghdad Bayou Delphi Florence Gommorah Jezirat al Tennyn Kathmandu Kyoto Madrid Sybaris The Isle of Demons Tintagel Venice
  14. tempestteapot

    Bpal 2/5

    I don't immediatly wash these off...but I don't like them either Schwarzer Mond Brian's Creation Cthulhu High Priest Not to Be Described, The Shub-Niggurath Agony of Longing Ecstasy of Infatuation Ecstasy of Passion Svadhinaopatika Vasakasajja Vipralabda Absinthe Aeval Anne Bonny Arachne Aureus Belle Époque Bess Bewitched Black Forest Black Pearl Blood Kiss Brimstone Dee Ephemera Fae Hamadryad Highwayman I Died for Beauty Intrigue Jolly Roger Juke Joint Lampades Masquerade Morgause Namaste Ouija Zephyr Black Phoenix Bluebeard Catherine Fenris Wolf Loup Garou Maenad Malice Marie Marquise de Merteuil Nephilim Nocnitsa Pain Villain Al-shairan Mi-go Brain Canister Wrath Dove's Heart Fire Of Love Follow Me Boy Has No Hanna Paris Port-au-prince Rome Silk Road Sri Lanka
  15. tempestteapot

    Bpal 3/5

    I can take em or leave them. Hungry Ghost Moon Ecstasy of True Love Baobhan Sith Snake Oil Chintamani-Dhupa Night's Pavilion Perfumed Garden, The The Oblation Tweedledum Jailbait Clove, Sweet Red Devil Crossroads Morocco