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  1. sunnyrain

    Étude de Déshabillé

    Sexy, smooth. The patchouli is very soft, tobacco is light (for which I am glad) and the cashmeran and amber are a perfect background for them both. I can't wait to see how this ages.
  2. sunnyrain


    Quite a difference in thoughts on this blend. Mokey is a soft but distinct scent, I can't even begin to pick the notes apart. I don't get any soap, although it's very much a clean scent, it's also complex, and absolutely lovely. A soft, unique floral. That's the best way to describe it. Cherishing my bottle, for sure.
  3. sunnyrain


    Wow. In the bottle and wet on my wrist, this is a deep, lush pine forest, just after rain. As it dries, it's as if you walk through the forest into a magical media with berries and hot Elves lounging in the spring sunshine. There is a touch of herbs, and then musk and honey sprinkled through out. This needs to be worn whilst stomping through the woods, or playing in the park. So glad I took a chance and grabbed up a bottle on my last order. Love it!
  4. sunnyrain

    Maiko with Hair Unbound

    This reminds me of Lady Una, which happens to be one of my most beloved blends, ever. Sweet, creamy, just a whiff of floral-what I smell in the bottle is how it stays on my skin. Very light, soft.
  5. sunnyrain

    La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde

    In the bottle: creamy jasmine Wet: now it's vanilla-y jasmine, sweetness and a hint of anise. Dry: a soft, vanilla jasmine, with just enough sugar and anise to soften. This is delicate and sweet. Jasmine is one of my favorite flowers, but this is the first BPAL jasmine I think I can wear well. I think it will age well, too.
  6. sunnyrain

    The Virgin and the Unicorn

    I wanted to love this. A white, ethereal blend, it smelled so lovely and delicate in the bottle. But I amped the moss, and could smell nothing but that. My biggest lesson of Bpal-my chemistry can sabotage a beautiful scent!
  7. sunnyrain


    Lyonesse is a warm, well balanced oil. Echoing other reviews. Yes-this is a 'golden' scent. I feel it is so well balanced, that it is difficult to pry the notes apart. But, I get mostly soft ambers, swirled with vanilla over the backdrop of musk, and a sweetness that rounds it all out, without being cloying. The dry down is the most pleasing to me, because wet this oil can be a little strong.
  8. sunnyrain


    I purchased a bottle of Iole, without so much as a sniff of it. However, I'm a big fan of jasmine, and all the other notes sounded intriguing. Bottle: sticky sweet fig, heaps of jasmine, and the faintest breath of everything else Wet on skin: jasmine first, fig second, sandalwood pops out a bit Dry on skin: the amber comes out slightly, vanilla is just barely there Hour later: there's the oak and leather! Jasmine has calmed down, fig and sandalwood are the star now Overall: a lovely scent, sensual and interesting.