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    Cotton Candy, Pomegranate, Dragon's Blood, Jasmine, Sugar. Favorite BPAL scents now: Candy Phoenix (My Holy Grail.) Pink Moon 2005. Fruit of Paradise Dragon's Milk Ploutos Forbidden Fruit Fave BPAL scents from like 2004: Dragon's Milk Lolita Horn of Plenty Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo Black Lotus Venus Blood Lotus Snow White Hell's Belle Luna O

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  1. Pixie-elf

    Slime Queen

    Cotton Candy and Dorian! It's wonderful! Nate: That smells familiar and good, what is it? Me: Slime Queen! Cotton Candy Dorian! Norally I get more cologne, more lemon... I mean Dorian, the original is like Tea sugar cookies on me, so good. This is like soft puffy clouds of cotton candy with drops of the Dorian base. It's delicious!
  2. Pixie-elf

    Ezekiel 16:49

    Blood musk, and smoke. If you've read the Wheel of Time, you've heard the curse "Blood and Ashes!" and this is what it'd smell like. It lasts, and lasts. The blood musk almost has the smut note to it, if you've never smelled it, but not quite. It's deeper, more primal. Gorgeous. The incensey smoke and ashes are gentle, giving it a lovely depth that is fantastic. Gender neutral, but it smells fantastic on Nate. His coworker got a whiff of him the next day (another dide) and told him how good he smelled. So he explained Bpal. :
  3. Pixie-elf


    From Ebay. Pluto is lovely. Woodsy, resiny, a bit metallic as some say, but kind of like a nice hug... Then again I'm devoted to his wife so I feel very comfortable with him. It's definitely masculine, I think there's vetiver in it as I smell the same note as is in Block Buster from TAL. I'm very happy to have this bottle.
  4. Pixie-elf

    Lilith's Loli Dragon

    Strawberry, dragon''s blood, lollipop's, I think I almost get a hint of honeysuckle. It's so lovely. It's one of my favorites now. I love it so very much!
  5. A general-purpose luck invoking blend, great for everyday boosts in good fortune. The components include bourbon vanilla absolute, vanilla oleoresin, Ceylon cinnamon, almond oil, and pulverized pyrite. (Brian took care of the pulverizing.) This smells AMAZING. Like a sexy cinnamon roll. I immediately want donuts when I use it. Like 10 boxes full. How does it work? Really well. I had a candle dressed in it, then after just handling it, unlit, walked outside and my neighbor asked me to dry and fold his laundry for $20. The same day Nate got a ton of good advice as far as money went. It helped a looooot. I love the scent, and I use it on days when we need a boost or everything seems to be going wrong. Or for other people... I find it helps them too. Also the pyrite is super pretty! I'm not sensitive skin wise so I rubbed it on my skin and his without issue.
  6. Pixie-elf

    Block Buster

    I have no idea what the scent is, but I am not a fan. It's really weird. Howevee, I'm not using it for its scent, this stuff works REALLY well. It's very calming, centering, and helps you focus on "I need to get THIS done." Also if what I need to get done happens to be rest so I can get shit done later it somehow helps me relax to do that. I think it's because with my insomnia, I have so many blocks... and sometimes I really DON'T give myself what I need, which is rest. Other times it perks me up and I go right to work! I love it!
  7. Pixie-elf

    Recommendations for Floral Based Wedding Perfume

    What about Alisz? It has a lovely vanilla sugared tea rose, redcurrant, spun sugar, and a bit of resiny frankincense. It's not stricky floral, but it's very lovely and feminine. Titania and Alice are also fantastic choices. Le Serpent Quick Danse is wonderful too!
  8. Pixie-elf

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    Cotton Phoenix has a base of our foundation scent, Snake Oil, with a sliver of Snow White, almond milk, and a pillowy poof of marshmallow layered over a sheer cotton blossom musk. Snow White 2005 didn't work out for me, so it kind of scared me away. Now I'm sad about missing this! This is a wonderful combo of Snake oil and beautiful mallow and almonds. It's what I wanted Snow White to be! It is glorious! I'mma be hunting for a bottle!
  9. Pixie-elf

    Sanguinem Menstruum

    This smells like Smut and O went and had sex in a bed of Poppies. The honey is light, the red musk is lovely, it soars, and the poppies give it a fantastic floral tone. On Nate? It's strongly red musky, with a hint of floral and a good hit of honey. It smells fabulous on him or me! He actually said "If this is how menstrual blood smells I want more of it." I think we'll be looking for another bottle because he really likes it. I feel like a super powerful woman wearing this. I think he does too.
  10. Pixie-elf

    Schrodinger's Cat

    It starts out as LIME!!!! Like, so much lime it's like a lime crawled up my nose and took a whizz. Then the lime mellows and it turns in to lime surrounded by light florals. This is a great summer scent I think! It's bright and sparkly in a fabulous way.
  11. Pixie-elf


    AMAZING! This is a scent that is pure sex. I'm not really sure I can describe it better than that. It is musky, snuggly, leathery goodness with the lilac adding a nice floral tone that just makes it SPARKLE! I want to crawl in to bed with this scent, mingle, and be enveloped. It's GORGEOUS. In fact, I'm about to try to distract myself from this headache by snuggling in to it. I want it as an atmosphere spray, I'd love this on my pillows!
  12. Pixie-elf

    Lady Una

    Honey, at first. Then it blossoms in to a sweet melange of berries and tea blended with the honey. It's glorious, very feminine, and I feel it's somehow classy. I feel clean and divine in this.
  13. Pixie-elf

    Womb Furie

    I dunno what year this one is, but it's lovely. Spicy vanilla honey sexiness! It's like O and Snake Oil had a Lovechild. No, they didn't get married, they ain't about that life. They're raising Womb Furie without that nonsense. Snake Oil is free to partner up with who they want and so is O! Anyways, if you like Lady Una, O, Snake Oil, or just plain smelling sexy, you'll probably like Womb Furie!
  14. Pixie-elf

    French Tickler Hair Gloss

    I wasn't sure what pink peppercorn smelled like, but Pomegranate is generally a "You gotta buy this!" For me. It's GORGEOUS. This is the scent of Persephone walking amongst her garden, encouraging it to grow. Talking to each flower, each herb, each fruit. It's the scent of spring having finally arrived after a long winter. Persephone finally said goodbye to Hades, she was having a hard time leaving him, and now returns to bless us with glorious flowers. It's well balanced, fruity, floral, and lovely! I hope it stays up a while longer, I need more money for a back up bottle. I kind of want it as a perfume. It SPARKLES!
  15. Pixie-elf

    Miss Forcible

    First, Miss Forcible starts out as heavy Anise. Then she morphs in to a sweet tea and caramel butter cookie scent! I put her on a few hours ago and I'm getting wafts of caramel cookies every few minutes. It's glorious. I would have tea with Miss F any tI'm and try her cookies!