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  1. AMills

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, vanilla-infused sugar, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap. I'm a lover of strawberry scents and green scents so I had to track this one down once I heard about it. On me it's a very fresh realistic strawberry. It reminds me of just cutting into a just washed strawberry. I get a hint of the dandelion sap but strawberry and summer grasses are the main things that stand out on me. Unfortunately it doesn't last too long on me, normally about an hour. I like layering it with rain scents. It makes me think of walking through a rainy strawberry patch.
  2. AMills

    Strawberry Moon v4

    I agree with the other reviews saying this is a very jammy strawberry. On me there's something in this that just smells lush and boozy, it reminds me of strawberry ale. The sillage on this one can't be beat! I've yet to find another perfume that lasts as long on my skin, 5+ hours with minimal fading.