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  1. hroki97

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I'm sorry for suggesting a rare, but Edith Cushing could be it. It's definitely similar with the whispy ethereal vanilla and ambergris. Ava from the Only Lovers Left Alive is also in the same family, as is Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending...also HTF Lyonesse could be a GC close cousin. Thank you for the recommendations, sprout! I might have to sell my soul to try Edith but I do have a decant of Ava! lol
  2. hroki97

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    White tea, honeycomb, vanilla orchid, and a drop of soft sandalwood. I was not fortunate enough to try the Vanilla Orchid Single Note, but from reading the reviews, I can tell it's the vanilla orchid that dominates this scent while wet. It's heady and fragrant with a touch of green: perfect for balmy spring evenings. The dominance of the orchid eventually settles down into something much creamier due to the chewy, waxy honeycomb. While I never get any woodsiness from the sandalwood, it's creaminess plus the soft vanilla are now able to shine through all of the floral power and stop it from it's soapy tendencies. I think this is what most people wanted Vanilla Orchid SN to be. Creamy (have I said that enough?) comforting, and evocative of twilight walks around my late spring garden. I'm wrapped in a sweater warmed by my body heat and enjoying the return of the spring. I adore it!
  3. hroki97

    Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs

    Exactly like Rose Jam from Lush! If you love the soap, I'm begging you to try this oil! For me, rose can often feel quite "granny-ish," but the sugary sweetness in Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs is keeping this scent quite girly and fun! It's jammy, gooey and quite foodie on my skin (not in a confectionary way, mind you, people who don't enjoy foodie scents will still adore this perfume). It's reminding me of a delicious rose-infused jar of golden honey as opposed to a big poofy cloud of spun sugar. I wish I could eat it...
  4. hroki97

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Does anyone know of any scents similar to Zorya P? I am absolutely in love with the blueness of the vanilla. I tried Pediophobia and I think the tobacco gave me similar impressions, but it just wasn't "blue" enough, if that makes sense?
  5. hroki97

    I've never found a scent I liked!

    Vanilla favorites? Where do I start? Lyonesse, Zorya P, Pediophobia, Celeste, Mouse's Long & Sad Tale, Love's Philosophy and O to name a few Capax Infiniti has a lovely vanilla. I would say The Serpentine as well, but that might be a little harder to find and more pricey
  6. hroki97

    TKO Atmosphere Spray

    I feel very lucky to have obtained a bottle of this lovely treasure. As with many others above, I too have never smelled the actual perfume oil. I had imagined it to be an extremely sweet, marshmallowy lavender. When sprayed upon my pillow, it is so much more than that! Yes it is quite sweet, but the lavender is sort of like roaming through the soap isle at a health foods store, lots of yummy, relaxing purple lavender buds sprinkled across bars of soap, but mixed with an array of other unidentifiable herbs and flowers. This mixed with the creaminess of what I assume is a sort of vanilla or mallow is the perfect concoction for a restful night's sleep. I will be spraying this alllll the time to soothe my insomia. It will make a perfect addition to the howlite and amethyst crystals I keep by my bedside for relaxing dreams
  7. hroki97


    I tested Pedio with the hopes it would remind me somewhat of the beloved Antique Lace, but it definitely reminds me more of the lovely Zorya P. Wow... this is lovely. Very petite, pretty and proper like a true porcelain doll. There is something quite haunting about it though, a little unsettling. There is a also "lacey"quality about this scent, I am so pleased! It's warm and inviting after the tobacco settles down and my skin amps the vanilla I imagine a very elegant little doll with a tattered lace dress. She may be warm and comforting to some, but eery to others. As for me, I love it!
  8. hroki97

    Dana O'Shee

    Finally reviewing my favorite fae scent from the Lab This imp is about 5 years old-ish? My immediate impression is fields of golden wheat, a comforting pastoral scene, country life from a time passed on long ago . . . It truly is a bpal version of the very popular oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance, but the grains elevate it and it is not artificial smelling whatsoever. These elven faeries are not of the usual frolicking, mischievous race fluttering about wildly through herbs and wildflowers at twilight. They are seemingly sweet and dreamy, belonging to the hazy summer afternoons in the countryside What an enticingly creamy, dreamy and comforting scent! I only wish it lasted longer on the skin, as it is quite faint.
  9. hroki97


