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  1. RoseMartyr

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    This Autumn, I'm planning to get some wear out of: Autumn Lace Absinthe & Lace Beautiful Death Dolly Kei The Parliament of Monsters The Perilous Parlor A Phantasmagoria: Scene - Conjuring An Armed Skeleton Pumpkin Lace Reapers Gonna Reap Pralines and Powdered Sugar Rum-Soaked French Tonka Solstice Lace Red Lace Tattered Lace Le Vice Supreme Velvet Perversion . . . not even going to pretend I'm not looking forward to it.
  2. I didn't particularly care for the chocolate in Seven Word Story: Sloth - it was all just too gloopy for me. But Velvet is a favourite but the cocoa is so deep and rich I don't really think of it as a chocolate scent as such. Bliss is as creamy as it gets to be honest. The newer version of Candy Butcher didn't go down great with me. The cream note ended up a little off on me and the chocolate was just a bit too bitter for my liking. I nursed my bath oil of Gula for a really long time and So Full of Gratitude was gorgeous too. Both smelt like a chocolate factory every time they were in my bath. I haven't had a great experience with the bonbons I've tried so far. The white chollate in White Chocolate Goats Milk Marshmallow Honey (or some combination similar) were just completely overpowered by the goats milk and honey making something almost cakey that just didn't work. White Chocolate Pepper Strawberry was railroadd by the pepper. Maybe the white chocolate note is too weak on me? And Dark Chocolate Tobacco and Vetiver was all vetiver but me and vetiver have a tense relationship anyway.
  3. RoseMartyr

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    The use of honey in the Fleurette's Purple Snails collection is pretty lovely.: seconding the recommendation of the Bride because the honey musk is gorgeous. But it's also lovely in FPS's Adante con Fantasia but an entirely different beast. It's heavier and more fuzzy . . . it's a darker honey to my nose at least.
  4. RoseMartyr

    Creamy scents that aren't foody?

    I popped in here to support the suggestion of Zorya Polunochnaya - it's gorgeous and very wearable. (It also reminds me a little of Morocco). *Note: it needs a few days to settle from postal shock for the creaminess to come out. I didn't get any creaminess for Zorya P - it's very ethereal and cool and light but the vanilla wasn't so prevalent on me. It is very well blended though so perhaps that's why but it was quite a cool, ethereal scent without creaminess on me. Did everyone else get creaminess?
  5. RoseMartyr

    Creamy scents that aren't foody?

    I found Between Your Heart and Mine to be a particular creamy rose (must be the vanilla) but it's not a gourmand vanilla to me.
  6. RoseMartyr

    Recs for the prettiest scents

    I have plenty of experience with scents that are stupidly pretty but not very me. The ones that immediately come to mind are Between Your Heart and Mine, Lullaby, Fairytales and Lies, and Touched Twice. I consider them 'girlfriend scents'! But the ones I love that I'd probably consider 'pretty' scents are: - Antique Lace - Ava - Black Lace - The Bride - The Girl - Go To Sleep Darlings - Reflected Vulva - Signior Dildo - Snow White - The Waltz
  7. RoseMartyr


    I think my first ever review should go to my first ever blind bottle purchase all those years ago! I had convinced myself very strongly that I was going to love Dorian purely based on the fact 1) it's Dorian Gray 2) there's vanilla and 3) there's tea. I had next to no experience of BPAL and my knowledge of perfume was purely in the commercial side of things. And yet I knew I was going to love this. And while I'm on the way to refining my scent profile and new favourites have emerged, there will always be a soft spot for Dorian. I was right. I loved it. And I still do. So onto the utterly redundant review because nearly everyone loves Dorian and or has given him a go (. . .) In the bottle: Very sweet vanilla tea with a slice of lemon. Wet: More of the same: sugary black vanilla tea, touch of lemon (no citrus notes but there it is!) Dry: Still sweet but the fougere finally comes into play which is why the perfume oil will always have a slight edge over the hairgloss. The hairgloss always tends to stay in the sugared vanilla stage which is gorgeous. But the final stage as the musks and the typical fougere notes (taking a wild guess it's the old favourites lavender, oakmoss but also some bergamot perhaps?) come into play is when Dorian really shines. Every stage is an absolute pleasure but it's so beautifully blended in the drydown. I'd love to meet the gentlemen who could pull this off . . . for reasons. For 'research'. Ahem. It is a cologne but at the same time completely gender neutral without being neutral. It's sweet and rich and just the loveliest. I do slightly prefer it fresh rather than aged strangely because I feel like the sweetness isn't quite there if aged too long. Truthfully I don't let Dorian age too long before I've doused myself in it all. But the shortage means I'm going to have to age it more than I ever thought I'd allow! What do they say: Some people have picked up lemony vanilla tea but a few people are adamant it smells like lemon meringue on me! It gets a lot of compliments and my more scent sensitive friends push me to wear this one because it doesn't give them any headaches and they love the lemon meringue! Season: Spring and summer Mood: For afternoon tea and I'm 100% in my Victorian dandy mode and bedecked in silks, brocade and lace, cravat on point, cake in one hand and a girls hand in the other. Which is all the time. For future reference.
  8. RoseMartyr

    Job Interview Recommendations

    Every time I've worn Dorian to a job interview I've got the job and I've yet to come across anyone who dislikes it on me so it's worth giving a run I'd have thought.
  9. RoseMartyr


    Having tried Cave of Treasures now I can attest that it's the lilacest lilac that ever lilaced. It's like sticking your face in a lilac bush. It's really nostalgic and it is pretty but not quite my thing. The dried down with the hint of creaminess is worth sticking around for though. I personally think CoT is going to be your best bet.
  10. RoseMartyr

    Springtime scents

    Snap! Not tried Lyonesse - is it really in the same vein as Pediophobia?
  11. RoseMartyr

    Springtime scents

    I tend to stick to gourmands as always because most florals don't seem to work very well on me unless there's a creamy element to it. Basically anything with vanilla. This spring, I'm mostly wearing Volcano In Springtime, Dorian, Jareth, Alice, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Mother Ghost, Thw Waltz and Pediophobia (I know it's a Yule but I'm obsessed). Not received my Luper order yet but hopefully I'll find a few more things to add to my spring collection.
  12. RoseMartyr

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I've ordered a bottle of Jolabokaflod from BPTP so looks like I made the right choice! Not tried Tag Upon Avon so I'll have to hunt one down and I'm not tried Helfire but someone recently sent it to me as a frimp so hopefully it was meant to be. Not tried Magi either! Bon Vivant is really pretty but it was a little too light for me . . . and as you say - like a spillage! Thank you for the suggestions - I'm looking forward to trying these out.
  13. RoseMartyr

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I find Wilde to be like Dorian's older, more sophisticated, more complex brother. See, I never got on with Wilde! It also struck me as more masculine whereas Dorian is slightly more feminine. I did try that one a while back but I was underwhelmed.
  14. RoseMartyr

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    My top 5 scents are: 1. Dorian 2. Perversion 3. The Waltz 4. Krampus 5. A Phantasmagoria: Conjuring An Armed Skeleton What would you all recommend? Thanks in advance!