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  1. rachelos


    This is the first oil that's taught me they really do need to settle a lot before choosing to swap away. I did not like this at first. Trying it on now I am so happy I kept it! It's salty feminine kind of musky maybe, I don't really know how to describe it. I recognize the carnation holding it together. The neroli sparkles a bit. I just love it and look forward to a bottle.
  2. rachelos


    Out of everything in my last order this is by far my favorite. And there was A LOT in my last order! It is motivating, and sparking, for me. I wear it when I start to lag mid morning, and have made a lot of progress with a project I'd otherwise neglect. I'm also approaching a big life change within the next couple weeks, which will take a lot of organization and courage. I'm hoping this can be inspiring to me in that sense as well. It is a gingery lemon tea scent which I love. Really recommend this.
  3. rachelos

    Tzadikim Nistarim

    I like to wear this scent when I'm right out of the shower, or lounging around the house. It's just comfortable for me. It also has my favorite inspiration out of any scent by BPAL. I thought I didn't like frankincense, and in everything else it really doesn't work chemically on my skin, but somehow this defies that, maybe it's a different type or is tempered by something else. Also I tried it aged a bit back and it didn't quite work either. Fresh though it is my favorite GC oil I think.
  4. rachelos


    This is like a cool girl version of Happy by Clinique. I do get the glowing green feeling but can't pinpoint why, maybe it's just by association.
  5. rachelos

    Take a Knee

    This is like a clean apple pie, if that was a possible thing.
  6. rachelos

    Long Night Moon 2017

    This smells hot and humid to me, just like Sturgeon Moon. Maybe that's a characteristic of some of the Lunacy blends, to invoke a dark summer night. It's beautiful. If only the honeysuckle didn't star, I would wear it as my bedtime blend, or evening blend before bed. I should have stuck with my guns on the honeysuckle, knowing fully well I don't like them, as I learned devastatingly with Encroaching Madness - which I wanted to love so much because of it's inspiration being The Yellow Wallpaper short story by Charlotte Perkins Gillman! Anyhow if you love honeysuckle, which I know a lot of people do, this is a beautiful nighttime variation of it.
  7. [No additional description provided.] This is man's scent to me. Not like Dee or Shadwell that you can get away with wearing as a woman. Not sure if that's the Dead Leaves aspect or the Tuscan Leather. But it's bright in the beginning, unique, expensive seeming men's perfume/cologne.
  8. rachelos

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    The description and reviews of Ego Lux from the new Liliths has made me crave a crisp, refreshing green apple scent. I don't know if I'll like the frankincense in Ego Lux, because Becoming Thunder and Seraphim smelled like motor oil on me. Any suggestions?
  9. rachelos

    Sleepytime BPAL

    updating to mention that I noticed Summer's Last Will and Testament from 2009 contains red valerian. it's probably used for it's scent rather than effect, but still worth saying!
  10. rachelos


    This is sparkling strawberry leaf to me. Aurelia is also the name of a book by one of my favorite authors, surrealist/symbolist Gerard Nerval, so it's been on the back of my mind to try. Thank you Usagi for frimping this. All the other reviews sum it up, so I'll leave it at that!
  11. rachelos

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    Thanks to you both, I placed orders on both sides, and got an email response right away from the lab saying they would combine them. Problem Solved!
  12. rachelos

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    I haven't ordered either yet, but I did email both sides of customer service. Now I'm just waiting for their response. Except I want to include the lunacy in this order, so I'm kind of in limbo and getting anxious that I'll miss out.
  13. rachelos

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    Hi everyone! Does someone know if I can add TAL bottles to my BPAL order, or vice versa? Also, I know this question is asked often, and there is never a definite answer. But as far as the monthly Lunacy, when abouts is taken down?
  14. rachelos

    Sleepytime BPAL

    Perhaps I'll try one of the TALs or contact them at least. Thanks anne!
  15. rachelos

    The Intangibles

    This isn't the lab's usual soda scented, fizzy carbonation blend. I think it's meant to be unnerving, hence the chaos noted in the description, and even does remind me of the smell of money. There's a sourness like sweat, overall I do get the impression of greed and hysteria. It evokes the concept perfectly. If you're into BPAL for the artistry, then this is a pretty amazing addition to the general collection, in my opinion.