    Oh my. This is so delicately gorgeous, much like a young princess. These are the words that first come to mind upon application: Sweet, soft, warm, cuddly, most definitely pink, strawberry, champagne, blush, innocent, princess, delicate, Lupercalia It actually reminds me a lot of a pink version of Zarita, the Doll Girl. I keep checking the notes to make sure there is no carnation, but alas, there is none! It is still somehow spicy and beautifully creamy. Jasmine haters, like myself, should not shy away from the scent. Beth perfectly captured a blushing young maiden, and she is absolutely immaculate
  10. hroki97

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    I believe we all feel absolutely blessed to have a perfume as beautiful as The Girl or Antique Lace readily available. In the bottle: VERY perfumey and lovely. There's almost a slight citrusy overtone, similar to the lemon I sometimes smell from the 2017 reincarnation of AL. But all around, a gorgeous complex vanillic floral. Wet: Is it possible for this to turn into a more beautiful, nostalgic and dreamy fragrance? I am definitely getting the "saltiness" from the amergris, which is such an interesting sensation to the nose. On me at least, this is NOT a foodie vanilla, it's much more mature and evocative. Though people describe this as the youngest Zorya, it is not a naïve or completely innocent scent such as Mouse's long and sad tale. Older women can definitely enjoy this Dry: The tobacco flower is coming out now, and it's settling into a warm, comforting elusive vanilla. I can tell this is going to linger on my skin for a long while. Overall: I am immediately going to purchase more bottles of this, and prance around in the moonlight like Luna Lovegood would
  11. hroki97

    Where is this scent?

    There's still a waitlist button posted, so I think you're safe. When it disappears from the site entirely, then it's gone. Make sure you sign into your account and get on the waitlist -- I got an email recently from the Lab telling me that Jareth was back in stock after being OOS for ages, so it does work! Oh good! I also sprung on a Jareth, there was only 10 bottles left!!
  12. hroki97

    Where is this scent?

    Hey all Sorry if this is old news, but has Lady Una been discontinued? I figured it was just out of stock because all other Stardust scents are still available
  13. hroki97

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    In the bottle: Iris on top, carnation biting my nose (in the best way possible) in the background. Missing the orange blossom entirely, but maybe it's because this is my first time with carnation. A very round creaminess to the whole bottle. So far, 3/5 *CARNATION: I have never actually smelled this floral, and I took a risk with Zarita because florals do NOT agree with me. I am very afraid of old-woman scents. Wet: Carnation comes out to play even more. Beginning to smell the orangey creaminess I was excited about in the first couple reviews. Drying: Still spicy... am I going crazy, or do I smell beef jerky or some sort of smoky meat? First Thoughts: Fearing that as the bottle has aged, it's gone 100% carnation. & What the heck was the jerky smell? Dry: Wow, this COMPLETELY changed into everything I had hoped for. A very very soft, faint, orangey cream (emphasis on the cream). Not eggy like the new (2016) Zarita, but lightly floral. It's very real smelling, and I'm going to have to slather and reapply throughout the day (nothing wrong with that!). 5/5 Final Thoughts: I cannot express my love for this villainous little doll. I do wish she was a tad stronger, but she has helped me find a newfound love for carnation. Everything balances out very very well. SUCCESS! 11/10
  14. hroki97

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Hey guys! I'm having a sort of 1 am obsession about what perfumes the Charmed sisters would wear? By my icon, you can probably tell I'm mildly passionate about the show.. Prue: I would say Prue is definitely the most "sex-oriented" character. She has a dark mysterious vibe surrounding her yet carries herself with sophistication at all times Piper: a very traditional and relatively modest mother but still is the most badass and bossy of the 4 Phoebe: girlish and flirtatious, outlandish sense of fashion, the youngest of the "original" 3 Paige: retro (40s, 50s), spunky, feminist sass that makes the show A++ All 4: They are all in their 20s (maybe early 30s at the most) during the 8 seasons, so I think more mature scents are out of the question. The show takes place in San Francisco if that helps anything. I could definitely see all 4 aiming for more traditional types of perfumes, however, if anyone is familiar with the show or even the actresses who play them, I would be forever greatful!!
  15. hroki97

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    Mmm, it's very warm &lovely! Freshly tested right out of the box, so I don't know how it will change over time seeing as I have never tried a fruity scent before. *10 minutes later* ....Okay, so I might be a weirdo but if I REALLY smell my wrist, like straight up huff it, I get beautiful plum and vanilla and musk, but if I smell a little less, and focus on the green I get lots of smoky patchouli. Hopefully someone will get what I mean ? But over all to me, it's best described as a grilled (smoky) plum barely sprinkled with vanilla sugar. So.... delicious.